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One Bouquet, One Forager

July 23, 2022
By talesbyflora, Wonju, Other
talesbyflora, Wonju, Other
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Narrated from a bird's eye point-of-view, from an unseemingly universe within a seemingly world, humans and fairies alike grow in a lush forest, where flower species from all around the world somehow find their way to this magical forest. As the two blooming lovers, Zinnia, a human forager, and Delphine, a human but with a rare type of condition that requires the correct assortment of flowers collected on their crown, this species is referred to as the Bouquettes. As petals fall, Zinnia must find the last species of flower, a Larkspur, and complete Delphine’s collection. If by the dawn of the final day rises with an incomplete bouquet, Delphine will wither into dust and migrate to another forest with no promise of magic to bring her to life. She will simply become the flower that failed to be collected. Zinnia will lose her forever. Assisted by Tui the Bird, he will take you on a ride, providing a bird's eye point-of-view of Zinnia's combat with betrayals, predators, and insects on her journey to scavenge for the Larkspur before dawn!


One Bouquet, One Forager

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