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My favorite place to go

May 21, 2008
By Anonymous

My favorite place to go would have to be Luther, MI. Which is about fifteen minutes north of Baldwin. My buddies and me go up there all the time to relax. That’s why it is my favorite place to go because it is the only place where everything leaves my mind, and I can just concentrate on having a good time with my best friends.

I go up there all through the year with my friends because there is a lot of trail riding, hunting, and fishing. Which are all of the things that I love to do. In the summertime we bring up our quads and drive around on the trails. It is so relaxing because you just sit on the quad and relax and just shift through the gears. In the wintertime when you cant ride quads anymore my friends and me like to get the snowmobiles out and ride all over Michigan. The trails from Luther go all over. If we wanted to we could drive up to the mackinaw bridge.

Besides doing stuff with motors up there, it is a great place to go hunting and fishing. There are tons of deer. And millions of big and small lakes scattered all over the county. My buddy has a nice boat and we all have trucks to haul it around. My favorite place to fish up there is Tippy dam. Especially when the salmon are running up the river. There will be hundreds of people up and own the coastline and it can just be a real blast.

My good buddy that lives up their, his name is chase. I have known him for probably five years or so. My friend don introduced him to me, he has a really nice cabin that we stay in and we can come up there anytime we want to that what’s really nice about this place, is that we don’t have to really make any plans. We can just decide that we want to go up there for the weekend and go.

One thing that sucks is that I don’t think that all of my friends will be going up there so much anymore because of the gas prices. Everything that we do up there has something to do with gas and it is starting to get really expensive. So we will probably have to start cutting down the time that we go up there. So you can see that we always have a good time up there and it is my favorite place to go.

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