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A Field of Friendship

September 25, 2007
By Anonymous

Every ounce of my vigor is put forth into a thrust of perfection. My muscles move with intensity as I dribble down the field, skidding through the turf with my cleats. Attempting for a goal, I burst through with an explosion of energy. I can see my opponents, waiting for me to stumble over my feet, the opportune moment to steal the ball…my ball. I ignore their presence, and continue my tread. The goal is nearing, the goalie tenses up. So confident, so sure that this will be game point, I hold my breath as I aim for a flawless shot. Just as my foot is in the position of perfection, I trip. The world turns blurry, and the ball disappears. I return to the real world of an inevitable loss. Bouncing pony tails gleam with the brilliance of the sun, and the laughter of a soccer team on the field reverberates off the bleachers. This particular team is a champion set, but not by the standards of most. Their skill level is less than pathetic, and I can't recall a time when they won. But, no matter how the game ends, a smile crosses the complexion of every girl. I am honored to have played on the same field, and wear the same uniform as the Moffat County High Girl's Soccer Team.

Games are generally played with eleven on the field, but more often than not, my team played with only eight people. This created the opportunity for everyone to play the undivided soccer game, with one only a mere 10 minute break at halftime. It amazed our few fans and our frustrated coaches that with all the playing time, we never improved. That season, the MCHS Girl's Soccer Team lost every game. You might wonder, why in the world we even played, why we didn't give up. I have often wondered that myself. Then I remember that playing the game isn't about winning.
It's about learning to try, and never letting up.

It's about having a passion that you are proud of.

But most of all, it's about creating friendships that are more concrete than a score, and last longer than a game.

The friends that I have accumulated over the years through soccer are extremely valuable to me. We were a jigsaw puzzle, each piece needed to complete the picture. We all fit together, but sometimes just needed to be turned around to fit in. Every one of us was special, but none considered more important than the others. We worked as a single mind, a single unit. When things didn't go as planned, which repeatedly happened, no one blamed one another. Instead, smiles, high fives, and words of encouragement were exchanged.

Soccer provided a gateway into an alternate reality, where all that exists is the ball, my pounding breath, and the calls of my teammates. I know that even though my team never won the game, we won so much more. Everyone came from different grades, different clicks, different lives. Soccer was our common ground, a reason to get to know one another. Losing every game couldn't break our bonds; it only made them tighter and more durable. Soccer became a segment of our lives, a page in our story. Every girl had a dream that was achieved, even if its meaning was insignificant to another. Some learned the value of a team, others, the joy of scoring a goal. My ambition was simply to get through the season, underestimating my talents. It turns out; I was more valuable than I thought. My positive attitude and initiative to encourage others made me the cheerleader of the team. Though I never scored a goal, or had triumphant plans of action, I could make a smile appear on even the most upset face. Soccer taught me that I'll always be a winner as long as I believe in others, and ultimately, believe in myself.

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