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“A Date Which Will Live In Infamy”

October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

I felt like a winner and this was the day I felt I could do anything. On a beautiful and hot summer day, in the middle of September, my heart was throbbing as I entered the chattery gymnasium of Brandon Middle School. As I thought of the incentive of my arrival, my fragile body began to tremble with nervousness. I then began to anxiously wait in the lengthy line to prepare for the fearful cheerleading tryouts. This was the first time I had ever tried out for anything in my life; therefore one can imagine how petrified I felt.

As time was approaching my opportunity to enter the audition room, I began to prepare myself to perform my absolute best. I uneasily stood in front of the five judges, who then instructed me and three other girls to begin the cheers. Confidently, I performed each cheer with great enthusiasm, then, exited the room with relief. Patiently, quietly, I waited for the results to be posted. I heard loud chatter amongst the other girls discussing their nerve wrecking experience in the audition room, “man that was so scary!”

It was finally time to see the results, and everyone ran to the small and light-blue piece of paper that was quickly placed on the outside wooden door of the audition room. As the ardent girls began to search for their names on the list, different voices filled the room-- anger, sadness, nervousness, happiness. As I spotted my name on the list, excitement ran through my body like veins. It felt amazing to actually work hard at something and succeed.

This was the turning point in my life where I built such great confidence in myself. Being that it was only just a cheerleading tryout, it meant so much because I believe it was the starting point of my life’s success. Just to name a few, I have become successful at the few jobs I have worked and remained academically successful in school. Little things can mean so much in a person’s life and in the end, it all adds up to something incredibly significant.

Anything is possible when you put forth your best effort.

My parents were proud of me, my friends were proud of me, and most importantly, I was proud of myself. Ever since that long and exciting day, I always believed that anything is achievable if you focus and put your mind to it. Hard work and confidence promotes success, which promotes happiness, which highlighted the way I felt that day.

This wonderful experience taught me to never give up because everyone has the potential to achieve anything. This memorable day showed me the confidence that I posses now, and I am proud to mention that that day proved to me something significant-- that I can do anything.

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