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A Game for Everyone

November 6, 2008
By Sarah McManus SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
Sarah McManus SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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As the clock counts down the minutes in the half, my team and I obtain as many trys and conversion kicks as possible. Every person on the team has an important role in every game. I as a prop win the scrums, lift in line-outs, and tackle the other teams’ girls to the ground. Despite the injury possibility and blood there are upsides to playing the sport. I enjoy that anybody can score and there are no super-stars. Anybody from fast wings to props can score a try its just putting 100% effort in. As a freshman in high school I was in what is called the All-Star game. The teams consist of the best girls from all the teams in the league. In the game I scored twice in just that one game. Unlike football, rugby has no superstar quarterback because scoring is a team effort. Where did rugby originate you may wonder. Rugby is simply based off soccer, and years after Americans created football but added pads and helmets. That’s right your only protection is your mouth guard and if you have had a concussion you must wear a scrum cap which is like a thin foam helmet. The term “touchdown” for football is from rugby because to score you must literally touch the ball to the ground this is worth 5 points. To gain another 2 points you have to kick the ball through the posts but you kick from wherever the ball was placed in the try-zone. Those are just some of the rules to follow while playing. Another is you cannot pass the ball forward. This would be a knock-on and would result in a scrum to the other team. Many of these terms and rules can change from game to game but you will always enjoy watching and playing the game of rugby. I know I do!

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