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The Dive MAG

By Anonymous


There was no line,

so on little mouse feet

I came upon the ladder.

My sweaty hands clutched the rail in a deathly grip,

as step by step, motion by motion

I climbed the steps till none remained,

it was all uphill from there.

I could feel my pulse,

beating against the rail.

The graveled board was imprinting itself on my soles,

as I continued my quest

on the tips of my toes.

The rail, my secondary lifeline,

abruptly ended, and I was on my own.

It was Security vs. The Unknown.

There was the alluring voice

of the gleaming surface.

There was also the safeness

of turning back.


Starting from my feet up,

my body gathered itself.

There was no turning back,

as I soared towards the illumination.

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