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Colt and the Hunt for One Shot Wilson

March 30, 2021
By Caleb207, Clymer, New York
Caleb207, Clymer, New York
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Colt is considered to be one of the greatest bounty hunters of the Wild West. But when challenged with his most dangerous bounty yet even he may be outmatched. Join Colt as he attempts to capture One Shot Wilson, a rogue bounty hunter whom many have tried to catch but none have ever succeeded.

The money isn’t the only reason Colt wants to capture One Shot. His want of vengeance for his father’s murder gives him the courage to take on this insane mission.

Will he be able to defeat One Shot, claim the bounty, and have his revenge? Or will he end up like all those before him who tried and were never heard from again…

Caleb C.

Colt and the Hunt for One Shot Wilson

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