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High Schooler Ricky Steele: Freshman

January 5, 2011
By OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
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"You think it is the living that will have the ultimate judgement over you, but it's the dead that will have no claim over your soul"

Ricky Steele stared at the tall building that stood before him. People of various shapes and sizes shuffled on each side of him.
"Good bye my darling!"
Okay, who am I kidding! I like speaking in third person. It seems fun and doesn't make me sound completely insane when I don't actually talk to myself out loud. Oh-that crazy insane woman yelling herself to death is my mom. I'd think that I'm not part of a spoof of high school proportions, but...the author has lead you to believe otherwise.
"Yes mom!"
"Do you really-I mean REALLY think you can speak to me that way?" My mom, a woman of late 40s tries to get herself to believe that all her "chicks" will never leave the nest. That they are here to stay and forever WILL stay! I on the otherhand want to get the hell away from the place she likes to call home and make some dirty shack my "home" whether or not it's clean...it's not my mom's house.
"It's the first day mom! FIRST-day! I need to go..." As if matters couldn't get worse, my girl,Kelly Herring, my light, my heart beat unfortunately calls for me at the same time.
"There you are!" She yelled.
"RICKY!?" My mother yelled as well. I now feel like I'm playing the human tug-of-war and I'm desperately screaming "LET GO!"
"Ricky, your father needs your help repairing the television tonight-you know after the outtage we had LAST night?"
"Mom, I'm not a repair man. I watch T.V. and go to bed...maybe eat, but that's always up in the air. I am NOT a repair man...and neither is dad.There are jobs for people to do that...it's their PROFESSION! It's called a cable guy! They have a comedian named after him! Call the cable guy!"
Before I knew it, the conversation with my mother was over and she was speeding off down the street. Ricky=1
"Was that your mom?" Kelly had approached me from behind as I felt her calm touch on my shoulder.
"It depends. Would you ever consider that woman a possible future mother-in-law?"
"Doesn't she realize this is a school yard?"
"You know, I would really hope at some point that she would get the point that "Hey there's a big building with Garble High on the front" and there are quite a few teens running around with backpacks on."
Kelly always knew how to find my humor no matter how much sarcasm I put into my speeches. Her laugh makes what I could imagine the start of a bad day into something brand new.
"By the way, did your mom say your television went out last night? So did ours."
"Mom was watching her cooking show and I was watching Teen mom."
"Teen Mom? You're talking of a show that practically gives the idea that if teen girls get pregnant, they're going to be on T.V."
"That's the one!" I love the simple things about Kelly. Nothing got her down. Someone said it was going to rain and she commented that the shade of gray in the clouds was beautiful. Reminded her of her grandmother and her gray hair...hey, it's her reasoning not mine, but she's cute either way. Her strawberry blonde hair hung straight right below the flower clip she always wore in the upper most right part of her head.
"I could help you and your dad tonight with your T.V."
"Trust me, my dad can barely help himself to a conversation with most people. We won't be watching T.V. for some time now."
I tried to remember that we started to go into the school, but I also remember running face first into who I had claimed to be my best friend Matt Jasper. The talk of the school. The guy didn't have ONE true friend, but I still tolerated him for all that he was. His hair always hung over most of his eyes. I never COULD tell if he had a huge forhead or not. His clothes always reminded me of torn wash clothes. Torn wash clothes that were bought torn and mattered.
"Hey! My god, I called for you like four times. You deaf?!"
"What if I was?! I DID just have my mom yell at me so it's a possibility."
"Your mom was yelling at you again?"
"Let's not talk about that okay."
Before I knew it, the conversation of my so called "mother" was over and we were soon roaming the hallway. I seemed to overhear fellow peers speak of the recent television outage that took place last night.
"Matt, did your T.V. go out last night?" Kelly had asked him in a innocent shy way. I know how she acts towards Matt, cause I also know that they have both had their fair share of each other. Matt is a guy of play. He has had about every girl in the school. Any girl he could spit at, he's dated.And unfortunately for me, Kelly has been on his hit list. We made our ways into the school’s main hallways and people scurried like crazy trying to get to their destinations.
"We don't have television. My dad doesnt believe in it."
"Believe in T.V.? It's not a religion." My days arguing with Matt were matched with a thousand each and every day, but I got use to it…
“What, are we going to stand around and have ourselves a lil tea party chat session or are we going to go to class. I mean- it really doesn’t matter to me. Class or no class is fine either way.” Matt replied who was now leaning against a few lockers showing off what chest he thought he had to show off.
“You’re disgusting! I can’t believe I ever thought or I mean THOUGHT about touching you, even in a friendly way.” Kelly shut out Matt’s existence with her back side. Her hopeless face of wondering if he’ll respond stared right at me.
“Come on love-uh!” My attention was immediately drawn to the cockiness shining through Matt’s ego.
“I don’t care if you’re my friend, acquaintance, or…whatever you are to me, but just-leave Kelly out of your little sex appeal games.” I stared into Matt’s eyes. Even though the guy has an ego as large as-well the largest thing in the world, I still knew how to someone concede the original ego that was-Matthew Jasper.
“Alright guy-cool it…” He stood up off the lockers. “Are we going to class or not? I wanna get chemistry over with already.”
The bumpy conversation which we’ve come in contact one too many times has been yet again avoided. We slowly but surely made our ways into Mr.Hempshire’s chemistry class. The man was large, nerdy, but in charge.
“Due to the outage last night, the power point for class today which includes your notes has been postponed till further notice.” Mr. Hempshire was definitely a man of dedication. His woes and worries of our failing note taking were soon hidden under the uproar of the class. Matt lifted his head from a deep sleep to a surprised roaring class. “Calm down class. A minor bump in the road won’t hold us back from our educational journeys.” The roar then fell to a groan.
“I thought for a second I was waking up on Christmas day to a special surprise.” He sighed as his head flopped back down to the desk top.

That night sitting at the dinner table, I received the same lecture and torture of the twenty questions game. Luckily my dad somehow always made his way in at the right times. In retrospect my dad is probably one of the wierdest men alive on this planet.
"Champ, buddy, pal. How was school? Second week as a freshman, right?"
“Yeah, dad. Mom already asked all the questions in the book.”
“Forgive us if we care alright?” Mom said as she came into the dining room with the final tray of food and laid in down on the table. Her smile of accomplishment shined over the table as she sat down and gestured to my dad and I to eat. “How is Kelly and Matt doing with being freshman and all?” She continued as though it were necessary to create conversation at the table. Table=eating food not words.
“They’re-they’re…okay…” I tried to end the conversation as soon as I could with stuffing any food item into my mouth.
My parents began to spout anything they could to try not to choke myself. My mom was always the upper hand on any fight between her and my dad.
“Stop! Just stop!” She had risen herself from the table before she then came back to reality with herself. “Richard, have you called the cable company yet? I have shows lined up this week that I was hoping I’d get to watch at some time.”
“Honey, I told you, Rick here and I are going to repair it…”
“Dad, I told mom this morning, I have no idea how to repair a flashlight let alone a cable box.”
“He never said anything about a flashlight.” My mom said soon beginning to eat.
“Mom, okay I didn’t say flashlight, but you got the point…”
“Were you lying to your mother?!” My dad said trying to place the most serious of all faces onto his comedic face.
“No, I wasn’t lying. She was yelling at me from the car to the school’s front door. It was all I could do to pretend she wasn’t my mother.”
My dad sat back in his chair and soon pretended that he wasn’t just about to get serious with his second, youngest child…okay, yes I have a brother. I am the youngest blah blah blah! Hank Steele is my older brother and in fact a forsaken name in my house. My brother is what most say is a criminal….we’ll just leave the criminal mind for a…possible sequel to this book kay?!
“Laura, you yelled at him from your car?” He turned to me in fear, “What did she yell?”
“She uh-yelled to me calling me her darling.”
My dad stood up from the table with disappointment on his face. “You screamed my darling to our Freshman son? Do you not remember the freshman code?”
“Richard, that is a terrible rumor to be telling our son!” She cleaned her plate of every item and started to go to the kitchen. I sat in my seat and attempted to ignore the two of them.
“It’s not a rumor! You remember my freshman year? I was picked on every single day of my high school career! They even gave me a nickname!” My dad’s nickname that ran rapid through the house soon reached out a touched the funny nerve in the sub-conscience of my brain and I let out a little chuckle. “It’s not funny!”
My mom had made her way into the kitchen as my dad followed. I then also finished my plate.
“I’m going to bed!?” The fighting between them did not subside, “Okay…night!”
I sat quietly up in my room listening to the faint yelling of my parents. For a split second, the fighting stopped before a small shattering of a glass started the rampage again.
I almost dozed off before I noticed that the fighting had stopped. I leaned out of my bed before a large rock came crashing through my window. The crashing startled me and sent me hurling backwards over my bed.
“Are you okay?” The familiar voice of Kelly rung in my ear as I then made my way over to the shattered window. Once I peered outside, I saw Kelly bashfully hiding in one of the bushes below. “I swear I didn’t think it would’ve broken the window.” She crawled out of the bush just before Matt approached her in shock.
“You broke the window?!” He had a soda can in his hand and then took a quick sip.
“I didn’t know it would’ve broken the window.” She replied in her tiny innocent voice.
“It’s okay guys, really. Why are you here? Not that I love seeing you Kelly, but it’s like…midnight.”
“Wait, you don’t like seeing me?” Matt said dropping his can. “Eh, you know what? I’ve heard worse.” He picked the now half empty can off the ground and began to drink it once again. “No, but we’re here to show you what I stumbled upon this evening.” He pulled out an even smaller rock from his pocket. I ducked behind my window in the hopes that anything thrown at me would miss. “What are you doing?” I leaned back over the window seal. “I’m not gonna throw this at you, trust me!”
“You realize there’s always going to be a trust issue between us.”
Matt stood in obvious disappointment, “Yeah, okay, that IS true, but I just wanna show you something…really!”
“He’s not kidding sweetie!” Kelly yelled up at me. Knowing that whatever is in Matt’s hands is also known by Kelly means that it’s nothing that’s going to put me in harm’s way. “Just get down here!”
I did the best I could do with what sneaking skills I had to creep out of my bedroom down to the front yard.
“What’s the big news?” I tried to cover myself up the best I could without freezing to death. Though it was only August, the chilled air of autumn came just a little early.
“This rock!” Matt’s eyes glowed as he showed me the small pebble in his palm.
“I know it may look like a rock, and frankly I wouldn’t originally believe anything that comes out of this guy’s mouth, but…his story sorta makes a little bit sence.” Kelly grabbed my arm in begging that whatever Matt was about to tell me was true. I looked at Kelly before I reluctantly gave myself up to her gleaming brown eyes and smile.
“I’m listening…” Kelly jumped with excitement as Matt then cleared his throat.
“Alright, you know how all the televisions in this area were out last night? Well, anyways, I was walking home from school tonight and my usual path to take home was closed for construction, so I had to take a different way. Anyways, I passed by that large satellite thing down by the dump. The thing had been smashed to bits. So it had me interested to find out what happened. I went over and saw this ginormous meteorite-meteor looking thing on top of the satellite.” He started to jitter with excitement.
“So?” My fascination with the story began to lead my imaginary self back inside to my bed. “You found a meteorite on top of a smashed satellite. Is that it?”
Matt started to understand my meaning of his coming to my house this late. “Uh…well you see it sounded like a pretty legit story coming over here.”
“You guys walked all the way over here, broke my window with a rock just to have me come out here so you can show me a LITTLER rock that you found on a smashed satellite?”
“In my defense sweetie, it did sound pretty convincing.” Kelly said standing back from me.
“okay…” I kissed Kelly good night as I made my way back inside my house. “I’ll let my parents know I slept walk through my window…seems pretty convincing. Good night Kelly. Love you.”
“Love you too!” Kelly said waving me goodbye.
“Later man!” Matt said also waving.
“Go away…” I closed the door shut in hopes that they would go away. Kelly stood and thought of what just happened.
“Your story IS stupid…” She snarled as she then walked away heading back home.

I opened my eyes and before me was what looked like a tiny round spec. I reached out to grab it, but realized that what was in front of me, was the earth. I was floating in the atmosphere, the sky, the air! My body flopped from one side to the other as I twisted my way trying to somehow grab something solid around me. I eventually stopped as I spotted a large machine float over and begin to hover over the planet Mars. A pointed pyramid slipped from the bottom of the machine and began to glow red.
“WAIT! WAIT!” I waved and swung my arms around trying to gain it’s attention. A large beam grew from the point of the pyramid and struck the planet which for a few seconds glowed red before it burst into a million pieces that soon scattered throughout the atmosphere and surrounding space. One of the shattered pieces tossed and turned towards planet earth.
“What’s going on here?”
“You’re having a dream.” The familiar voice startled me as I spun myself around to see Kelly sitting crossed legged on a meteorite large enough for her to be sitting on. Her clothing was shiny red and tight to the skin. She waved to me in a teasing way before she blew a kiss to me. However in her kiss, a large lip shapped cloud hurdled towards me that then evaporated when it hit my body.
“I love you Ricky.” She repeated over and over again. As I stared lovingly at her, a large hand came into view and grabbed the meteorite. Matt then was as large as a planet and was holding the meteorite in his hand.
“Look at what I found!” Matt screamed sending me flying through space due to his gigantic size. Matt then threw the meteorite into his mouth and swallowed it as I fell further and further away.
Before I knew it, I had reached the atmosphere’s boundary and started to slowly fall into planet earth. Soon enough, I caught fire and began to burn up…when suddenly BOOM! I wake up.
I had had similar dreams before, but none of which made almost somewhat since. They all were the same though, I find myself floating in space before something happens to some planet.
The moment I woke up, I rushed over to my shattered window. A bright blue glowing shined down on me from the sky. I covered my eyes with the thought that the light was just the moon. Before I knew it, the light grown brighter. I finally took a small glance when I realized the light was coming towards me. I then remember the light striking the ground showing what looked like bright electric roots squirming through the ground. The source of the roots laid a large, blue, glowing ball or light.
To my amazement, I continued to stare at both the glowing rock and the place it fell from; the sky. Using the time I had that night, I eventually made my way back down to my front lawn. The ball still shimmered with its all mighty glow. Inch by inch I scooted closer towards the ball. Before I knew it, I was two feet from the object when it burst into a lightning explosion. The force sent me back towards the ground. My body tingled as I then blacked out.
Now, I will try to gather what I remember the few days after that due to lack of memory. You know what, hospital stories are all the same anyways, the main character wakes up, says, “Oh what am I doing here? What happened to me?” Family and friends stand bed side waiting for their beloved to awake…well, my mom and Kelly were there…I think…Matt didn’t know anything happened to me until the day I came home.
“It was a meteorite wasn’t it!?” Matt stood over me on our sofa yelling at me. “I knew it! I just knew it! It fell from the sky right!?”
“Of course it fell from the sky!” Kelly grabbed my arm and rubbed it. “I just want to know that my baby’s okay.”
I leaned over and answered her with a quick kiss. Okay, nevermind we totally made out! It was always a rare occasion when this stuff happened to Kelly and I. She held on to my head as though I wasn’t going to be there in a few more seconds.
“You know, you think I’d get use to this kind of treatment, but after a million times of seeing you guys suck each other’s face off, it gets old.” Matt stared at us with disgust smeared on his face. Soon enough, we broke the lock between us. I had never felt better.
“You know guys, I had a dream last night. A dream that…oddly enough makes since to you coming to my house the other night.”
Matt’s face grew serious as he joined Kelly and I on the couch. “You’re being serious right now?”
“I think I may be. Just listen to me right now.” I went to open my mouth as the television turned on to show us the static on the screen. Shocked, the three of us began to search for the remote. “Who did that?”
“I don’t know.” Kelly answered pulling away from me.
“It’s a poltergeist!” Matt said jumping up from the couch pointing blankly at the television. Though he was a freshman in high school, his maturity has been stuck in the fourth grade for centuries.
“Just listen!” I yelped pulling him back down onto the sofa. “Okay, I had this dream last night. I was floating in space, both of you were there and I saw this space ship. It blew up Mars with this laser beam and a piece of Mars went twirling towards earth. I woke up and that meteorite fell directly into my yard seconds after I woke up. I think-I think my dream was trying to tell me something. Like-like a sign! Is that weird?”
“Wait, did I look good in this dream or was it like a future look at me and I’m all fat and gross?” Matt started to yammer on about himself when Kelly reached out and swatted him on the top of his head.
“I’m serious, I think it was a sign.”
“Ricky, you’re parents say you fell out of your window when you slept walked out of it.” Kelly said as she reached out and hugged my chest. “There was no sign of a meteorite in your yard-nothing!”
I quickly shot up off the couch and ran to our dining room windows to stare out at the yard. To my belief, the location of the rock had disappeared. There was no impression in the ground or anything.
“It’s gone.” I whispered to myself as I turned around and began to make my way back towards Matt and Kelly.”Maybe it all was just a dream.”
“Are you okay?” Kelly soon rose from the couch and met me halfway.
“Then my story wasn’t complete crap!” Matt shot up and slapped his hands together in excitement.
“Calm yourself. I think all we have here is a delusional boy with a little bump on his head.” Kelly smiled at me as she rubbed my head.
“I guess so.” I looked over at Matt and gestured a forgiving signal. Let down, He sat back down on the couch with a sigh.
“Saturday morning and I have to spend it here with you guys.” Matt chuckled as his tone of voice went from friendly to irritated.
“I’m sorry. I guess it was all just part of my dream.” I hugged Kelly as I continued to rub my head and think long and hard of the other night.

The next week at school my head felt like it had been filled with cement and over time, it had hardened. I could barely stay awake in Mr. Hempshire’s class. His words turned to mumbles and his figure turned to mush. My head time after time hit my desk top.
“Mr. Steele, am I boring you?” Mr. Hempshire asked as he watched down at my weak body.
“YES!” Matt shouted as he rose from his desk top. “I admit it, this class is boring!”
“The obvious has been spoken many-a-times with you Matthew.” Mr.Hempshire looked over at Matt with both hands on his hip giving him “the stare”. “You may go back to sleep.” Matt acknowledged Mr. Hempshire and fell back down to his desk.
Driven with a small dose of excitement, Mr.Hempshire quickly walked back to the front of the class. “Now, with help from our tech support, we luckily have full control of our power point now. We NOW can finally move on with our notes. Get your notebooks and something to write with.”
The class screamed with discomfort of taking notes. I on the other hand didn’t have the power to move.
“Are you alright?” Kelly grabbed my shoulder and rubbed my back. “Ever since your visit to the hospital, you’ve been out of it.”
I knew I soon irritated her because I remember only answering a few times and most of the times I did answer she received a groan or mumble. Since she grew irritated, she left me be. That class day seemed to never end. Falling in and out of sleep didn’t help the dose at all either.
Lunch rolled around. I stumbled into the lunch hall and remember standing aimlessly in the center of the cafeteria.
“Son, are you alright?” Mrs.Longsdon, an algebra teacher came to me and held me upright. “You look as though you’re about to be sick.” She took my arm and lead me out of the cafeteria into the nurses office. “I found him standing in the cafeteria looking as though he were going to throw up.”
“Take a seat darling. We’ll see what’s wrong with you.” The school’s nurse Martha Bradberry had been a veteran to that school for years. She was colored and had the most soul with any and all patients she had come in to her office. Mrs. Longsdon bid us both a good day and left. “So tell me Mr. Steele, what seems to be the problem?”
I recall looking at Mrs. Bradberry and her giving back an odd unfamiliar look. She nodded and then rolled her chair across the room back over to her desk. She scribbled some words on a form sheet before she then rolled back over to me.
“Open up!” She said so as she then stuck a thermometer in my face. I reluctantly opened and let her place the plastic stick into my mouth. I closed down and sat. Preoccupied, she rolled back over to her desk. Soon after she rolled back to me and removed the stick from my mouth. “Well, you don’t have a fever. You should be okay.”
I jumped up from my seat and ran to the emergency bathroom. Let’s just say…I was sick, but…with no symptoms. To my surprise, I walked out of the bathroom feeling brand new.
“You okay?” Mrs. Bradberry stared up at me.
“I’m-uh-I’m…okay?” I wiped my mouth and started for the door.
“You need to come back if you start feeling bad again.” She pointed her pen at me when I soon agreed. I left her office, took a turn at the corner and ran face to face into Nina Oettel.
“Oh, I’m-I’m sorry.” I said as I finally realized the person I just ran into was a new face at this school. “Sorry, I don’t believe-we’ve-ever met?”
She looked down and shook her head softly in embarrassment. “I-sorry.”
“Excuse me?” I then noticed this girl was probably foreign. “My name’s Ricky Steele. Are you new-here?” She then glanced up at me and softly nodded again.
“I am Nina.” She smiled behind the hanging bangs on her forehead. To comfort her, I brushed the hair out of her eyes.
“Hey, I-I can help you find your classes if you need me to. I’ve lived here forever and you’re new so-it all works out in the long haul.”
Nina lifted her head and stared back at me with her glowing brown eyes. “I-I would like that…I from Germany.”
“Germany! I’ve never been there before.” I could tell that she was interested in my being for her head was no longer tilted downwards and she was smiling at me.
“Thank you.” She wrapped her arm around mine. In shock I stood and quickly looked around for suspects of my doing.
“Uh-no problem. Let’s go.”
I managed to retrieve her to every class she needed to be at. The mission had almost been complete when I rounded a corner with Nina and came face to face…to-face with Kelly. Her face seemed shocked, but confused.
“Nina.” She spoke her name as though she knew her. “From gym class.” Kelly leaned over and wrapped her arm around mine. “Thanks for bringing him back to me.” Nina took a step back and then looked back down to the floor. She hadn’t looked so shy at all that entire day until now.
“Thank you again.” Nina said in a whimpering shy voice. She looked up at me as I only came up with was an agreeing nod. Nina then also nodded as she turned and left.
“She’s such a nice girl.” Kelly said as her and I stared at Nina leaving. “I talk to her every day in gym class. She speaks pretty good English too.” I nodded again in agreement as I anxiously stared off still at Nina. “Ricky? Do you like her!?” Kelly pulled away in anger and astonishment to my staring.
Quick to answer, I shook myself of my amazement. “What? No, she’s a friend! She needed help finding classes today and I helped out.”
“How’d you meet her?” Kelly’s emotions began to pour out like crazy as she glared at me with both hands on her hips.
“I had to go to the nurse. When I left, I ran into her. Kelly, you don’t need to worry about her, okay? We’ve been dating for two years now. Nothing’s going to get between us.” My magic tricks had worked. Kelly had smiled and soon hugged me. If I knew I was such a love magician, I would have learned to master the ability to do so and make any woman that came my way my own, but…dreams only go so far.

“Holy cow! Did you see the batch of foreign exchange students we got this week? There’s like three or four girls and man they are hot!” Matt and I had decided to walk home that day and I took the privilege of having Matt ramble on and on about foreign woman when I somehow let my mind wander off and I had found myself on planet Nina. I began to wonder time after time what she was doing. If she was thinking about me. Guilt soon took over when I started to think about what I would be to Kelly if I were to leave her or worse…well, let’s not think worse right now. “Guy, are you listening?”
“Oh man, there’s like Raquel, Joslynn, and uh-and…” He stopped and actually started to think to himself of possible future prey.
“And Nina?” I continued to walk forward home as Matt soon caught up with me.
“Nina, eh? She sounds hot.” Matt smiled and cocked his head back as his voice changed to the low arrogant voice he makes when talking about a girl.
“Yeah, she’s okay.” Eventually we walked right in front of my house. I opened the mailbox at the end of our driveway and retrieved the papers from the inside.
“Oh my-you like her! You like her! Does Kelly know about this?”
“Uh-Kelly doesn’t know cause I DON’T like Nina. Nina’s sweet, but that’s like-cheating…” I spoke my words as I rummaged through the pile of letters.
We entered my house and the moment we step foot in the living room, the chandelier hanging in the dining room exploded into pieces. Soon after, the television switched on. The screen flickered a perfect picture for a few seconds before the screen strikes black and the set itself catches on fire.
“It’s a poltergeist!” Matt points at the TV set and simultaneously at the chandelier. “What is going on here?!”
“I know only as much as you do.” I stood in fear. For the first time in my life, I stood in fear of living in my own home. “Why are weird things happening all of a sudden?”
“As if this wasn’t weird?” Matt sits down on the sofa still shocked at the occurring events. I set the mail letters onto the dining room table. When I double took the downed letters, I noticed where my fingers held onto the letters the face of the paper was burnt.
“Yeah, weird…” I retrieved the letters once again and tried to dust of the brown burnt marks on the letter. “Um, I’m not feeling well. Could you possibly go home soon or…something?”
“You kidding, I’m your buddy. I’ll stand by your side no matter what!” He smiled at me before my point was soon made when I stared directly into Matt’s eyes and gave him a glare demanding his leave. “Alright, I’ll go…sheesh!” He swung his backpack around and onto his back. “See ya tomorrow at school.” Matt made his way to the door, but stopped and turned back smelling the air. “Is something burning?”
“Go Matt…”
“Alright, I’m out.” He opens the door and shuts it behind him as he leaves.
I soon to think I was going mad. Ever since the beginning of my Freshman year, things had never seemed the same as they use to. My parents are more aggressive with each other, my girl friend is…well…the same, but to my once loud beating heart for Kelly, it seems it’s going to skip a beat for someone new. Thinking lead to headaches, I closed my eyes and fell softly to sleep.
My eye sprung back open to find I was laying on a cold metal ground…another dream. In the one spot that I laid, Was yet a single light shining down onto me. I stood up covering my eyes with my hands.
“What’s going on!?” My voice came back to me as it echoed throughout the chamber I soon found myself in.
“You’re right here. Right where you need to be.” A figure came forth from the darkness. Once the light hit the figure I soon gasped to the sight of myself standing before me. Though my twin wasn’t identical, it still mirrored my image. My twin was dressed very well and his hair was slicked to one side. In his right hand was a brass handle cane. “Confused yet? Well, let me try and inform you. What you’re looking at is what you’ll soon be.”
“What? That’s impossible. You’re telling me I just like-time traveled to see myself?”
“It’s…something. Take this as living in the moment.” My twin grabbed my shoulders and smiled. “Do us both a favor, bring me to life.” He continued to smile as he slowly stepped back into the shadows. “And let me warn you, whatever you decide to do from here on out, is strictly up to you.” His total figure was soon cloaked by shadows and I noticed where his eyes would have been placed in the darkness began to glow a bright green. “You would hate to see yourself if something went wrong.” The laugh which I obviously knew of echoed through the chamber. “Do one more favor, wake up!”
The eyes evaporated into a red smoke and began to levitate around me. Slowly, but surely the smoke began to hug me. Before I knew it, the smoke morphed into a raging fire slowly burning me. The flames took over and burnt me to a black crisp.
Awakening form he dream, I heard a loud knocking on our front door. Making my way towards the door, I noticed that outside the sun had lowered. I had been sleeping for most of the evening. I finally gained my destination at the door and opened it.
Before me stood the innocent little being who goes by the name of Nina Oettel. “H-hi…”
“Nina!? W-what are you doing here?”
“I sorry if I woke you. My parents wanted me to get to know the neighborhood. So…” She stood there staring at the ground. “I’ll be going now. I sorry to of disturbed you.”
“No-no you’re okay. I mean, I was just sleeping, you-you want to come in?” I stood towards the wall next to the door opening my house to Nina. She took a shy look inwards and smiled then giggled to herself. “My parents aren’t home, but I’m sure they won’t mind.”
She took a few steps inside and began to glance around her. “This is-very nice.”
“It’s…it’s home.” She stood in the walkway of my house…just…standing there. “Well come in, it’s not a prison…well, not to you.” She laughed and slowly took a few more steps inside. “Take a seat. Are you thirsty?” She nodded as she soon made her way to the couch to sit down.
“Feel free to engage me.” Her face grew serious as her misunderstanding took place. “Not marital. Engage me-in conversation. You have any siblings? Any brothers or sisters?”
“I have-one brother and sister. Hank and Francesca. I am the eldest.” She sat erected on the couch.
“You can relax. There’s nothing to worry about.” She looked at me and finally gave me a toothy smile. “Do you-DID-you have a-uh-um-b-b-boyfriend…back in Germany?”
Her smile faded quickly as she stared back downwards. “I did.” She turned away as I heard her voice crack.
“Oh no. no-no-no-no I didn’t mean to bring anything up-I’m sorry. Forget I said anything.” I went into the kitchen wanting to kill myself. “Do you sing, draw, act, play any type of sports? Stop me at any of these thousands of questions.” I knew I was back, cause from the kitchen, I heard her give a small chuckle.
“I don’t do much. I sing-a little- to myself. I can’t draw or act. I like to watch fute-ball?” She looked over at the kitchen area as I walked out with a glass of Dr.Pepper-my favorite.
“Fute-ball? What?!” She looked at me with confusement.
“They-they throw the ball that looks real long in the center, but-but pointed at both ends?” She tried to draw out her description with her hands.
“OH-FOOT-ball.” I handed her the glass as she smiled in agreement. “Here, it’s soda-uh-Dr.Pepper. It’s my favorite.” She took a quick sip of it then smiled again. “You like it?” She continued to drink the soda when she took the risk of downing the drink completely. She finished the entire glass then stared at me with watering eyes. “You’re suppose to drink it slowly.” I giggled-YES I giggled at her surprise to drinking a fizzy drink.
“I was thirsty…” She said behind watering eyes and a chuckling laugh. I quickly pulled a tissue from the side table and handed it to her. She wiped her eyes and then stared at me. “You’re so-sweet. My- boyfriend from Germany was never as considerate as you are.”
“Well, everyone needs to have someone to watch out over them.” The conversation was cut short when a knocking was heard at the door. Nina and I sat in astonishment to the knocking. I went to the door and opened it. Shocked, I closed the door immediately . For on the other side of that door was no other…than Kelly.
“Who is it?” Nina asked rising from the couch in worry.
“It’s my girlfriend Kelly. You know, the girl you talk to in gym class?” I crept open the door and peered out.
“Are you alright? Matt called me and said you weren’t feeling well and told him to go home. I thought I’d stop by after band practice to see if you were okay.” She said trying to peer into the house.
“Yeah, I’m fine-just dandy! See ya tomorrow! Love ya! BYE!” I tried to close the door when she slipped the tip of her shoe into the opening forbidding the door to close.
“There is something wrong with you. What are you hiding in there?!” She said pushing the door open with her foot.
“Everything’s fine! Trust me. I’m still not feeling the best.” The battle grew stronger as she put her body into the pushing motion. “Kelly, what are you doing?! Stop it!” The battle subsided when she forced the door open falling inward. She slowly stood up staring at Nina. “Kelly, it’s not what you think. Trust me!”
“What-is-she doing here?!” Kelly’s voice dropped giving me enough research to understand that she was unhappy. “Just a friend?”
“YES- she stopped by to meet the neighborhood and I let-her…I let her in-my…house…” I soon realized that m argument was going nowhere. “Kelly, listen it’s just-NOT what you’re thinking of. Trust me-really!”
“I believed you. For the first time-for the first time is Ricky Steele, my “boyfriend” lying to me?” She started to tear up.
“No, Kelly. Listen…”
“I have to go. Call me later-or I’ll see you tomorrow-or just…don’t call me tonight-I’ll see you tomorrow.” She walked out and slammed the door behind her. Nina stood behind me in the living room with her head in her hands.
“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” She also started to cry.
“Nina, don’t cry. It’s not you’re fault. I shouldn’t have offered you in and been so friendly-WAIT-no I mean…you’re beautiful, it’s just-No wait-Nina, I’m sorry, but I think I need to ask you to go.” I looked at her with my pointer and thumb pinching my forehead. She nodded before she slowly made her way to the door and left.

The next day at school it seemed as I was starting high school all over again. Kelly hadn’t shown up that morning and Matt was his lazy self in all the classes, so my day…was very-well-lonely. As I looked up from my desk, Nina strolled in. She glanced over at me then quickly looked away.
“I’m not a stranger, you can look at me.”
She slowly turned back towards my way and began making her way towards me.
“Are you-okay? Is everything alright with you and Kelly?” She stood by me, but stared at the floor. Matt ran in and stopped dead in his steps as his vision shot right at me.
“What happened last night? You told me to leave so you could get a little play time with your girlfriend? That’s disgusting!” He ran towards Nina and I with fingers pointed. “What’s your deal?! What did you do?!”
“What-what are you talking about?”
“Kelly called me last night crying-I mean bawling her eyes out saying something about you cheating on her with this fat German chick.” Matt looks over at Nina. “Oh hey, my name’s Matt.” He flipped his hair back and became more relaxed.
“Matt, THIS-is Nina. The so called “Fat, German Chick.”?”
Matt stared back at Nina with fear and embarrassment. “WOW- you’re not fat at all!” He giggles as he sits down in the chair next to me. “Come on, sit down!” He gestures to the seat next to himself.
“I’d-like to apologize once again for last night.” Nina said in a silent voice. Matt squeals under his voice in excitement.
“No, it’s-it’s fine, it wasn’t you’re fault.” I stood up and patted her on the shoulder.
“I’d like to make it up for you.” She tossed her foot side to side has Matt gasped and turned to me. His mouth fell down to his knees.
“That’s-okay, I need to try and fix things with Kelly. She is my girlfriend still and I wanna try and keep her.”
Her voice broke when she answered. “Oh…okay, I understand.”
“Nina, please don’t take this in a bad way. You’re a very beautiful girl. I’m sure any guy in this school would love to date you! But, Kelly has been my girlfriend for three years and I still love her very much.” I continued to speak when I notice a tear run down Nina’s cheek. “Nina, please don’t do this.” She sniffed and pulled herself together.
“I’ll leave you alone now.” She managed to look past her hair and smile at me before she walked out of the classroom. I turned to Matt and in surprise he was still staring at me.
“She totally digs you!” He rose up from his chair. “And YOU just brushed her off your shoulder like dandruff.”
“Kelly, Matt. Kelly is my girlfriend! I did NOT cheat on her last night. I am going to Kelly’s house after school to talk to her and then none of this will have ever happened.”
That night after school, I had made my way to Kelly’s house. From outside, I could hear the blaring of her television. I took my last breath of hope as I then knocked on the door. The moment I did this, the sound of the television was muted. The door soon swung open as her father stood in the opening.
“Well well well…” he stood with an open beer in his hand. “You picked pretty bad time to stop by.”
“Is Kelly home sir?”
“She is-she’s been sleeping all day and if she isn’t sleeping she’s crying.” He took a quick swig and continued to question me. Kelly’s mother stepped up from behind as her once smiling face turned to a frown.
“Ricky…” she pushed Kelly’s father out of the way as she leaned up and hugged me. “I’m so sorry to hear about you and Kelly.” At the sound of her voice, Kelly slowly strolled into the doorway.
“Ricky? What are you doing here?” Her voice began to whimper.
“I came to apologize.”
Her father belched and walked back to his sofa or in his mind his “throne”. Her mom then eyed both of us as she acknowledged the fact for her to leave. She nodded as she then slowly nudged Kelly towards me. The door softly shut behind us. Kelly then stared at me with tears held back. She jumped forward and hugged me and I without reluctant hugged back.
“I wasn’t cheating on you, you know that?”
She pulled back and looked up at me through her watery eyes.
“What I told you was true. Nina came over to visit the neighborhood since she’s new.”
“I know.” He sniffed as she wiped a tear from her cheek. “But when I called Matt the other night, he told me how you brought her up in conversation.”
“He was ranting about new girls at our school!”
“And you just happened to bring her up?” She stood back and looked at me like a finished piece of artwork. “Why’d you bring her up?” Her eyes began to water again. “Tell me the truth-tell me the GOD AWFUL truth…do you like her? Do you think she’s cute-or-or beautiful?”
The question struck my heart strings as one unfortunately broke. She and I both knew Nina was the picture perfect girl. With her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair. Her green eyes; a smile with dimples you could fill with water and just swim…NO-listen to myself. My girlfriend of three years is standing here in front of me and all I can think of is the cuteness that is Nina.
“You’re thinking about her aren’t you?” She asked as more tears began to roll down her cheek. “Ricky, I’ve been thinking that three years is a little too long.”
“What-what do you mean?”
Her head aimed towards the ground as she out loud began to bawl. “It’s over-between us.” She managed to look back up at me with watery eyes. I knew my place was to remain quiet, but my throbbing heart rang throughout my ears. The effect of that caused me to begin to cry as well. My only love was calling it quits.
“I’m…I’m-I’m sorry…”
Kelly rapidly shook her head as she tried her best not to take my apology. She reached for the door and grabbed the handle. In one last attempt to look at my face, Kelly glanced back at me. “Good bye Ricky…” She entered her house and closed the door behind her.

Before any conscience terms reached me, I found myself taking moments to myself on the sides of curbs and street blocks. The sun had eventually made its way across the sky and was ready to take its place on the other side of the sky. My cell phone rang, but I ignored all calls that came to me that night.
I soon noticed I was opening my eyes from a deep sleep. I had fallen asleep on a park bench. I took my cell phone out of my pocket and saw that the time was 11:25 PM. While I was also observing the phone, the screen began to go fuzzy. It then shut off completely.
Before I could act to my dead phone, a large light shown down onto me from above. I tried to look up, but the light was too powerful, so I sat very still and silent. I could hear a collage of many tinkering noises with clinks here and there. I was then startled by a larger thud sounded from behind me.
In terror and excitement, I slowly turned towards the sound. To my surprise, a large creature stood in the shadows staring out at me. Its head cocked sideways as it continued to stare at me.
“Hi?” The figures head erected as it stood back. “Is there something wrong? I was-just on my way home. I accidentally fell asleep out here.” The figure removed an object from what looked like the side of his belt and pointed it at me. A bright light came forth from the object. I now knew it was a gun of some sort. One probably of non existence to this planet. The figure then mumbled to me in a language also unknown to this planet.
The figure then removed another object from his pocket this time. It was a small meteorite. One similar to the one that had landed in my yard this past week. He reached out with the meteorite in hand and placed it to my chest. The rock brightened as the light jumped from the rock into my chest. The figure jumped back in terror with his gun still pointed towards me.
“Whats’ wrong?” The figure then leaped into the sky. I began to walk off trying to mind my own business when three more figures leaped down from the sky surrounding me. “Leave me alone!” I swung out and knocked one of the figures to the ground. Another grabbed my other arm and pulled me to the ground. The last pulled a prod from his belt and zapped me with it. I remember I twitched and turned trying to break free. The third figure then forced the prod into my chest and it continuously electrified my entire body. I finally gave in and stopped moving from unconsciousness.
When I came to, I noticed how freezing it was through my breath. The light through the bar windows on the door shined onto my face. The metal floor beneath me shivered me to the bone. I quickly got up to over to the door. I peered out to see a long hallway. I screamed and hollered for help, but no one attended to my needs. I also noticed the door I was behind was the only door in the hallway. I had been-kidnapped!
In more despair, I rushed to the other side of the room and peered out of the tiny slot in the wall declared as a window. To my fearful, screaming belief, I hadn’t only been kidnapped, I had been abducted!
“Oh god. What’s happened!?” A loud clinging came from the hallway. I quickly then burrowed myself in one of the corners. The door swung open as one of the creatures entered. In its hand was a large needle. “Oh no! No-no-no-no-no you keep that thing away from me!” The figure cocked its head as it then held a large brick looking device towards me. I spoke into it as the figure quickly pulled the object back, it then tinkered with it and placed it towards its mouth.
“You are here for a purpose.” The figure’s voice was spoken throughout the device. “What you came in contact with was a mistake. It’s amazing you’re still alive.”
“ There’s no time to speak of this right now.” He said. “My name is Hynumia. I specialize in mental and physical therapy of the Grentals.”
“Well, Hy-hy-n-num-i-ia- I have to go home right now! My parents will wonder where I am. I have school!”
“I understand of you worries. I promise you I am of no part of your abduction. My commander has shown recently a certain liking to your existence.” He continued to ramble on, but I was growing more concerned of his commander and his obsession with me.
“Your commander?”
“Yes, he is of your type as well.” The creature started to grow aware of his commander as I noticed him begin to sink. “I’m-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you that.”
“What?! No, it’s alright-Uh-what is your commander’s name-if-I may ask?”
“He keeps his actual name secretive to our kind. His only formal name is Commander Lansing. No one here knows of his real name.” A louder clinging came from the hallway.
“Hynumia? Have you consulted with our little test subject?” The voice rung in my ear for the voice was spoken in English. The figure wrapped around the corner. “Well?”
Hynumia looked down at the floor. He placed the translate device back on his belt.
“Hynumia, my favorite psychiatric doctor. You’re not getting lazy on me are you?” The man approached Hynumia and began to circle him with taunting words. Hynumia stood saying nothing. “ANSWER ME!” he smacked Hynumia across the head. He then turned to me.
“Well well well. If it isn’t Mr. Fantastic.” He reached out and ran his fingers through my hair. “So, you’re the powerful one?”
“I-I don’t understand. Powerful one?”
He stared at me closely. “Listen to me. What you came in contact was a mistake and the purpose of your powers are unintentional.” He stood back and gestured to Hynumia. “Experiments start tomorrow morning.” He looked back at me. “Goodnight, Ricky Steele.”

The next morning, I woke up to find myself curled up in the corner. My breath again filled the air around me. I leaned upwards as the jail door swung open. One of the creatures mumbled to me.
“I-can’t understand you! Do you have one of those translator machine things?”
The creature ignored my comment and grabbed my wrist and began to tug at me. I eventually gave in and followed it. I followed it through the long hallway outside of my cell, into a longer hallway outside of the previous hallway. The lights grew dim and eventually a brighter light shinned in my face. I noticed at that moment I was in what looked like a large motel suite. At the far end of the room sat the Commander I spoke to the night before. He was sitting sprawled out in a large red velvet chair.
“So good for you to join us Mr.Steele. Please, have a seat.” He gestured to a smaller seat located in front of him. I never could tell his facial expressions due to a large metal mask he wore.
“A mask? You’re commander and you wear a mask? What are you afraid of?”
“Mr.Steele, I am afraid of no one up here. This is where I belong!” he sits erected in his chair looking at me. “You know, this may all be new to you, but when I lived down there on that pathetic excuse of a planet, I was never taken seriously. You’re just a little spot on the face of all that is unworthy to be called earth.” He picked up a small silver box placed on the night stand next to the chair he was seated in. He opened it and removed a cigar. “Smoke?” I shook my head as he chuckled and stuck the large brown stick into his mouth. He then snapped his fingers as one of the creatures ran to his command and lit his cigar. He puffed on it a few times before he released a large ball of smoke from his lungs through his mouth into the open air.
“Why am I here? Why did you-pick me up?”
He stared at me for a selected few seconds before he smiled and took another puff on his cigar. “Things will eventually make since, but you-my dear sir hold something of great importance. Something that we can’t let anyone else in this universe know about.” He stood up from his chair and approached me. “You have a gift…and I want it.”
“Alright, I’m getting tired of this. What is it exactly that I have? And if you want it so badly, why don’t you just take it?”
“That’s the problem- what you have is untake-able. It’s not an object or thing, but an ability.” He stared down at me into my eyes through the holes in the mask.
“Ability? This crap isn’t making any since!”
“Let me ask you something, has anything unusual happened to you lately?” He started to slowly move back to his chair.
“Unusual? Not really…my life’s average. I have a girlfriend-uh-ex…girlfriend, a crazy egoistic friend…I go to Garble High School…I’m only a Freshman and…well, that’s just about it…”
“Okay, well…you seem pretty average, but there’s more to you.” He sat back down in his chair. He took the cigar and shoved the tip into the table beside him. “Have you heard about the occurrence of the year 2012?”
“The Mayan’s thoughts of the end of the world? What about it?”He chuckled as the implication was made clear to me. “You’re telling me that the moon rock-thing that I came in contact with was sent to prevent 2012?”
“Not-prevent, but…cause it.” He chuckled some more as he removed another cigar from the silver tin box. “The whole idea of some crazy group of people calling the fate of the world seemed like a long shot at first, but testing the human fabric of nature was easier than we thought. Then…there’s you…”
“What do I have to do with the end of the world?”
“Well, the power raging through your veins right now is on most terms here considered extremely dangerous. You-can prevent 2012, which is why we had to remove you from that area…”
“Why do you want to destroy the world in the first place?”
“Because of everyone!” He threw his cigar down to the ground. “Because of the scum invested in that forsaken place. Because of the pathetic excuse of some human beings. Because even though people have all they want in this world, they still take every second they own for granite.” He smeared his foot across the cigar before he rose again from his chair. “And I’m NOT going to let a screwy teenager mess things up for me.”
“How on earth do you think that the world is going to end in 2012? How can you say that testing human nature will give you a positive reaction to this event?” I stood up out of my chair.
“Take him back to his cell.” He gestured to one of the creatures as it then reacted to his remark. “We can make amends here by one thing.” He turned to me. “become one of us.”
“You’ve gotta be kidding me!?” I felt my fist clinch as I took a step forward. “My friends and family live down there and you are NOT going to let them die! I won’t let you!”
“News flash pal! My family lives down there too! The thing is, Ive been gone for 3 years…and none of them realized I was gone! NO ONE! Give a week or two and the same will be said for you!” He turned to the creature once more and then back at me. “I assume then my deal is of no choice to you…take him away…” he turned away as I felt one of the creatures grab ahold of me and begin to drag me away.
The commander turned to another creature. “If he wants his wish so badly, we’re going to have to dig that power source out of him immediately! He can hopefully die with the rest of the humans of planet earth.”

WARNING: The section you are about to read is no longer in third person. Since Ricky is space bound, he is not here to tell this part of the story. So you, the reader, are lucky enough for me, the writer, to tell this part of the story. So before any confusion is made, the following section will be read in second person. Thank you for reading thus far and I hope you enjoy.
Matt walked into garble High like he had first entered the building in his entire life. He stood in the middle of the hallway turning in circles. One after the other. He then stopped when he noticed Kelly standing at her locker.
“Kelly!” He said as he then approached her. “You haven’t happened to have seen Ricky at all today by chance have you?
She stood in silence before she finally responded. “No, I haven’t. I haven’t talked to or seen him since two days ago. He came to my house one afternoon and tried to apologize, but I refused to listen to him.” A tear began to run down her face.
“Whoa-why the tears? Aren’t you guys broken up?” He reached out a wiped the tear away from her cheek.
“I got the vibe from him that he thought that Nina girl was more beautiful than I was.” She began to pour tears out like a raging waterfall. Matt stood in awkwardness in wondering what to do.
“I’ve never dealt with lady emotions before!” He continued to stare as she continued to sob. “What do I do!?” In his attempt, he reached out and hugged her. “I-don’t know what to do so…” He patted her on the back. She eventually wrapped her arms around him and also gave the gift of a hug.
“Thank you…” She pulled away and wiped her cheeks dry. “It’s just, three years with someone and you think you know them well enough…”
“Yeah, it’s weird…this year has been so different for him. I don’t know if it’s the new area around him with this school or…what? It beats me.” They both stood face to face in silence.
“I have to go.” Kelly began to gather her belongings. “I’ll talk to you in psychology…”
“Let me take you out…” Matt yelled as his words stopped Kelly dead in her tracks. “Not-as a date, just…get your mind off things. You seem to need it. My dad knows a guy downtown who can get us a pretty sweet deal on a medium pizza.”
Kelly smiled and chuckled at his proposition. “I don’t know, tonight doesn’t seem right…” She looked up at Matt.
“Oh-okay, well I’m available any night! You got my number- just-give me a call whenever and we can talk, friend-to-friend.” He nodded and waved her good-bye as he also made his way towards his class. Kelly stayed behind and whimpered to herself as she watched Matt walk away. She then turned and continued her path.
Before long she stopped and turned back around and yelled. “I’ll go!”
Matt stopped as well as he slowly turned looking for what seemed to him to be a voice inside his head. His eyes finally met with Kelly when he knew she was the one yelling.
“You’ll go? Tonight?” His eyes widened and his smile brightened. Kelly reluctantly smiled back and nodded.
“Yeah, I’ll go…” She sniffed one more sad sob away. “Thank you…” She said to herself.
Matt again nodded to her gesture. “Meet me at Heraldo’s at around seven.”
That night, Matt had made his way to the restaurant of choice thirty minutes earlier than needed. He repeatedly continued to stare at his watch. Soon enough Kelly made her way into the entrance of the restaurant. She was wearing a long silk black dress and her strawberry blonde hair had been put up in a bun. Matt rose from his seat the moment he saw her.
“You really didn’t need to dress up. It’s just pizza.” The sound of Matt’s voice caught Kelly’s attention. She looked over and saw him. “I’m not all dolled up now am I?”
“I wanted to dress up. Is that okay?” She smiled.
“If you’re comfortable then it works for me! Come on, sit down.” He gestured to her seat. “I already ordered, you just need to tell em your drink. Is bacon and pepperoni alright with you?” Kelly smiled and nodded.
The hours passed and the two of them had eaten their entre pizza and several drinks had been drunk. Bad times had passed as well and they were both laughing hysterically.
“Never again have I eaten ice cream-NEVER EVER!” Matt chuckled as he took a drink of his beverage.
“I may never eat ice cream again either.” Kelly also gave a small chuckle. “Thanks again for doing this for me.”
Matt raised his glass. “Sure thing! What are friends for?” he gestured a cheers with his raised glass. “How did you and Ricky even meet- if I may ask that. I mean, I’ve known both of you guys forever, him longer than you, but that was just because he was dating you.”
“It’s almost the obvious story of guy meets girl. I was new at the school; vulnerable and helpless. Ricky showed up and showed me around. We hung out after that and things just…clicked.” Her emotions began to fade away. “I loved him you know that? I loved him the minute I set my eyes on him the day we met.”
“Must feel good. To actually love someone.” Matt sat back in his chair and began to twiddle with his fingers. “The only time I ever loved someone, she ended up leaving me. Just-got up and left, gone, out of my life forever.”
Kelly saw the pain in Matt’s eyes. “What was her name?” she leaned over the table.
“Susan Radcliff.” Matt turned and tried to ignore Kelly.
“From our chemistry class? That Susan Radcliff?” She then also leaned back in her chair with a giggle.
“It’s not funny. I really liked her.” Matt took another drink.
“When was this, sixth grade?” She began to chuckle aloud. “We weren’t even old enough yet to know what love was.”
Matt rose from his chair. “I’m sorry for what ever happened to you and Ricky. It’s why I brought you here. The least you could do is listen to me for once!” He slammed his fist to the table. The people around them jumped and stared. He then pulled himself together and sat back down. “I listened to you guys all the time. I never got an imput.”
Kelly reached over and slapped Matt. “What’s wrong with you?!” Her face was stricken with fear. “I’ve never seen you like this before.”
“I’m sorry…I’m just a little out strung is all. Worried about you guys, worried about me…” He leaned back again in his chair tilting it one two legs while he balanced himself with his own two legs.
“Why worry about me? I’m a big girl. Sure Ricky isn’t here to watch me, but I’m human. I can take care of myself.” She took one last sip of her drink.
“There’s something I never told you or Ricky. One, Ricky was my friend and two…I didn’t want to come on strong.” Matt peered over the table at Kelly.
“What-are you getting at?” She slowly began to rise from the table.
“Remember when we went out for that-week or so?” He too also began to rise.
“Matt, no don’t do this-not now…” She shook her head and waved her hands around.
“It was real Kelly. On my part it was real, I loved you. I still love you!” He grabbed her hand as she pulled away. “Please, I’m just asking for a second chance…”
“Matt, no-NO! I just broke up with Ricky-no…” She placed her head in her hands and began to whimper. “Don’t do this to me. You’ll only get hurt.” She gestured for the bill and began to leave.
“Kelly, please…” Matt stood at the table as he watched Kelly flee from the restaurant. He sat back down at the table and began to ponder.

WARNING:This section is not spoken in first person...do you get yet that this may be a repeating process?
The commander stood in his suite room looking down at earth through a large glass window placed just a few steps behind the head frame of his bed. One of the creatures approached the commander with reluctance.
"I didn't understand a freshman in High school could be so forceful." He turned to the creature. "Are we doing the right thing? Should we actually follow through with this?" The creature only stared back at him. "He's a weapon! He could destroy this ship with the touch of his hand!" He stormed away from the window and over to his chair."This can't be happening...all the planing-all the...disappointment." He glanced back over at the window towards the earth. "Do you-know what happened...down there?" His voice began to crack. "I almost died down there...and my family wasn't even near to help out..."
WARNING: This next section is not in second or first person, but still in third. It is a flashback sequence...enjoy?
"I didn't live the normal boring life that most human beings did on earth." The commander rushes around an alley corner with a pistol in his hand.He is still wearing his metal mask. Another man rushes around the same corner firing HIS pistol off into the distance. On the commander's shoulder is a dark shoulder bag.
"Do you have the stash still?" The other man said unpatiently.
"Yeah-yeah, I still have it. What do you think, I would just drop it?" The commander removed his mask. A clean, young face shimmered from underneath. His brown, combed-over hair shined with the sweat that hung in it.
"Good boy! I can always trust you!" The other man removed his mask revealing also a young face, but with blonde hair and blue eyes. "Now,you know where to take it, right?! 42nd avenue, third floor, room 634. There's a carved out hole in the wall behind the refrigerator I did about a month ago. Take it there, make sure NO ONE sees you go there. Once the stash is there, we can go to it and take as much as we need...no worries." He smiles and pats the commander's shoulder. "Go..." He pulls his mask down over his face and nods. "I'll be expecting to see it there in a week." He turned to look over the commander's shoulder and then slowly began to walk away. "Take care Mike"

"That night, I started to make my way to my destined building. I-ended up-NOT being the most sly at doing it."
MIKE,slowly stood just a few feet from the 42nd avenue building. He gulped hard and looked casually around the area for anyone suspiscious. He made his way into the front door and to the front desk. A small, bald man stood behind the counter.
"Third floor please? Room 634." Mike asked. The man stared at him with suspiscion.
"Third floor? What's your name?" He turned to get a small file folder. Mike saw an owner's file that read 'Red Hermanfield'.
"I'm here to visit Red Hermanfield." Mike responded quickly.
"...really?" He began to observe Mike. He then reaches for a key. "634? Here you go..."
Mike takes the key and quickly makes his way to a flight of stairs.
The man behind the counter removed the 'Red Hermanfield' folder from the counter top. Underneath was an employee badge that read 'Red Hermanfield'. He lifted it from the counter top and placed it on his shirt. He then lifted the phone work off of it's hook and called 9-1-1.
Mike eventually pushed the room's door open as he fell into it. He observed the dark, dusty, damp room. The moon light from outside shined in only lighting the room partially. He closed the door behind him and quickly made his way into the kitchen area. Without hesitant, he pulled the fridge away from the wall showing the hole hidden behind it.
As he was about to place the bag into the hole, bright red and blue lights flickered into the room. Startled, Mike rushed over to the closest window and stared downward. On the ground below sat a single cop car. His face shocked with fear as he stepped back. In the back seat of the car sat Mike's fellow thief friend.

"I had ratted myself out. Apparently, the man at the front desk was the man I had asked for to see."

He quickly shoved the fridge back into place and then rushed directly out of the entrance door. He began to run down the drawn hallway. He gets to the stair case when he hears the front desk man addressing his name and direction Mike and taken.
Mike soon switched directions and began dashing towards a window at the opposite end of the hallway.
Halfway from the window, Mike lunged forward shattering into the window, going through it. He slammed on the balcony railing. Behind him, he heard the voices of both the officer and counter worker yelling for him. Quick as a bullet, he hopped to his feet and began to climb the ladder above him to the rooftop.
Once he reached the rooftop, he dashed to the other side and looked down. The rooftop of the building sat at a two story drop.
Mike turned to run back, but was stopped by the officer with his pistol in hand pointed directly at him.
"Put your hands in the air!" The officer clicked his gun.
"Please, it wasn't my idea! Trust me." Mike raised his arms above his head.
"Where is the bag? We have your friend down below. Just give us the bag and everything will be okay."
Mike spotted barrels of gasoline in a corner of the rooftop located next to an old gas generator. He made a quick dash towards them and hid behind them.
"You can't hide forever!" The officer began to approach the barrels still with his gun pointed in the general area where Mike was located.
In his attempt to flee the scene, Mike removed a gun from his coat pocket. "Please leave me alone! I have a gun!"
"Bluffing will get you no where in life! Just come out with your hands over your head. We can get you home and everything will be okay. I'm sure your family will love to know you're okay."
Mike slowly observed the gun and reflected on the officer's words.
"I-I don't know where my family is..." Mike said to himself. He shot up from behind the barrels. "I haven't known where my family has been for years! And I'm not going to start worrying about it now!" He raised his gun and in a single fire, shot the officer in the shoulder, causing him to accidentally firing at the gasoline barrels causing a large rupture explosion killing the officer and sending Mike hurling through the sky onto the rooftop of the building below.

"I-I was suppose to die that day...but my will to survive was stronger than I had thought." He pushed the creature aside and reached up to his mask. He removed the mask to show a no longer young face, but a face that had been morphed by fire. He had small strands of hair pertruding from various spots on his head. "I get blown up and my friend gets a few months in prison." He turned to look at the door to his room.
"Why should HE share the same luxury!?" He pulled the mask back over his face. "I need that power source and I dont care what it's going to take to get it!"

I sat at my cell window staring down at the earth as it slowly orbited. I kept wondering and pondering about how it would be if I were to look one day and the world should be gone.
The majority of things that poked at my brain was what I had done as my previous hours on earth.
Before I could think any further, the thought of my attacks on those creatures flickered on in my head. My hands began to glow and my heart started to race.
"Wait a second..." I said to myself. The thing that the commander was talking about-was me! The weapon-the power source!
My time was now. Was I about to sit here and let the rest of my life be tested? I think NOT!
With my arm erected forward towards the cellar door, I took the chance of a life time and with thought I managed to blow the door off with a single beam of power.

WARNING:Third person point of view...enough said...
A few doors down, the commander heard the loud explosion and quickly tended to it. He swung the door open and stood in awe.
"What the hell is going on!?" He screamed as he saw Ricky step through the burnt doorway. Ricky's eyes were shining white and his hair stood on ends. "That's it..." His jaw dropped as he witnessed Ricky in a new formation. "That's the power source!"
"Yeah?Get use to it...because I'm not staying in this place for another second." His eyes shot brighter beams from the center as he lifted off the ground. "I can really see why you wanted this power...it feels great!"
"I felt this moment would've come to this...you know-you remind me of a very close friend I use to have. Consistant, loyal..." He removes a gun from his coat pocket. "And dead!" He shoots out at Ricky, hitting him and knocking him to the ground. His appearance of power vanished. "I envy you...on all levels, but I can't believe I considered giving you a fighting chance." He stood over Ricky pointing the gun down at him. "That power source is mine and I don't give a damn whether you like it or not."
He gestured into his room as two creatures snuck out from behind him and drug Ricky back into the room.
"Enjoy your last breaths Ricky! Because tomorrow, no matter the situation, you'll be breathless...

Kelly sat at her windowsil staring out while tears rolled down her cheeks.
"Ricky...Ricky, I miss you so much..." She tucked her head into the palms of her hands. "What have I done? I need you..." She begins to cry again, but is stopped by a loud knocking at her living room floor. She looks out her bedroom door into the living room area. Her mom passes by and towards the door. When she opens,an officer calmly stands in front of her.
"Ma'am, how are you this evening?" He said as he placed his hands properly behind his backside.
"What is this about officer?"
"Do you happen to know about a young boy by the name of Ricky Steele?"
Kelly recognized the name and slowly moved in behind her mom.
"Kelly, have you seen Ricky today?" She placed her hand on Kelly's shoulder.
"N-n-no...I haven't. I was with Matt yesterday." She replied.
"Did you happen to see him yesterday at all?" Her mom asked.
"No, after him and I broke up the other day, I haven't seen him at all." She pushes her mom aside and steps towards the officer. "What has happened to him?"
"As of right now, nothing. A few days ago, Ricky Steele has been reported missing-possibly a victim of kidnapping." He stares down at the ground.
"Kidnapping!?" Kelly grabbed her chest in worry.
"We asked your friend Matt Jasper and he hasn't seen Ricky since the other day either." The officer slowly turned back up at them.
"Thank you officer. If we hear anything about the situation, we'll let you know." As soon as Kelly's mother started to close the door, Kelly's phone started to ring.
"Hey, has an officer come by your house at all tonight?" He said in a calm, but worried voice. "Something about Ricky?"
"Have you seen or talked to him lately?" She said in a silent whisper.
"That's what I called you about."
"Do you think-something...bad has happened to him?" Her voice cracked within the whimper.
"I don't know. I'm a little bit worried to be honest. I mean, he IS my best friend..."
"I'm worried about him too..."
"Wait, you're worried? What happened about you moving on and forgetting about him?"
"Matt, please dont. Let's not talk about this right now." Her voice grew demanding in trying to avoid the conversation.
"Why do you want to avoid it? I tried doing my best in trying to help you out the other night."
"You brought him up during OUR time. I thought WE were having a date. I didn't want to think about him. I wanted it to be us!" She started to break out in tears.
"Why are you like this?" He said in a small begging voice.
"Because I loved him! And I still love him Matt! You came in and brought up what I wanted, but couldn't have! I feel like I was being teased for what decisions I had made!"
"But I love you Kelly..."
"Stop it Matt! Stop it stop it!!!" More tears burst from her tear ducts. "I tried giving you a chance, but you only compared yourself with Ricky! Just face it Matt, you can't compare to Ricky...you're NOT Ricky!" She slams her phone shut and tosses it onto her bed. Her cheeks shined with the wetness of tears as she ran back to her windowsil. The officer car drove past her window as she watched it drive off into the distance. In her attempt to forget about Ricky, she turned and stared into the sky and beyond as if she knew that Ricky was being held space bound.
"I wish you were here. I need you back and I never want to leave you again..."

To my beliefs, my body was slammed once more down on the metal operating bed. But something that didn't strike me as familiar was the straps they bound around my wrists. This time the straps were a solid metal cuff.
The Commander strolled in with a posture that gleamed success. "Comfortable?!" He said behind his mask. He then turned to one of the surrounding creatures and gestured towards the ceiling above them. To the command, the creature lowered a small drill and angled it towards my chest area.
"Do away with him boys." He gave one last look of disgust before he strolled back out of the room. One of the creatures follwed behind him.
The buzzing of the drill startled me as I look it right in the swirling tip. "Don't do this! You can't!"
The remaining creatures stood in disappointment as they hadn't understood what I had just spoken. I had spotted one of the talking devices hooked onto one of the creature's beltloop. "THAT! Use that!"
Reluctant, the creature removed it and stared out at me.
"Let me speak!" I gestured a talking notion with my jaw and mouth to help imply speaking. He did so and held it to my mouth.
"Listen, you can't do this! I'm only human! You don't know what it's like to be taken from your home and forced to watch your home world be destroyed. Just, please don;t do this to me. I beg of you!"
The creature holding the device stepped back staring at the ground. "What are you doing!? You HAVE to help me!"
The creature held the device to HIS mouth and spoke.
"Commander Krem...destroyed our planet years ago."
My hope felt all lost. "He journeyed to our planet by a mistake and in the hopes to learn of our existance...but he had something else in mind. He learned too much at once and found a way to over power our own governmental system and potentially became our supreme over lord. His-ways of dealing with our society were brutal. Torture, starvation...he's a monster!"
At the exact moment of discovery, the creatures head exploded into pieces. The limp body then fell to the floor.
Commander Krem strolled back in with a large pistol in his hand.
"Because simply killing someone takes the whole concept of fun outta the definition." He pointed the gun over in my general area. "Well, looks like the cat's outta the bag." He clicked the gun back and loads it. "I am TIRED of all your consistancy in everything you've done so far!" He lowered the gun with a smerk smeared across the base of his face. "Why should I just-do away with someone so powerful? It would be more fun to make the king cry and beg for mercy and life." He chuckled as he then gestured to the only remaining creature in the room to un-bind me from the bed. "I'm going to let you watch your precious little planet vanish outta sight...and you,my friend have front seat!"

Matt stepped into an open field as he stared out into a distant nothing. His phone rang and as he looked down at it, he switched off. Following that action,he hurled the phone into the distance.
"If she wants Ricky so bad, I guess I'm the only one who's going to try and find him." He sniffed as a tear rolled down his face. He turned behind him to witness the standing town he was going to leave behind. As he turned back to continue his quest, he fell face first into Kelly. Kelly had approached him while he was turned. Her eyes were red with worry and her cheeks were shining from tears.
"Are you-going to look for him t-t-too?" She whimpered in a hushed voice.
"Someone has to, right?"
More tears rolled down her face as she lunged forward with a hug.
"I'm sorry for the other night. I'm sorry for all we have done to you!" She broke down as her body shook with every whimper and sob.
"It'll be alright. I'm sorry for blowing up." He comforted her with wrapping his arms around her as well. He gave a small peck on the top of her head as he rubbed her back.
"I love him so much Matt. I should've never lead you on with a date. I just miss him so much."
"I know, me too...except for the whole being in love part." She smurked as she pulled back and wiped the tears from her eyes.
"Partners?" Matt held out his hand towards Kelly."We can do this, don't worry."
She sniffed once more as she declined the projected hand and hugged him once more.
"You know we can't go back until we find him, right?"
"I brought a pack of food and drinks for at least a week."
"And I stole a few bucks from my old man. You might want to get rid of your phone too. Once we disappear, our phones will be ringing like crazy!"
She pulled back from him with an agreeing nod. She then handed him the phone as he then switched it off.
"We're on our own from here." he wrapped his right arm around Kelly's backside and lead her further into the field away from their home town.

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