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The Last Run

June 29, 2008
By Anonymous

The day I had been waiting for was finally here. Today was the SVC run for my cross-country team. We had finally arrived at Zane Trace after forty-five minutes of riding on the bus. We were all pumped and ready for the big day, or so we thought.
In the distance, I could see a huge hill that led into the woods, which was where the cross-country course went to. I had heard many horrible stories about how hard Zane Trace's course was; now I understood why. Iwas beginning to grow nervous about how my performance would be, until my coach walked up and gave me a speech saying,"As long as you do your best, you have done well." My mood then perked up.
The girls' run was going to begin in ten minutes. Officials reported for us to go to the starting line. We all went fillede with anticipation and determination deep in our hearts. Before we knew it, the official shot the gun, and the race we had trained for all season had began.
Shortly after the race had started, rain began to pour down, and the winds picked up. Our team still held strong to our determination to win the SVC. Mud splashed up all over everyone as strumming heels ran over the hills and valleys. It seemed like buckets of water was pouring down on me as I ran through the canopy of trees in the woods. We were all exhausted,but we continued to give it our best because we knew the end of the course was near.
In the distance, I could see the finish line! Kicking heels from the sprinting legs all around me filled my ears. I gave it all i had. Still determined to win the SVC, I was running my hardest. Icy cold rain poured down my face. My soggy clothes felt as if they weighed a hundred pounds as I dragged across the finish line.
The rest of my team came across the finish line shortly before I had. All nearly exhausted, we sat down in the wet grass. Impatiently waiting for the results of the meet, we gathered around to talk about how we thought that we had done. Finally, the officials went up to the announcers stand. "Piketon girls have won the SVC," the official said. We all smiled with joy and disbelief. Filled with amazement, we went up and got our trophy. Taking a victory lap with our trophy, we celebrated our accomplishment. Realizing we had managed to pull through, I grinned knowing that all of the training that we had done this season was worth it!

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