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May 30, 2008
By Anonymous

I remember when I was telling my mom I wanted a snowboard. She always said, ”NO!” But I knew if I kept on bugging her, I would eventually get my way because I’m the youngest one in my family.
We went to the store one day, and all I said was, “ Mom, can I get it?”

She said, “Yes!” I walked over to the snowboard that had the price tag of 250 dollars on it and pulled it out. Then I walked over to the bindings and pulled out a 150 dollar one. I then made my way to the goggles and pulled out a 75 dollar one. I also went to the helmets and pulled out a 60 dollar one. And last of all I went to Zumiez and went and grabbed a 250-dollar pair of boots.

I was just like, “Oh my god!” I didn’t realize how much it actually cost.
The first time I went snowboarding at Mt.Lacrosse with it was December sixth. The first time I went, I was horrible. The second time I went, I got a lot better. The third time I went Austin made me hit a jump; I crashed a lot in the beginning. The fourth time I went, I was really good. I was hitting the tabletops and rails.
The fifth time I went, I went down damnation also known has the biggest hill Mt.Lacrosse has to offer. I went down with Austin and Xavier at the same time. It was Xavier and Austin’s first time going down it, and Xavier had been snowboarding the longest out of all of us. None of us have ever crashed going down damnation and none of us ever plan on either. Because if you make one little mistake there isn’t anyone that can stop you. It would be a long way down. It would probably be very painful to.

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