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I Still Remember Waking Up...

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I still remember waking up and walking over to my calendar, marking off one more day. This would just be an ordinary day, if it wasn't the last day I’d mark a little red x over the date, before I boarded my flight. It felt almost unreal, something that I have wanted so badly, and dreamed about for so long, would finally become a reality. As sleep lingered near, visions of the Eiffel tower, and cobblestone streets danced in my head.

Looking out the tiny window of the plane, I was amazed, I was in Europe. I`ve dreamed for so long of traveling to Europe, I knew this would truly be the trip of a lifetime. As the plane emptied, I just stood and listened, to the people speak, to the suitcases rolling, and the thunder of footsteps moving swiftly through the airport. I then climbed onto, a large charter, that would take me to places I have only dreamed about seeing. Traveling along the German countryside I couldn’t help but stare off into the distance, and see tiny houses and wonder what adventures could be found, in that little village nestled at the foot of green mountains, with snowy peaks, or just across the field full of crops.

After arriving in Verona, our day started just as it did everyday. With our guide Richard say “Good morning everyone”, and then we`d embark on yet another adventure. This day soon became different, just as we did everyday, we explored the town. It came time to board the bus, or so we thought. We went to our meeting spot, and soon found we had missed our group. Most people would be afraid, at least worried. I was too infatuated with my surroundings, to even care. Exploring the shops, sitting at the outdoor cafes, one could not help but fall in love with this magical city. As we left Italy, I was filled with anticipation, of the adventures to come.

Seeing the Eiffel tower light up is a truly magical experience. I looked around, determined to take everything in, I saw something’s that most people would have overlooked, and noticed some details that to anyone else would seem insignificant. For me they amplified the beauty of the amazing city of lights. I saw, an old woman wearing a red hat and funny shoes, there was something enticing about her, she made you wonder who she was, what sort of life had she lived. The most significant thing about her was she, unlike everyone else didn’t marvel at the gorgeous lights instead she stared at, the people who surrounded. I finally saw what she could see so clearly, that these people were all experiencing the same feeling. Even with the language barrier it wasn’t hard to see, it was written on everyone`s face. It`s crazy to think, in a world separated by so many things, all these people can be brought together by a pile of metal and bolts.

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