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November 2, 2007
By Anonymous

One memory that will stay engrained in my head forever; my trip to Bahamas last spring break. Before arriving I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know whether it would be similar to the typical trip to Mexico or how the people were going to treat us. I didn’t even know what the general race of the Bohemians was.

Little specs of land met my eyes from our airplane (we later found out there are over 2,000 beautiful islands in Bahamas). As we descended we saw a little patch of concrete where our aircraft must meet to land. Uncertainty began to set in at the sight of the worn down strip became bigger. That grass surrounding the runway obviously hadn’t been cut and it just looked ransacked. We walked into the empty, un-American airport to see colorful but old walls and the strict police officers. The airport looked ancient like it hadn’t been redone in decades. We took our bags to the European van of our friendly show furs. He and the rest of the Bohemians would make us laugh and feel welcome the rest of our trip.

As we cruised along the wavy road we saw beautiful plants, trees and ocean but you could tell that income was not high like we were used to. It sort of made me feel bad in a way, that us wealthy Americans use their country and scenery for a week and just forget it when really that is their life. But they depend of us vacationers to come down there and spend our money on their things. The straw market is where they really drew us in and practically stole our money. We bought things we wouldn’t and haven’t ever used that families would make and sell to provide food for their kids. One woman would stop, position herself, stare, and begin yelling the price of the item we looked at. But none of us cared; we were having a good time.

After leaving the straw market it really hit me that if we didn’t go there and spend our money, they wouldn’t have anything at all. Nothing for their families or even themselves. They obviously don’t have the opportunities that I was born with. I am very fortunate to be able to get a great education and not have to worry about money all of the time like these Bohemian families. This experience showed me the lucky advantage I have over kids in other countries and even kids in my own city.

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