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Water Sports

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever participated in any water sports? I have and they are and they are some of my favorite things to do. Water sports include a variety of things such as fishing, swimming, skiing, knee boarding, wakeboarding, Boating, and tubing.

Fishing is one of the most common water sports in the world. Some common fish that people fish for are Bass, Catfish, Brim, Pike, Crappie, and Trout. Some of the game fish at my lake house are Bass, Catfish, and Crappie. Fishermen love to catch these fish because they can grow to huge lengths, taste good and fight really good. Fight is how much a fish pulls back when you reel it in. Bass and Catfish grow so big and fight so good that they are used in tournaments while Crappie taste very good. At my lake the Catfish can grow to more than six feet long. Fishing is one of the oldest sports in the world. It has been around since before the Greeks

Swimming is another very old sport. It as also has been around since before the Greeks. People swim on all of the continents including Antarctica. People swim in Antarctica as part of tournaments to see who can stay in the -1.9 degree Celsius water the longest. There are other tournaments to see who can swim the fastest and do many other things.

Unlike swimming and fishing, water skiing has only been around for a short time (Just 85 years).water skiing originated in Minnesota in 1922. It was invented by Ralph Samuelson, an eighteen year old. While skiing the boat is usually moving at about 23 miles per hour. There are two main ways to water-ski, normal skiing and slalom skiing. Slalom skiing is when you drop one of the two skis that you normally use. There is a spare binding on one of the skis and you put one of your feet in this binding. There are many tournaments for skiing including ones for tricks, speed, and to see who can stay without falling for the longest period of time. Skiing is widely considered to be the middle in difficulty between skiing, knee boarding, and wakeboarding. Knee boarding is considered to be the easiest of the three and wakeboarding is supposed to be the hardest of the three. Even though Skiing is average in the level of difficulty it is also considered to be the most fun out of the three.
Knee boarding is when you sit in a board with your knees under a strap and hold onto a rope being towed by a boat. While pulling a knee boarder the boat assumes a speed of about 20 miles per hour. When wakeboarding you lay on your back in the water and then turn your body once you’re up. While wake boarding you want the boar to move at 30 miles per hour.

Tubing is actually a relatively new sport. It was invented just in the last century. Tubing involves being pulled on a float by a boat. The speed of the boat varies while tubing.

Boating is the foundation for tubing, skiing, knee boarding, and wake boarding. All for of these sports require a boat to tow the participant in order to boat you have to have a boating license like this.

Water sports are a very fun way to get exercise. They are all very diverse from each other and at the same time, similar. Some water sports have just been introduced in the past 100 years while others have been around for centuries.

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