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Forgotten Flame

August 14, 2018
By Nenya SILVER, Winston Salem, North Carolina
Nenya SILVER, Winston Salem, North Carolina
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Allison Mire, last surviving soldier from battalion VIII died in combat in 2083 from a gas bomb explosion, set by her to destroy the enemy forces from the tunnels. The martyr hero was given a memorial service for ending World War IV.

Allison was carted from the explosion sight, severely wounded in her left shoulder. The Carmen Hospital, held by the best, most experienced doctors and surgeons in the nation, made ready to receive the hero. The medication used to burn out the toxin from the explosion left Ally mentally impaired, and Carmen Hospital, afraid of ridicule from the people of Europe and the United States, wrote Soldier Allison Mire a certificate of death.


Two years later, Ally lives in the former city of Columbus, Ohio, now reduced to old buildings and rubble from the destruction of the war. Despite having no memory of her past life, due to the concussion she suffered from the explosion two years earlier, she is happy enough, with one good friend and a home of her own. Until Carmen shows up, searching for the lost heroine of the war, preceded by someone claiming to have been sent from a group of people in Australia…and asking for her help in a rebellion. 


Forgotten Flame

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