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The Nfl: An Update MAG

By Anonymous

   As the football season wears on, several new teams have stepped into the forefront as possible play-off contenders.

Here's an updated look at the divisional races.

NFC East

The Giants appear to be on their way to the divisional title with a super 7-1 start, but the Eagles and Randall Cuningham will fight hard and earn a wildcard berth.

NFC Central

The vikings with Herschel Walker should march to the Central title, but the bears will come close.

NFC West

The 49ers will easily take this division, but the rams should take the 2nd wildcard spot.

AFC East

Even without Jim Kelly, the bills will romp over the rest of their division, and enter the play-offs with flying colors.

AFC Central

Being the best division in football, this one will send 3 teams to the play-offs: The bengals, the oilers, and the browns.

AFC West

This division has several mediocre teams, but the one standout, the broncos, will shoot for the Super Bowl.

Several teams from each league could make the Super Bowl, but the 49ers, vikings, and Giants, as well as the broncos, bengals, and the browns have the inside tracks for the two slots. n

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