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Militia VS. IMC: Cooper and BT'S story

May 27, 2021
By Teamghost4life BRONZE, Fargo, North Dakota
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Teamghost4life BRONZE, Fargo, North Dakota
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Author's note:

this is MY AU of the game and there is no hate towards him.

------At the IMC HeadQuarters. Cooper finishes off a huge ambush and is now looking for BT.------

"BT, where are you?", asked Cooper on his helmet radio

BT replied,"I am at the IMC's main control room, but I require your assistance."

Cooper worried," what do you mean by you require my assistance?"

"There are multiple enemy titans attacking me.*guns fire*" replied BT sounded worried.

"WHAT?!"shouted Cooper,"where are you!? what is going on!? BT?"

Cutting in and out BT replied shakingly,"Cooper-need help-assembly room-too many-*gun fires*."

Cooper, more worried than ever, asked,"BT what's happening? Are you damaged?"

BT replied surprisingly quietly,''Cooper help. Please come he-. His voice trailed off.

"BT where are you? BT?''Cooper looked around the corner,"BT? BT! Can you hear me?!" hoping to get a response.

He saw BT and called out to him to see if he was okay.

BT tried to answer to Cooper, but when he went to do so all that Cooper could hear was static.

"BT are you ok? BT?!", asked Cooper, staring at his protective titan friend.

BT didn't respond, not even static was heard.

Cooper with no other choice contacted the Militia fleet," Militia, this is Jack Cooper, BT is critically damaged to the point where he can't answer to anything. He needs assistance that I can't give. (guns firing in distance) Hurry!"

Sarah and a team came minutes later. "We came as soon as we got the call." Sarah told Cooper then looked at BT. Feeling a big wave of grif to help Cooper save BT, Sarah told Cooper "Don't worry Cooper, we will fix BT up to his former self. *guns fire closer to them* You and the others need to keep the IMC from here until BT is repaired. Trust me cooper." Sarah reassured Cooper not to worry about BT.

Cooper looked at BT then at his commander then informed her," I hope you can get him fixed, he is not just my partner, but he is my best friend."

"Don't worry cooper. BT will be ok." Sara reassured Cooper again,"if you want BT to make it through which I know you want him to, you will have to help the others keep the IMS back while we fix BT."

Cooper knew BT was in good hands so he told himself quietly," FOR BT."

   ----------right before the end of the fight against the IMC-----------

Cooper heard a voice that he knew was familiar to him so he looked behind him and started bursting into tears crying. "BT, you're ok. I thought that you were a goner for sure." Cooper cried seeing BT as good as new.

BT felt some sympathy for Cooper and told him,"Cooper, I am a Vanguard class titan who would do anything in the entire galaxy for his pilot no matter what even if it kills me."

From hearing this Cooper hugged BT and cried even more. Cooper stopped crying a little and told Sara,"thanks for helping BT,Commander Briggs."

Sara told Cooper, "And thank you for keeping the IMC at bay long enough for us to fix BT." (more guns firing) Sara looked around then at Cooper, "looks like the IMC sent us a little more fun. You two have fun but be safe.'' Sara looks at BT and tells him,"take care of your pilot,BT. Without Cooper you would have been a scrap pile of spare parts for the IMC.

Giving a strange look Cooper informed Sara, " you do know that what you said was probably offecenseve to BT, right ?"

Sara looked at BT and told him and told him," Hey BT, sorry if calling you that offended you, but take it to mind that they can take anything off of you when you are down, like the most important part of you,your AI core. By using it ,the IMC can take your memory and turn it into a devastating weapon to use against us.

"I don't want that to happen to happen to the Militia, commander Briggs." BT looked at Cooper, "Besides, with Cooper by my side, my AI core is safer than ever." BT reassured commander Briggs.

Sara looked at the two and smiled," the militia is thankful to have the two of you on our side." (faint giant footsteps)"oh come you guys you had to send more!"worried Sara under her breath.

Looking at Sara worried made Cooper worried too. He asked, "Is everything okay, Commander?"

Sara looked at the two of them and told them to be prepared,"I can hear enemy titans approaching us. The downside is that our titans are being tuned up from the last fight and I can hear many of them. Until our titans are fixed, you two will have to hold them off again."

Cooper looked at BT then at Sara and told her, "If we can defeat Viper then we can take on a few titans."

Sara looked at Cooper and told him,''I like your positive attitude,cooper. That is the attitude we need to survive."

Cooper smiled at Sara," that is exactly what BT told me on the first day I became his pilot."

"It's true that I said that to cooper." BT added."When he became my pilot, Cooper was scared because it happened all of a sudden. It took time but he got used to me as his partner then I started to become his friend. This made him more ready for the mission."

Cooper who is now embarrassed asked," BT, Briggs, please don't say anything to the others.

Sarah laughed," don't worry I won't tell anyone, nor will BT. right BT?"

"Affirmative." replied BT. (giant footsteps approaching)

Cooper and Sarah exchange worried looks. "Looks like we better get to the fight before it comes to us!"Cooper told sarah.

"Go and fight well you two!", Sarah told the two.

"We will, Commander." Cooper reassured Sarah.

----------Mid-way in the titan fight. Cooper is slightly injured and a few of BT's parts are destroyed. Sara and the others are repairing the damaged militia titans.------------

"Come on BT. Just a few more and we will be victorious.'' Cooper explained to BT almost out of breath.

"At least none of those lazer cores (beam) hit you, Cooper" replied BT full of relief.

"Just keep your chin up BT, or one of us might be the next dead man of the IMC."Cooper informed BT trying to stay positive. " BT, the reason I said that is because I don't want to see you hurt again. The last time was scary enough for me and I don't want that feeling to return to me, BT" cooper whimpered a little

BT was quiet for a minute. "I hope that we both make it through this alive." BT told Cooper with a depressing voice.

Just then, Cooper heard a noise behind him so he looked behind him and BT and with fear running through him Cooper shouted,"BT,BEHIND YOU! MOVE!" Then right after copper screamed for BT to move while moving him himself Cooper took the big hit for BT with a BAM! Cooper was sent flying in the air and hit a wall then fell to the floor with a thud. "BT-" cooper said weakly before he went unconscious.

BT stared at his almost lifeless friend. Seeing this made a whirlwind of grief, sadness, anger, and revenge bubble up in BT. Then out of nowhere, BT started destroying all of the present IMC Titans with out any hesitation or regret whatsoever. BT looked back at Cooper's almost lifeless body and told himself, "He saved me, so now it's time to repay the favor." BT did what Cooper did when he was down. "Militia Forces, this is BT-7274. My pilot, Jack Cooper, is almost dead and needs assistance as soon as you can get here." BT informed his troop while staying near Cooper to make sure that he did not die or the IMC's troops did not finish him off.

When they came Sara told BT,"A loyal titan never leaves his pilot and you made sure of that. I saw what happened from the airship's window. Cooper took a very deadly hit for you, BT." Sara made sure that cooper was taken to the medical bay of the airship.

"The last thing that Cooper told me was to move out of the way, so I did but almost not in time. Cooper shoved me out of the way almost completely. But I still sustained some damage to my right arm. Otherwise, I am okay. I wish I could say the same about cooper." BT told Sara with a depressing voice.

" I know what you are thinking." Sara began, "we will make sure Cooper won't end up like Lastimosa. Best Friend then passed away. We will make sure of it.'' Sara reassured.

BT followed Sara into the airship while the repaired titans continued the fight.

"The others told me that they will keep us up to date about Cooper's time in the medical bay." Sara informed BT," Remember that his burns that he sustained from the attack are past 3rd degree. That leaves him with a 90% chance of not making it as we know it, but there is that hopeful 10% that everyone including me are hoping for. He might need some memory help if he survives this." Sara told BT with teary eyes.

Confused BT asked," why would he need help with his memory?"

" Cooper hit his head twice on two hard things. That could make a person forget a thing or two ,BT." Sara told BT.

"I hope he makes it." BT told himself.

------------------2 months after the incident, Cooper starts to recover and wakes up.---------------------

The news spread very quickly. It only took sarah and BT a few minutes to get the medical bay. " You did a favor for me and I returned it." BT told Cooper just happy to see him alive. "Everyone was hoping that you survive and recover from the big incident that was sad for everyone to see," Sara told cooper.

Cooper was puzzled," what big incident?"

Sara looked at BT with an I-told-you-so look,''I told you that he might lose some of his memory, BT."

"What do you mean, commander?" Cooper asked sarah.

Sara sighed,"well at least you did not lose all of your memory."Sara began,"all the enemy titans fired up all their laser cores to knock BT out so they could destroy the Militia. Then you went off and shoved BT out of the way and took the hit for him. The hit blasted you into a wall 5 feet off of the ground and then you fell to the ground unconscious. You were almost dead after that. BT finished off the rest of the enemy titans and called for help like what you did when the same thing happened to BT, but the same thing couldn't really be said about you. That's what he meant by returning the favor."

"I can't believe I forgot about that. Normally no one could forget something like that. Something that no one would want to relive.'' Cooper told Sarah. Cooper looked at BT and told him, "thanks for saving me BT." Cooper told BT.

BT stood and told cooper," no, thank you for saving me cooper.

Cooper was puzzled again

"You shoved me out of the way before we were both critically injured, but I still got damaged from it." BT told Cooper while showing him where he was damaged.

"So I saved your life twice?" Cooper asked BT.

"Technically 3 times because you saved me from the IMC when Lastimosa died and made you my pilot." BT told cooper.

Cooper's eyes started to water. Not about the incident but the reason that he was even standing there alive. "Lastimosa is the reason why I'm even standing here. Please don't bring him up around me, okay?"Cooper asked.

"Okay." Sara told cooper.

BT told Cooper happily,"Glad to see you okay. We are lucky to have you part of the Militia, cooper."

Cooper chuckled,"well we both know how each other felt in time of grief."

Sara walked up to Cooper with good news,"the IMC has been defeated while you were unconscious."

Cooper just smiled.

"It's great to have you back", BT told Cooper.

Cooper looked at him,"It's great to be back."

-------------------A few weeks after Cooper recovered---------------------

"it's really good to have you back . . . . Alive.", BT said trying to sound happy.

"Ooookay. So . . . . How long was I out?", asked Cooper.

"Hmm? What?", BT asked.

"How long was I unconscious for?", Cooper asked again.

BT was silent for a while, but eventually answered Cooper's question. "2 months." BT replied under his breath.

"BT can you please repeat that a little bit louder? I didn't hear you." Cooper asked BT.

"You were unconscious for 2 long months.", He replied sadly trying not to worry his trusted friend.

Cooper noticed the sad tone in BT's voice and said, "Hey, I'm still here. I'm not de-" he stopped himself. Soon he said, "I meant to say was, I didn't kick the bucket." Just as soon as he said that, he slipped on a wet floor, kicking a mop bucket in the progress.

BT just stood in silence trying to process what the f*ck just happened. He was gonna ask Cooper if he was alright but then Cooper mumbled something.


The puzzled titan soon asked, " What is an irony?"

"A good example is what just f*cking happened." Cooper told BT, still mad that he walked himself into the irony while picking himself off the wet floor.

BT was going to calm Cooper, but he got lost in his thoughts. soon BT heard Cooper calling for him.

"Hello? Harmony (Their Earth) to BT! Are you there?"

Soon BT snapped out of his trance. "Huh? Oh, sorry Cooper. I was just caught up in my thoughts." he said a little startle.

"Are you okay, BT?" Cooper asked BT with a worried tone in his voice.

Hesitantly, BT replied, "I-I'm F-Fine." But was he? Before he knew it, all of his memories of being Coopers' Titan and friend were Running past him and flooding his mind. Suddenly, IT. ALL. WENT. BLACK! All that could be heard was Cooper's muffled screams for BT to wake up . . . . . .

                            BUT HE DIDN'T.

The author's comments:

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I will try to start doing POV'S for the characters. Enjoy!


I was tending to my duties when I heard a faint sound. It sounded like a mix of cries and screams. I saw some troopsmen coming my way "Maybe they heard the cries and screams too.", I thought. "Hey! Did one of you heard cries and or screams?", I asked one of them hoping they had. "We did.", one of the troopsmen said. "It sounded like it was coming from hall 4-W in sector 5." "Hall 4-W in sector 5? That's near the med bay!" I thought. "Thanks. I'll go check it out." "Any time Commander!" The Troopsmen replied as I was walking towards the med bay


I-I was screaming and crying about a robot, which may seem ridiculous, but BT is more than that. He is my friend, and He is like a protective (slightly annoying) brother that I never had. I stopped screaming and just sat near him thinking he just fell unconscious for a bit and wake up. I had been known to stay positive even in some of the most sadden condition, but sometimes . . . sometimes I wonder what if I had been faking this smile. I doubt BT knows how to detect one. After about 15 - 20 minutes I started to hear footsteps then I realized I was only 5-6 halls away from the med bay. "Maybe it was someone going to the med bay.", I thought. I soon saw Commander Briggs walking down the hall, then she saw BT and me and ran towards us. She had a panicked look on her face. In all of my time being here, she never panicked.


I walked to hall 4-W in sector 5 where the screams and cries were coming from. I turned the corner to see BT collapsed on the floor and a traumatized Cooper next to him. I started running towards them. I guessed the cries and screams came from Cooper judging the puffy eyes and him rubbing his neck, symbolizing that it hurt. After looking over BT, I could tell whatever happened wasn't serious , but it was bad enough to make him shut down. I called some guys to come get BT then I helped Cooper up to his feet and took him to the med bay. "Commander-", Cooper started, " I'm sorry if I scared anyone with my screams."  " It's ok, but are you ok?" I asked him. Cooper didn't respond. I guessed he didn't know if he was ok or not. He was probably too traumatized to tell.


Commander Briggs took me to the med bay. It was clear that I was mentally traumatized. It was getting late so I drifted off to sleep.



I feel bad for Cooper. He has been through so much in the past 3 months. He literally almost died! WAIT! . . . . He almost died protecting BT! Maybe . . . He sees BT like family. That would make since. But Why?

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