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Beauty of Basketball

April 1, 2011
By blackrose326 GOLD, Burlington, North Carolina
blackrose326 GOLD, Burlington, North Carolina
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Basketball is a game of passion, and devotion. It's easy to lose yourself in the game.You led your team out on the court. Warm up shots and drills, then the pep talk. "We got this guys, come on, leave your all out there, leave nothing." Half time comes, your teams down by 20, everyone is loosing hope and getting down;their ready to throw in the towel. You convince them one more half. You say"We have worked to hard and come to far, to give up now." You catch a glimpse of hope once again, in some of their eyes. You then tell them" its hard to wait for something you know might not happen,but the hardest thing to do is give up when you know it's something you've always wanted." That seemed to rev them up. Now your teams down by one, and there's 3 seconds on the clock. You have the ball running down the court. You feel the adrenaline, and your heart starts to race, you feel the sweat beading down your forehead. Everything fades. Now it's just you and the hoop. 2 seconds, your hearts racing, fans are screaming and cheering, you look up. 1 second, this is it, ball is up in the air. Buzzer rings, the crowds biting their nails,everything falls silent. Swish, suddenly you come back to reality. Teammates surround you, there's screaming and cheering, Victory. That's the beauty of the game.

The author's comments:
Basketball is my passion, and my life. There honestly is beauty within the game.

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