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Race for the Playoffs

April 15, 2008
By Anonymous

One by one they come onto the field. First, it is Atkins, then it is Tulo, followed by Hawpe with Spilborghs behind him. They lay out stretching for some of the time, then they take off sprinting for a bit more of the time. With the same steady breathing and sweat on their faces they pick up their gloves and pair off with each other. It’s Atkins with Tulo and Spilborghs with Hawpe, throwing and catching it’s really cool to watch. Their form is so perfect the throw is so long, and all the people staring doesn’t bother them much. But where are the others I can’t help but wonder, probably in the clubhouse watching the Brewers. We all sing the anthem and go find our seats, as the boys all get ready for this great defeat. I look at the scoreboard and what do I see the final score for the Brewers game they’ve taken the lead. The players are happy and so are the fans. Now we must beat the Diamondbacks or this great season will end. It’s the bottom of the ninth and Tulo gets the ball he throws it to Helton who tags the man out. The fans are going wild and so are the players, they defeated the D-Backs we’re now in the playoffs. The players are hugging and dancing around, while the fans stand there screaming with music playing loud. It is now time to leave and we’re all very happy. Are boys are in the lead, we’ve waited so long, and the best part of all was being here to witness this very special time.

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