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I Love My Language, I Respect Other Languages too....

November 2, 2021
By Methmi DIAMOND, Colombo, Other
Methmi DIAMOND, Colombo, Other
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"If you speak to a person in a language that he can understand, it will go to his head, but if you talk to a person in his mother language, it will go to his heart" 

                                                                                            - Nelson Mandela


Do you agree with this? Yes, you will agree for sure. You may have experienced that the words taught to you in your mother language will be stabled in your heart than the other languages.

What is known as “The Mother Tongue”? Is that your mother’s tongue? No! The mother tongue means your native language which is also called as “The Mother Language”. We all have a mother language and most of us use that for our day to day activities. The mother language is mostly used among family members and your close friends who know your heart and it is better to talk to the heart than to the head as I said at the beginning.

We use our mother language from our infancy to the day we release our last breath. During the infancy, we heard our parents who uttered cute word in our mother language to cuddle us. Mothers sing lullabies to their babies in the mother language. Then, step by step, the baby utters a word from his or her mother language by observing and following the mother and the father who were attempting to hear a word from the baby. After two or three years, the time arrives to pronounce a letter and to write a letter in his or her mother tongue. In my country, it is a remarkable day in a person’s life which is held ceremoniously.

Learning the mother language is very important. According to researches, a person will get his or her education to the best from his or her mother language. In my country, we see most of the students are receiving education in their mother language. Learning the mother language as a subject is compulsory in my country from the childhood. The children are guided to love their mother language by teaching it from the beginning of the journey of education.

The mother language also impacts the development of a person. The personality will be increased when someone uses the mother language. The capacity of understanding is very high when listening to the mother language. Not only the personal development, but also the country development will be possible through the use of the mother language.

Further, the mother language can be promoted to the world as a nation. For example, some countries promote their language by using it with their products which are exported to the countries around the world. As a result, people around the world are motivated to learn those languages and those countries become popular day by day.

Using the mother language is a path to better communication and better inter-personal relationships. The bong among each other will be strong the natural when communicating with the mother language.

Do the above facts indicate that we should not respect the other languages? Shouldn’t we love the other languages? Is that bad to learn other languages? No. Just as we love and respect our mother language, we have to love and respect the other languages too because they are other people’s mother languages. Every language has its’ own unique features.

Learning foreign languages is very important for the current society. We can reach the international level with the knowledge of foreign languages. More than 7000 languages are spoken around the world. Though it is not possible to learn all of them, it is better to learn some of those as you can. The knowledge of the other languages will assist us to explore the world. It is easy to travel around the world with the knowledge of languages because we will be confident when talking and understanding. Learning a foreign language is fun and interesting. We will be able to explore the diversity of the countries, cultures and people when learning a foreign language. We can observe and identify the differences among languages by observing the accents, grammar patterns and characters. We can get a vast knowledge about the world when we learn languages.

Moreover, the peace among the nations, countries and societies will be increased by using languages. We will have friends around the world when we know foreign languages. We get to know different people day by day and the communication will be easy because of the knowledge of languages. In my country, we see many students who are learning many foreign languages such as Japanese, Chinese, French, Korean, and Hindi etc… while English is being used as the linked language.

There are many languages around the world. None of them can be judged as high class or low class. Each language has its’ own features. For that, unique cultures have been emerged. Diversity of people occurred due to the languages they speak has made our world so beautiful. So, we should love and respect each and every other language while we love our mother language.

I love my mother language. I respect the other languages too. What about you?

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