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October 12, 2007
By Anonymous

The last time I went to Wisconsin was a blast. Usually when we go to Wisconsin we go to a Packers game or Noah’s Ark Water Park, but this time we went to Chula Vista Resorts. The resort was prepared so wherever we wanted to eat, there were like 10 different places to eat with menus, with burgers, steaks, spaghetti, pretty much anything you wanted you could have. Also there were buffets with anything on them. That was awesome, but not yet the best part of the resort. They had us come to the front to get our room keys, when we got them; we noticed we were in the newest part of the resort. We were happy our rooms were amazing; there were three beds, my parents, my brother, sister, and me. There was a little bar thing and a big bathroom. Also there was a TV and a couch, also a screen door that went out onto a balcony. The balcony was awesome, because you could see the whole water park from 5 or 6 stories high. We left or room and heading down five floors on an elevator, to the main floor where a restaurant was. You cannot imagine how many rooms there were this place was. We ate our lunch then got our suits on and headed outside, the first slide I went on was the tallest, the steepest, and one of the best there. I only went on it twice though because it was so scary. It didn’t look bad from the bottom, but once you were walking up all of them steps and finally got to the top, you were freaked out. If you tried to look down you could hardly see the slide from underneath you without falling off. I finally went off after I saw a bunch off little girls go on it and an older guy that told me it wasn’t that bad. I remember going off it I thought my heart was stopped I was so scared. There were about 15 slides outside, but then there was a food court area and when you stepped in it was connected to a huge indoor water park. There were huge slides going inside to outside to back indoors. There was a toilet bowl, a see through green slide, a black hole, those were my favorite three inside slides. There was a wave pool behind our hotel and a few slides. Also there was a bunch of huge little kid’s areas. Also they had and indoor and outdoor lazy river. That was my trip to Wisconsin and it was really fun.

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