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ASU Football Stadium

December 2, 2007
By Anonymous

ASU Football Stadium

The bleachers are soaked with gold, a gold so powerful it warms the sun and sheds just as much light. For it is not the ordinary, dull gold of the mundane earth, but the gold worn by the fans of unmatched faith, the ASU gold. It is the faith of these fans that give the gold a life of its own: its own seperate meaning and purpose. For a spark is henceforth cast on the gold because of the faith, proceeding to ignite and become a fearsome fire, spreading warmth to its comrades and shooting the necessary spark into the faith-filled furnace of the next piece of gold. In a matter of moments this new gold coils around the stands, the kindling process is over, and the stands become a valiant sea of flaming gold, showing no signs of being extinguished. No other color can stand up to it, for no color could ever possibly match the ferocity of ASU gold. This color is the reigning king of all colors, since it is the only color with its own life that acts according to the present situation.

When the game begins, the gold burns restlessly in the stands, shouting support in favor of their Sun Devils. As the game goes on it either flares up in excitement when they score a touchdown or burns in anguish when something doesn't go as planned. Every single time points are scored for the Sun Devils the sea of gold becomes a wave as the fans stand up to vigorously applaud the performance. After this wave comes a number of ripples, caused by the fans lifting each other up to do their traditional push-ups. This makes the gold shimmer as if the sun's rays were glancing off of it, giving even more beauty to the sight. All throughout the entire football game this unbreakable ring of red hot gold cements itself in its seat, not daring to wholly divide until the contest has been decided. It is this aspect of the stadium that allows all the people to become one species, just for this one event. It is truly an honor to be a part of the Arizona State football stadium.

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