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Football Card Review MAG

By Anonymous

   Football cards are not as popular as baseball cards, but they are catching on. This year five companies have already released sets.

Topps came out a little later than expected and their set isn't very desirable. The cards are still made of bad quality paper and every wax pack comes with a badly-stained card. One good feature is that it has many rookies. Out of five stars, I would give Topps about two.

Score came out with two series and each is exceptional because of its quality photos and many rookies. It deserves three stars.

Pro Set also came out with two series. It also has action photos but only Series Two has good rookies. I would probably give it three stars. In their packs you could also get a $500 Vince Lombardi hologram card.

Fleer is the best-looking set and it has four impact rookies. The set is about $30 and has two error cards over $8. It receives four stars from me.

Action Packed is by far the best set, valued at $125. The down side is that packs are $2.50 each and have only six cards. But the cards are extra thick and have 3-D images. I would give it four stars.

Overall, I think Fleer is the best set for the most reasonable price. n

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