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Semi Regular Tales of a Boy and a Girl

February 15, 2015
By Kay.Avanti BRONZE, Washington, District of Columbia
Kay.Avanti BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Favorite Quote:
"I couldn't reach the top so I reached for the bottom. Then I realized the top IS the bottom. So I did the next best thing; I went forward (But then realized I was going backwards)"-By Unknown (Pretty sure I'm the unknown but it's hard to know)


“And that gives you the right to fight your brother?”
Anna exploded, “He’s not my brother though!”
“Then what is he?” he asked. Anna gave a start. She hadn’t really thought about who they actually were to her.
“Tell me something. Why did you call my wife ‘mom’? Why do you call me ‘paps’? Why not call us by our names?” he asked. Anna looked everywhere but Blaidd. He continued:
“I think we are your family. I don’t care if we don’t share blood. You are my daughter, no matter what. I think you’re using that “we’re not real family” excuse so that you won’t get punished.” Anna said nothing.

Kay W.

Semi Regular Tales of a Boy and a Girl

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