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By Anonymous

   The NBA season is just underway and these are my choices for division champs and awards:

ROOKIE OF YEAR - Bo Kimble is a favorite choice for this award. Other rookies who could make an impact are Derrick Colemen of the Nets and Dee Brown of the Celtics.

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - The MVP favorite, in my opinion, is the powerhouse Charles Barkley of the 76ers. As always, Michael Jordan is a sensible choice. Also, the young Reggie Lewis is a dark-horse for this award.

EASTERN CONFERENCE - The Chicago Bulls will beat out the Celtics and the Pistons to the Championship Series.

WESTERN CONFERENCE - The San Antonio Spurs, with David Robinson and company, will probably beat out the Trailblazers and the Phoenix Suns.

CHAMPS - I believe that the Spurs will win in a seven-game series with the Bulls. n

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