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Que Sera Sera

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

There are a lot of jobs in the world that pay a lot of money. But doing something you love only counts. That’s why I would like to be a sports broadcaster.

I try to stay positive but come on 1 out of 500 players make it to the NBA and actually play. So since statistics show that that’s not a high possibility that I will make it to the NBA, I decided to do something that I have a better chance of doing. It will be a perfect job. I could get into all the games free and can critique somebody with out getting in trouble, like Simon on American Idol. Being a sports broadcaster will be a terrific job!

Another bonus to being a sports broadcaster is that I get to talk to all the retired famous basketball players. If I got to meet one of them, I would like to meet Charles Barkley. He was a great power forward that played for the Suns. If I meet him I would ask him how it felt to play in booty shorts. Talking to some great retired players can give me a better understanding of the game and give me the feeling about being in the NBA. Once I get a better understanding then I could become one of the best sports broadcasters for a major network, like ESPN.

Additionally I get into all the games free! How great is that I don’t have to pay to get in. I would, also get to meet and interview some of my players. I could really get to be on the court and see the view of a player. Imagine it, I’m at every game, on television, and doing what I love! I don’t think there is nothing better than that. I love playing and watching basketball. So now I get paid to watch and talk to my favorite players about anything. It’s the perfect job for me and would be a dream come true.

Finally, I get to travel to a lot of places that I have never been. In different states I can see different teams and various styles of playing the game of basketball. Also I will be able to view the many attractions in those cities, such as the crater in Arizona or Hollywood California where all the stars are. Who knows I could be one of those stars living there. Most NBA teams are in major cities like Cleveland or New York. In addition I can visit other countries since there are other basketball leagues such as Australia or Canada. If I’m lucky I will be able to report from those countries to the U.S.

If I become a sports broadcaster it would be dream come true. But like everything in life you have to work hard at it and not be shy. I also will have to keep my grades up so I can get into a good broadcasting school for TV/radio.

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