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Stolen Innocence

April 2, 2017
By Beautiful_Abomination-16 GOLD, Bend , Oregon
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Beautiful_Abomination-16 GOLD, Bend , Oregon
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 Her silver hair cascaded down the sides of her face, her bangs tucked back behind her ear, the dull, stormy weather sunlight, hitting it to resemble a moon stricken waterfall. She lent against the stone wall, a menthol cigarette from a pack of 100's pressed to her pale pink lips, smoke twirling from her mouth, dancing into the cold air like a forgotten ballet dancer giving their final dance. Her lavender eyes, sparkling with a dull gold dancing around the oddly miss colored, deep henna brown pupil, as the dying flame of a fire once would, traveled about the cold, snow kissed, cobbled streets, landing upon two men. The longer she begun to stare, the more of a suspicious feeding of a rather uneasy feeling came about, as they paced about a small shopping stand eyeing over it with caution. Her feet concealed in worn down black shoes, carried her forward towards the two as they circled about watching the salesman, her attention being drawn further when she saw them part from each other, the hand of one of the men slipping into the pocket of the shop keeper. She shook her head, her breath in sight of the cold, stiff air as she let out a scoff, and spoke softly as she begun to walk away from the scene before her.

      "Such a small town; though crime still swims through the streets"

  Her breath hitched, her small and frail body giving a small lurch backwards to halt when she heard a loud voice flutter through the air, and wooden materials clatter onto the cold ground. Her feet frantically carrying her in reverse just in time to avoid the two, fleeing from the old man, a look of anger on his age creased face as he noted the act of thievery they had committed. She pursed her lips, her lavender eyes narrowed as the two made a run for it, a mad dash through the crowds to disappear into the foggy cobbled streets. The excitement died away quickly, the shopkeep left angered and distressed as he sighed heavily, beginning to pick up the fallen items. All that was left was the soft sounds of the voices fading to soft mumbles in the mist heavy air, and the clicking of horses hooves upon the stone. She carried on, and found herself venturing the same way the two thieves had vanished upon, but continued on in some sense of hidden interest.

  Slowly but surely, she came upon a cut off alleyway, hidden away by chain-link fence with torn fabrics lain over it, concealing soft voices behind it. As her curiosity begun to peak she placed her hand upon the fence, lacing her fingers into the space between the links, hoisting herself up to begin her small climb. She heaved her feeble, and petite frame over the top, landing with a rather strong amount of grace, though no sound. She lent back pivoting on her heels to face what was previously behind her, seeing steam from broken pipes floating overhead in the alleyway, her eyes caught on light flittering from an abrupt turn in the alley that faded into a slope into a small tunnel. Her body said stop, though her mind didn't listen and carried her forward until she faced two figures hunched over a pile facing away from her, muttering softly to each other. Her small hand trailed over her belt to hover over the ebony handle, embedded with emeralds and a singular ruby, that belonged to her deadly knife with an intricately twisted blade. One of the men; white hair, and a singular black streak, caught sight of the movement of her shadow that stretched ahead of them, and nudged his partner, whose hood was up, hiding any hint of an identity. The hooded figure glanced over, the small flickering fire lighting up a small fraction of his face, his eyes giving that of a cat eyed green glow, hypnotic in their sleep deprived sockets, silver hugging around the pupils, the stare, stabbing into her chest; she couldn't pull away, she couldn't move. He nudged his partner lacking the hood, ebbing him towards her, his voice like the soft and distant thunder of a spring storm upon a beach, harmonizing with the waves lapping at the shore;

"Take care of her Raven"

The one without his hood upon his head, now knowingly called 'raven', stepped forward and revealed himself in the light; He was very fit, and stood taller than her, a little under six and a half feet. His skin was pale, but was complimented with various dark tribal tattoos, the most obvious one was a '96' tattooed on his throat. His pink lips invaded by two lip rings on the right side, with one opposing lip ring on the left, both placed upon the bottom. His left nostril gleamed with two hooped pieces of jewelry there, and the final one was a curved ring placed in his right brow. His snow white hair, contracting a raven black streak stretched halfway down his neck and framed his face, which was baring a scar starting at his left temple, traveling over his cheek, and hooking over the bridge of his nose.

Her hand gripped tightly around the handle of her weapon as "Raven's" emotionless appearance became a devious smile, revealing teeth filed to sharp points. He lurched forward in a tease to her, a small growl escaping his throat when he did so, her weapon drawn quickly from it's place to be assertively directed towards him. He stared at her with an almost interested look, and pulled out his own knife with a challenging c*** of his pierced brow and a smirk peeking over his scarred cheek.

          "Make your move princess"

Her lavender eyes, locked with his; a transparent, crystal blue, hinted with opal and green streaks, reminding her of the breath taking aurora borealis, almost more captivating than his hooded companion. He raised his arm with a blade in his hand threatening her simply with the gaze he kept held on her strong but small frame; he was intrigued by her confidence, at that the beauty that came with it, but he truly thought little of her ability to fight.

Raven flung his blade aside, landing it point down into the ground, rushing against her, and in immediate reaction, her leg lunged outward to avoid their top halves clashing, though her shin collided with his and sent him tumbling forward. He found his footing rather quickly and stabilized before rotating on his heels to snatch the back of her head by her hair, her own hands clasping around his to tug his arms forward to the point his traction was lost. A small stumble was sustained, giving her a chance to crash her head forward into his, briefly disorienting him while she gained her stance on her own two feet once again. Raven held his hand upon his forehead, seeing blood upon his fingertip, her head-but had caused his brow of which was pierced to bleed. She lurched forward, her feet being tugged out from under her, by the hooded man who now joined in, heaving in an effort to catch herself. A heavy breath hinted with a small noise of pain, escaped her mouth as Raven's knee clashed with her chest making her lose her grip on her ebony knife. She fell to her knees in the dust, her arm held tightly across her rib-cage and her breath staggered in an attempt to come back to her. Her nails dug at the dirt floor beneath her, choking on her breathing, head bowed, before a foot collided with her face. Her body fell to lay her on her back, Raven acting quickly to sit upon her lower ribcage, pinning her down with her own knife held in his hand to her neck. Her small hands were clasped tightly around his wrists, pushing against them in a protest against an end. She arched her back with a small shriek of anger and defeat trying her hardest to push him off her body. Her nose stung with pain, a trail of blood from it meeting to form a river with a split in her lip.

      "Gotcha down princess, anything you wanna say?"

She let one hand free from gripping his wrist, in a mad dash to grab the knife that Raven had earlier neglected, pulling it from the dirt, lunging it into the thigh of the man that held her down, twisting it before she scrambled from his grasp when he lent away in shock, now more worried on his injury versus the female. Just as she thought she'd freed herself, a gun c***ed behind her, a cold, steel, barrel pressed to the back of her head. She halted, closed her eyes tightly and let out a heavy breath, unafraid, though prepared for what came next.

"Get up girl."

She reluctantly stood, turning to face the hooded man that held the deadly weapon, her eyes wandering to Raven. He still lay back on the ground, clutching his wound in agony. He grabbed a handful of her silver hair leading her forward, forcing her to face Raven closer. She clenched her jaw tightly, listening to a soft whimper escape Raven as he realized the blade begun to peak out the other side of his leg. The hooded man released his harsh grip and tugged off the shield of his appearance and nodded very slightly. His skin was a pale honey-glow, two scars across his left eyelid, and one peaking out from under his nose, and onto his cupids bow. He had long hair, about shoulder length that was mostly black, but had white peaking through the black. Two piercings were positioned in his left brow, a piercing in the center of his bottom lip, standing alone from the two he had in the left side of his bottom lip, and hearing it click when he spoke, he had two rings in his tongue, and as if he hadn't had enough, he had multiple in his lobes.

"I'm impressed but you need to help him now"

She stared at the man in confusion, Raven complaining in faint distress.

      "F***, Fox I don't care who does it, I just need help from SOMEBODY"

Now she finally had a name to both faces, her small hand rising to brush over her unflawed face, clearing the hair from her eyes that blocked out her vision. She saw the man she now knew was called 'Fox' lean forward and whisper in her ear, his voice sending a chill sprinting down her side.

  "I knew what you were from the moment my eyes reached yours. Help. Him."

She stared at him a moment longer before she gave in, leaning towards him with a deep breath penetrating her lungs. Her body gave in and fell forward when she was given a faint shove. Raven lent back clenching his jaw, his eyes closing tightly as his breath was shaking under the pain that was contained in his body. She grasped the handle of the knife, pressing her free hand against the upper part of his thigh tightly. Her arm became tight, her forearm aching from the grip she had, knuckles white as she stared at the wound she had created. Wordless, breathless, unblinking, she ripped the knife from it's place, removing it from his leg. He lashed out with a loud gasp and a groan of pain, almost barreling forward with a balled fist, but caught himself mid-swing with the gaze that his companion with the animal themed name had given him. Her hand grabbed tighter at the skin on his thigh, the blood flow oozing between her thing fingers, and eventually slowing as Raven felt numbness succumb his wound, before the blood stopped completely, the only sign of it left being the large blood stain in his pants. He lifted his head to stare at her in such an intrigued way as his wound, had closed. A large scar, seeming freshly healed, was now in it's place. She saw Fox nod, a c***y smile on his face, though the man she just seemingly healed was caught up in the moment, afraid to say a word, afraid that the witch that sat in front of him would turn him into a frog, and make him dance for her. Though this was not the case, she sat silent, staring at her hands that were folded in her lap before she dropped it to her side, reaching into her pocket to retrieve a cigarette, pressing it to her tender, split lip. Raven slowly begun to move, reaching for a light in his own pocket, the flint igniting to flame within the plastic seal homing lighter fluid, lighting the paper rolled tobacco. 

       "Hey girly.. I.. Sorry bout that trouble, but I gotta ask, what's your name witchy woman?"

She lifted her head, closing her hand letting all but two fingers close, pulling the cigarette from her lips with these two free fingers, her breath letting the smoke escape with her words. Her voice, stern, like sweet poison that one urns for even though they know their life will fade with every swallow, but ever so soft and  melodic, like the honey kissed hive busy with the symphony of bees.

"It's not princess, it's not witch"

       "Well then, what is it? I should know the name of the girl that made it out alive, and still didn't take a run for it when I was needin' help"

"Ezmeraylia. Ez,"

He nodded, and placed his hands on his lap after he lit his own cigarette, leaning back to prop himself up with one hand, using his free hand to point to himself with his thumb, then to Fox.

         "I'm Lucifer, you heard em call me Raven, that s*** over there is Cortain. You should stay awhile Ez"

And all Ez could think was, "This is were hell begins" though she agreed a small term stay.

It started with the spiraling smoke of the cigarettes at the lips of all three of the living beings circled around a fire in front of a tunnel as they sat in the seating arrangements the men had stolen. Ez sat in silence, unknowing of what she should or shouldn't say. The man with black hair, Cortain, raised his head and smirked some, throwing out a recommendation to her.

"If I were you, I wouldn't listen to anything Raven has to say, he's tripping really bad"

Ez suddenly looked slightly confused, her head tipping aside when she heard this, and saw Raven (Lucifer) give a soft look of distaste towards Cortain.


Cortain cocked a brow and stared at her for a moment before looking to Lucifer, and nodded slightly as he crossed his arms when he lent back.

"Y'know.. Tripping. Acid.. the man, dropped acid."

Ez nodded and then shrugged puffing at her menthol once more, blowing it towards the sky of fading light,

"I knew what you meant, I was confused on why you would tell someone you just met such a thing, though that is entirely your choice, I guess."

Cortain bit his lip softly, and looked back at his companion, of which was distracted, zoning out with his entrancing eyes so, very focused, directed at the flames in front of him. Ez smiled at the man, oddly amused by the actions the man now portrayed, a small 'hah' slipping from her pale pink lips. Her attention was drawn back when Cortain moved his hand outward in front of her, a few small, filmy tabs laying in his palm. She stared at them, before her eyes wandered upward to fall upon Cortain in a questioning gaze. He gave a single nod and she moved her small hand upward, pressing her finger tips against them in a testing manner. He narrowed his eyes slightly eventually growing impatient before she gave in to her own temptation and pulled two or three away from him, placing them upon her tongue. She didn't give in due to the gaze that she had been given, but to her own want, her own need. She missed the way these things made her feel, though here it is now, placed right in front of her. There was now no reason to hold back, given back artificial freedom was the best feeling she'd ever had.

Bitter. Sweet. Sour. Numbing. She had it all again, just placing it on the tip of her tongue, feeling it dissolve, she begun her wait into a synthetic paradise. Cortain couldn't help but grin when he watched her do this and used the back of his hand to smack the arm of Lucifer, who jerked back to reality and looked over in soft confusion and held his hands against his thighs.

"Wha?- What're doing?"

Cortain moved his hand over the bag he pulled psychedelics from and Lucifer stared at her momentarily and laughed softly.

"Might as well git goin for the rest of the night then"

She once more seemed confused, shifting to lean back in the make shift seat; a pile of feathers and old pillows, covered with today's, stolen clean blanket. Lucifer flicked open the tarp shielding the opening of the tunnel to let a small glimpse of the "homemade home". Stolen goods pulled it together to let it appear such as so much more. Carpets lain down, seats, it seemed like any small apartment would. This seemed slightly shocking to her, though she was truly impressed by this. Lucifer momentarily reappeared, a pill bottle clicking noisily in his sweatshirt pocket before he tossed it to the other man who held a piece of glass. She gripped the blanket under her when he pulled out a knife like there had been once before and she felt her heart leap up into her throat. She was not ready for this again, though she let out a heavy breath of relief when she saw him dump out several of the pills, using the flat edge of the knife to press into and crush the pills, using the blade itself to chop them into a fine dust. The knife faintly screeched against the glass below it every now and again as he parted the dust into three different, thick, white lines. One for each; she had no idea where this night would head though at this point she was beginning to forget if she had any care of what they had intentions of, or what intentions they may have.

Fun. Fun. Numb. Fun. Just a little more. This is what replayed in her head over and over as she lent in to the glass in the palm of the man, holding it close to his chest. She felt his soft breath brushing against the top of her head and she pressed one nostril closed, and tipped her head along as she went up the line. The white powdered pill disappeared up her nose, and as her head lifted, the back of her hand wiping at her nose, her face rested an inch from Cortain's. He stared at her; emotionless, pupils dilated, body medicated, reality slipping slowly from them all. He smelled of sage and rain, dragging her in, though she forced herself to feel disgusted and jerked away, telling herself "No. No. No. Not High." Her body dropped back as she let herself succumb to the numbness, her eyes flickering across the now light absent sky. Darkness now concealed the quiet world; how could she have let this much time fly? She no longer cared. The dark sky slowly begun to become a twisted canvas like Vangoughs' famous painting. She was flying higher than she had in a long time, but she knew there was more to come, and she didn't want to stop either. She was ready for every breath to be an inhale of toxic air.

Lucifer pulled himself to stand from his seat, and linked his strength riveted arm with hers, pulling her to her feet. He pulled her away from the oasis in the landscape of her mind, her eyes flickering over his empty gaze, her head spinning before she steadied herself, a grin peaking over her face, before her plump pink lips parted into a small uncontrolled giggle as she stared at him. Lucifer too, broke into a soft chuckle and looked to his companion, Cortain, before back to Ezmeraylia, letting a whisper escape his mouth,

"Let's bring hell into heaven before the devil knows we're here"

Her eyes followed between the two men before she felt her head nod absently in agreement to the mayhem they suggested. She slipped from Lucifer's grip and followed them as they ventured in front of her, her feet carrying her forward without a single regret, not a second thought, this was her night to be free within her own mind. Her trip blinded eyes, didn't let her realize how far they had really gone, for the had reached the edge of town, right before they had come to a path that stretched out to touch the edge of the nearly man-untouched lake. She felt a flurry of her own hands removing her own shoes, then off with her pants, stripping down nearly bare, just to her undergarments. Her white lace thirty six D sized bra, and matching underwear, her pale dewy skin glinting in the light of the ebony moon, body toned, fit, and thin, but what caught the men's attention the most was the scars that were leaping from the top of her thighs, nearly down to her knees, these they knew were not from anyone but herself. Though, in this flurry of damaged skin, a blade other than her own had obviously kissed her delicate body, scars upon scars were hugging the surface, some deep, others deeper, along her hips, stomach, sides, and back. She seemed not to care a wink as she begun to push past the men, ignoring the discomfort they held thinking of the sinful things they previously had been. They muttered briefly between each other before Lucifer was the one to give in and remove his shoes, then his shirt, staring after her in question, almost to ask if she was okay. Her finger tips flittered through the water, but in her eyes it was like a giant puddle, and she was a single rain drop, the water was the color of the sunset, and she saw dragons, mottled with brilliant blues, and golds, and silvers, dancing between the waves that came from gremlins dancing at the shore.

Her head was spinning left, but she was spinning right, and in this moment everything felt okay to her, breathing at ease, as it felt like it was just her, the two men, and the empty world. Her lips and tongue tingled, as if a puppet made of peppermint locked lips with her, but she had no care. She waited, the water teasing at her just above the knee, cascading upward when Lucifer had stumbled in this giant puddle, and made himself a raindrop, sending droplets running down her cheeks, chest, and stomach. When the crystalline flakes of water hit her skin, her breath hitched and was momentarily unable to escape her mouth, before her back arched and she lent forward with a small laugh, cupping her hand, dipping it into the lake she stood in, to splash at Lucifer, her lavender eyes dancing with a light sense of freedom; She was flying high. She jerked to more awareness when she felt the hand of the man facing her, grab her wrist. He lent away from her, his arm tugging her with him, making her stumble into the water, leaving her unable to catch herself before she slipped into the shallow hug of the marine blanket around her. She burst back above the surface, raising her hand to brush it back through her sopping wet hair, to clear her lavender eyes as she continued to stare at the man that pulled her down. The granules of sand, still stuck against her knees from the stumble she'd fallen into, clinging to her pale skin with every bit of effort that each grain had. Lucifer cocked his head back, holding his arm over his stomach as he burst into laughter, reminding her much of a wild pack of coyotes singing to the moon. Her arms swung out to her sides like a turn pike, back and forth, like there was some sort of objective ahead of her while she ventured further into the water. She heard loud splashing behind her as Lucifer realized the absence that she had left in front of him, and ventured after her. A small shriek escaped her mouth in a fluster of panic, before she realized there was no true danger to her. She had no time to react before she felt his arms clasp tightly around her waist in a playful game, lifting her out of the water, her legs kicking to spray water through the air, making the crystal lake ripple, like gold leaf folding over a bed a powdered diamonds in her eyes. The fish that scattered below the surface were like darts of colors dripping from a rainbow, holding her stare for some time, before she felt her body jolt upward, and Lucifer's grip release, sending her petite frame straggling through the air, higher than originally anticipated, or at least that's what it felt like, she felt as though she was a bird, spreading her wings as the begun to glide. She folded her arms across her chest as her body rotated to fall onto her back, disappearing into the water. She rested where she could no longer feel her feet sink into the sand when she stood, but she wanted this. It was like she disappeared from the world, like she had prayed for, for so many, aching years. Her tightly wrapped arms unfolded, and it felt like a shaken up soda can being opened; so much pressure, finally released. The moon shining over the surface drew a sense of ease in the absence of oxygen, she was part of the galaxy in this moment. The stars danced around her like she was one of their own, the interstellar world wrapping her in a hug so cold, her lips becoming numb like she had just kissed a brick of ice, creeping over her fingertips, into her toes, through her chest. She was brought to reality when her head rushed with the icy feeling that she let the rest of her body succumb to, choking on the air she no longer had left to hold. Splashing broke her focus on the world of numbness she wanted to hold on to, letting the numbness go, her body grew stiff once more, her muscles aching as she clawed to the surface. A breath pounding into her chest like a stab in the throat, the cold water filling her lungs as she barely broke through the water. Lucifer waded just a few feet away staring after her in concern, his head tipped to the side like a confused puppy dog. She heaved out a cough, letting the water she previously inhaled pool out of her mouth, this was her favorite thing to do, test her limits. The cold water was her serenity, withstanding the lack of oxygen more so than most others could dream of.

The night carried on for what felt like forever, until the sun peaked from beyond the mountain range, the sound of soft voices, and horses hooves clicking on the cobble streets beginning to emerge once more. The little town coming back to life in the early morning as everyone begun to open their shops to the traders and every passer-by. Disappearing into tunnels below the small town like they had that night, giving in to the ache and the fatigue that finally hit them, like a full speed locomotive. Reality, slipping away, like a scratched record stuck on-stuck-stuck on re-stuck on repeat, stuttering over its own rhythm.

She was falling

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