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Why I Love Sports

April 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Everything about them, the things they can do for you even if you’re not playing them. A city can be united and lifted up by a team’s performance. Even a high school with a gang problem can be united by a team’s outstanding efforts. Being on a team can save a young person’s life, whether it is making them do better in school or teaching them team work and how to deal with diversity.

Being on a team can make you a very healthy teenager. Kids who are over weight can join football where they are good because of their size. Although they may not lose a ton of weight, they decrease the percent body fat and increase the percent of muscle they have on their body. This also can help their self esteem, because of being the fat kid of the group they are with other kids who are just like them and they feel like they belong. Even for the skinny kids, they may start out weak and skinny, but if they stay on the team and go through the workouts they will become stronger. They will learn how to stand up for themselves.

All these kids, no matter what size, or skin color will become a family. They will learn how to trust each other and become a family. I played football for four years of high school and I would do anything for the guys on the team and I know that they would do the same thing for me. We learned how to deal with diversity and we became brothers. Being part of something bigger than yourself is something amazing that sports can teach a young kid. It doesn’t have to be football either it can be any sport, they are all great for you they all have these great qualities. If you have the chance to be on a team in the near future I suggest you jump on the opportunity because they don’t come around that often.

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