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Celts' Midway Report MAG

By Anonymous

   1992 started in a rocky way for the Boys from Boston. They had many troubles. For instance, even with their first round draft picks and their trades, they couldn't find or hold onto a guard to last the season. In spite of this dilemma, the Celts ended up at an even hundred mark and 6 1/2 games behind the East's leading New York Knicks.

So what happened? For starters, the Celtics' new captain (also my favorite player), Reggie Lewis, started the year with a broken ankle, but he still played and averaged 20.8 points a game, even though his shooting was off.

The Celts also had problems scoring off the bench. Their game was starting off at a very slow pace and this accounted for their record. But along rolls 1993. This could be the time for the Celtics to develop a winning spirit and tell their fans to get ready for a surprise. So, did the Celtics turn everything around? YES! They won their first seven games in 1993 before falling to the Shaq and the Orlando Magic. The Celts are now running a faster paced game led by Dee Brown. They're looking ready for the playoffs, so watch out. This has turned out to be an exciting season after all. n

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