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The Steal

September 30, 2008
By Anonymous

Two outs, there is a runner on first and I’m up to bat. We had gone into a Texas-tie breaker, meaning the last batter was up to bat and the last person to score was put on first base. She had stolen to second; all I needed to do was hit her in. We were playing against the best team in our league although it was only the second game and winning it was all I wanted to do. The opposing team cheered loud and hard, trying to spook me. The first pitch. I swing and miss. STIIRIEEK! Ok, calm down. Its only one strike, come on Caitlyn, bounce back. Both stands roared, breaking my concentration. Before I knew it I had a second strike on me. Alright get in the game. You can do this. She wound up and threw the softball right over the plate. POP! I hit it I, really hit it. Now all the girl on second had to do was score. She took off and realized that the ball was way over in right field. She bolted home with me following a base behind. The other team was still chasing after the ball. She stepped on the plate scoring the winning run. The rest of my teammates joined me in front of the dugout. We celebrated for a little while, and then we moved on to the next game, another chance to shine.

Later that evening we placed second in the entire tournament, after losing to our rivals. That is a major accomplishment because the tournament consisted of all the teams in our league. The record for the tournament was 6 wins and 2 losses, one of my best. What a great day!

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