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The Big Apple

April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

There I was, after my first plane ride, looking over one of the biggest cities in the world! New York City, a place of huge skyscrapers and unbelievable values. As soon as me and my aunt were in the airport we were shocked to see some of the strangest people. When they spoke to us we could barely understand them, but at the same time they could barely understand us. People up north have a weird way of expressing themselves. As in, the way they dressed was like looking at a person from another planet. Most wore blue-jeans but the shirts, skirts and hair is a totally different story! When we arrived at our special New York hotel room, we were too excited to sleep, even though it was twelve o’clock midnight. So instead we hopped in a taxi and headed to Times Square. It was amazing!!! Lights were everywhere, couldn’t even see the stars. Restaurants, malls, and even an M&M World was on the busy street. Three o’clock came, we decided to finally head back for a big day tomorrow.
Day one was our main sightseeing day. We went on two tours: down town and up town. Both were very long, but they both were very entertaining. I found out a lot about where famous people had been and what most of the buildings were and represented. My favorite part of the tour was to see the Biggest Victoria Secrets in the world and to know where the survivors of the Titanic were kept for treatment. Another cool part of that was I saw the exact place where John Lennon was shot and killed. Most of the first day was just looking around until that night we saw a Broadway musical called Grease. That was so fun watching a lot of hot guys move around on a car called Grease Lightning. I ate at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Restaurant on Times Square. We called it a day after a little more looking around at Times Square and bought a Bubba Gump T-shirt.
The next couple of days was to view some important buildings and landmarks including the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, and Ground Zero. The Empire State Building was so huge that when you were up on the 102nd floor, you could see for literally 25 miles or more. An interesting part of viewing the city from that height is to know where the Titanic would have docked.
Ground Zero was very interesting. Just knowing that that is where the twin towers were. It was sad to picture all of those people jumping out of windows, and them dying right there on that very spot that we were standing on. Its hard to explain until you’ve actually been there.
Another obvious landmark that we went to was the Statue of Liberty. When we rode the fairy across we were able to see New Jersey, and two other islands. The statue of liberty was very close to us when we were on the fairy. People aren’t allowed to go inside anymore because of 911. We saw all the big bridges including the Brooklyn and the Manhattan. By our third day of visiting this amazing city our suit cases were full of souvenirs. A ton of T-shirts and key chains plus a lot more! One morning, a very early morning we ended up being on the Today Show, it was cool being on T.V. and knowing that my mom saw us.
The food up there was pretty good. A fancy restaurant located right by Central park was called Tavern on the Green. It was the fanciest because we had to dress up. They say that New York’s water is the cleanest, well I think their right. The pizza there was so fresh because of the dough. I managed to eat a huge spaghetti pizza that was delicious! We saw another Broadway play called Legally Blonde, it was too cute and amazingly funny! My favorite part was when the delivery guy came in saying, “ I have a package.” It was such a chick Flick but I loved it!
Rounding down our stay in New York, included a lovely breakfast and polite room service. Being March 17th, on our way to the airport we enjoyed the view of the famous St. Patrick’s Day parade. What I mainly saw was more than a thousand cops and firemen filling up 5th street. As soon as we lifted our heavy bags on the belt we waited for about an hour until it was time to say our goodbyes to this amazing city. As I could see New York drifting away, covered by clouds, I thought of such a good time I had that week. As my ears popped, I fell asleep thinking of all the pictures I was to develop and to what would be a good time to go back!!

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