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By Anonymous

   As of the middle of December in the NBA, it has been Orlando from the Eastern Conference and Houston, Phoenix, and Seattle from the Western Conference. I feel Washington will begin to heat up within the next month because the starters are still getting used to each other. I also feel the Mavericks will begin to heat up within the next few weeks because these players are still getting accustomed to the NBA style of play. I feel this is the New York Knicks' final season for making a run for the championship because their superstar center's (Patrick Ewing) age is beginning to catch up with him. The L.A. Clippers has been looking for its first win, starting off with a disappointing 0 and 16.

In the personal statistics column, it is a centers' dual between Shaq, Robinson, and Olajuwan all averaging above 26 points a game and above 11 rebounds. Jimmy Jackson and Jamal Mashburn from the Dallas Mavericks have both had great starts. Rookie sensation Grant Hill is headed for the Rookie of the Year award if he keeps up his outstanding play. The MVP trophy has Shaq written all over if he continues at this level of play. This year in the NBA finals I predict it will be Orlando from the East and Phoenix from the West. Phoenix will come out on top in this series after falling just short over the last few years. l

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