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Ode to my fans

October 6, 2008
By Anonymous

“Go-go-go” Is all visitors can hear while they enter our pool. However, guests do not marvel at the loudness the plain structure shelters but at the origin of the yells, which grow louder and louder as the time passes and stops only when the swimmers relax. Only when our swimmer steps onto the white tiles, observers realize the source of the sound: an orchestra of two dozen girls with satin black and gold caps and swimming suits, cheering to create the most harmonious and inspiring sound there is.

As the exhausted swimmer approaches her teammates, she is overwhelmed by the shrieks of complete and utter joy. Just a minute before we were losing by five points, but not now. Now, we just won our meet. Our fifth meet in arrow. We are invincible.
Throughout my life I experienced a lot: seeing a solar eclipse, living through two wars, immigrating to a new country, amending old ways in my local library and even saving lives while volunteering in the local ambulance corp. But none of these experiences are as lasting and rewarding as being part of a team. Because being part of a team is like being a piece in a very complex and elaborate puzzle, the puzzle can only be appreciated when every piece is present and only after toiling over it and fitting all the pieces together.
Like the little prince tamed the fox in Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s Novella, each of us tamed each other, finding their appropriate place in the puzzle. As the fox said "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed”, we will, forever, treasure the indestructible bond we created.
Furthermore, no matter how tired they are after their races, I can always hear and see them in the moments I gash for air during my events. They are my biggest fans and I am theirs; this is how it is in my swimming team, and once you experience it; look at the beauty of the complete puzzle or hear the sound of our orchestra, you can never forget it.

The author's comments:
The intensity in the air as our coach informed as of the terrible news was dreadful, we were losing by five points and there was only a heat left. All the girls were upset, all their hard work showed until that moment. But still we all gathered solemnly around the pull to support our four friends competing in the relay. Our swimmers were very a upset, but they were determined to lose with a first place. As the relay started it seemed that there was no hope we were third. Even thought we were losing, we never stopped cheering for our swimmers---to stop cheering is like to abandon a man out on a fighting field. Then as by miracle we were catching up-we were second and it was then we-every single on of as moved as a single choir. Then suddenly we were in the race for the first place. We were cheering so loudly or hopeful yells echoed all around the pool. And then when the last lap came we all waited to see who won—we won by a second!

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