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The Divine Human

February 12, 2015
By LaxBro33, winchester, Virginia
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LaxBro33, Winchester, Virginia
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Listen my strong, valiant son, Maliki, said Madden, you have asked many of times of your grandfather, its time you know the story. He was a bold man, strong as can be, so handsome the gods envied him and the goddesses desired him.  He was the smartest man by far and one could come close to his sword fighting skills. It was said he could kill an attacking lion with only his bare hands.  He saved my life when I was two, there was a bear at least 200 yards away, I was out playing when it charged out of the woods and my father threw a spear. It pierced the bear’s throat and he dropped dead at my feet, blood gushing from his neck. I will never forget that moment, given it was the last time I saw my dad alive. Unfortunately, he crossed the wrong person.  One night, as we lay sleeping the cowardly, guileful assassin slayed both my father and mother in their sleep. I was awake and saw him enter the house but I hid like a coward; to this day I wish it had been me instead of them. Now lets get in to the story I wanted to tell you.
My father, Max, was born from the great god Zeus and his mother, Summer Valentine, was just an average person living on the outskirts of New York. She was the most beautiful woman on earth. She had a spirit that intrigued Zeus and she was the perfect match for having a son. Zeus commanded the boys name be Maximus, Summer decided to call him Max, for short. My dad struggled not knowing his father. His mother had to lie to him just to keep him from knowing who he truly was. He was only the age of 16 when the world called his name. It was very disturbing for him to find out who he really was through a dream Hades sent to him. It was a terrifying dream telling him that Hades was going to kill his sister out of jealousy. It was a very vivid dream yet he couldn’t wake up until it was over.  In the dream, Hades revealed his deep love for Summer and his desire to seek vengeance on Zeus because took her for himself. He woke the next morning to his sister missing and Summer mother crying, knowing she might have been able to prevent this misfortune if she had only told Max who he was.  Heart broken, she revealed the secret of his birth. She begged him to find Zeus to help save his sister.

Max started to read up on gods, loosing all track of time in the library. One day a beautiful girl approach him, something not many people had done.
“What are you doing? You come in here at least 4 times a week?” asked the beautiful girl.
“Important work. Why do you ask? How do you know I come in here?” replied Max.
“I have been watching you. You’re always looking over your shoulder.... you seem so suspicious of people. I’m even surprised you’re taking time to speak to me!” answered the girl.
“I don’t know,” Max, responded with uncertainty, “You just have a lovely completion that makes it easy to talk to.”
“Lets go talk, there’s more for you to know. By the way I’m Victoria.” she replied.
They quietly retreated to a back room in the library.
The room was cold and dimly lit the table was hardly visible. Suddenly, Max felt something touch him.  He turned to see what it was and the light vanishes – nothing but darkness. Standing there in the dark Max calls for Victoria, no response. He tries to find the table he knows was just beside him, yet its not there. He starts to walk, reaching out for the walls or anything...there is nothing. Panic sets in and he begins to run trying to find something or some one.  He trips over his own feet, tumbling into a shoulder roll.  He can feel the floor give way to what seems like a giant chasm.  In desperation, he reaches out for anything he can grab.  His left hand catches what feels like a rock and slips off.  He instinctively throws out his right hand, feeling something sharp cutting into this palm, he continues to cling by his fingertips stopping his fall.  He struggles as he pulls himself back up to what he thinks is the library floor.  His heart pounding, his mind is screaming with questions.  He cautiously tries to retraces his steps back to safety. Next thing he knows, he is knocked on the ground. He feels the warmth of the blood trickling down his forehead and he quickly passes out.
Max wakes to find the beautiful Victoria cleaning his forehead. He is too hurt to ask what happened. She pores some oil on his wounds and within five minutes the pain is gone but he is still drowsy.

Max asks, “What happened? Why am I here? Where am I? What did you pore on my head?”
“Easy there tiger slow down, I didn’t tell you back in the library but I am actually Aphrodite and we are no longer in the human world the world - where neither of us belong”, replied Victoria who had now transfigured to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. “Your real name is Maximus, everyone calls you Max for short.” 
“That explains why I trusted you. What did you mean we don’t belong in this world? I...I was born New York!” replied Max with a sinking feeling of uncertainty. “That would explain why as a child I remember hearing the name Maximus.”
“There is someone you are going to want to meet. Do you have any fighting skills?” questions Aphrodite as she stands to her feet, offering him a hand up.
“I have always done well with a sword, why do you need to know that?” inquired Maximus rising independently yet still shaky from the hit.
“Because to get to him you will need to test your skills. He is Apollo, the god of archery. You will need to get in his personal training camp but he must deem you worthy first.” informed Aphrodite.
“When does it start?” mutters Maximus as a rock is hurled towards him. He dodges the rock and turns toward Aphrodite who has vanished. Only a brand new, freshly sharpened sword remains where she stood. The details on the sword are amazing; none like any earthly mortal could produce.  Maximus didn’t have time to admire the work of the sword as he just found himself in the middle of a battle.
An arrow grazes the outside of Maximus’ temple leaving a slight cut. As he looks to find a tree or a wall to hide behind, his vision becomes blurred and he starts feeling drowsy.  He moves fast, recognizing he was hit with a poisoned arrow tip, he quickly cleans the wound in hope to prevent more of the poison from entering his system. He was able to maintain consciousness and be cognizant enough to figure the position of his assailant.  He hurls the arrow with fierce anger back toward the archer.  The arrow enters the archer’s eye, piercing his brain as he drops to the tower floor. Maximus moves to the castle, sheathing his sword as he scales its wall. He finds the archer he thought he had just killed was not there, he turns to see the archer has an arrow pointed at his head.
“Well done, you are very strong and have a great amount of potential. I am the great god Apollo, master of archery; I am going to help you prepare for your journey to save your sister.” announced the god Apollo.
“How do I know I can trust you?  I want to see Aphrodite...and what do you mean save my sister?  Hades said he killed her!” exclaimed Maximus.
“Hades has no need to kill her, he wants you - killing her would not lure you to him.” answers Apollo.
“I’m right here Maximus, its okay. Apollo said this is the only way to see if you were worthy of his time,” said Aphrodite, giving him a hug of reassurance.
Apollo continued, “That sword, was sent to you from your father, he didn’t say much but I can tell he really cares for you.”
“He has a funny way of showing it.  He hasn’t said a thing to me,” replied Maximus.
“If you make it out of hell and defeat Hades you will meet him. I will personally make it happen,” promised Apollo.
Apollo and Aphrodite lead Maximus to Apollo’s camp where he would eat and sleep; there was a big day for Maximus coming up. Maximus was forced to eat alone while Apollo and Aphrodite dined separately. They talk about how Maximus would have to start from the beginning using a bow and arrow, delaying the journey for his sister.
Maximus could not sleep so he went for a walk. He hears the crashing of waves, so he goes to investigate. He finds himself at a beach, where he sees Apollo and Aphrodite asleep. He notices that Apollo has a bow hanging from his tent and another one that looks like it was freshly carved. It was a beautiful mahogany bow with a gold like string that seemed to glow in the moonlight. He walks up to the bow and notices there are new arrows like nothing he has ever seen. They seem mystical somehow. Maximus reaches for the bow. As he touches it he feels a sharp point of an arrow pushing into the back of his neck. He instinctively turns to grab the arrow and finds, no bow, no archer, just an arrow floating in air.
“Its magic, the arrow goes where I want it to, stops where I want it’s controlled by my mind!” whispered Apollo, now standing beside an astonished Maximus.
“Whose bow is this? Could you make me one? Duuude! I want one of these!  How cool would it be hanging on my wall!” Maximus breathlessly rattled his questions one after another.
“No, these bows are not decoration, they are way more important. You will have to train with this now.  You are no longer going to use your sword. I know your father sent you the sword but that doesn’t mean you are going to use it. A sword is only good for close battle, like a weapon you sleep with, not for this fight, not for stopping an angry Hades who is at least twice your height.” proclaimed Apollo, “You will start training tomorrow, go back to your tent.”
The next day Maximus finds himself awaken by a loud horn. He arises to realize he isn’t close to the beach anymore.  He finds himself in a castle with new cloths and a warm breakfast. He eats quickly and leaves his room to find Apollo. He enters a living room, Apollo and Aphrodite approach silently.
“Today you will be tested to see if you are going save your sister or die trying, leaving your mom and the whole existence of your family to parish. You will embark on many tests and you will not sleep for the next 48 hours,” states Apollo.
“I will help you through the things Apollo will not. He doesn’t have a caring heart. He will teach you the fundamentals of warfare, I will teach you to be an inflictor of death and a patron of mercy”, informs Aphrodite.
Maximus follows Apollo out to the archery range, where he doesn’t see any targets just walls. Maximus is lead down range where he can see behind the walls. There the targets sit placed randomly thought the area, some behind rocks, other walls, some are even backwards or hanging where they are facing the ground.
“You are going to have to get the arrow to hit the targets from back where we first were standing. First you’re going to carve your own bow and arrows so that you can connect with. If you don’t have a connection with your bow and arrows you could loose control, killing other people and possibly your self.” Enlightens Apollo. “Now go get it done.”
“Wait, how? With what? When?” rambles Maximus?

“Don’t worry this is what I was talking about, I will help you with tasks Apollo will not.” comforts Aphrodite.  “There is an amazing place for getting wood for a bow and some arrows. The only problem is it’s a long hike to get there.”
“I have all day, or at least I don’t know how to leave if wanted to,” replies Maximus. “Where are we going?”  Questions Maximus while following Aphrodite
“To the Forest of 1,000,000 Trees. The legend is that the wood in that forest was once a living god who was greedy for power.  The other gods overtook him, cursing him to live forever as trees existing only in this forest.  The wood has supernatural powers submitting itself only to the hands of the one who cut it down.”
“So that’s why I have to make one, all right, how long does it take to cut one of these trees down?” angrily questioned Maximus, “This is going to take too long – it’s just delaying me reaching my sister!”
“Not long, after you find the right tree,” answered Aphrodite.
Maximus and Aphrodite started their journey to the Forest of 1,000,000 Trees.
During the journey there was little talk, only small interjections. When they arrived at the forest there was a large metal fence with bars spaced every few inches, no gate in site.
“How are we going to get in? I am not going to walk around this whole thing!” stormed Maximus.
“I can just float over but you will need to make a passage,” answered Aphrodite.
“I’ll just test the strength of these bars, maybe it will save some time, ” proclaims Maximus.  
Maximus grabs the bars and pulls as hard as he can, nothing happens. He thinks about how he misses his sister and his anger towards Hades rages inside him. Maximus grabs the bars again and with one heave the bars spread just wide enough for him to be able to slip inside. Maximus rips his shirt from the flex of his muscles. Aphrodite took a liking to this. Maximus now must find the tree he can connect with.
After hours of searching he hears a voice telling him to look behind the bush. He fights his way through the bush and finds the most beautiful tree. He grabs an axe and takes to the tree. The tree is down with three easy strikes. The tree is cut into a 7-foot log, just the right size for a bow, and starts his journey home with Aphrodite. The trip is quick given that he quite eager to make his bow. When Maximus and Aphrodite return to camp, Apollo is waiting for them.
“Maximus, its time to start with your bow, I have a set of tools set up for you beside the fire,” Announces Apollo. “Go get started and if you work quickly you will be able to have dinner with us. If not there will be some food for you to eat when you finish”
“All right” replies Maximus and he gets to work.
As if he was the most excited man in the world, he worked through the night finishing in the early morning. The next day he wakes to a huge feast where he now almost eats everything. He spots a note that reads, “There are cloths in the top drawer and armor down stairs, we will be waiting for you on the Archery Range.”
Maximus quickly gets dressed and heads out side, where he grabs his bow and the arrows and heads to the range. When at the range, he is instructed to preform a list of tasks. Maximus hits dead center on every shot.
“Well done, you have passed the test already, the first ever to pass in one try. Now you can move to deception and survival. Your first task is going to be killing a dear and cooking it on a fire you must to make. Then you will have to sneak in to the tower over the hill with out alerting any of the guards, when you succeeded, only then can you leave on your journey.
Maximus is a skilled fire builder and quickly kills the deer, soon after he is in the tower with complete silence.
“Well I see that you have already made it, looks like you are ready  to start your journey. Aphrodite and I will not be able to help you the rest of the way. I am sorry, we just can not be preset in an attack on another god.” Maximus is quite taken back with this news.  His heart beats even faster at the thought of having to such an extreme foe on his own.  Knowing the fate of his sister rests solely in his hands, he starts to doubt that he can do what he needs to.  He heads back to his room hoping to get some sleep knowing what lies ahead the next day.

Maximus wakes knowing he just had seen the future, something horrible, he knows some one died he just doesn’t know who.  He goes back to sleep now knowing there is only three more hours tell his final breakfast with Apollo and Aphrodite. Maximus wakes one more time to this haunting dream, but now his dream is clearer. Hades is the killer and a loved one of Maximus dies. Maximus’ first thought is of his mother. He believes is in more danger than his sister, knowing what happened with Zeus and his mother. Yet there is a sense of fear for his sister, knowing she very well could be the victim if he doesn’t stop Hades.
Its now already seven in the morning so Maximus gets up and dresses for the day. He goes and takes a walk out by a stream to clear his mined; he hears footsteps behind him and quickly draws his sword.
“It’s me, Aphrodite, put the sword away” she proclaims,
“I’m sorry, I guess I’m just a little jittery today. Would you like to walk with me?” asked Maximus.
“I would love to, that is actually why I came out here. I heard you wake up last night yelling, and then again this morning.   I decided to come find out what was wrong,” Answered Aphrodite. “I wish I was able to help you on your journey”
“I had a dream of someone being killed, I just don’t know who. I know its some one close to me, just I can’t figure out who,” responded Maximus “I have to admit I feel really comfortable around you and I really like spending time with you. I hate that you can’t come with me today, I could use the comfort.”
“I feel the same way about you.  You almost make me feel human. Even though I’m not suppose to be with you as you confront hades,” whispered Aphrodite “I might be able to come with you - just not during your confrontation. For now, I’m going to make some breakfast, I will see you inside.”
“Alright,” understood Maximus “thanks for walking with me.”
Maximus walked to his room once more to retrieve his bow and other items that he would take on his journey. He heads to the dining room where he sees Apollo waiting for him.
“Today is not going to be easy, you will have points where you will want to turn back, you can’t, unless you want to leave your sister and endanger your mother,” informs Apollo.
“I understand, I will use all that you have taught me,” replied Maximus.
Breakfast was quick and mostly quiet. Maximus grabs some food and starts his three-day journey. As he turns to walk away, Aphrodite hands him a locket.  Looking deep into his eyes, she tells him it has brought her good fortune and she instructs him not to open it until he has successfully completed his mission. Aphrodite, there is writing inside yet he has ben instructed not to open it until he succeeds his mission. Maximus thanks her and embarks on the most important trip of his life.
The first day was quiet and peaceful which made for a, what seemed to be, quick walk. The first night was the hardest, no one to talk to or even just listen to. He thought about how he loved his sister’s singing, the way it comforted him in hard times. Surprisingly, he found himself longing for the company of Aphrodite and her angelic voice. His thoughts of Apollo were few; he didn’t care too much for Apollo and his course, hardhearted ways. He had to get control of his thoughts and focus on his survival. The only wood that was close was soaking wet and would put off a huge smoke cloud giving his position away.  There was nothing but raw food and a cold bed, and an uncomfortable night waiting for him.   His only option was to make due and face the night head on.
On the morning of the second day, he finds a pile of wood and twigs to make a fire. Maximus knows it must be help from Aphrodite he can just feel it inside. After eating, he must travel over a steep mountain chain that is covered in snow. Some how he is not affected and kept warm, he starts to feel as if some one is with him, he looks around and no one. He now knows that it has to be Aphrodite with him. He decides to keep going and finally makes it down the mountain where he sets up camp. He brought some wood from that morning yet finds it was unnecessary; there was another pile of wood and tinder waiting for him.  That night he feels more comforted knowing that he has her with him. Just the thought of her spirit with his is enough to keep happy. The next morning he woke to a warm, steady fire that appeared as if it has been going for a long time. He knows that Aphrodite is not there in person, yet he still speaks to her as if she is. “Thank you, for all your help and the comfort, I really have begun to fall in love with you.  It’s weird, I can’t explain it but my love for you is more intense than I’ve ever felt.” He arises and eats breakfast, knowing it could be his last. He packs his weapons and places the necklaces that Aphrodite had given him in his pocket then grabs other items he is ready for his confrontation  and precedes.
Steel faced and determined, Maximus quickly heads down the hill where he sees a dark door that leads in the mountain. He enters the door and begins his decent into Hades Layer. When entered he finds a pool of blood and a knife laying off the side yet not a sole in site. He heads in and checks each room, slowly making his way down a hall, each room having a different smell and most rooms were silent and dark. When he gets to the second to last door he notices blood at the bottom. He slowly opens the door and finds his sister lying there. He drops his bow runs over to her, feels for a pals, noting, Maximus lets out one tear and picks back up the bow now ready to slaughter Hades. He heads down the hall and finds himself standing face to face with the devil that killed his sister. He draws his bow and sends an arrow through his arm knocking him to the ground. He draws his sword and points it at Hades throat.
“Get up, I should kill you now! You’re so lucky I don’t just don’t slit you open! I have to let you live and pay for what you have done. I’m going to deliver you to Zeus and if you are condemned to death then so be it, it’s not my choice if you die or not. I really hope you get tortured and put to a slow painful death ” Exclaims Maximus
“You should just do it,” taunts Hades “you coward, you going to die like your sister. She cried for mercy and didn’t even call for you. You are a...” One hit with the back of the sword and Hades is out cold before finishing his sentence.

When Hades comes to his senses he is being dragged to the feet of Zeus where he knows he is not getting away. “Hello I am Max Valentine, awarded the name Maximus when I got here. I have brought you this evil, cold hearted murderer, who has killed my sister,” announces Maximus, throwing Hades to the feet of the guards where the killer curses the worst words in the Greek language, and spits on Maximus.
“You have done well. I have watched you over the years of growing up and you have become a real man, someone I am proud to say is my son,” replied Zeus “Do you care to join us for dinner, all of Mount Olympus will be there?”
“I would love to,” answered the excited and eager Maximus. Maximus follows Zeus into the dining room where the whole room erupts in applause. Maximus spots Aphrodite immediately and walks over to her.
“Well done, would you like to go talk for a second?” asked Aphrodite. Maximus nods and follows her outside to the patio. 
“Have you opened the locket yet?” whispered Aphrodite.
“No, I have not. Can I now?” questioned Maximus.
“Yes, I think you will like it,” said Aphrodite. Maximus opens the locket and finds a note inside which read “I have felt a connection with you from the moment you arrived. If you want I can grant you immortality.”
“I don’t know, I have my mother,” replied the now sorrowed Maximus.
“I understand, if you ever change your mind you can always reach me,” answered Aphrodite.

“That’s all I know my son, he never told anything more about it,” said Madden turning to look at Maliki. As that is said, he notices a bow that just appeared in the corner of the room. He walks over to it and notices the hand carved emblem that only his father had shown him. He knows it is his father’s bow and a sense of excitement surges inside him.  He feels as if there is a chance to see his father once again after that terrible night. “Could my father have taken the chance of immortality, could my mother be Aphrodite?” questioned Madden, “That would make, that’s just ridiculous.”

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