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Boggs Hits 200 For The Record MAG

By Anonymous

   Boston's Wade Boggs got his 200th hit against the New York Yankees on the twenty-fifth of September. This was the seventh season that he got 200 hits in one year. He is the first man ever to get 200 hits and 100 walks four seasons in a row. The Red Sox hard hitting third baseman started the game with 197 hits and left with 201. Boston's 32,759 fans attending the game at Fenway Park gave Boggs a five minute standing ovation. He is the only player in this century to get 200 or more hits seven seasons in a row. When Boggs got up to bat in the third inning, he was two for two for that night. At that point he had 199 hits. He hit a line drive to centerfielder, Roberto Kelly. Kelly ran back and leaped for the ball. The ball hit off the top of Kelly's glove. When Boggs saw the ball drift past Kelly he headed toward second base. The crowd waited for the official scoring. A minute later it was ruled a hit. This was not only Bogg's 200th hit, it was his 50 double. Boggs leads the American league in doubles with 50, he's third for batting with a .332 average, he's first for on base percentage with an average of .429, he is third for walks with 103. Boggs is a terrific player and should be respected for what he does. n

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