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   F. I., by M. S., Bethel, CT

A disturbing occurrence is happening more and more frequently in the world of sports. It is fan interference. Fan interference has been responsible for the delaying of a game to affecting the outcome of a game. Fans are beginning to think they are part of the action, but they have to realize that they are not. It just ruins the game for them and for others around them.

A recent example of fan interference happened after a college football game in which a couple of people were critically injured because of it. Fans in Wisconsin trampled over a fence and into a field in celebration of a win. Some people were trapped under the fallen fence. Another example of someone being injured because of a fan happened during a tennis match. A man who disliked tennis star Monica Seles attempted to kill her by stabbing her in the back with a knife.

Fan interference can also cause riots and delays of an event. During the Riddick Bowe - Evander Holyfield boxing match, a man parachuted into the open arena and landed on the spectators. Fans proceeded to beat the man which caused a 21-minute delay in the match. Besides the delay affecting the two boxers, the man was hurt and had to be taken to a hospital. I do not know what would feel worse, people beating on him or what might happen to him when he leaves the hospital.

Outcomes of games are also affected by fan interference. Here is an example that all Yankee fans and Red Sox fans remember this season. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, New York Yankee Mike Stanley pops out to left field for the apparent third out and the Red Sox win. But before the out was made, a fan had run onto the field to get his one minute of fame. The at-bat was played again and Stanley singled. The Yankees proceeded to get men on base until Don Mattingly knocked in the winning run. The reason most fans do this is for the chance to be on television. What they do not know is the major fines and possibly time in jail they will get for doing this. Teens are a big part of the problem. Even though security is being beefed up in most sporting events, make the game fun for everyone by enjoying it from your seats.

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