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Returning Champions

April 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Refrain: Returning champions, psyched for the
season to come, Same girls made the team with two new friends joining the gang. The time was coming to play and maybe it came to fast, maybe we needed more time.

The meeting in coach’s office, the three of them standing there. Her closest friend dismissed from the team for reasons of contract.Sad, mad, angry, full of tears, they were lost for a moment in time. A moment in time that would show their true selves.

The shock from their faces had dissolved, they carried on. Holding each other up, one was stuck in the middle. She knew that she needed to be there, to understand, to be a Shoulder to cry on, to receive texts from the two that truly loved her.


The champions had been through a lot, this was a hit where It hurt too much already. They got one friend back while Losing the “mom” of the team. No one knew what to do. With one friend back and the other needing to be understood.


He stepped in when the champions needed him. He adopted 14 girls as their

“dad”. They needed to smile. They busted through the wall of shock that had been built up. They pushed on, heading to their next championship.
The girl in the middle was coming back.

I was the one in the middle; I knew every detail, every pain, and every tear. Being in the middle was my place , where I needed to be. I thank those for putting me there. I thank you with all my heart, you taught Me and made me a better person, friend, and human being.


I thank you "mom" for all that you did for our team, and I thank you "dad" for al that you did to pick us up.

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