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The Olympics and its Impact

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

What effects did the Olympics have? Peace. Fun. Competition. History. Dreams. The Olympics was a need for the Nations and for the people on the Planet. The Olympics are a time for when people set there differences aside and join together in friendly competition.

The Olympics had more then 250 Countries participating in the events. The Athletes of the Nations all competed against each other for Gold Medals. Beijing was a terrific host for the Olympics.. There was controversy for having Beijing as the host for the Olympics. The Opening ceremony featured all the Countries participating the Olympics and their flags. The flags were carried by a country's athlete. The opening ceremony also had a Chinese cultural exposure with dances and other things.

The competition was fierce in the Olympics and many of the world's finest athletes had fun putting on this historic spectacles. The Athletes such as Micheal Phelps put on a historical showcase that even fellow American Athletes such as Dwayne Wade even went to see Micheal Phelps. For the Athletes it was about having fun no matter what place you finished in.

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