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The Wavering Bruins MAG

By Anonymous

   The season started out great. The Boston Bruins were hot! Suddenly, without warning, BANG! The big, bad Bruins fell flat on their faces. It looked like the end of the road for these men in black. What happened? They started out so well, and now it seems they can't make up their minds whether they want to stay in first place or not. They would win a game, and we'd all relax. Then they would lose a game, and we'd all have heart attacks! This inconsistency continued for what seemed to be forever. But I guess you really couldn't blame them, after all they lost many of their key players to injuries: Dave Poulin and Bobby Carpenter, and they also suffered suspensions: (Coach) Mike Milbury, Lyndon Byers, and how could we all forget Cam's suspension?

Remember that dreadful day when we read the morning newspaper only to find that the Bruins had given up first place to Montreal! This was a major setback to any Bruin's fan. Take heart, the men in black would not be shown up. They worked hard. Finally, the cure came for all Bruin's fans suffering from heart attacks. By points, the Bruins were now in first place in the whole NHL. This victory made all of us a little wet-eyed to think our men had come through.

"Way to go, Bruins." n

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