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The Beast Tamer

September 6, 2021
By Anonymous

"Keiko its time to get up your first day at the academy is today!" Miss Miya yelled. Miya was the mother of the orphanage she still considered herself young even though her days where catching on to her. She had found keiko abandoned at a park one day as she was walking back to the orphanage.

-flash back-
Loud screams and cries came from the park as it was a rainy stormy day. Miya hurriedly ran over to the sound to find a baby who looked no older then a couple of weeks maybe a month laying their in a basket with now a wet blanket. As Miya picked up the baby she began to realize that it was a girl who had looked a little malnourished. "Shh shh shh Miya is here Miya is here." She said as she rocked the baby back and forward hurrying back to the orphanage.

Mia ended up making it back to the orphanage where the kids were all ready to jump on her wondering where she had been. Until they saw the baby in her arms. "Hey when did you get a kid!?" A boy said pointing at the baby. "It's not nice to point!" A girl said hitting him in his arm. "Ow!" He said glaring at her.

"What is all this racket abou..." he suddenly stopped in his tracks. "Mother you can't be serious another baby?" The boy said walking down the hallway. He had light blue hair that came down to his neck and blue eyes. Not to add on the pjs he was wearing from sleeping. He was in his freshmen year if high school. "We can't afford to have..." "now now Sebastian this baby was abandoned outside." Mother Miya said staring at him.

His eyes widened as he rushed over to her and baby to see a beautiful dark skin baby in her arms. "Who would do such a thing?" He said poking the baby's face. "Now don't do that your gonna make her upset." Miya said shooing his hand away. "And I don't know maybe the parents couldn't take care of her but it's ok cause we will." Miya said looking down at the baby.

-back to present-
"By mother!" Yelled keiko as she ran out the house with bread in her mouth. Keiko had on her school uniform on for the academy. The girls had black thigh high socks and a red and black skirt. Which matched their shirt that consisted of a red tie and black button up shirt. With a jacket over it to match. Not to mention the easy slip on shoes. Her hair was long and black which flowed in the air perfectly she truly was a beauty. She was told her ruby eyes stood out the most.

"Be careful!"  Miss Miya yelled as she waved off keiko.
Keiko ended up running the whole way to the academy being too excited. As she made it on to the school ground she was stopped by two males dressed in fancy suit. "Name please." The guy on the right said who had black shades and brown short hair. "Hatsu Keiko." She replied jumping a little in her spot. "Hmm seems here that your room is..."The man said looking at her.
"Here." The man said handing her a piece of paper. "Go to room 108." He said as they let her by.
*This is the start of me becoming the worlds best beast tamer!* she shouted in her head as she walked into the school. A couple of minutes go by and Keiko ends up finding herself lost, classes start at 9:00Am and it was 8:50Am it said her room was 108 but she was in 300's. "Heh this isn't going good..." she said putting her head down and taking a walk of shame.

As Keiko continued going down the hallway she felt a hard shove into her shoulder making her almost fall. "Hey! What's your prob..." she instantly stopped mid sentence realizing that the person was no other than tawagoto otoko. The boys uniform were like the girls expect that it was pants and a shirt. "Tch." Was all he said as he was walking off. "Hey do you know where class 108 is!?" She shouted as he continued to walk.

Keiko didn't like being ignored so she followed him "hey do you..." "would you shut up." He said as he continued to walk. Otoko had red curly hair that came into his face and eyes as green as freshly new grown leaves. But his attitude was like a ticking bomb could go off with out a warning. "I-I mmmm never mind." Keiko said beginning to give up not like he would help anyway. She went to turn around until he grabbed her arm and began dragging her the other direction.

"Your such a idiot." He said "class 108 is this way." Otoko continued to drag her down the hall by her arm until they reached infront of the room. Right when they walked in the bell ranged. "Don't expect me to be so nice next time." Otoko said glaring at Keiko.

"Welcome welcome class!" The teacher said walking into the room not too long after Otoko and Keiko did. "My name is Osoi but you may call me Osoi sensei." He said writing it on the board. Their teacher had short black hair with with glasses and nice formal suit. But he looked young to be a teacher. "Sir are you sure that your a teacher?" A girl asked. "Hmm why is it cause I'm young?" He said sitting on his desk. "Well yes." She admitted.

"Well that would make sense." He said with his hand on his chin nodding at her statement. "Anyway I am 22 years old and will be your Element finder." He said snapping his fingers as a boy walked into the room. The boy wasn't dressed in school uniform but in some kind of costume?

"Hey what's he wearing?" A boy asked. "Well this here is my beast and his name is Shizen he is a earth type element which compliments my ability to control earth beasts only." "Oooooooooh." The class went as they stared at the green hair boy with brown eyes infront of them.

"So we are going to try something today to see what elements you guys can control." Sensei osoi said as 4 kinds of beasts where brought in the room but they where locked in cages. "Now one at a time as we begin to see the elements you can control." Osoi sensei said telling Shizen to get him a pen and paper which he quickly did resulting in him getting a head pat.

"Now let's start with......Tawagoto!" He shouted looking around the room to see a red head boy walking up in front with his hands in his pockets. "Nice to meet you im..." "I don't care." Tawagoto said glaring at the teacher. This caused Shizen to start glaring at Tawagoto which resulted in osoi saying "now now he didn't mean it"

"Now follow me over here." Sensei osoi said smiling and leading otoko to the beasts. "Now what I want you to do is to reach your hand out and see if they take it." Sensei osoi said." "Why am I supposed to care if they take my hand?" otoko said getting mad.

"Because beasts know when or if they are compatible with someone so if they are compatible with you then that's the element you control." Sensei said. "Now hurry up." He said clicking his pen.

Tawagoto went and reached his hand out to the small water fox who just turned away. The beast couldn't go into human form so they were saw as pets. He showed his hand to the small earth eagle and they turned away too. Next was the small fire lion and before he could even get his hand out the fire beast was turning in circles trying to get out the cage. "Well that solves it you control fire elements." Osoi Sensei said. "I don't need to try the other beast?" Tawagoto said.

"Why would you?" Sensei said. "It's possible for someone to control more than one element type." Otoko said bluntly. "Well yes that is true suit yourself try the air beast." Sensei said. Tawagoto reached his hand out for the air cat beast but they also turned away. "Damn that sucks..." Sensei said under his breath. "Anyway next!" He shouted. More and more students went up some were a water type and others were a earth type we even had a few air types here and their along with fire types.

"Last but not least Hatsu!" He shouted. "Oh That's me!" She shouted scurrying out of her seat. And almost falling. A couple of giggles left the class as she went in front. "I like the energy miss Hatsu!" Sensei osoi said to her. Keiko looked at Sensei osoi hybrid and the boy began to sniff her hand. "Hey Shizen what are you doing?" Sensei said removing his hybrid. *thats odd he didn't do that with any other kid.* Sensei thought to himself.

"You may go up front." Sensei said as the class looked at her. Keiko gently held her hand up to the water beast and it gladly sniffed her hand and tried to get out the cage "Next beast." sensei said "You don't really think she another element do you?" Another kid said. "Hmm it's possible." Sensei said. "Bullsh*t." otoko said muttering under his breath.

Keiko held her hand out to the little earth eagle and it gladly sniffed her hand too trying to get out the cage. "Woah! She has two!" A girl yelled. "Next beast." Sensei said as she walked over to the fire beast and held her hand out gently It . The fire lion began trying to get out of the cage once again and get to Keiko. "That's three!" Shouted the class. "Now last one." Sensei said growing excited.

Keiko held her hand out to the air beast and what do you know he took her hand too. "That's all four!" Screamed the class a little too loud as students and teacher came rushing in to see the commotion. "What the problem!" Shouted a girl teacher with brown long hair and blue eyes. "We seem to have one of a kind." Sensei said bringing up Keiko. With his hands on her shoulders. "This girl right here has the ability to control all 4 elements."

"E-excuse me did you say 4 hybrids!?" Yelled the female teacher. "Yes Yes I did." Osoi Sensei said. "This is amazing the only known person to control 4 elements was well the worlds best beast tamer!" She yelled stepping further in to the classroom. "Nice to meet you! My name is miss Himiko." She said stretching out her hand to Keiko. "Oh yeah hi!" Keiko said back taking her hand so they can do a firm hand shake.

Letting go of each other hands miss himiko suggested something. "Did you already test the other students?" Asked miss himiko laying over the teachers desk. "Well yea I did why?" Asked Osoi Sensei. "Cause now we can take them Hybrind Looking!" She said getting excited. "H-hybrid looking?" Asked the class with their head tilted.

"Yes hybrid looking that when we find you a hybrid with your same element and you two will be come fighting partners." She said with her hands on her hips. "Well where's your hybrid?" Asked a boy in the back of the class. "Well she's at home right now resting we did a lot of training the other day." Miss himiko replies sighing.

"Sounds like your pet is weak." Tawagoto said leaning on his hand and looking out the window. "No she's not weak we are just exceeding her limits day by day." Miss himiko replies calmly. "Whatever." Said Tawagoto.


"Ok class tommrow we will be expecting you to have a hybrid and to tell your parents what elements you've gotten. If you do not have a hybrid by tonmrow then the school will personally assign you one!" Yelled osoi Sensei as the students left the class.

*I can't believe I can control all 4 elements!* Keiko internally screamed in her head. As she started walking to the open doors of the school she felt someone harshly grab her shoulder and drag her back. "Hey! what th-." When she finally got a sense of what was happening she realized the person who grabbed her was Tawagoto. "Don't think just because you can control all 4 elements that your better then me!" He said before harshly shoving her down on the ground. And walking away.

"Why you little..." Keiko said before standing up and running towards Tawagoto "punk!" She yelled as Tawagoto turned his head and she landed a hard punch to his face. Making blood come out of his nose. Has she proceeded to make him fall on the floor and started throwing punches at him. Tawagoto ended up flipping Keiko off of him going to hit her out of rage until his fist was grabbed by another student.

"This is unacceptable behavior you shouldn't bully your classmates!" Said the boy who had Tawagoto arm held. "Screw off let me go!" Tawagoto said trying to break free. "I suggest you stop resisting unless you want me to take this up with the school board." Said the unknown student. "Tch whatever!" Tawagoto said looking down and getting off of keiko.

Keiko started rubbing her head as she stood up and looked at the unknown student. He has a black undercut with a red glasses on his face his eyes were a golden brown and he had a mole by his lip. "And you." He said staring at Keiko. "Umm y-yes?" She said standing up tall not wanting to get in any more trouble then she knew she was already in. "You should go home." He said smiling at her. "Oh I'm yeah! I should do that!" Keiko said running out of the school doors.

"And as for you. Don't let it happen again." He said letting go of Tawagoto arm. "Yeah whatever."  Tawagoto said before walking out of the school. The unknown student ended up going separate ways.

Keiko ended up running all the way back to the orphanage busting through the doors as miss Mia jumped in surprise and so did the other children.
"Oh my how did your day go? And why are you running my dear?" Miss Mia asked worriedly as she walked up to Keiko.

"I got in to a fight with a boy and someone came and stopped him and told me to go home!" Keiko rushed out her words as she leaned over trying to catch her breath. "Keiko!" Miss Miya yelled slapping her on the back. "Ow what was that for!" Keiko said with face tears. "We do not fight at school! We save that for after school." Miss Miya said smirking a little.

"But what element did you get?" "Ohh i bet she's a earth element!" Yelled a girl. "No she definitely a fire element!" Yelled another boy. "Actually i can control all the elements." Keiko said cheesing. "Ha nice joke now what's your element?" Sebastian saids closing the door.

"My my how did your interview go?" Miss Mia said walking over to Sebastian. "It went fine they said me being a water element was going to be very helpful." Sebastian said a as he takes off his coat and shoes. While taking his hair out of the ponytail and letting it fall down to his shoulders.

"Now back to you." He said staring at Keiko. "Oh I wasn't joking I really do control all 4 elements."
"Wait what!" miss mia and sebastian Shouted.

-after explaining-
"My my you do have chance at being the worlds best beast tamer!" Said Miss Miya getting extremely happy for the girl. "I'm proud of you coco beans!" Said Sebastian pinching Keikos cheeks. "Hey let my face go!" Keiko said making strange noises trying to talk with her face pulled. Sebastian finally let go of Keiko cheeks so she could talk some more.

"They said we needed to search for a hybrid or the school was going to assign us to one." Keiko said walking to her room. Some moments later and Keiko came back downstairs with a baby blue plain hoodie and a white skirt with blue and white shoes to match with her hair up in ponytail that fell to her lower back. "I will be back!" She yelled running out the door.

"Be careful!" Yelled Miss Miya.

*now what shops to go to.* Keiko said to herself as she continued to walk down her sidewalk she realized their was a hybrid store not too far from her so she started to head in that direction. After about 5 minutes of walking Keiko finds the stores and rushes into it. Seeing all kinds of hybrids and all kinds of elements.

A lady walks up to Keiko holding a clip board and a pen she has blond hair and purple eyes and from her uniform Keiko is guessing that she works here. "Hello dear what kind of element are you searching for?" She asked writing on her clip board. "Oh any element is fine." Keiko replies with a small smile.

"We need to find the one you can control." The lady said looking at Keiko. "I can control all elements so any will do." Keiko saids the ladies eyes widen as she's about to scream but Keiko quickly covers her mouth. "Please don't yell." Keiko said looking her in the eyes the lady was only a little taller then her.
"Ok I won't yell but that's extremely rare!" She whisper yells.

"Yeah I know." Keiko saids following her.

"These are all the fire types." The lady said walking Keiko through all of them. "None of them peep my interest." Keiko saids as she walks by the fire type. The same went on for the rest of the elements she just felt like they didn't have what she needed.

"I'm sorry But that's all that we have in the store." The lady saids looking down. Keiko looks around one more time to spot a door in the back that's saids keep out. "What's that?" Keiko said pointing at the door. "Oh Oh! We are not allowed to sell those hybrids." The lady saids smiling shakily. "Wait why not?"

Keiko asked confused. "Because they can't be tamed no matter how hard people try they usually only end up hurting people and other hybrids they are a threat." The lady saids looking at the door.

"Let me in with them." Keiko saids walking to the door. "Ma'am I can not do that!" The lady saids running after Keiko as she walks to the door. "If you get fired then I will tell them what happened but I want to see them." Keiko said staring at the lady with determination in her eyes and she opened the door and walked in closing it behind her.

*it's really dark in here.* Keiko thinks to herself looking around for a light switch. "Aha! Found one!" She said turning on the light only to be faced to faced with a huge black wolf with lines of white fur going through the back and head. "Woah!" Keiko said crawling back til she hit the door.

The wolf just continued to growl and walk closer to Keiko. Keiko could understand that the wolf was scared and sad only reacting out of fear. "Hey I'm not going to hurt you!" Keiko said reaching her hand out so the wolf could sniff her. She needed to know what element he was. The wolf finally stopped growling and showing his teeth and layed next to Keiko. She hesitantly lifted her hand up to pet him.

Which he let her do. "Phew! Thought you were gonna eat me there." Keiko said in relief. "Now how would you feel if I made you my personal beast my protector and better off my best friend!" Keiko said standing up with her hands on her hips.

The wolf peeked his head up interest. "Me and you will be the best duo this worlds ever seen!" Keiko said raising her fist. "I will be the worlds best beast tamer and you will be the worlds best wolf hybrid!" She said punching the air. The wolf let out a howl in agreement. "Yeah that's the spirit!" She yelled.

"Now as your tamer I am going to give you something Valuable." Keiko said leaning down to face the wolf. "I'm going to name you Nobuo." She saids rubbing the wolfs head. In order for you to become my beast you have to give me something that is Valuable to you." Keiko saids smiling.

The wolf walks back to where his small bed was and moves it out the way grabbing a small picture with his mouth and bringing but to Keiko. Keiko grabs the picture to see a women and man. "Are these your parents?" Keiko asks. Nobuo paws Keiko in agreement. Keiko didn't want to ask further question not knowing of his parents where dead or alive.

"Well now the agreement should...Woah!" Keiko yelled as her and nobuo started flying In the air. And what looks like their traveling to a different dimension. "You have now completed the contract of beast and tamer." A unknown deep voice saids from around Keiko and Nobuo as they were still in the air.

"Keiko Hatsu and Nobuo you shall be partners from this day on until death if you want to detach from each other sometime in the future then it shall be granted." Said the unknown voice as now all the lights vanished and so does the voice leaving Keiko and Nobuo to fall to the ground. "Ow that hurts!" Yelled Keiko slightly rubbing her behind.

Nobuo came up to Keiko and started nudging her with his face. *I guess he's happy!* Keiko said's in her head.

Keiko sat up and opened the door so she and Nobuo could walk out and go back to the orphanage. As she opened the door she could hear the lady being yelled at for letting you go in and try to tame the so-called beast. "Umm hi?" Keiko said, looking around nervously as her boss stops yelling at her and turns to face you.

"Miss, are you ok!?" He yells and starts running up to you. He was a bald man with brown eyes and had on a uniform that was blue and white. As the man came closer Nobuo growled at him and the hairs on his back started sticking up. "Woah nobuo it's ok." Keiko saids trying to reassure him as he quieted down.

"I can't believe you actually tamed that damn thing!" The owner said pointing at him. "This thing has a name." Keiko said glaring at the man. "Oh yeah right my bad." The man said with sweat forming down his face.

"How much will he be?" Keiko wanted to leave the shop as quickly as possible. "Oh no charge for him as long as he's out of this store I couldn't give a damn." The man said walking away.

"Tch that old wretch." Keiko whispered as she and Nobuo started walking away.

Keiko really didn't know what a hybrid needed hell she didn't even know what he looked like in human form. Could he even turn into human form? She thought. No cause if he couldn't then he wouldn't be a hybrid he would just be a beast. Keiko was too lost in her mind to realize the people around them started moving away trying to keep their distance from the wolf.

"I can't believe she has that thing." "Look at how big it is!" "Looks dangerous, don't let your kids near it." A woman said picking up her daughter. "Don't listen to them nobuo soon they will be worshiping us!" Keiko said raising a fist in the air as her long black hair swayed

A couple of minutes later Keiko made it back at the orphanage. "IM BACK!" She yelled as Miss Miya came up to the door. "Oh hello dear how was- she was cut off by the wolf in front of her.

"Oh my dear!" Keiko didn't understand the problem. "Hmm What's wrong this is the hybrid I got." Keiko said, rubbing nobuos head. "Keiko, are you sure this is the hybrid you want?" Miss Miya said, looking at the wolf. Obviously she knew something Keiko didn't. "Yes I want him!" Keiko said, yelling a little bit why was everyone doubting him and asking her and being so surprised!

"Me and nobuo will be going to our room." Keiko said as she and Nobuo walked up the stairs. "Ok nobuo this one is my room." Keiko said, opening the door to reveal a normal room. A normal twin size bed with a little rug on the wood floor and a desk for her to do all of her homework. With a rolling chair

"I didn't buy you any things today but.... hopefully they won't mind!" Keiko said, jumping on her bed face first.

"I'm going to take a nap now." Keiko said falling asleep instantly. Nobuo just jumped on the bed with her and also closed his eyes.

Later in the night

Keiko had woken up due to a lot of movement happening on her bed. Keiko sat up and started rubbing her eyes "Nobuo what are you-

She soon paused as she was face to face with a black hair boy with a white hair at the ends of his hair and a long all white streak of hair in front of his face. and ocean blue eyes with a tad of bags under his eyes. "Ahh!" Screamed Keiko as she kicked the boy off of her bed.

"Should of seen that coming." He muttered to himself, rubbing his head. "W-who are you?!" Keiko said, pointing at the boy with her other hand holding up the covers to her face. "Wow you don't even remember the hybrid you got today." The boy said, looking kind of sad. "Nobuo?" "Yep That's me how do you do." He said with a lazy wave. "Woah! Hey your kind of cute!" Keiko said hopping off of the bed and is now face to face with her hybrid.

"Hey you can't just say that to people!" Nobuo said, looking away with a little blush on his face. "Sure I can you belong to me!" Keiko said standing up proud. "But ummm- Keiko paused for a second. "IS THAT MY HOODIE!?" She yelled looking at his attire. "Why did you want me to go around here freeballing?" Nobuo asked.

"Just wait here." Keiko said walking out. "Like I was going to leave." Nobuo said, laying on the floor. Keiko was on her way to Sebastian's room to see if he had any clothes for Nobuo to fit. They were both tall so she was guessing they would fit.

"Sebby!" Keiko yelled knocking on his door. "Damn it cocoa beans this better be good." He mumbled tiredly from behind his door as he opened it. "Looks like you were having a good dream." Keiko said realizing his shirt was sliding down his shoulders and his hair was a mess.

"Oh shut up what do you want?" Sebastian said letting her in. "I need clothes until I can buy some for nobuo." She said looking through his closet. "Wait first off who is nobuo and second off why don't you buy any?" Sebastian said sitting on his bed while moving the hair out of his face.

"Nobuo is my hybrid I picked out and everyone is so cautious of him." Keiko said, pulling out a white shirt and black jeans. And some shorts "hey where are your undergarments?" Keiko asked. "Over there." Sebastian said pointing to the left drawer. "Anyway I want to see this nobuo." Sebastian said standing up.

"Ok well let's go!" Keiko said, holding a lot of clothes in her arms. "Hey that's like my whole damn closet!" Sebastian yelled. "Oh well Aren't you getting a job!" "Tch." Sebastian said, looking away while following her to her room.

"Hey nobuo where back... "What the hell's telling me I did this just so you can go back in wolf form!?" Keiko yelled, stomping over to him.

Sebastian just stood at the doorway with a terrified expression.

"Keiko.." he said quietly and trailing off. "Hmm what is it?" She said looking at him.

"That's A blue moon wolf hound..."

"Huh what's a blue moon wolf hound?" Keiko said, petting nobuo on his head. "Keiko, how did you not know!? You see the size of that thing!" Sebastian yelled glaring at nobuo. "Hey! He's not a thing his name is nobuo!" Keiko yelled back. "It's doesn't matter you have to get rid of him!" Sebastian snapped, swiping his hand in front of him. "No I won't and I don't have to!" Keiko said, standing up to guard to nobuo. "Move keiko." Sebastian said, walking over to her and nobuo. Sebastian went to grab Keiko and push her out the way until he felt a hand grabbing his arm in a tight squeeze.

"Do not touch my mistress." Nobuo said, staring daggers into Sebastian. "Tch." Sebastian said, pulling his arm back with a semi terrified look on his face. "oh your human again!" Keiko yelled, handing him the clothes. "Go out that one!" She said pushing nobuo to her closet. "Now that that's over!" Keiko said, clapping her hands together. "How about we all just get along!" She said sitting on her bed.

"Keiko, you don't know how to handle that thing! Do you even know what their kind is like!?" Sebastian yelled at Keiko. "No I don't know anything about them or him but I can learn!" She said smiling. "You're going to be the death of me one day." Sebastian said, face palming himself.

"Hey can I come out now?" Nobuo said, hitting on the door. "Oh yes come out!" Keiko said, waiting to see if the clothes fit. Nobuo wakes out of the closet with a white T-Shirt and black jeans that fit him perfectly. "Ahhh! It's perfect!" Keiko said, running up to Nobuo and jumping around him. "Uhhh...." Nobuo said, looking at Sebastian. "The names Sebastian I'm her brother you could say." "Oh nice to meet you." Nobuo said plopping on the floor.

"Well I'm going back to bed Keiko we will talk more later." Sebastian said walking out. "Hmm kind of sus but ok!" Keiko said getting back in bed. "Your not coming Nobuo?" Keiko said, looking at Nobuo sitting on the floor. "Oh yes my bad." Nobuo said getting on the opposite side of the bed. "Well goodnight and Tomorrow I get to show you to my school!" Keiko said happily with her eyelids closing.

"Mhmm so exciting." Nobuo said sarcastically.

*This is the one who is worthy to challenge him* Nobuo thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

Next morning

"Come on nobuo!" Keiko yelled as she started putting on her shoes. "So do I just go in beast form?" "Well you don't have a uniform so sure." Keiko said, grabbing her book bag. "Ok let's go!" Keiko said walking out of her room with nobuo following close behind her.

"Hi mom!" Yelled Keiko as she saw Miss Mia cooking and feeding the kids at the orphanage. "Oh! It's a puppy!" Yelled the kids as they ran up to nobuo and started petting him. "Uhh I wouldn't call him a puppy....but whatever I guess." "Ok kids, that's enough to go back and finish eating." Miss Mia said as they ran back to the table to eat.

"Have fun at school,'' Miss Mia said, handing her lunch." "Thanks I will! Come on nobuo!" Keiko said, running out of the house with Nobuo behind her.

As Keiko and Nobuo walked the streets they had lots of eyes on them coming from the marketers and the walkers. "Hey, put a leash on that thing!" Yelled an old man from a shop. "How about I put one on you!" Yelled Keiko as she started to stomp up to the man. But then stopped realizing she had to get to school.

"I'll be back for you later!" Keiko said, pointing at the man and running away. A couple of minutes later Keiko arrives at the school waiting to go in until she runs into someone. "Hey, watch where you're going!" yells the guy in front of her. "why you.." Keiko saids raising her fist in front of her face. while Nobuo lays on the ground trying to sleep. "Oh she didn't mean I'm sure of it!" A girl saids behind keiko. The girl had bright yellow eyes and long brown curly hair to her lower back. "tch yeah whatever." the boy saids turning around. "Oh thank you for that." Keiko said, rubbing the back of her neck. "Oh it's nothing, no need to worry about it." the girl waving her hand in front of her face. "oh and who are you?" Keiko said tilting her head. "Oh my bad my name is Amai Hana and I'm an earth beast tamer. This is my beast Rokkumonkī sadly he can not turn into human anymore." Amai said. Rock was a monkey sitting on Amai's shoulder. He was small and cute. "hey he's a cute monkey!" Keiko said, reaching her hand out to touch the monkey. But he fiercely swatted her hand away. "roku that was mean!'' Amai said, lifting the monkey up from under arms. He just turned his head sideways, puffing out steam.

"Oh i never asked for your name." amai said putting the monkey back on her shoulder. "My name is Hatsu Keiko and this is my hybrid Nobuo!" keiko said petting nobuo. Amani's eyes shot opened as she stared at the large black wolf on the ground with white streaks in his fur. "what's wrong amai?" keiko said standing up from nobuo. "you were able to tame a blue moon wolf hound?" amai said staring in amazement. "why do I keep hearing that like is it bad or something!?" keiko said shaking her fist up and down. "well it's just that their kind is known to be extinct until they discovered him walking around. it was said that he was untamable but looks to be wrong since you have him." Amai said, rubbing her monkey's head. "Do you know why his kind might be extinct?" Keiko asked. "you would have to ask himself yourself no one really knows." Amai said. 

"next!" yelled one of the people in front. Keiko walked up with her hybrid beside her. "Beast hybrid or item?" said one of the guys in the front sitting at the table with a pencil to his chin. "hybrid." said keiko. The man looked down at her hybrid and looked back at her. "Are you sure you can control this thing?" he said, handing her a leash. "Ya know this thing has a name which is Nobuo and yes, I know I can control him." Keiko said, snatching the leash from him. "Whatever you say... next!" the man said as Keiko walked past him and waited for Amai.

"That guy was pretty rude." Amai said, running up to keiko. "yeah i don't know why though nobuo hasn't done anything!" Keiko said, putting the red leash on nobuo. "Well he didn't give Rokki anything." amai said, rubbing rokki head. "probably because of how small he is." keiko said, which caused the monkey to glare at her. "My bad." Keiko said, putting her hands up in defense. "So what class are you in?" Amal asks. "Oh I'm in class 108!" Keiko said as they walked down the hallway. "oh I'm in class 110 we aren't that far from each other." Amal said, getting happy.

"I wouldn't be so happy if I were you." Said no other than an angry red head boy from behind them. "Oh...and who are you?" said Amai with her hand on her chin. "Oh thats tawagoto otoko he's kind of a hot head." Keiko said, whispering to her. "I can hear you ya know!" shouted otoko as they froze in their spots. "And you." otoko said making direct eye contact with keiko. "Don't think just because you control all 4 elements that you're something special." otoko said walking up to keiko. "Me and my fire item Dragon are going to take you down." He said, looking down on keiko. Nobuo didn't like that very much because he started to let out a low growl. "ha! I see you got yourself a mutt." otoko said, walking away with his small fire dragon floating beside him.

"yeah you were right he is rude." Amai said, looking at him walk away. "He's always been like that towards me and I will never know why." Keiko said as she began walking after him. "Wait, why are we following him?" Amai asked. "We are in the same class." Keiko said with a sweat drop coming down her face. "oh that sucks, well good luck!" Amai said as she went to her class. Keiko walked to her classroom and opened the door with nobuo leash in her left hand. She was met by students showing off their beasts,hybrids or item type beasts. Keiko just went to take a seat in the back with Nobuo following beside her. As she was making her way to the back people began moving out of her way in fear of what looks like a beast but is actually a hybrid.

No one dared to come up to her and ask about her beast because of how big the wolf was hell keiko didn't even know what element type it was. As that thought crossed her mind she put her head on her desk and let out a sign. Not too long after that there sensei came in with his hybrid behind him. "now class settle down I see some interesting things in here." Osoi sensei said, scanning the room. "Ah keiko how was it looking for a partner?'' Osoi sensei said sitting on his desk. "it was interesting." Keiko said. "I bet it was....Now for today I had just gotten news that our school will be holding a Beast Tamer tournament." "what! Already!?" shouted the class. "tch not surprised." said otoko. "We have till the end of this month to get you guys ready for the tournament." "people from all over will be coming to watch but inly high schoolers such as yourself can participate." "So do you know what kind of matches they will be holding during this tournament?" Said a boy in the middle of the class. "Actually yes they have gave me a list of events and matches that will be taken place."

"They have a fire breathing contest for the people with fire elements to see who's beast can breathe more fire than the rest. Only Beasts and Hybrids are allowed, no item types."

"There is an item type challenge to see who's item type beasts can hold out the longest against another item type Any element is allowed but of course this is on for item types."

"there's a water challenge for the water type hybrids and beasts to see who can fill up the most tubs with water in under 60 seconds."

"There is an earth challenge for the earth hybrids and beasts to see who can build the sturdiest and biggest wall against water item types. Only the people who win the water challenge will be able to compete in this challenge other than the earth types."

"And then there is an air challenge for the air hybrids and beasts to see who can produce the most wind."

"Now these are side challenges you can do to get your points up if you are falling behind. The real points come in from the Tournament where it's everyone in a pit together that is competing fighting to be the last 3 standing. if you get knocked out of the arena then you're done if your beast,hybrid or item type can no longer fight then you are out, if you try to bring in more than one beast,hybrid or item type then you are out."

"Wait, what do you mean by that?" Asked keiko. "There are some students who have tamed more than one beasts but you are only allowed to bring in one for the tournament." "oh." "Now does anyone else have any questions?" asked the sensei.

"No one? great Now let's head outside to the field and get some training on." "Also to add on after the tournament the top 3 winners will be given their badge to show their rank. But we will talk about that more later now lets go!" yelled osoi sensei.

Before class 108 could go outside they had to change into gym uniforms. While there animals waited outside the locker room. Their gym outfit was blue shorts and a white tee for both genders. But the girls' shorts were a little shorter.

-time skip done changing-

As class 108 walks outside through the back doors of the school they see a huge open field. With target boards a pool. A couple of huge boulders and some rings to fly through which are being held up by a long rope from one end of a tree to another. And some other obstacle courses. "Ok class you can either work together to train your animals or work by yourself!" said sensei Osoi. After that was said some people began to look for people to work with and others began walking off on their own to start training. "hmm nobuo what should we do?" "Hmm, that's a great question, what should we do?" "Wait huh?" Keiko looked beside her to see a human nobuo with no clothes. "ahh!" screamed nobuo and some other girls.

-Time skip to where Nobuo gets some clothes-

"sorry about that." Nobuo saids rubbing the back of his neck. "no problem this isn't the first time I've seen this happened." Said osoi sensei. "maybe next time you should give me a warning!'' Keiko said, pouting. "my bad my bad." Nobuo said, putting his hand on her head. "Now let's go train, you're gonna need it." he said, dragging her off. "What, how are you gonna tell me I need it? Let me go, I'm your mistress, you don't control me!" yelled Keiko as she was being dragged off.

"Well at least I know they're getting along," Osoi sensei said looking at the rest of his class.

"Now I want you to climb this." Nobuo said, pointing to the rock climbing wall. "this thing is huge at least 100 feet!" Keiko said, staring in disbelief. "Look, they have a harness so you won't fall to your death." Nobuo said, pulling it out. "what!'' Before Keiko knew it Nobuo had already put the harness on her and clipped her to the rope. "What will I achieve if I climb this?" Keiko said, looking at nobuo. as her tied up hair swayed back and forward.

"Well if you are able to climb this then you will be less afraid of heights. And earth elements usually tend to create rock walls so you would be able to climb over those now."

Nobuo said, sitting down in the grass. "Fine, I will!" Keiko said as she started climbing the rock wall. "This is easy, I'm gonna be done in no time!" Keiko yelled as she kept climbing. As she was climbing Water was shot at her making her lose her balance and fall but the harness kept her from falling all the way. "oh i forgot to mention little traps are built so stepping on the wrong rock will activate them!" yelled nobuo from the grass. "HOW DO YOU MISS SUCH AN IMPORTANT DETAIL!?" Keiko yelled with her arms flailing.

"maybe i didn't miss it." Nobuo said, looking sideways with an evil grin on his face. keiko just let out mad grunts as she continued to climb

"How am i supposed to tell if they are going to activate the trap or not!" Keiko yelled. "tch." Nobuo said as he stood up and walked over to the rock climbing area. Nobuo examined the rocks closely. The normal rocks and trap rocks had something different. A smirk crossed on his face. "Hey, step on the easiest looking rock!" Nobuo yelled. "ok....." Keiko said as she put her foot on it and a boxing glove hit her in the face. "ah!" Keiko screamed as she fell. "Well now we know which ones not to step on." said Nobuo, slightly laughing to himself. "That kinda hurt." Keiko said, rubbing her face.

"So don't step on the easy looking rocks?" "yep" "But why!?" an angry symbol formed on Nobuo's head. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHY? YOU WANNA BE THE WORLD'S BEST BEAST TAMER THERE IS NO EASY WAY OUT!" Nobuo yelled while backing Keiko into the rock wall. "Now climb, '' Nobuo said, making straight eye contact with keiko.

"And I'm not helping you from here on with this rock climbing. I've already told you too much." Nobuo said, sitting in the grass. "Ok I got this!" Keiko said, gripping the rope as she began to carefully scan all the rocks. Nobuo was right, there is no easy way to be the best beast tamer. An hour goes by with keiko falling, getting hit with water or punched in the face by boxing gloves. But she doesn't give up. Nobuo was watching their surroundings because something felt off.

As keiko continued to climb she looked and saw otoko training with his small dragon that's outer body was scaly and red but his stomach was a tan. His wings were pointy at the end but a good size for his body. even had a cute little flame at the end of his tail but his eyes were black.

"HEY LOOK OUT!" yelled another student as their rock top beast threw a medium size boulder that was heading straight towards keiko. Keiko turned and her pupils went small as she saw a boulder heading straight for her face. *Is this the end for me?* she thought to herself. That was until Nobuo had turned to partial wolf form. and punched the boulder making it break apart into small pieces. Then let out a loud howl making the pieces blow away. He looked back at Keiko and said, "keep climbing." as he jumped down landing safely. Keiko was at Atlas 30 feet in the air.

"Hey are you guys ok!?" yelled the boy who's beast was the reason for the boulder. "yeah where fine just don't mess up my mistresses training again." Nobuo said glaring at the boy. Which caused his earth element beast which is a Nozoron to puff out steam and kick his feet like it was ready to attack.

-quick break a Nozoron is a lion mixed with an alligator. It looks like a lion but has scales and a long tail like an alligator. It is a very good swimmer and very good at hunting. usually nozoron are able to use both elements water and earth but his can only use earth.-

This caused Nobuo to show his teeth a little bit and glare at the nozoron which caused him to coward back.

"yeah again sorry about that." the boy said with sweat dripping down his face and walking off.

"tch dam nozo." Nobuo said quietly to himself as he brought his focus back on keiko.

After the incident Keiko went on training as normal trying to climb up the rock wall. But a certain red headed boy was very pissed off. He didn't understand how her mutt was able to break a boulder in pieces and then blow it away with a howl. otoko stopped what he was doing with his dragon and angrily walked over to Nobuo who was still in hybrid form. "hey mutt!" Yelled tawagoto. Nobuo just casually ignored him, keeping close eyes on Keiko making sure she was ok. "Hey I know you hear me!" took yelled as he stomped up closer to Nobuo. Nobuo turned his head and gave otoko a side glare, warning to leave them alone. This took him by surprise, making him fumble back a little due to the aura he was giving off but he wouldn't let it show. "You think you scare me!? Hiryu attacked the-."Otoko said, pointing at nobuo. "Just what do you think you're doing in Tawagoto?" said osoi sensei appearing behind him.

"tch!" Said otoko as he dropped his hand. "I just wanted to see how strong her mutt really was." Otoko said, looking at the ground. "you do know about their kind right?" Said osoi sensei "No, why would I care about their kind?" otoko said as his dragon came and sat by his foot. "well blue hound wolves are able to take on any elements there tamer might have since they don't have elements of their own." Osoi sensei said, tapping his board with his pencil. "Doesn't matter my dragon Hiyru will be better than her mutt." Otoko said, walking away with his hands in his pockets.

"AHH!" screamed Keiko as she was hit by a punching bag making her fall. But before she could fall all the way to the bottom she gripped another rock. "ahaha I'm safe." she said quietly to herself until she was hit with water making her fall all the way to the bottom only bouncing a little from the harness holding her up. "You can do it!" Nobuo sarcastically yelled. "shut up!" she replied angrily, waving her arms. "So Nobuo I have a question." Said Osoi sensei as he took a seat next to him with his hybrid beside him. "Hm?" Nobuo responded. "You mind telling me who your past owner was?" Osoi sensei asked. "And why do you wanna know?" Nobuo said, glancing at the sensei. "Oh well what I did tell Tawagoto that the blue hound gets there powers from there tamers but what I didn't tell him was that they also keep their powers that was given to them by any past owners...Seeing as you demonstrated you are able to use brute strength and air I was wondering who tamed you before Hatsu?" Osoi sensei said to Nobuo. The tension grew and this was no longer a random question, this was personal.

"Well so called Osoi sensei i think it's time for us to go home isn't that right?" Nobuo said standing up while stretching. "Oh my you are correct Osoi sensei said looking at his watch. "Alright class you are dismissed!" Yelled Osoi sensei as he walked by to the classroom. "NO i'm not leaving!" Keiko yelled. "What do you mean no?" Nobuo asked. "I am going to climb this tall wall!" Keiko yelled as she misplaced her foot and got hit with a punching bag. "Look you can continue this tomorrow we can;t be on school property after school." Nobuo said, walking up to the rock wall.

Keiko kept climbing her way up to the top not wanting to leave until she completed it. Even though her arms and legs were giving out on her. Nobuo could easily read her body language. She was tired and drained but too stubborn to admit it. "well then I'm bringing you down by force." Nobuo said as he twirled his finger around in a circle making wind form around keiko. "hey what are you doing!?" Keiko yelled as she lost her grip on the wall and was brought down by the wind Nobuo had created.

"Your obviously tired and drained if you keep going then your gonna end up pulling a muscle or draining yourself even more and we need you functioning." Nobuo said taking the harness off of her. "I was almost at the top!" keiko yelled. "you really wasn't though but whatever you say." Nobuo said shrugging his shoulders. Keiko and him walked back into the school so she could change out of her gym clothes. As Nobuo was waiting outside the locker room with he rest of the pets he saw otoko again. But this time Otoko walked by without saying or do anything and his beast followed right behind him. "Alright I'm done lets go." keiko said struggling to walk. "Are you sure you can even walk? I mean you did do a lot today." Nobuo asked. Seeing as keiko was damped with water and had small bruises forming on her. "I'm A-Okay!" Keiko said as she walked in front of Nobuo but then was hit by a sense of dizziness which caused her to fall forward.

But before she could completely fall, Nobuo had caught her and placed her on the ground while he removed her book bag from her back and put it on his back. then going back to picking her up bridal style and carrying her out of the school. "didn't think the Hybrid would be carrying the tamer." Said Keiko as walked on the sidewalk remembering the way to the orphanage. *It's getting pretty late out.* Nobuo said to himself. *Guess that's what training does to the time.* He thought to himself again as Keiko passed out due to exhaustion in his arms.

as Nobuo continued to walk he could feel the presence of people hiding. He was guessing a group of thugs Nobuo really should have kept walking not entertaining them but a rush of excitement ran through him. He hasn't been able to have a real fight since his last tamer and he was longing for that feeling again. But then again Keiko was passed out and he couldn't put her at risk so he had to make this quick. Nobuo stopped walking and said "I know you're there, come out." As he started looking all around him. Loud laughters started filling the alley where they were as groups of thugs started to appear beside him and even behind him. they were surrounded. "Now listen here, hybrid! Are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way? hand over everything you have and we will let you go." Said the leader of the thugs who was an old chubby man with an eye patch and a little speck of hair under his chin. A sorry excuse for a beard, Nobuo thought.

"Sorry no can do none of this is mine away." Nobuo said. "Look he has a girl!" Said another one of his goons. "Hand us the girl and you can go!" The thug said, pulling out a knife. Nobuo shot the man a glare "You're not touching my tamer." Nobuo said with disgust in his voice. "You want to play like that? ok bring him out!" yelled the leader. A metal cage started opening from the top of one of the rusty hotel buildings. Lous snarls and growls could be heard from the cage. "Well what do you know it's a Nozoron." Nobuo said quietly to himself, staring at the full grown male nozoron.

"Ha you think you can take that on!?" Said the leader of the gang. "not to mention he has a girl in his hand with a bag!" Yelled another one of his goons as they started to laugh. "I seriously don't have time for this." Nobuo muttered to himself. The full grown Nozoron jumped down from the building aiming at Nobuo but he swiftly dodged the obvious attack. The nozoron kept trying to bite and scratch Nobuo but he kept on dodging it not finding this fight very entertaining until the Nozoron claw came too close to Keiko making small pieces of her hair fly off. Nobuo turned to side glare the Nozoron as he roundhouse kicked the Nozoron head into the concrete leaving him decapitated. He then turned to look at the rest of the Goons as his eyebrows furrowed muttering "Air filter." and all of their heads were cut off. "You guys were stanching the air and it needed to be filtered." Nobuo said walking off with not one speck of blood on him. "Now it smells much better here." Nobuo said, sighing to himself. Nobuo faced no other problems as he continued to walk to the orphanage. He reached the door to the orphanage but there was a problem: he didn't know whether to knock or just enter.

"eh i'll just knock, they already seem to not like me." Nobuo knocked on the door and waited for someone to enter. As the door opened it revealed the lady who Keiko calls mom. "Oh my dear come in!" Miss Miya shouted. Nobuo walked in with Keiko in his arms and started to walk up the stairs to her room until he was stopped by her so-called brother. "Just what do you think your doing with keiko?" He said, grabbing the back of his shirt. "Um taking her upstairs?" Nobuo said not knowing what he did wrong. "Why is she in that state?" Sebastian asked. Nobuo sighed "If you really must know she was training today for the tournament they have coming up at the end of this month." Nobuo said to Sebastian and missed Miya. "And we were attacked by some gang and his goons but were good there Nozoron sucked tho." Nobuo said Nonchalantly.

"WHAT!?" Sebastian screamed. "How do you go around saying that calmly!" Sebastian said, gripping Nobuo collar to his shirt and shaking him back and forward. "Hey, Keiko dear is still in his arms." Miss miya said, pulling Sebastian off of him. "If he kept Keiko safe then he's a friend of ours." Miss Miya said, smiling at him. "Blue wolf hound or not I see good in him." Miss Miya added. Sebastian rather argues with that statement but didn't know she had a point about him saving Keiko. "if you say so mom." Sebastian said walking up the stairs.

Nobuo followed after him, still needing to get her to her room. Nobuo ended up finding Keiko's room and setting her in the bed while putting her book on the floor in the corner. As soon as Nobuo sat the book bag down on the floor he was harshly grabbed by the back of his collar and dragged out of Keiko's room only to be shoved against the wall by her brother Sebastian. He had the look of anger in his eyes. "Look I don't like you at all." Sebastian said as his light blue hair fell from his face with his blue eyes staring into Nobu's also blue eyes. Nobuo breathes in then breathes out. He already knew her brother didn't like him. But he didn't like the fact that he was handling him in some type of way and dragging him everywhere. Nobuo and Sebastian stood at about the same height. Nobuo kicked his feet out and swiped it under Sebastians making him lose his balance and fall causing a semi loud bang. While Sebastian was on the ground Nobuo was holding out one of his arms and pinning his other two legs to the ground. With his other free hand keeping Sebastian's other arm to the ground.

"I know you don't like me and you don't have to but don't go roughhousing me around like I did something wrong or like I hurt Keiko in some way." Nobuo said, looking at Sebastian. Sebastian turned his face the other way he knew Nobuo was right but he couldn't help the fact that Keiko didn't want him to protect her anymore and that she had gotten her own hybrid. "tch! You damn mutt you better have kept my sister safe forever! You hear me!" Sebastian semi shouted with tears forming in his eyes. Nobuo showed a small smile, understanding where he was coming from. "Yes you have my word now are we good?" Nobuo asked standing up from Sebastian and reaching his hand out to help him up. Sebastian let a small smile form on his face as he reached out and grabbed nobuo hand squeezing it tight. "we are all good." Sebastian said.

Little did they know Keiko was watching from the crack of her door and let out a inner squeal. Her eyes were glistening and shining, the thought of her hybrid and brother finally getting along made her extremely happy. But before they could catch her she quickly ran back to her bed and pretended to be sleep. Nobuo shortly came in after and looked at keiko. "I know your awake." He said. "Eek!" she said has her covers jumped up off of her. "hey how did you know!?" She asked honestly wanting to know. "I could smell your present and i saw you." Nobuo said turning into wolf form as he went and jumped on keiko bed. "Hmm I guess you are tired." keiko said laying back down.

"Well night Nobuo!" Keiko said facing the wall to sleep. But nobuo was already sleeping.

In the middle of the night Nobuo had woken up due to a familiar smell. He immediately ran up to the window and looked out of it. But the time he got there they were gone. "master...." Nobuo said quietly to himself.

Keiko was walking to school with Nobuo on the leash beside her in wolf form. Today was a rough morning and she was not looking the best, totally drained of energy. "ugh! I'm so tired!" Keiko yelled as she kept whining. Nobuo grew an angry symbol on the side of his head as he transformed into human form with some coming from around him making the bystander gasp.

"You know what if you would have went to bed you wouldn't be so tired!" Nobuo yelled looking at keiko. "Well i couldn't sleep not my fault!" Keiko yelled back. "There's children around!" A lady yelled as she pointed at Nobuo. "oh crap forgot about that." Nobuo said transforming back into a wolf. "Let's go honey, it's not safe here." The same lady said walking away covering her daughters eyes.

Keiko and Nobuo made it up to the school and into the hallway. Nobuo was basically guiding Keiko to the classroom since she was dozing off while walking. They ended up running into Amai on the way and they exchanged a short greeting. More like Nobuo looked at her and kept on walking. When they made it to the classroom Sensei Osoi went to greet them. "Well hello there keik..." "uhhh." Osoi said looking a bit confused. "Oh hey there osoi sensei N-nice to M-meet you.." Keiko said, wobbling around trying to stay awake.

"Please remember to go to sleep so you don't look like this." Osoi said using Keiko as an example. "Please take her to her desk." Osoi said as Nobuo walked to her seat. Not without Otoko staring daggers into them though. "Ok class today we will continue with where we left off last time." Osoi sensei said. The class then went to the locker rooms where they got dressed into their gym clothes. Keiko put her long black hair into a ponytail with determination written on her face. She was completing the rock climbing today. When she came out of the locker room she was met by a human form Nobuo with his ear and tail out. He even had half of his hair in a mini ponytail. His all black hair with white ends and one piece of hair that decided to be blue.

"Hey what are you looking at lets go." Nobuo said, turning the other direction to follow the rest of the class. As they made it outside Keiko started to make her way to the rock climbing section. "hey we are not doing that today." Nobuo said, grabbing her by the back of her shirt. "what do you mean?" She asked as she was being dragged somewhere else. "I realized you have no upper body strength or stamina." Nobuo said. "Now you realize that!?" She said getting frustrated that he didn't see it earlier. "For now you will run around this whole field and then when you are done you will come back here and do 20 push ups with 20 sit ups."

"I'm gonna do it with you too. That's why I'm dressed like this so don't think I'm being unfair." He said walking to where they were gonna start. "For now we don't have a certain time to do this in so keep up with me." Nobuo told her as he got down like he was running a race. "don't you doubt me!" Keiko said, also getting down. "And go!" Nobuo yelled as he took off Keiko also took off behind him there was a medium size gap in-between them but Keiko wouldn't let that stop her. "come on keep up!" He yelled, moving his eyes to the side to see her gaining on him.

"there's the spirit!" He said as they were now halfway around the field. Nobuo could tell that keiko was losing energy and fast but this was training he couldn't go easy on her. Nobuo made it back to where they started but Keiko still had some ways to go. "Come on pick it up!" Nobuo yelled at her. *breathe breathe breathe* Keiko kept telling herself. *You want to be the world's beast tamer right well you can't do that if you can't run around a large field then how are you going to be able to do that!?* "ahhhh!" Keiko yelled as she intensely picked up her speed coming at nobuo like a bullet.

"I knew you could do it." Nobuo said patting her head as she was hunched over trying to catch some air. "Now down for 20 push ups." Nobuo said as they dropped down. "1,2,3,4....." keiko said as she collapsed. "get up we are not stopping." Nobuo said. Keiko got back on her arms and continued to do push ups until she hit 20. "Now for the sit ups." Nobuo said. "Lean on your back and I'll put my feet on top of yours so your feet don't lift up. Nobuo stood on keikos feet as she counted up to 20 doing the sit ups. They continued this cycle until the end of the day and keiko's muscles were aching in pain, her legs were numb and she felt like she could fall any moment.

Luckily with the help of some other girls they were able to get Keiko into the locker room where she changed out of her gym clothes and back into her normal clothes. Nobuo was also in regular clothing. She wondered where he got the clothes from but she was too sore and tired to question it. "Well I would say that you did pretty good today." Nobuo said, carrying her on his back. "mhmm totally." She said instantly fell asleep. "damn not even a real response." Nobuo said feeling disrespected. He made it out of the school and started walking towards the orphanage. He walked past the same area where he found the gang at the other day

And saw all the bodies and blood cleaned up. Air filter was only used to kill and make the area smell nice, not cleaning up bodies. *So who could have done it?* Nobuo thought to himself. As he brushed it off and continued to walk to the orphanage. He made it at the door and this time just walked in. He was met by the smell of delicious ramen being cooked. When he looked to see who was cooking it he was met by sebastian. "Oh I see you guys are back..uhhhh..." Sebastian stopped mid sentence because he was faced by a drooling Nobuo with his tail wagging.

"hey you damn mutt! Move this isn't for you!" Sebastian yelled, pushing nobuo head backward. "Come on, we are friends right?" Nobuo complained and tried to persuade him. "ugh fine but take my sister to her room first." Sebastian said as Nobuo instantly ran up the stairs to her room, sitting her down gently and putting the covers over her, then walking out of her room, shutting the door gently. Only to sprint back down the stairs for the ramen.

Sebastian handed a bowl to Nobuo and his eyes started to sparkle in happiness. "Do I get a thank you?" Sebastian asked with his cross and a wooden spoon in his hand. "Of course Of course thanks for the meal!" Nobuo said digging in.

"So what did you guys do today?" Sebastian said taking a seat in front of Nobuo with his ramen."

"nothing much really we just ran and did some push ups with sit ups." Nobuo said, slurping on his ramen. "Well remember our agreement." Sebastian said, staring at nobuo while also slurping on his ramen. Now they both were staring at each other while slurping on ramen. "Stop staring at me!" Sebastian said, turning sideways. "Well you were staring at me first." Nobuo said, looking down at his now clean bowl. "Well thank you Blue bird for the food." Nobuo said, standing up from his seat. "blue bird?" Sebastian said, looking at him with confusion. "yeah that's your name from now on." Nobuo said, pushing in his chair and making his way to the stairs.

"That's not my name you ungrateful mutt!" Sebastian saids throwing a wooden spoon at him. "Gah!" Nobuo said as he fell down stairs being hit right in the forehead. "I said thank you for the food!" Nobuo shot back in defense. "But you didn't even dare to clean to your eating area look at it!" Sebastian shouted, searching the drawers for another spoon. "Ok ok ok! I'll help clean up." Nobuo said walking back into the kitchen with a red mark on his forehead.

- After some time cleaning

"See now that wasn't hard was it?" Sebastian said being happy that the kitchen was cleaned. "Whatever, I'm going to sleep now." Nobuo said walking up the stairs. As he made it to keikos room he could automatically tell something was off. Of course Keiko wouldn't know she was sleeping and not all that skilled and developed yet. Nobuo didn't feel like this presence was a threat though. The smell was something he had smelled before but couldn't place his finger on the person. Nobuo heard a knock at the door and the only person awake was him and sebastian. Nobuo ran back down the stairs to see his long lost friend Murasaki.

"S-Saki?' Nobuo said, walking closer to the boy. -Gasp- the man went as he Jumped on top of Nobuo. "Polar!" he yelled while on top of Nobuo mushing their faces together. "Hey, get off of me!" *cough cough* Sebastian cleared his voice to get there attention. "Mutt who is this?" Sebastian said pointing at the man. "Oh my apologies he said getting off of Nobuo I'm Shonen Murasaki Polars Long lost friend!" Murasaki had Long purple hair in a ponytail, one of his eyes was blue and the other one was brown. On his brown skin was black squiggly lines that went from his arms to his hands and from his legs to his feet. He was dressed in a Black tight muscle shirt with a pink X on it and his pants were also black with a pink X on the left leg but a Pink lighting bolt under it. And on the right leg was only a pink lighting bolt. He also had pink strings shaped in a X connecting his shirt and pants together.

"Saki why are you here?" Nobuo said. "Well it's been going all around the Netherlands that you have finally been tamed!" Saki said getting excited. Saki stood a little bit taller than Nobuo. "wait how did they find ou-" Nobuo wa stopped in thoughts remembering the other day how his past master came. "tch he must of told them." Nobuo said gritting his teeth. "who is he?" sebastian asked. "no one." Nobuo said. "So can I meet this person who tamed you?" Saki said giving Nobuo puppy eyes. "No you can not she is sleeping and is not going to school like she did yesterday." Nobuo said with no remorse. "ahhhhhhhhhhhh that's so unfair!" Saki said. "yep it sure is now leave so i can sleep nice seeing you again." Nobuo said pushing him out the door.

"But wait I want to-" *Click.* the door went as nobuo closed the door and locked it. "You shouldn't do that to your friends." Sebastian said going to open the door. Nobuo grabbed his hand and gave him a dead look. "" Nobuo said. Sebastian had sweat forming on his forehead. "ehehe yeah go to sleep you look like you need it." Sebastian said, walking backwards with his hands in the air. Nobuo ended up tiredly walking himself up the stairs and back to keiko room where he plopped himself on the bed turning into wolf form.

Keiko woke up to nobuo sleeping beside her as always everything was going fine until she looked at her window and saw a man staring through and when their eyes met he waved and said "hello!" This causes Keiko to let out a loud scream and jump out of her bed, opening the window and pushing him down. "Wait, don't scream!" Murasaki said as he fell off the window. Nobuo woke up due to the scream and transformed into a human with a blanket around him. "Why are you screaming?" he said, wiping his eyes. "There was a man with purple hair and brown skin with black lines on him at my window!" yelled keiko "Saki what the hell!" yelled Nobuo running to the open window with the blanket around him. "heh sorry!" Murasaki said, laying on the ground looking unfazed. "tch." Nobuo said as he closed the window on him.

-Time skip to where Keiko and Nobuo have on their school clothes well keiko does nobuo has on regular clothes.-

As Keiko and Nobuo walk downstairs they see Miss Miya cooking and feeding the children of the orphanage. "Oh hello dear are you off to school." Said miss miya giving keiko a piece of bread with juice and nobuo the same. "Mhmm I think today I'm gonna look for some clothes that will stay on him when he transforms." Nobuo said while eating her toasted bread. "That sounds like a great idea." Miss Miya said. "just let me know the cost and ill..." "no need mom I'm going to make my own money!" Keiko said. "You're not prepared to go on any missions,'' said Nobuo, drinking his juice." "wha.. why not!" Keiko said. "You can't even run around the field without getting tired nor finish rock climbing and you want to go on missions which will consist of fighting other beasts and more than what we are doing now." Nobuo said bluntly. Keiko could see the images of everything that Nobuo was talking about.

"heh maybe you're right." Keiko said, losing hope. "don't worry after the tournament you will be able to do the mission." nobuo said "well off you two go don't want you guys to be late." miss miya said as they headed towards the door. "Bye keiko!" yelled the kids in the orphanage. "Bye you guys!" she said to them as they left. "So umm where did that guy go?" Keiko said, looking around outside. "I'm right here!" he said, jumping out of nowhere. "ah!" Keiko screamed, punching him as he flew back into a tree.

"woah you are one strong lady!" he said standing up and dusting himself off. "saki i thought you left why are you still here?" nobuo said. "Oh i couldn't wait any longer i wanted to see the person who tamed you!" Murasaki said grabbing Keiko's hands staring at her with passion. "Uh yeah that's enough." Nobuo said moving him away. Before he could say anything Murasaki's stomach started to growl. He looked at the toasted bread in Nobuo's hand with begging eyes to get some. "Oh you want some?" Nobuo said ripping a piece off. "than go get it!" he yelled using a bit of his wind element to throw it as Murasaki chased after it.

"nobuo that was mean!" Keiko said, eating her bread as they kept walking. "well you punched him so i couldn't have done too bad." Nobuo said. "touché '' Keiko said. They continued to walk in silence until keiko curiosity got the best of her "hey where's Saki's pet?" keiko asked "Oh he doesn't need one he's at the level where he can fight by himself and use his own powers to make weapons and everything he needs if he gets a pet than they would just be there to keep him company." Nobuo said. "So he's a tamer like me!?" Keiko said in joy. "yep." Nobuo said, looking sideways. "That's great he can give me tips!'' Keiko saids. "yes he can after the tournament though." Nobuo said as they reached the school.

Keiko and Nobuo make it to the school and go to their designated classroom. When they make it there Sensei osoi is nowhere to be found but the students are there. Keiko and nobuo make their way to the back where nobuo takes the seat behind keiko. Tawagoto and his pet were not too far behind Keiko when walking in. He just stared daggers into her as he did on to take his seat. The bell rings but there is no sign of osoi anywhere. The students then start to discuss among themselves on where the teacher could be just as they were talking when a student from class 110 comes in. It's the same boy that stopped tawagoto from punching me the other day. said Keiko in her head. He had a black undercut with brown eyes and black metal frame glasses that see through and shaped as a circle.

"Is your teacher missing too?" He asks the class. "Uh yes he is and who are you?" Asks a girl "Oh my apologies my name is Majimena Mizu but you can call me Mizu or Maji." he said. "ok mizu but do you have any clue of where they may be?" The boy asks. "actually no I wish I did." Miss said as soon as he said that an alarm went off in the school building. "students of the BT Academy please stay in your classroom. There is a wild Grown male Nozoron on school campus your teachers will report to your classrooms momentarily." And with that the phone clunked. Mizu went straight to his classroom as instructed and immediately students started going to the window trying to see where they were fighting the nozoron at.

until a rock came flying at the window but did not shatter it but still was enough to make the students flinch back in fear. "W-what is this window made out of!" Said a female student. "doesn't matter, it saved our lives!" Said a male student. Nobuo looked unfazed about the situation but Keiko was nearly growing white hair. "Keiko calm down." Nobuo said, grabbing her shoulder. "B-but what if..." "There is no way that Nozoron is not going to get to you. I won't allow it." Nobuo said, looking at keiko. "Ok you better not be lying." She said, looking at him.

"How scared can you be its just a stupid male Nozoron." Tawagoto said yelling at keiko who was two desks down from beside her. "Not the time Redhead." Keiko said, looking unfazed at his comment. "No this is the time admit it your scared of a Nozoron!" tawagoto said standing up. keiko just looked the other way not paying him any attention. "tch." tawagoto said walking out of the classroom. "hey where are you going!" Keiko said to him "I'm going to help them fight the Nozoron obviously." he said. "But we can't-" before keiko could finish her sentence Nobuo tapped her shoulder and shook his no signaling her to let him go. keiko signed but didn't say anything else.

"pathetic." Tawagoto said as he left

tawagoto pov

"heh she can never be a professional beast tamer if she's scared of a Nozoron." Tawagoto said walking down the hallway and going up the second floor. "I would never be scared of Nozoron there weak." tawagoto said laughing to himself as he passed by some windows a couple of seconds after saying that a loud thumb was heard on the glass window beside him. Hesitantly losing all confidence in him he turned his head to be faced with a Raging Full grown Nozoron with scales all on his lion body and a long alligator tail with the eyes of an alligator but mane of lion. It had a drool coming from his mouth like it was hungry, hungry for a beast tamer or any human for that matter. Tawagoto Pupils shrink in fear this Giant beast took up the whole window and half of the others.

Tawagoto fell back in fear as he was faced with this beast. The Nozoron then took its long tail and swung it at glass enjoying the fear inside of the tamer. The glass didn't break but it did leave a crack. Tawagoto, still frozen in, began to back up slowly as his beast Hiryu got in front of him ready to set the beast on fire. Again the Nozoron swung its tail and broke the glass pieces of the shard flew past tawagoto's face, one even scraping him, now with access inside of the school the Nozoron had a sinister smile on his face. Hiyru's dragon let out a small fireball trying to defend his tamer which didn't even cause the nozoron to blink. Tawagoto and his pet Hiyru were now making a fast dash down the hallways on the second floor with a Nozoron behind them, gaining speed. Tawagoto knew better than to lock himself in a classroom but he couldn't go down stairs cause that's where all the students were. *Where the hell are the teachers!* Tawagoto shouted in his head as he continued to run around the hallways. behind him was a nozoron swinging his tail breaking every window in his path and leaving indents in the school's floor.

Back to Keiko and Nobuo

"where could he be?" Keiko said leaning her head back. Until they heard a loud glass shatter and lots of heavy movements from above. "And he's now in the school." Nobuo said standing up and stretching his arms while cracking his back a little. "wait what!?" Keiko said standing up. And just on perfect timing the lady on the announcements came back on "Student's please exit the building the Nozoron is in the school I repeat exit the building!" With this student's started running out of there classrooms and down the hallways to the leave the school. "keiko go outside with them." Nobuo said as he grabbed her hand to lead her out. "No I'm not leaving you or tawagoto." She said snatching her hand back. "But i-" "It's not up for debate Nobuo!" she said.

Nobuo let out a deep sigh and Keiko was still his tamer and he could tell she wasn't joking about this. "Alright if you say so but keep up." Nobuo said as they left the classroom and ran upstairs.

Outside Pov

As students were running outside they saw the teachers walking back on to the school campus. "It's in the school!" yelled the students as they ran closer to the teachers. Osoi sensei grabbed a boy as he was running to ask him what was happening. "The school the nozoron is in the school!" He yelled, pulling himself away to continue to run. "But we just killed one." Miss Himiko said. "Unless the one we chased was a distraction Sh*t!" Osoi sensei yelled as he started running back into the school. "You check the headcount of the students I'm going to!" yelled osoi sensei to miss Himiko. "Your going to get yourself killed going by yourself!" Miss Himiko yelled. "They most likely already called reinforcements!" yelled a student. "I don't care those are my students!" Osoi sensei yelled as he continued to run.

Third person Pov Keiko and Nobuo

As Keiko and Nobuo ran up the stairs they could hear the banging and sounds getting louder. Nobuo sniffed the air trying to find the smell of a human to see if there was any. "down here!" he yelled at Keiko as they ran down the hallway to see Tawagoto running and his pet Hiyru lagging behind trying to fight off the abnormally large Nozoron. "keiko you and tawagoto need to run past the nozoron." Nobuo said to Keiko as tawagoto came closer to them. "Wait why!?" Keiko said, getting a little nervous. Nobuo grabbed tawagoto's arm to prevent him from running off. "let me go!" He yelled. "Stop moving or i'll let you die." Nobuo said staring into tawagoto's eyes, it was his fault we are in this situation now. Tawagoto nodded ready to hear what he had to say.

"When the nozoron runs down here towards us you guys are going to run past him grabbed your beast and run down the stairs and out the building. And if you can't make it out the building than hide somewhere until then I'm pretty sure the school already called reinforcements." "And what about you?" keiko asked. "I'll be fine and if i'm not then i'll let out a howl ok?" "You better not be lying to me." keiko said to him as her and tawagoto got ready to run. "Now why would I do that?" Nobuo said.

"I hope this works." tawagoto said. The Nozoron gets tired of Hiryu antics and swings his tail to hit the small dragon which makes him fly back into the wall and fall on the floor looking unconscious. The nozoron than turns his attention to the three down the hallway and locks eyes with Nobuo. The Nozoron lets out a loud roar as he charges down the hallway. The tension between them grows and grows as the nozoron comes closer and closer. "Go!" Yelled Nobuo as keiko and tawagoto ran up to the Nozoron running zig zag's in between his legs only for tawagoto to be met with a tail getting closer to face and keiko dragging him on the floor to dodge the tail. And running towards the end of the hallway with Tawagoto scooping up Hiryu into his arms and then running down the staircase.

The Nozoron was on his way to chase them, completely forgetting about Nobuo and catching a fist to the face. The Nozoron began to laugh seeing as the lunch did nothing to him. But Nobuo let out a smirk. "Air fists." he said as blows of fist faster than the eye can see started punching the Nozoron repeatedly making him fall back. The Nozoron was not very pleased by this and his anger grew. "ya know I really thought this was going to be a lot more difficult." Nobuo sitting on the floor. The Nozoron took this as the Hybrid was mocking him so he jumped and pounced on the spot where Nobuo was with brute force and began hitting his tail in that same spot. grinning to himself when he moved his tail but the grin instantly faded when he saw no one was there and it was just a whole in the ground. "game over." Nobuo said as he snapped his finger "Hell's fire."

The Nozoron then saw himself falling in a pit of fire and began to laugh thinking the fire would do nothing to him because of his scales. but then realized his scales were falling off and he was being burned alive by the pits of hell fire. "Seal." Nobuo said, clapping his hands together, then turning around with his hands in his pockets. -gasp- he heard as he looked up to see Keiko standing there. This irritated Nobuo to the max "I thought I told you to leave!" he said with steam growing out of his ears. "I know but...I couldn't leave you here!" Keiko said nervously, smiling. "You can't help me with beasts until your strength and mentality gets better. We are not on the same level right now." Nobuo said, walking by Keiko as she followed behind him.

"Well how do you have all those cool powers!?" She asked " Blue Moon WolfHounds are able to keep the powers that their past owners had" Nobuo said plainly. "Woah so you must of had a lot of owners!'' Keiko said. "yeah something like that.''Nobuo said as they were now downstairs and walking out the school building. In front of them was Mister Osoi fighting with some of the officers. "One of my student's is in there!" he yelled. 'Sir my men are going in there now to eliminate that Nozoron." Said the chief.

"No need to take care of it." Nobuo said being quite disappointed. "There is no way you took care of the Nozoron by yourself, kid." Said the chief. "Oh but I was indeed the sheriff." said Nobuo in the same tone of voice the officer used.

The sheriff looked at Nobuo with anger and than looked at keiko. "It's true he did it by himself." keiko said raising her hands in defense. "Aren't you supposed to be the tamer for this mutt?" The sheriff said looking at Nobuo with disgust. This caused keiko to glare at the man not liking when people don't call Nobuo by his name. "His name is Nobuo and yes I am the tamer but I'm not quite strong enough to fight beside him also he's a blue moon wolf hound he can handle his own." Keiko said feeling confidence about what she said.

"A-a Blue moon you say...?" The man said, looking at Nobuo. "No way your kind is extinct!" The sheriff stomped up to Nobuo as he sat there looking unfazed. Before the sheriff could do anything one of his men put his hand on his shoulder. "Sir there is no sign of the Nozoron it is true he took care of it." The officer said. "you checked for footsteps?" The sheriff said not believing it. "There is no evidence of anything but the building being destroyed of course," he said. "tch." was all the sheriff could say before lazily apologizing and walking off.

"Is it just me or do people seem to just not like us?" Keiko said, tilting her head a little. "I feel it too glad we feel the same thing." Nobuo said. Tawagoto walked up to Keiko and Nobuo with the look of anger and sorrow written on his face. "Thanks for earlier I guess." He said making eye contact with Keiko and Nobuo. This caused seiko's whole face to light up in joy. "Are you thanking us!?" Keiko said, elbowing him slightly as she raised her eyebrow. "tch knock it off damn it yes I'm thanking you now enjoy it cause it's the last time! Next time you'll be thanking me." He said about to walk off. "Hold on Mister otoko and the rest of the students." Osoi sensei said.

"We are out of school until the tournament at the end of the month. I will assume you guys are old enough to know how to do training on your own?" "Yes sensei!" yelled the students outside. "Ok! see you guys at the end of the month and great job Nobuo and keiko!" yelled Osoi sensei as he walked off. "Time to go home!" Keiko was excited to tell Miss Miya about her day today. "yeah let's go." Nobuo said, walking with his hands in his pockets.

As Nobuo and Keiko were walking down the Sidewalks Keiko kept rambling on about what kind of training they should do as Nobuo just blocked her out already knowing what they were going to do. In 10 minutes Keiko and Nobuo were in front of the orphanage walking through the doors where they were hit by the smell of delicious barbecue. "It smells great in here!" Keiko said, running into the kitchen area with Nobuo behind her drooling just as much. "Hey! be careful you're gonna make me fall!" Sebastian said to them going to sit the food on the table.

"You two don't get any til the younger kids get some first." Sebastian said, making Nobu's hand away from the meat. Which resulted in him looking a little sad. Sebastian picked up a bell and rang it a few seconds after that loads of children came running down the stairs laughing and smiling. "Ok guys, have a seat at your table in your assigned seat and then you can eat!" Sebastian said, clapping his hands together as the children ran to their tables.

"E.A.T we are going to Eat! E.A.T we are going to eat!" The kids chanted at their tables while hitting their silverware on the table after each letter in E.A.T. "yes yes you guys are going to eat." Sebastian said, smiling a little. Keiko started looking around the room realizing they were missing some people. "Hey, where is mom?" Keiko asked. "Oh she had to go to the store and get more things for the orphanage." Sebastian said putting food on the kids plates.

"And where is ella?" Keiko said, looking around. "Ella is right here-" Sebastian stopped mid sentence realizing they were missing a kid. "ella is in her crib.'' A girl said while eating her food. "mhmm mhmm!" the kids beside her said. "ok i'll bring her down." Keiko said going to retrieve ella. Keiko ran up the stairs and into the 3rd door in the hallway. She opened it to see ella A blond blue-eyed girl crying trying to get out of her crib.

"hey hey ella I'm right here hold on I'm coming to get you." Keiko said, walking over and picking up the crying girl. "It's ok I got you." Keiko said, rocking her gently as she walked over to nobuo. "d-dog." Ella said, pointing to Nobu's ears. Keiko had a great Idea. "Oh you wanna go to the dog?" Keiko said with an evil smile. "Wha hell no I don't do kids." Nobuo said with no remorse this caused Ella to immediately start crying again.

Time skip to down stairs.

Keiko was walking back down the stairs with a smile on her face as Nobuo was walking down the stairs unhappy with a baby pulling on his ears. *I'm definitely making her train like hell.* Nobuo said to himself the more the baby does to him the more keiko has to do in training. "There you are ella." Sebastian said, taking her from Nobuo and setting her in the highchair while giving her tiny bits of meat. "Now we three may eat as well. I already made mama her plate." Sebastian said, fixing Keiko's and Nobu's and himself a plate.

"maybe holding that baby wasn't so bad." Nobuo said as he drooled over the food. "Maybe getting attacked by a nozoron wasn't so bad either!'' Keiko said. "getting attacked by what!?" Sebastian stopped what he was doing. "uhh...getting attacked by a nozoron?" She said hoping she wouldn't be yelled at. "Why didn't you tell me this earlier!? Are you hurt?" he asks, checking her arms for injuries, then moving on to her head. "No I'm fine Nobuo protected me!" Keiko said looking at Nobuo eating a plate full of meat. "uhh nobuo i don't think-" "you stupid mutt that was my plate!" Sebastian said, snatching the plate away from nobuo. "oh my bad." Nobuo said it was full of meat. "here you can have some of mines." Keiko said with sweat forming on her forehead.

"This was originally your plate." Sebastian said clearly annoyed but still sliding Nobuo his plate. "Now on to this story about the nozoron." Sebastian said as they took a seat at a separate table a good distance away from the kids.

"oh so thats what happened." Sebastian said now doing the dishes. "Yeah but don't worry I'm gonna get stronger and become the world's best beast tamer and I won't have to rely on nobuo anymore!" Keiko said with her hands on her hips. "I look forwards to celebrating that day with you and mom and the kids here at the orphanage." Sebastian said smiling. "i'll even look forwards to celebrating it with this mutt.'' Sebastian said with a grin. "His name is Nobuo!'' Keiko yelled as Nobuo dragged her up the stairs ready to sleep.

"Keiko tomorrow we will be doing training." Nobuo said. "Alright I'm prepared for it!" Keiko said as she went to change into sleep clothes. "I'm still in here baka!" Nobuo said as he walked out the room with a well shown blush on his face. "ha my bad!" Keiko said laughing a little bit. "is it safe to come in?" He asked. "yes you may come in." Keiko said as she got comfortable in her bed. keiko walked in and shifted into his wolf form as he went to sleep it was a lot more comfortable.

The next day around 4 in the morning Keiko was brutally woken up out of her sleep by Nobuo snatching the blankets from her and forming an O with his hands over his mouth to make his voice echo and saying "Wake up!" Keiko instantly threw a pillow at Nobuo only for him to catch it and throw it back at her face. "get up, we got training." Nobuo said as Keiko tiredly got out of the bed. "What time is it?" She asked me to pick out some workout clothes. "About 4 in the morning." Nobuo said, hanging upside down from the bed. "4 in what!?" She yelled, stomping her way over to nobuo.

Time skip they are outside

"You didn't have to hit me that hard." Nobuo said, rubbing the side of his face that was glowing red. "Well you didn't have to wake me up at four in the morning!" Keiko shot back. "Alright today we are gonna be working on your stamina." Nobuo said, starting to stretch. "You have to stay with me when running no exceptions." Nobuo said, getting ready to take off. "After you can follow me in human form with no problem, you're gonna follow me in wolf form next?" He said. "Got it!" Keiko replied back stretching.

"I'm not gonna go easy." Nobuo said as he took off. When Nobuo took off there was a crater left in the ground and a huge amount of wind that seemed like it had jet lag. Keiko was so amazed that she almost forgotten to run after him. "Wait how am i supposed to keep up with this!?" Keiko yelled running her fastest but it only seemed like she was getting further away. Nobuo wasn't lying when he said he wasn't letting up. Keiko continued to run her fastest after him but he grew further and further out of her sight until she was officially lost. Nobuo decided that it was a good idea to run outside near the forest so we wouldn't wake up the orphanage but now it didn't seem like an ok idea.

Keiko stopped running to look around her only to be surrounded by nature and no sight of nobuo. "Hey nobuo! it's creepy out here and you left me!" Keiko yelled as she tried to catch her breath and keep walking. *maybe he's to far and he can't hear me." Keiko thought to herself until she heard rattling coming from the bush. "eek!" Keiko yelled, jumping back into the fighting position. "Ok listen here you think in a bush you're messing with the world's next best beast tamer!" Keiko yelled, walking closer to the bush.

The closer she got the more the bush rattled Keiko then jumped on the bush and opened it to reveal glowing berries. "Huh? that's odd I don't have any glowing berries around here." Keiko said as she plucked one and held it close to her eye. "Eat the berry." Someone whispered behind her as she jumped up and turned "who's there!?" Keiko yelled. She then heard someone laughing out loud in the distance. "Not that it matters if you want to become the world's next best beast tamer right?" The person said as their voice echoed in the woods. "yeah I do!'' Keiko yelled back.

"Then eat the berries," this mysterious person said. "You only live once right?" Keiko whispered as she ate one of the berries. "yes ahahahahahah!" Yelled the voice in the distance. "That's right keiko eat the berries!" the mysterious man yelled. "Do you feel the power coursing through you!?" yelled the mysterious man as Keiko went to eat the second berry.

To Nobuo

"Where could she be I know I didn't run that far off" nobuou said as he retraced his steps back when he heard an all too familiar laugh echo through the woods. "crap! Why the hell is he here!?" I yelled as I took off running in that direction. The closer I got the more I could make out what he was saying "Thats right Keiko eat the berries!" "Keiko no!" Nobuo yelled as he fell to the ground in immense pain. "Keiko s-stop!" Nobuo yelled hoping that Keiko could hear him. "what a shame nobuo I thought I trained you better to know to never leave your tamer alone." The mysterious man said squatting in front of Nobuo. "Where is she!?" nobuo said in pain whatever pain Keiko was feeling he could feel that's how the bond worked.

"Oh she's where you left her I didn't do anything to her." This man said moving the hair from Nobuo face. "But let's face it, Korosu." The man said gripping Nobuo face. "I've been waiting for almost 16 years for you to find a suitable tamer to be able to battle me!" The Mysterious man said as his voice turned to venom and his pupils shrunk. "And Now you finally found them and you expect them to beat me with measly training! What am I a joke!?" The man said roughly letting go of Nobuo face.

"I specifically planted those berries there cause I just had a feeling that she would be on her own at some point in these woods and I was right." The mysterious man said, smiling at his achievement. "Those berries she ate held different kinds of powers and strengths. It's not enough to kill her and overwhelm her body......Hopefully." He said trailing off. "But it's enough to get her started on the right track and where she needs to be." The mysterious man said walking off.

"Oh and if I were you I'd probably go seek my tamer before something bad happens cause you know if the tamer dies then all of the beast hybrids and item types that are connected with them dies too." The mysterious man said looking back and Nobuo and vanishing into thin air.

Once the man disappeared into thin air Nobuo was frozen in shock and fear until he was brought back to the present from a loud scream he knew who it was and he immediately jumped into action to run towards keiko. The screaming didn't quiet down but got louder as Nobuo got closer to Keiko. He had to ignore the immense pain he was in if he wanted to make it to keiko. Nobuo ran as fast as he could to Keiko, He continued to run until he saw her hunched over screaming into the ground while gripping her stomach. "N-nobuo w-what did he do to me!'' Keiko screamed as she fell over on her side and continued to scream.

Keiko's vision ended up getting blurry as everything around her started to go black. "keiko!" Nobuo screamed, shaking her trying to get her to stay awake. "hey hey stay awake!" Nobuo shouted. "remind me to never eat berries in the forest again..." Keiko said as her body went limp. "sh*t!" Nobuo yelled as he ran back to the orphanage. He didn't even bother to open the door but instead broke it down with a kick.

Footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs "what the hell was that!?" Sebastian yelled as he turned on the lights to see an Exhausted but frightened Nobuo carrying what seemed to look like a dead Keiko. "What the hell happened to my sister!" Sebastian screamed, running up to Nobuo and snatching Keiko from him.

"I thought you said you were gonna protect her!" Sebastian screamed at nobuo. "How was I supposed to know someone else was laying down a trap!" Nobuo screamed back in defense. "Why weren't you with her!?" Sebastian said. It went quiet after that Nobuo knew that Sebastian was right, it was the number one rule to never leave your tamers side unless they were top tier and could defend themselves. "Nothing to say huh!?" Sebastian shouted. Miss miya ended up waking up due to all of the yelling. "now whats going on down here?" she said coming down the stairs.

When she hit the bottom of the stairs she saw the scene in front of her and let out an audible loud gasp. "What happened to my baby!" She said running up to Keiko who looked lifeless. "Another tamer came during me and Keiko's training and he tricked her into eating something I wasn't there with her so it's my fault..." Nobuo said, dreading it. "Oh my its not your fault its that stupid tamer fault!" Miss Miya yelled as he dragged Sebastian over to the couch to lay down keiko. "Mom you can't be serious we all know the rules of having a beast!" Sebastian yelled. "I don't know why your sticking up for him." He added on glaring at nobuo.

"getting mad isn't gonna help her condition sebastian." Miss Miya said, bringing a cold washcloth and laying it over Keiko's forehead. "All we can do is wait her heart is still beating so she's alive." Miss miya added on. "come on sebastian let's leave him to his tamer you have work in a couple of hours." miss miya said pulling Sebastian up stairs. "But mother you can't be-" "I am serious." She said looking back at Sebastian, he finally ended up giving in and followed miss miya upstairs but not without giving Nobuo a last glare.

Nobuo had his head held down in shame the whole time. Was he really fit to be her beast? Before he knew it a wave of sleepiness came over him making him slouch down in front of the couch. "You better be ok keiko." He said before falling asleep.

days and more days passed as keiko hasn't shown a single sign of waking up. But as the days went on her appearance started changing. For one the ends of her hair were now red and her hair had grown past her middle thighs; those were really the only new physical feature that changed about her. There wasn't a day that went by that Sebastian hadn't reminded Nobuo that it was his fault that all of this happened in the first place.

The problem was that the school festival was in 5 days and Keiko still hadn't woken up. Nobuo has been letting his anger out, outside on any trees or Nozorons that he could find if you were in his view you defined the parish. Nobuo was making his way back inside the orphanage after destroying 10 trees and killing 8 nozorons by himself. On his way walking back to the orphanage something felt off. He looked around him to see nothing but more trees but he knew someone was there. "Alright come out I know you're there!" Nobuou shouted not in the mood for games

"aww! you're no fun!" Keiko shouted as she jumped down from the tree and on to Nobuo. "k-keiko!?" Nobuou shouted. "stop moving!" he said as Keiko went still. "when did you wake up!?" Nobuo asked checking Keiko for anything else that might of changed. "oh I woke up ummm 3 hours ago!" Keiko said cheesing. "You don't feel any pain like at all?" Nobuo said.

"nope I don't feel any pain I actually feel stronger and look my hair changed!" Keiko said, twirling in a circle. "Does the others know you're awake?" Nobuo asked. "Of course they were downstairs when I woke up," Keiko said, checking out her hair and admiring how long it was. "You said you felt stronger right?" Nobuo said, taking off his jacket. "yeah why?" Keiko said. "I want you to hit me as hard as you can." Nobuo said to prepare himself. "What!? I would never do that, I could never do that!" Keiko said.

"think of this as payback for me leaving you in the woods by yourself." Nobuo said standing in position for Keiko to punch him. "Ok if you say so." Keiko said closing her eyes for a few seconds only to reopen them to show them now glowing, she stepped back a few feet before running full speed ahead to Nobuo almost like she teleported keiko was already in front of Nobuo punching him square in the stomach. As soon as her first made contact with Nobuo his vision went white and everything around him started ringing. The impact of her punch made Nobuo go flying back in to multiple tree's going through each and every one until he finally hit one that didn't break.

"w-what the hell?" Nobuo thought as he stood up and rubbed his head. He lifted up his shirt to look at his stomach and he saw a fist imprint on him. "What kind of berries did he give you?" Nobuo said to himself in anger.

"I'm sorry did I hit you to hard!?" Keiko yelled, appearing in front of Nobuo. "Where did you just come from?" Nobuo asked. "I ran to you silly," Keiko said, smiling. "Keiko unless we learn how to control this new strength you've gotten, you won't be able to enter the competition for the academy." Nobuo said. "Aw! that's not fair!" Keiko said, complaining as she fell to the ground and leaned her head back. "anyone other than me and some super strong person would of been dead." Nobuo said, dragging her back to the orphanage by her shirt. "Oh so I'm like super strong than!" Keiko said, getting excited. "yeah still not stronger than me but you will get there." Nobuo said, grinning a little bit at himself.

"Matter of fact maybe you would just have to miss out." Nobuo said. "what no way!" Keiko said, standing up and staring at Nobuo. "We need to let your teacher know what happened so he can talk to the council people or whatever." Nobuo said, crossing his arms. "b-but then how will I be able to get on a team!?" Keiko said not wanting to miss out. "I'm sure they would understand once they see how much you changed physically." Nobuo said, walking behind Keiko and pushing her forward to keep walking.

Once they made it back to the orphanage Nobuo explained to miss mia and Sebastian what they had to do and they agreed with it. "so how do we get in contact with him anyway?" Keiko asked as she and Nobuo now walked the aisle in a store looking for some ingredient that Sebastian needed to cook with. "i don't know I thought you may of known I mean he is YOUR teacher." Nobuo said, emphasizing the word your. "hey I just got to that school around the same time you did!" Keiko said, defending herself.

"Even outside of school you two can't get along." Said Mister Osoi. "Sensei!" Keiko said, turning to him. "my have you dyed your hair Keiko?" Asked Osoi sensei as Shizen came running back with flour in his hand, handing them to osoi. "No she didn't dye her hair, it's a long story and we needed to talk to you about it." Nobuo said, pushing Shizen away from him who was trying to become friends with him.

"Well I'm all ears but let's discuss this outside of the store." Osoi sensei said.

Time skip they bought there groceries along with Keiko and Shizen sneaking candy

"So your telling me that she has super strength and speed now cause you guys were attacked in the forest." Mister Osoi said walking with bags of groceries in his hands with Keiko and Nobuo on the opposite sides of him. "Yeah that's what happened." Nobuo said. "And why are you telling me this?" Asked osoi. "because she won't be able to do the school competition she could kill someone out there." Nobuo said. "She can't be that strong..." Osoi carried out. "She did this to my stomach earlier when I told her to punch me." Nobuo said, lifting up his shirt to reveal a Fist imprint on his stomach that was badly bruised.

"Anyone other than me would have been dead and of course some other super strong guy." Nobuo said, pulling his shirt down. "Now that is a nasty scar, but I will surely take it up with the council about keiko skipping out on the fighting part, I don't know how they might take it though." Osoi said not promising anything. "Well thank you for your time." Nobuo said, waving off as he walked away from Osoi sensei with Keiko beside him.

"Bye sensei!" She shouted as she waved at her teacher goodbye. Osoi just simply smiled and waved his hand with his eyes closed.As soon as keiko and Nobuo were out of his sight his face instantly turned serious and his whole aura changed making Shizen shake a little bit. "I-are you ok?" asked Shizen looking at his tamer. Osoi seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was in and looked down a little bit at shizen. "Ah yes of course let's go!" he said, smiling again and walking back to his house.

Keiko and Nobuo ended up making it back to the orphanage safe and sound and giving Sebastian the ingredients he needed to cook with. "All we can do at the moment is wait and pray that the council knows what's the best thing to do." Nobuo said, leaning back in his chair, making it rock on two legs. "I wonder what Otoko would think." Keiko said out loud. ''for all we know his head might explode if you even tell him you got stronger." Nobuo said. Keiko then started to imagine Otoko's head actually exploding. "I didn't mean literally baka." Nobuo said, shaking his head in disappointment. "hey don't baka me!" Keiko said, kicking the legs on Nobuo's chair making him fall back.

"ah!" Nobuo yelled as he felt himself falling back and hitting the floor leaving a loud thud. "I promise you two can't do anything that doesn't involve fighting or in jury can you?" Sebastian said, turning around with the cooked soba in his hands. Nobuo's mouth started to water at sight "Hey you're drooling on the table!" Sebastian yelled with steam going through his head as he glared at Nobuo. "Whoops my bad couldn't help it" Nobuo said, wiping his mouth. "Anyway what did your teacher say is he going to talk to them?" Sebastian asked setting all the food on the table as they ate amongst themselves, the other kids had already eaten and were put to sleep leaving keiko,Sebastian and Nobuo.

"He said he would talk to them but he couldn't promise anything." Keiko said eating her soba as Nobuo was downing the whole bowl in one go. "hey slow down will ya!" Sebastian said, moving the bowl from Nobuo's mouth. "You got any more?" Nobuo asked, showing him a clean plate. Anger symbols started to form on Sebastian's head and Nobuo really pissed him off.

The next morning there was a knock on the orphanage door as sebastian and miss miya where feeding all the children breakfast. "I'll get it!" Yelled Keiko as she ran to the door keiko opened the door to reveal her teacher osoi Sensei and behind him is a really large man with black hair that is braided backward and a scar going from his Left eye all the way down to his neck, His left eye also was completely white and his right eye pupils were black. "sensei! there's some really huge scary man behind you!" Keiko yelled trying to warn her teacher. "Oh don't worry he is one of the seven councils this here is Saikyo Kuro ranked 3rd out of the seven." Osoi sensei said moving out of the way so I could see him better. "Keiko dear move out of the way so they can come inside." Miss miya said to me.

"Oh no that won't be necessary we just need the girl." Saikyo said walking past Osoi sensei and now standing in front of Keiko while looking down on her. "They need to see her ma'am, it's very important, '' Osoi sensei said, trying to let Miss Miya know. "It's ok mom i'll go!" Keiko said, slipping on her shoes as Nobuo was right behind her. "And who may you be?'' asked Saikyo looking at Nobuo.

"I'm her beast, you big oaf." Nobuo said, chewing on a piece of bacon. Saikyo's expression went blank as little veins started to form on his forehead. "You got some balls, kid." he said, clearly annoyed. "mhmm thanks." Nobuo said ready to leave. "We promise to bring her back safely." Sensei Osoi said as they left.

"So where are we going?" Asked Keiko walking in the middle with Nobuo while Osoi and Saikyo were on the outside. "We are going to the council Office where we will discuss what to do with you.'' Saikyo said as a Black Limo pulls up beside them and an elderly man gets out of the car. "My welcome sir." He says as he opens the front door to the passenger side and Saikyo gets in and motions for the man to open the door for us.

"Thank you." Keiko saids as she got inside of the limo with Nobuo and osoi sensei following close behind. "Take us to the council office please." Saikyo said as the man nodded and drove off. While in the middle of the ride something from the bottom of the limo started to rise up almost like a table. "woah what's this!" Keiko yelled as she saw a blue button on it. "Don't touch it." Nobuo said smacking her hand away. "It's nothing bad if you trust me." Saikyo said looking at them. "I mean I've eaten berries out of the forest and almost died what can this blue button do?" Keiko said pressing it. After she pressed the button lots of food started to appear inside of limo in front of them.

"it was only a food button." saikyo said looking ahead at the road. Nobuo mouth started to water as he saw all the sweets in front of him along with some meat. osoi sensei laughed a little Saikyo had a weird sense of humor but he did his best. While Nobuo and Keiko were stuffing their faces, the driver was now pulling up in front of a large building. "Name and Id." Asked a man as Saikyo handed him his Id and they let them pass. "woah this is the council office?" Asked Keiko with cupcake frosting and crumbs on her face.

The building has at least 20 floors and a lot of people going in and out of the building. They even had some security guards in the front with dogs on a leash sniffing people as they walked in to make sure they didn't have anything illegal or harmful on them. "We are here sir." The elderly man said "thanks." Saikyo said, sliding him 200 dollars as he got out of the car. Keiko and Nobuo opened the car door as they followed Saikyo inside, people didn't even have time to stare or ask questions, they all looked like they were on a busy schedule.

"W-welcome sir w-would you l-like." the man stuttered obviously in fear. "save it" Saikyo said as he walked past him and inside the building with Keiko silently apologizing for his behavior. Inside the building was so organized and in order but the people also didn't seem as stressed.

Saikyo walked to an elevator as he motioned us in and he pressed the button for the 20th floor. As the elevator moved up you could see out of the window all the other buildings outside. "woah this is so cool!" Keiko said, pressing her face against the glass. Saikyo immediately pulled her off of the window. "your gonna make the window dirty." He said, making Keiko frown. *ding!* Went to the elevator as it opened to reveal 5 other people. "My I thought you were never going to show up." A lady said with Purple long curly hair as she put on her red lipstick while looking into a small mirror that she pulled out from her purse.

"We are missing one." Saikyo said as he made his way over to his chair leaving Keiko,Nobuo and osoi sensei on the side. "You know he's rarely ever here." some kid said sitting on the far end of the table with a girl beside him they almost looked identical. "My you must be the girl they were talking about! my name is Kireina Saki but you can call me Rina!" the lady with the curly purple hair said.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Keiko Hatsu!" Keiko replied, shaking her hand while smiling. "We weren't supposed to start greetings until he got here." Said the same boy on the far end of the table. His hair was blue and kept up in a high small ponytail and the girl beside him had short straight blue hair also with the same eye color they seemed to be playing some game. "And your not supposed to be playing games in the office either." Rina shot back, blowing him a kiss as he immediately ducked his head.

"Anyway darling those two over there are twins if you haven't figured it out. The boys name is Aoi Mizu and the girls name is Aoi Kaiyo. They are actually around your age, maybe a couple of years older." Rina said, smiling at Keiko. "Don't compare me to that weakling." Mizu said not even breaking eye contact with me. "I'm not weak!" Keiko yelled at him. "You are to me." Miszu said, continuing his game.

"My my this was very interesting to watch but I think it's time we get to business sorry I'm late everyone." Said an unknown person as everyone stood up and bowed. Osoi sensei smacked me and Nobuo's head and made us bow.

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