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The Nfl Race: Do You Agree With These Predictions? MAG

By Anonymous

   As the current football season wears on, the crystal ball bearing the results of this year's divisional races is still murky, but here are some predictions based on early performances.

NFC Eastern Division:

The Eagles are the most exciting team in the 1989-90 football season. With a super quarterback, brilliant coach, and good team morale, they have a sincere shot at the Super Bowl title. However, the Giants will be fierce competitors with a strong offense and an easy schedule, and could surprise the Eagles.

NFC Central Division:

The Bears will easily enter the playoffs despite their tough schedule and lack of a stable offense. Their defense will stuff many competitors, including the Vikings, who have a chance, but after a slow start will have a long road back.

NFC Western Division:

The Rams with their strong running game and sharp defense should beat out the 49ers, who will stay close with their awesome quarterback in Joe Montana, and who could easily in a wild card.

AFC Eastern Division:

The Bills, after a fair start, should put on the gas and leave the rest of a weak division in the dust, although the Colts when healthy, can beat quite a few of their league rivals

AFC Central Division:

The closest race will be in this division, where the Browns, the Oilers and the Bengals all have outstanding quarterbacks and powerful offenses, and should fight to the bitter end for the division crown, and the wildcard spots.

AFC Western Division:

The Broncos will cruise through their division race while easily beating their cream puff divisional rivals to the crown. With a gun at quarterback and an explosive defense, they could go to the Super Bowl as well.

NFL Playoff Teams

The NFC playoff teams are likely to be the Bears, the Eagles, the Rams, the 49ers, and the Giants. The AFC will likely send the Browns, the Bills, the Broncos

The Super Bowl match? Bears Vs. Browns.

This year's Super Bowl champ? The Cleveland Browns.

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