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Moving Again

December 29, 2011
By Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
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I don’t know what’s worse. Moving about every two years or staying in a place for most of your life. The only one I’ve been able to actually live is moving around. My dad has been in the military ever since I was born so I don’t know any other life. I have been to two different elementary schools and three middle schools. I’m about to go to another one so the count is about to be four.

People think moving around to so many different places would be fun. I’m not going to lie. It is fun seeing different places. The only problem is leaving new friends and schools that you might like. Yes you could still talk on the phone and write letters but it’s not the same as seeing that person every day. The hardest move I ever had to make was when we moved from Georgia to Virginia. We had stayed in Georgia for eight years so I was leaving behind a lot of history. I was leaving behind my best friend in the whole world. I know friends come and go but she wasn’t just a friend anymore. She was more like a sister. We had done everything together. Even when we went to separate schools. Every weekend I was at her house or she at mine. We walked to the bus stop in the morning. She was the reason I broke my wrist when I beat up a girl who was messing with her at school. I loved her and I had to leave to a place like Virginia.

At first I would not let myself like Virginia. I made myself hate the school and all the kids in my neighborhood. I wouldn’t go outside if I didn’t have to and I bothered my mom nonstop, even though it wasn’t her fault. That all changed the day I met this girl next door to us. I was walking to the bus stop when she walked out of her house. She ran up to me and introduced herself to me. I was very rude to her but she still wanted to be my friend. I finally became friends with her and with that came all the other friends I have. I came to know Virginia wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t as good as Georgia but no place is as good as Georgia in my opinion.

We had stayed in Virginia about a year when we found out my dad had to go to Iraq. He had to go for eighteen months and my mom just had surgery and didn’t want to stay in Virginia by herself. So she made arrangements to move closer to her family. They lived in California. I think another annoying part about moving is the packing. I hate packing. It’s so annoying and boring. I had just started 6th grade and the school was perfect. I loved my teachers and my classes. I was in all advanced classes so I was never bored in school. Also most of my friends in elementary were in my same classes. I was so mad at my mom. It took a lot of time to forgive my mother for that but I eventually did. When we got to California I loved it. We didn’t live by the beach there but that was okay. We lived by these huge mountains. We were surrounded by them. I almost loved California better then Georgia. One of those reasons was that I got my first dog in California. My mom is allergic to animal fur so we weren’t allowed to have pets. The only person in my family that had a pet was my big sister. Her god mother had gotten her a little kitten and my mom let her keep it but that was it. No hamsters, dogs or anything with fur. Well in California that changed. My aunt had found a lost dog and she didn’t want it in her house. She asked my grandmother to take him in until she found his owner. She never did and he became my dog because he took an unbreakable attachment to me. I loved him very much and I did everything I wasn’t supposed to for that dog. I fed him human food and let him sleep in my bed next to me. My mom hated it but I couldn’t help it. He was so cute.

The school wasn’t all that great. It was really poor. It was a charter school. A school for people who got expelled from public schools. My mom didn’t want me to go to the public school near our house because she thought it was too ghetto. I agreed with her. My school was not up to my learning potential but I met another best friend there. She was like my best friend in Georgia. We did everything together. We stayed in California for about two years then my dad came back. He had brought a house in Virginia. He wanted us to go back there and he promised we wouldn’t have to move anymore. I was sad again. I had to say goodbye to another awesome friend. We packed up and flew to Virginia.

I had to go to a different middle school because we were in a different county. This is the school I am currently going to. I love it. I’m in all advanced classes again so no more boring days for me. I met some pretty fun people but I guess my dad got it wrong again. He got orders to move to Korea. We had to wait for our orders. When we get to Korea we have to stay there for two years then we don’t even get to come back to Virginia. We have to spend another two years in New York. I really hope they decline our orders to go but it doesn’t look that way. We will probably be in Korea by the end of January.

I’m not saying I hate moving but after a while it doesn’t get entertaining. It gets sad to meet people then say goodbye again and again. It’s just something I’ll have to deal with until I get out of my parent’s house. So until then I’ll be on the road.

The author's comments:
I hope people will understand having a family member in the military and moving around is no walk in the park.

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