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The blueberry tree

April 7, 2011
By SmallTownGirl SILVER, Oakley, California
SmallTownGirl SILVER, Oakley, California
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I was enjoying the scenery as my eyes came across something blue...It had a purplish tint too it, and I instinctively decided too investigate its beauty. When I came closer, I realized I had found something extraordinary... It was a bluberry tree, and its trunk, a burnt sienna with highlights of orange. It stood at about six feet high, and I had never seen anything like it. What began at the six foot mark was an assortment of blossomed blueberries, glistening in the sun. If I didn't know any better I would swear that they were screaming for me to pick them. Me being only barely five feet was not tall enough to do so, but if I was I would've listened to there supposed cries. Just as I began too lose hope that I would get too taste such a delicacy branched from something as beautiful as the trunk it grew from, I heard someone shout my name... I turned my head with my body still facing the magical agriculture, and I was pleased at what I saw. It was my good friend Big Mac, and I responded quickly with a hello, as he galloped on his horse towards me. When he reached me he looked up at the wonderful blend of colors and textures that I had discovered on my journey, and still seated on his horse, reached up and delicately picked a generous amount of bluberries for himself, the horse, and I. He handed them to me, and I admired there beauty but did not indulge just yet...I wanted to enjoy this experience in a place deserving of the occasion....I didn't know where, so I asked Big Mac if he would mind if I hopped onto his horse, and he did not know why, but still he allowed me to do so, and I directed the horse too go, and Big Mac, the horse, and I galloped through this beautiful town in search for somewhere beautiful. Within a few minutes I saw a lake, and we immediately headed straight for it. With the brutal sun beaming down on us, we quickly undressed and ran into the beautiful, glistening lake. Even the horse decided to take a dip. We jumped around, and the water splashed our faces and cooled us off completely, making us feel wonderful and as free as we had ever felt. But in the heat of the moment, we had forgotten all about the bluberries.... So we got out of the lake and collected our remaining blueberries, now just whispering to us, asking too be picked up. We followed there demands and headed towards the lake so crystal clear we could see the grains of sand at the bottom. We sat with our toes in the shallow end of the water, and ate the blueberries. The smell of them was incredible. The taste of them- miraculous. Looking out onto the lake was the most beautiful thing either of us had ever seen, and the lakes hidration against our burning skin was so relieving. All of these feelings packed into one moment, was our first, but not last, sensational journey together

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Me and my best friend and his noble steed on an adventure too find a perfect place.

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