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The Journey to WIntervale

December 6, 2019
By Writer_In_Training_79 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Writer_In_Training_79 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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The City of Goldcrest was a bustling city of trade. People came from all over to indulge in the city's markets and wares. at least, that was before the Plague came over the town.

No one knows how the Plague started. It showed up one day and began killing thousands at a time. The Council of Goldcrest had to do something. 

They called upon the still-well people of the city to volunteer themselves for a mission. One that could potentially eradicate the Plague for good. 

In the end, only two candidates were picked. Cyrus Amari, and Ikosa. This is their story. 

Emma C.

The Journey to WIntervale

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