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First Pro Football Game

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

Early one morning I woke up and put on my Tiki Barber football jersey and my NY Giants baseball hat for a game of a life time! My dad and I walked across the street to my Uncle Tony’s house and we waited about 20 minutes until my Uncle GB and my three cousins Devan, Colin, and Derek arrive for our trip.

Devan brought a football just in case we wanted to play catch. We all piled into my Uncle Tony’s jeep. We drove for three hours until we saw a huge stadium and awed at how big it was. We drove into the parking lot and took out the football to play a little catch. When we were playing catch a few guys came over and asked if they could play a game with us. Their names were James, Chad, Marcus, Josh and Timmy they seemed like cool guys to hang out with. We made touchdowns makers using the parking lot lines. I have been playing football for Guilderland Pop Warner for about 4 years and I really enjoy the sport. Since, I have experience playing football I thought it would be a snap beating these guys at the game also, my cousin Devan was on my team he also plays football but for Bethlehem Pop Warner. The guys we met were pretty good at football they could throw and catch a football but they couldn’t run very fast, unlike Devan and me. We are both running backs so we knew we could beat them. We ended up winning with an unbelievable score of 21 to7. The game was really fun, they played a good game! After the game we had hotdogs and hamburgers on my Uncle Tony’s grill and they were pretty good. After about 20 minutes of catch with my cousin we finally entered the stadium.

Before we sat down at our seats we bought some popcorn and drinks. We were pretty high up but we could still see the game. I sat next to my cousin Anthony, my Uncle Tony and my dad. My cousins Devan, Colin, Derek sat with their dad; my Uncle GB was two rows over. I was very enthusiastic at the game for example if I thought the referees made a bad call I would jump up and yell “BOOOOO” along with everyone else in the crowd. If something good happened I would jump up and scream “Go go, go!”
Late in the second quarter the Huston Texasons scored six points then an extra point so the score was Huston Texans 7 – New York Giants 0. Then the best play happened, my favorite player Tiki Barber scored from Huston Texans 40 yard line to put the score at Huston Texans 7 – New York Giants 7. It made me realize that I really have to work hard if I ever want to make it to the big leaguers I was only 11 so now I have to practice more and work on my speed and agility so that I can do what professional running backs do, because football is the most important sport in my life so I really want to achieve my goals! Then Jeremy Shockey scored another touchdown to put the Giants up by seven points. The Giants ended up winning 14 to 7 to win their fifth game in a row and their record was 5-2 (five wins, two loses). We had a blast! My cousins and I talked about it the whole ride home.
On our long drive back home I thought about how I should become a better football player. I told myself I should keep training and trying to improve on my techniques. I know someday, I will be good enough I just need to really work at it. It took about two and a half hours for us to get home. I haven’t been to another game but I’m hoping to this year. This trip was my first experience and it was really fun so I hope it’s even better the next time! I also have been practicing about two times a week in my back yard until practice started, I worked on my foot work and speed and I think I’m getting a lot faster and have better foot works. My goal now is to score a lot of touchdowns and to win a Pop Warner super bowl! My long term goal is to play for the New York Giants! I hope that I’ll be just as good of a running back as Tiki Barber someday!

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This article has 3 comments.

Lena said...
on Sep. 16 2008 at 2:56 pm
Great Article!!! Sounds like you had a great time... Hope you go to another football game soon....

Margot said...
on Sep. 15 2008 at 12:59 pm
Wow! I really enjoyed reading this. Very descriptive. I felt like I was there.

Rose D. said...
on Sep. 14 2008 at 12:38 am
Very good, shows a lot of enthusiam!