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Thiya & Joey

February 22, 2011
By tianaxbiddy SILVER, Wareham, Massachusetts
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I wanted a life just like any other teenager would want but I got screwed. When I first met him he was like everything I ever wanted. He was gorgeous; he looked as flawless as could be. But he wasn’t.
He had everyone fooled but I knew he wasn’t who he appeared to be. He had the girls infatuated, breathless. One Valentines Day he got roses and chocolates. He got teddy bears and love letters. It made me sick. My boyfriend asked me how I felt about him I laughed and said no way I would rather go through Chinese water torture because the guy was a complete jerk off.
I started writing poems about an angel coming down and destroying the world ridding it of everyone. My boyfriend Joey reads them but when he’s finished he doesn’t say anything to me. These poems were starting to scare me because they felt so real, it was unbelievable. They started off just like how Apep did, hiding behind something completely fake.

Chapter 1

I’m not sure where you go or went to school or what they did or do there. In Wareham High they sell carnations for a dollar around Valentines Day. My English teacher passed out the carnations and placed one on my desk. I looked at the to and from but there wasn’t a name under from. The hand writing was unfamiliar and there wasn’t anything else for me to try and figure out who gave it to me.

Then my teacher gave me a note. “This came off of your carnation.” And she walked away from me and sat at her desk all the way at the other end of the class room. I looked at the note, I just held it for a while then I read it.

I hope you accept this carnation Thiya. I love you but I’m not sure how you feel about me. I’m not hard to miss in the hall way. At breakfast I sit with people who aren’t very much liked and keep to each other. The only other clue is that I wear a blue sweatshirt.

At the end of the school day I waited outside my Geometry class for who I believed to be my crush and for the blue sweatshirt.

I clutched the carnation to my chest but I was careful not to ruin it. When I saw who I believed to send the carnation to me I walked next to him. I had the sudden urge to grab him and pull him aside but why would I? I’m no that much of a creep, well only to my friends but they are friends so it’s okay.

I looked at him nervously from the corner of my eye; with my long straight black hair pulled back I didn’t have to move it to see him. “Ummmm Joey, did you uhhhh by chance send me a carnation?” I asked holding the carnation a little further away from my chest.

His long pause made me more nervous than I already was because I wasn’t sure if he was the one who sent it to me. “Uhhhhh yeah I ummm I did.” His voice was very shaky but his body seemed composed.

We walked down the main stairs from the upstairs foyer not talking, to each other.

Joey was muttering something to himself but it was inaudible to me or to anyone else around him for that matter. He seemed very focused on what he was saying and was playing with a piece of folded paper. He looked at me from the corner of his eyes intently and looked away in a second. It was a weird feeling I got in my stomach that made it feel like I could fall and just keep falling. I felt as if he saw right through me. His eyes became more distant but angry.

When we got down stairs I just kept on walking because I was unsure of what else to do. When I looked at him before we got to the stairs he seemed fine his brown skin which was only a shade darker than mine was normal then it became pale. I glanced back to him where I last saw him and he was just standing there. Joey looked sad, still a little angry, but sad. He was still fiddling with the piece of folded paper.

I walked back to him; in his blue eyes I saw distance. He seemed to be not here which was odd because he looked fine a little while ago. I shuffled around in my coat pocket for a pen or marker. When I took his hand he seemed to blush a little bit. I wrote my cell phone number and house number on his hand. Under it I wrote “call or text me J”.

When I started to walk away he grabbed my hand slipping something pointy and thick into my hand. Joey turned me around and held me in his arm tight. I wrapped my arms around him holding the carnation in one hand and the object he put in my hand in the other.

He smelt good, he smelt like cologne. Joey was warm and comforting. I knew we couldn’t stay like that forever and we both slowly let go of each other. When we walked away from each other my face felt flushed and I looked at what he pit in my hand. It was the piece of folded up paper he was playing with.

I opened it and found his number, both of his numbers and under them it read “I love you Thiya will you be mine and I will be yours.” I smiled at it. I just smiled.

Chapter 2

The next day we didn’t have school because it snowed, again. My mom was at work and a neighbor was watching the kids. The phone rang and woke me up. When I picked up the phone I didn’t recognize the number, then it hit me. I took a deep breath and answered the phone.


“Umm hi is Thiya there?” he said nervously.

“Yeah, speaking.”

“Oh hey, it’s Joey. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today. We could go to umm the mall.” I could hear a woman in the back ground and it sounded like she said “way to be awkward” but it wasn’t sure.

“I can’t I don’t have a ride or anything. I’m sorry.”

“My mom said she would drive us and drop us off.”

“Oh ok cool.” I said happily.

“When we are there maybe we can eat and catch a movie.” he said like he was kicking something or scratching his head nervously.

“I have no money, we could just hang out and walk around or something.” there was I making plans and I didn’t even know what was going to happen.

He quickly said “I’m going to pay. You shouldn’t have to pay ba-Thiya.”

I heard rustling with the phone and heard a woman’s voice “Hello, is your mom home?”

“No I’m sorry she isn’t. She’s at work.”

“Oh well I don’t think you two should go then.”

“Oh yeah alright. I guess we shouldn’t.” I said holding back tears and trying to make my voice sound as strong as I could.

“I’m sorry Thiya I was really hoping we could go.” Joey said sadly. His voice was breaking and he sounded like he was crying.

He broke the little strength I had with his voice and I started to cry “We will just have to hang out some other time I guess.” My voice was shaky and I was trying my best not to sniff.

“Yeah I guess so. Well I have to go because my mom is complaining about something else. I will have to text you later.”

“Alright talk to you later.”

“Talk to you later.”

When he hung up I stayed on the line for a little while longer. When I hung up I laid in bed and cried myself to sleep. My first ever date was ruined because my mom was at work. I sighed and cried harder and eventually fell asleep.

My cell phone woke me up. It was louder than normal because I had my phone all the way up. I slowly and sleepily looked at my phone and saw it read Joey. I smiled and read his text message ‘wen iz ur mom gunna b home???? Do u think she wud let u come 2 the mall w/me or would my parents have 2 b w/us cuz we could go 2 the arcade & play games J’

‘idk wen shez comin bak’ I responded ‘cuz I was sleepin wen she left 4 work so idk L I could call her and ask her wen shez comin home or if we could hang around here, shez kool sumtimes bout letting my friendz hang out w/me @ home’

I got ‘ok’ sent back

I called my mom and when she answered she sounded busy. “Yeah Thiya what’s wrong.”

“Oh nothing is wrong I was just wondering when you were going to be home. One of my friends wants to go to the mall or hang out here. The parents are probably going to be with us or at least his mom.”

“Ummm, what ever. I don’t know when I’m going to be home you can do what ever just don’t get in any trouble and don’t act up.”


“And if the parents have any question or problem they can call me.”

“Yep. Bye.”


Either she didn’t realize I said he or was to stressed out to even care but I didn’t care so I didn’t say anything before she hung up. I texted Joey and told him that she said I could go or they could hang out here because she didn’t care.

I got a phone call from him at the house but when I answered it he sounded like something was bothering him. “Hey, Thiya?”

“Yeah what’s up?”

“Where do you live? I want to come over and visit you for a little bit plus I want to get out of the house.”

“I live on Cromesett. You know where that is?”

“Yeah I do, I will ride my bike there. What number?”

“Three. Are you okay Joey?”

“How about we talk about it when I get there if you want to know.” He said quickly as if he shouldn’t be talking.


“I will be there in ten minutes.” He said. The whole time I was talking to him it sounded like he was going to burst out in tears and angry.

When we hung up again I quickly got into nice jeans and a low cut shirt. I did my hair and I brushed my teeth really good. My chest was too big to wear that shirt so I changed into a low cut shirt that wasn’t too low cut. I sat on the couch watching Criminal Minds waiting for him. I was so nervous because we were going to be alone but also because I didn’t know what was going to happen.

Chapter 3

It probably took less than ten minutes for Joey to show up at the front door. I tried walking casually to the door but think I completely failed at it. When I looked at the Joey has his head down so I couldn’t see his face.

“Hey Joey.” I said smiling. He didn’t look at me “Come on in.” I wiped the smile off my face knowing that something was wrong with him.

He walked in dragging is feet. “Thanks Thiya.” he still had his head down as I shut the door.

I walked him into the living room and we sat on the couch. “Hey what’s wrong Joey?” I asked.

No answer.

I took a hold of his chin and tried turning his head but he pulled his head away. I held his hand tight “What happened? Why don’t you want me to see your face?”

I saw tears fall from his face for the first time and my heart sunk into a black pit. He lifted his head up and looked at me. He had a cut on his forehead it looked like it just stopped bleeding with the blood on left side of his face.

Why didn’t I see it before? Why didn’t I notice when he came in?

His right eye was bruised and lip swollen. I covered my mouth and held his hand tighter. Tears gushing from my eyes I asked “What happened? Who did this?”

“Don’t cry please I will be fine I just can’t go to school for a while.”

I slowly took his sweatshirt off and he winced so I stopped. “Take off your sweatshirt Joey.” I sounded really demanding because I was. I was furious and wanted to know what happened to the one who I love. Yes, love.

He slowly took off his sweatshirt and it looked like he was in a lot of pain. Both of his arms had bruises in the shapes of hand prints. I quickly got him ice to put where it hurt to hopefully numb the pain but he could barely move his arms.

When I took the ice I put it where he wanted it. “Who did this to you?”

“If I tell you do you promise not to tell anyone?” I knew he was upset, he was beat up. Joey sounded hopeless but didn’t look at me.

“I wont just please look at me.” I started to cry hard.

“Don’t cry my love.” he caressed my face with one hand painfully as tears fell from my cheeks “My mother and father.” he said looking at me. I could see the hopelessness in his eyes and it crushed me into a million pieces.

“Your parents did this?! You can’t stay there you just can’t.” I said not holding what I was feeling back.

“Don’t you think I know this? I have been admitted into the hospital by a neighbor. They said I hurt myself by falling down the stairs because I had a broken arm and a few broken ribs. I knew if I said anything to the hospital I’d get it.” he wiped away more of my tears gently. “I love you Thiya.” he kissed my lips gently moving his hand down the side of my body until he got to my hips.

What made us stop kissing was the phone ringing. I looked at the number then looked at Joey “It’s your parents.”

“Answer it. Don’t tell them I am here, if they ask about me play stupid.” he said standing up.

I took a deep breath and quickly answered it “Hello? Joey?” I asked in a curious voice.

“No it’s his mother. Do you know where he is? He just left with out saying where he was going.” she sounded worried but I doubted she was.

“Do you want me to call him or text him?”

“We tried,” she started to cry “he must have shut is phone off.”

I felt his arms wrap around my waist pulling me close and he kissed my neck “Well if I hear from him I will call you alright? But last I knew he was home.” he kissed my neck again.

“Okay call us right after you hear from him if you do hear from him.”

“Alright. Good bye.”


I hung up the phone when I heard the click on the other end and tossed the phone on the couch. I turned around to look him in the eye but he spoke before I could “Will you go out with me?”

“Yes.” I said it quickly. He smiled at me and we sat on the couch. He moved is shoulders in a circular motion. “How are you?”

“My shoulders are sore but I’m fine.”

“I’m going to go get you some medicine. What do you want to eat?”

“It doesn’t matter I’m not hungry.”

“Well I will get you some fruit and water.”

“Baby I said I’m not hungry so I’m not going to eat.” I looked back at him from the refrigerator to see him smiling.

“Well I’m going to be giving you pain killers and you need to eat something, unless you just ate. Babe I don’t want you being sick.” I tossed an apple to him and got him some water and pain killers.

I heard the crunch of the apple and knew he was eating it. I went in the bathroom and got a face cloth. I ran it under warm water and peroxide to clean his cut and face.

“Thiya, I hope you realize you don’t have to do this.”

I sat next to him and turned his face towards me “Whether I have to or not I’m going to.” I wiped his face then carefully patted his cut.

He winced but didn’t tell me it hurt.

I kissed his lips and got back up to put his empty cup in the sink and throw away the apple core. I rinsed off the bloody face cloth in the kitchen sink which for once was empty. He got up and sat on a chair at the table. I looked at him with a weary smile and tears filling my eyes. How could someone do this? How would ever deserve this?

“What’s wrong baby?” the expression on his face was worry.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” I said as I walked over to him. I tipped the bottle of peroxide over on a paper towel.

I moved it to his head but he jerked his head back. “I’ll do it. I don’t want to have you to do it you have done plenty.” I smiled at him thankful he didn’t have me do it.

I sighed and leaned against the counter looking at the floor. I knew if I looked at him I’d cry. “How long has this been going on?” I blurted out.

“Ever since I was ten.” He said looking down at the floor as if he was ashamed.

I cried but didn’t want to cry, not in front of him, not because of this. What they have been doing t him for six years almost seven wasn’t right and he didn’t tell anyone I was the first one. Why was I the first one he told? Why me? Why was I so special that he would only tell me?

When I looked up he was in front of me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and held me tight. “It’ll be okay. Please don’t cry.” I held him tight I wasn’t able to do anything else. He kissed my lips and wiped my face. “It’s okay I promise. I’m not going to be there anymore we can leave, just you and me.”

He pulled away from me and reached in his pocket. He kissed me again and opened my hand. I looked at what he put in my hand “What?” it was a ring. His class ring!

“Keep it. Please, even if you don’t ant to come with me I want you to have something of mine.” he took the ring from me and pulled a chain out of his pocket. He slowly turned me around and put it around my neck “There.”

I lightly touched it and whirled around. I hugged him close and tight. Warm tears rushed down my face like a water fall. “Where are you going to go?”

“I know a place.” He said holding me.

“Where? I need to know you’re going to be okay.”

“I’ll be fine beautiful.” He kissed my forehead lightly like a butterflies gentle touch “You’ll hear from me when I’m there. I promise you.”

I sighed and cried “I don’t want you to go but I know you have to. Can you promise me at least one thing?” I looked up at him gripping his sweatshirt.

“What’s that?”

“Be careful.” I kissed him quickly.

“I should get going.” He said with pain filling his voice “I have all my stuff that I need packed and with my bike.”

“Where’d you put your bike?” I asked stupidly as if I didn’t know. I knew he must have put it on the side of the house because before he knocked I heard a thump. I just wanted a little more time with the one I have loved for so long.

He smiled and poked my nose “On the side of the house deary.”

“Alright I’ll walk you out.” He went before me holding my hand.

When he walked out Joey turned around and kissed me for the last time before he left. “I have loved you for along time now Thiya.” He hugged me close.

I watched him ride off until he was out of sight. I stayed there in the door frame for a little while hoping he would be okay and get to the place safely. I looked at the ground and wrapped my arms around my self for comfort and warmth because it was the only thing I could do.

Chapter 4 When my mom got home she looked at the caller ID and called the last number. She was on the phone for a while with who ever it was. The only thing she said was that she needed to make a call. There was a loud bang at my bedroom door. When I opened the door she glared at me and handed me the phone with out a word. “Umm hello?” I asked nervously I heard someone clear their throat “Have you heard from Joey at all?” it was his mother and she seemed upset which I knew she wasn’t. “No I haven’t heard anything.” I lied. “I know you have who else would he go to?” she got serious and lost the concerned mother tone. “I swear if you’re lying to me and I find out I will kill you.” “Well I’m not. I haven’t heard from him since I last talked to him on the phone.” She huffed and hung up the phone. “Thiya!” my mom yelled “There’s someone at the door for you!” When I got to the door I saw Apep standing in the doorway. His fake smile made me sick to my stomach. In his deep manly voice he said “We are leaving and you’re never coming back.” Before I could say anything my mother stepped in “She isn’t going anywhere.” Apep pulled a gun from behind and pointed it at her “She is coming with me like it or not. We are meant to be.” He smiled at me. I laughed “You’re crazy. Go find one of the girls at school who are crazy about you because I hate you.” He glared at me and grabbed my arm tightly. With out a word Apep swung me over his shoulder and took off. “Put me down now! Let me go you friggen creeper!” I screamed as he sped down Main Street. The speed he was running at was inhumanly impossible then kicked off the ground. I covered my eyes and felt my hair whirling behind me. He shook me hard “Stop it! I fall I murder you violently!” He chuckled “I think you’d die before me.” I uncovered my eyes and screamed. He fumbled me in his arms and I almost fell to my death screaming. When he caught me I gripped his shirt for my life. “Stop it! Quit screaming you’re going to blow my ear drums out.” He said. “It’s not my fault!” I squealed in his ear “We are really far off the ground! We are flying dude! How am I supposed to stop screaming?” “You’re acting like you have never free flown before?” he laughed hard moving forward and I felt like I was going to fall. “Because I haven’t, now stop leaning forward!” “Fine, so how do you like the view he said as if we had landed on top of a beautiful hill or mountainside looking at the ocean or something ridiculous like that. “I hate it! Now land!” “Now, now that isn’t very nice baby. I have tried so hard.” “I’m not your baby, I have a boyfriend!” I touched the ring Joey gave me. I miss you baby. I thought to myself. “Look at your town. How pathetic are the?” I, unwilling looked down and saw smoke, a lot of black smoke. “What did you do?!” I screamed at him. “Well when I leave a place I like leaving no trace of where I have been.” “Why?!” “It’s very simple actually, just because I don’t want to be found. When people get too comfortable around me I know it’s time for me to go so I burn it down to the ground.” “You really are crazy. Wonderful.” “I’m not crazy.” He said angrily. Apeps grip got tighter and tighter around my waist until I screamed. “So am I crazy?” “Yeah, you squeezing me until I nearly explode doesn’t help the crazy factor. So I’d have to say yes you still are crazy.” Apep let go of me and I was free falling to my death way down below. I only swear when occasion calls for it and I did. I yelled “What’s wrong with your crazy ass?!” I was calling him everything under the sun. “There better?” he asked as he caught me. “No not better, you could’ve killed me! You’re more than crazy you’re absolutely, totally, completely nuts!” “Well then.” Was all he said about what I had said to him. “Jerk-off.” I huffed angrily at him but he ignored it. “So where do we stand?” he asked utterly confusing me. “What?” I asked. “Well you said we weren’t together so what are we?” “WE are nothing. You just kidnapped ME for some crazy reason and automatically assumed we were together. WE aren’t anything.” “Okay so what does your boyfriend have that I don’t?” he asked annoyingly. “How is that ANY of your concern, the only thing you should worry about is how he acts when I tell him what you’ve done.” “What is he going to do to me?” he asked with his big ego. “Oh my god, get over yourself!” I yelled. He flew faster and we had landed. I quickly jumped out of his arms because I had felt awkward the whole time but I guess I jumped too quickly. “What’s wrong now?” “Everything, especially you.” I said glaring at him. I checked my bra for my phone and grabbed it to see if Joey had texted me. When I saw that he hadn’t I sighed. “Why do you have your phone?” Apep asked nosily. “Don’t worry about it it’s none of your business.” I said. “No tell me.” “Get over it!” I snapped at him My phone vibrated loudly and I jumped. I grabbed my phone and smiled when I saw it was Joey. ‘Im here & im k J I love you :-*’ I smiled and quickly typed back ‘@ least ur k baby =/ I got kidnapped by Apep =/’ When he wrote back I regretted telling him about the Apep thing ‘wat?!?!?! Where r u guyz?!?!?! Watz wrong w/him?!?!?!?!?! >:o’ ‘baby idk idk where we r L plz calm down babe idw u upset I will come find u wen I figure out where I am….wait where r u????’ “Who are you talking to?” Apep ask holding me around my waist. I pulled away from him and struck him across the face. “Don’t you touch me ever again!” He looked at me furiously “How dare you, you bi**h!” I ignored what he said and just kept to my phone. My phone vibrated again but it was my mom ‘where r u? r u ok?’ I texted her back upset that it wasn’t Joey ‘yea im k but idk where I am @ nite I will leave here’ I hit sent but it sent abnormally slowly then vibrated again. This time it was Joey. ‘baby im in new york there is no way u can come see me b4 I move again especially if udk where u r’ I sighed, then a thought came to mind Why would he have to move again? He’s safe there isn’t he? ‘y do u have 2 move again???? Jus stay there & I will b there asap’ ‘alrite I love you baby’ ‘I love you too’ I shut my phone off and sighed. “Who was that?” Apep asked me. “No one. Um I was wondering where we are.” “Why?” he asked suspiciously. “Well you’re the one who kidnapped me hauled me off to the middle of the woods to do god only knows what to me. Shall I go on?” He took a deep breath and grabbed my arm. He dragged me through the woods until we came to a small stream and a mountainous range. “Where are we? Up north?” I hope not I thought to myself that would be very inconvenient. “No.” Apep simply said. “We are at the border of Connecticut and New York. Before you say a thing yes we are. It’s my border.” “You made a border?” I asked confused and surprised. “No only people that have magical abilities can pass through this border. I wanted you to see what a beautiful place my world is compared to that dump you call home.” he said with a slimy smile. “Oh wow, how disappointing is this on a scale from one to ten? 11 and then a lot more.” I mumbled upset that this was his plan. “Then we go to New York. Your New York.” I wanted to jump up and down like a little girl. I stifled a squeal the best I could but he heard me. “What is it?” he asked. I quickly came up with a half lie “I’ve always wanted to go to New York. Look around see what the city has to offer.” I said with a smile of my face. And find Joey. Apep smiled at me and picked me back up. “Off to New York then.”

After a while we landed on top of the Metropolitan Hospital. I looked at my phone but nothing so I texted Joey. ‘Im hea where r u????’

“So what do you wanna do first?” Apep asked.

“Ummmmmmmmm…. Eat then sleep?” I looed at my phone and it was 9:30. I was gross, hungry and tired.

“Sure.” He pulled money out of his back pocket and counted to himself.

“I can see Central Park from here.” I said.

“Yep.” Apep said absent mindedly “Mmmmm,where you wanna go?”

“Hm?” I said too distracted by the big city to ay any attention to him.

“Where. Do. You. Wanna. Go?” he asked irritated he had to say it again.

“I don’t know, you choose.” I said as my stomach growled.


“Sure, where’s the closet one?”

“Right in front of you. You know the sign with the big yellow ‘M’ on it?”

I looked around and saw to my left the sign and almost jumped up and do because I was so happy there was food. “Let’s go!” I yelled dragging him towards the sign.

“Wa-no! Hey don’t do that!” he yelled yanking my arm in the opposite direction.

“But foooooooooooooooooooooooood!” my stomach growled louder.

“Do you wanna fall off the damn roof?” he yanked again pulling me back and breathing heavily. “You’re such and idiot! What were you thinking?”

“Food…” I said almost like a little kid. I looked down and saw that the edge of the roof was only about six inches away from the tips of my toes. “Soooo, how are we supposed to get down?”

“Jump.” Apep said simply.

“I can’t jump that far down with out getting hurt! I’m not a friggen cat you know.” He picked me up and flung me over his shoulder and jumped from the roof landing with out a sound. “Food!” I yelled again running around from the back ally which Apep jumped into.

“I know, I know food calm down we are going in.” he said tired of my repetition.

“Then let’s go!” I pulled on his arm and we were on the street.

I paused in awe. The streets were filled and so busy. Though there were a lot of people it was rather quiet. I expected to hear ‘the sounds of the city’ but their was really nothing but a few people talking on the phone.

“Come on stop acting lie a damn tourist.” Apep said.

“I am a tourist.” I argued.

“So what I don’t care.”

“Well after we eat we are finding a place to sleep I’m exhausted from being kidnapped.”

“Oh shut the hell up.”

“Someone is in a mood.” I said opening the door. The scent of burgers and their yummy salty fries went through my nose and filled me. I stomach growled louder and Apep looked at me. “Get me 3 Big Macs right now I’m starving.” I shook Apep and he grumbled something that I didn’t really care about.

The lady at the counter looked at me strangely and then smiled flirtatiously at Apep. I rolled my eyes ready to barf up what I didn’t even eat yet. I put my head down and before I knew it Apep brought over the food.

“Go get your own drink.” He said sounding agitated.

“What’s gotten your whitey tighties in a knot?” I asked walking to the drinks. It wasn’t before long when I realized the lady was staring at me. “See something you like?” I asked irritated.

“Yeah your friend over there is really hot. You two dating?”

“Over my dead body.” I said with out another thought.

“Wow, don’t I feel loved.” Apep said over my shoulder.

“You should, creep.” I said.

“Well if yu two aren’t dating then how about you and me go out sometime.” She asked Apep smiling.

“No.” he said coldly.

She looked taken aback at how harsh he sounded. “Look lady don’t take any offense to him. He tells a lot of girls no, so you wouldn’t be the first.” I filled my cup up with Coke and walked away leaving the two of them to talk.

Apep didn’t bother to glance at her he just walked away following me back to the table. “Lets hurry up and get out of here. She’s creeping me out.” He whispered to as we both sat down.

I laughed unable to hold it in “Good I think I will take a while to eat seeing as I have three meals in front of me and you have your friend over there to keep you company.” I gestured over to the lady at the counter who seemed up set.

“She’s like 30 and trying to go out with me it’s gross.”

“Your problem not mine.” I said. My phone vibrated loudly making me jump.

‘babe I saw u. u wnt me come in to get u?’ I looked around and saw Joey outside across the street.

‘yeah.’ Luckily we were sitting next to the window but I wasn’t expecting anything bad to happen. Apep quickly put everything in the bag and picked me up.

He tossed me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing and ran out the door. His footsteps were light and swift beyond my belief. I looked behind us and saw Joey in awe running after us. As we turned the corner Apep jumped high and Joey was out of sight.

The next morning I found myself in a tree. The sky was gray, everything was wet and the trees were laced with fog. “What the hell? Where am I?”
“In a tree in Central Park.” I heard Apep say.
I looked around and saw a shadow on the ground. I was pulled up and to the other side of the tree. A big hand covered my mouth and I heard a low whisper in my ear. “Shhhh. We don’t want to get caught.” I heard Apep say.

Hearing his voice made me less tense but it made me furious about the night before. I saw a light through the thickening fog, then heard a women’s voice. “Who’s up there? I hope you know your not supposed to be in Central Park’s trees. So please come down.” Neither of us answered. A spooky chill went up my spine because of the heavy silence. I heard her clear her throat. “Please come down, I don’t want to have to ask you a third time.” She didn’t sound like she did before. Her tone wasn’t calm, it was mean and angry. She almost sounded like she wasn’t human.

I pulled away a little bit from Apep, but I went too far and my foot slipped on the thick dewy branch. Apep caught me before I was able to make any more noise and before I fell to my broken bone pain below. He put my back against the tree and jumped down landing without a sound.

I heard mumbles from below, then an eardrum shattering sound. I covered my ears with my hands as hard as I could, but I still heard the sound clearly. Finally when it stopped my ears were ringing and everything was dead silent.

I tried looking through the thick fog, but couldn’t see anything not even shadows were visible.

“Apep?” I said with a scare. I saw movement, then something grabbed my wrist and I screamed as I was pulled down. I crashed to the ground and my breath was knocked out of me. I was too terrified to scream, I was in pure shock.

The thing was big, slimy and scaly. Its teeth were sharp and yellow. Its eyes were blood red and ready for anything. It had two claws and two tentacles. Its saliva burned my skin and made a sizzling sound. I screamed and tried to get free from the monsters grip.

The monster screeched again and it rolled over off of me. I scrambled to my feet and raced away not looking back. I ran to where I thought the street was, but I ended up at the bottom of a hill and I saw Joey.

“Joey!” I screamed and raced to him. He faded slowly and by the time I got to him he had vanished. I was at the bottom of the hill alone. I looked around me and noticed the fog was gone. I stood in a field of lavender, and there was a small cottage at the far edge of the field. I walked closer to the cottage cautiously and slowly. I watched every step I took and looked around me every time I heard rustling. The closer I got to this cottage the more cautious I became. Not knowing where I was or who lived there I stopped and wanted to turn back.
The wind started to pick up and my ponytail felt like a whip against my face. The sky became dark as I became tired. I kept walking to the cabin and saw someone in the window so I ran.

When I got to the steps of the cabin’s porch the door opened slowly as I started up the wooden steps. There before me was a beautiful woman. Her long, brown, and curly hair was at her stomach. Her pale skin had pink pigments. She looked amazing in her plain black shirt and jeans. Her feet were bare and her eyes a glistening hazel.

I stood in front of her not knowing what to say. “Follow me.” she said softly. Her voice was graceful and loving. As she shut the door I saw a man sitting in a wooden chair. His hair was short and looked chopped, but the door shut before I could see anything else. We went down the wooden stairs without a word. We walked to a wooded area at the edge of the lavender field. Soon I heard softly running water and through the trees I saw a little stream. The water was clear and cool, it felt good against my hot skin. The bank of the stream was rock with no sand and the bed of the stream was also rock.

When I finally started to ask her something stopped before I was able to say a word. The woman came to a short stop and I bumped into her. I looked around her and saw what looked like a mirror without a reflection. I saw Joey and another girl next to him. He looked happy, he was laughing and then he kissed her. They slowly walked away building laughing and holding each other close, into the Empire State building. Then the mirror had a ripple effect and the picture faded.

I cried heavily. My sobs were loud and I felt the woman’s hand on my back trying to comfort me.
“My name is Taylor and what you saw will be the future if you stay the way you are.” I heard something from behind us. I stood up straight and clenched my fists ready to defend myself if I had to. Taylor lowered my fists, “It’s okay Thiya.” She turned to the wooded area we came from and spoke
“ Justin you may come out now. No need to be hiding” she said smoothly.

He came from behind a tree and simply said “Yep.” sounding fairly bored. He was white and fairly tall, his hair was chopped in the back and black. He looked behind him and I recognized the back of his head, he was the person from inside the house. I waved to him when he turned around. “Hey.” he said acting like it was nothing to have a stranger around.

“Lets get back to the house to talk about everything that needs to happen.” Taylor said smiling at me. I shook my head and Justin and I followed her back to the house.

Justin put his arm around my neck and I tried to shake him off but couldn’t. He seemed tense and he just stared at Taylor like something was wrong. I felt some sort of heaviness and it became hard to breath. Taylor was mumbling something under her breath and it seemed like she became angry; it seemed as if her warm happy presence, everything that made me feel the least bit comfortable disappeared.

When she turned around one eye was her beautiful hazel eye color but the other was like a ying and yang, both sharing the pupil. The multi-colored eye was a blood red and a pure white. She looked wild with a blood lust. Part of her seemed like that of a dog and the rest human but not really human. Both of her hands had claws but one looked like a paw. On parts of her body her brown hair turned to brown fur. She growled under her breath as she lunged at me but was thrown back by a shining object. As she staggered backwards I saw a dagger in her, or its leg.

She looked up at me, as blood came from her leg and she smiled showing long pointed white fangs. Justin stepped in front of me protectively. He held out a bow a quiver filled with arrows, “take it.” he said keeping his eyes on the monster that was before us.

I took it not saying anything. I don’t exactly know how to use them but I knew at the same time. At school one of the two week activates is archery. But only here I have only one chance most likely and I’m not very good, I almost never hit my target yet this was a bigger target so larger chance of hitting the target.

I moved next to Justin and took out and arrow. I carefully lined up and aimed “What are you doing?” Justin asked sounding concerned.

“What does it look like?”

“Stay out of the way!” he yelled knocking me to the ground.

“What the hell?!” I yelled then when I got to my knees I saw a lump of flesh in front of the monster that used to be Taylor. It moved a little bit then evaporated. I looked at Justin but he didn’t look back at me, he was watching the monster’s movements. I quickly lined up again and with out aiming I let go of the arrow.

As it missed her by about a foot Justin yelled at me again “Stop it! Those are for when something else comes!”

I scanned around me silently not knowing what else to do. Taylor roared and made me jump. I looked behind me as I saw her running away. Justin took me by the wrist and we followed her. As we ran we came back to the field but no monster. Justin’s grip became lose and he let go of me.

We both looked around trying to find her but she disappeared. I looked at him and saw sadness come to his face. “It’ll be okay. We will find her.” I said reassuringly.

“We? No me. You cant go you need to go home.”

“I cant get home if I could I wouldn’t be here. I don’t even know where here is exactly.”

“Under-Over-Middle. Depends where you are though the name of it is hyphenated for a reason I’m not going into that right now. It’s too much.” he walked away from me heading towards the cottage.

“Wait. Where are you going?” I asked going after him, even though the answer was obvious.

As we entered the cottage something didn’t feel right. I quickly went to Justin’s side. He opened some chest with a sword that was laying in the corner. He took a deep breath and went through it.
He pulled out some books and weapons but then he stared at the chest. I looked around him and I saw an old looking, fantasy-looking type wooden box at the bottom of the chest. Like the ones you’d see in like a magical fantasy type of movie. The box looked fairly old and it had runes encrusted on the top and sides. I didn’t know what it said because, well I don’t know runes.

Justin mumbled to himself and the look on his face was puzzling. I couldn’t tell if he knew what they were and what the said or if he was clueless, like me. He felt the box and eyed it carefully. He lifted the box over his head and stared at the bottom. When I looked underneath too I saw why. There was an indent at the bottom going from left to right. It looked like some sort of weapon.

“What?” Justin asked me.

“Oh, I was just looking at what you were.”

He sighed not saying another word. When he got up he went right to a closet. I didn’t see what was in it I only saw what he took out. He came out with three bags which were animal skin. He put the box in one and filled another with water. Leaving the other empty.

He looked at me “Hey do you mind helping me a little bit please, that’d be wonderful if you were to help.”

“Well I was waiting for you to tell me what I am supposed to do instead because you know I have no clue what I should do since I have never been here before.,”

He looked back at me and rolled his eyes “ Take this.” he threw the empty animal skin bag at me. I looked at him clueless to why he gave it to me.
“Open it take the other bag out of it. Fill the small one with water and the other with weapons. The one with water is for you so you have it on your journey back home and the weapons are for me.”

“Hey I’ve already told you I don’t know hoe to get back home.” I said agitated.

“I give up come with me and we can find Taylor.”

“Find her?!” I said in surprise and fear. “She tried killing us.”

“You. She tried killing you and if I didn’t save you she would’ve done just that., So way to thank me.”

“I liked it better when you didn’t talk much.” I said under my breath.

“Most people do. Bu thankfully the girls are always all over me and I’m not one of those pathetic desperate losers.”

“Oh but you are a loser, I assure you.” I said even more aggravated at his ego than anything else. He snorted and I ignored him and went on “Why do you hate me so much?”

“I don’t hate you.”

“Fine I will go with it. So where are we going to start looking for Taylor?”

“I will figure it out just don’t worry about it okay?”

“No I think I’ll worry about it. But thanks anyway.” I sighed filling up the bag.

We were silent as we both got ready to go. As we left the cottage I noticed Justin’s reluctance to leave it behind. Well maybe not for good but he still had to leave. Maybe we would find Apep and Joey. Or at least my home. I know it sounds selfish but being homesick sucks. I have no clue if all my friends are okay, I don’t even know about my family. My mom, dad, grandparents, little five year old annoying pain in the neck brother, and everyone else.

“I know how you feel.” I told Justin as I rested my hand on his shoulder.

“No you don’t. This is the only place I have ever known to be home. I’m sure you have other family members who would be glad to take you in. Taylor took me under her wing six months ago when I can across her home. I’ve always gone from place to place, not having one home. It’s just that all over again.” I saw his knuckles turn white as he held the door knob tighter. My hand slid down his shoulder to his wrist as I helped him shut the door behind us.

Nothing really happened for a while as we walked through field after field and wood after wood. My feet hurt and I was exhausted. We didn’t sleep for a day, no breaks, and no stops. He got upset when I stopped and told me if I stayed I would be left behind. The little we had become a lot after a few hours of walking and we ate only two meals.

Justin dropped his things at a huge oak tree. “Here.” Was all he said like I was supposed to understand him.

“Here?” I said questioningly.

“Yes, are you deaf here.” He said not looking at me.

“Okay you need to talk. Where are we going?”

“Huh?” he asked.

“Where are we going?” I asked again. “We’ve been walking for ever and I wanna know where we’re going.”

He sighed. “To a cave on the other side of the Western Mountains.” He pointed in the direction we were walking. “But be careful. There’s a lot that will try and kill both of us that’s why we are stopping. We will leave when the sun rises. For now you need to learn how to fight because I might not be able to help you if I’m fighting something or someone else. See there are a lot of bandits and monsters in those mountains.”

I looked at him for a second “What are you going to teach me, actually do something other than leave me confused?”

He smiled at me, “Nope. You’re going to teach yourself.”

“What teach myself how am I supposed to do that?” I asked angrily. How am I supposed to teach myself if when I shot an arrow I missed by a lot. I shouted in m head. He just irritated me so much.

He handed me a sword. “Just do it. Strike that tree over there.” He pointed to a thick cherry blossom tree.

I gripped the sword, the cold hilt in my hands and the other end pointing at the tree. I swung as hard as I could and a wave went through the sword as it collided with the tree. I dropped it and rubbed my hands. When I looked at the tree I saw the sword didn’t make a mark.

I turned to Justin and he motioned for me to do it again. I picked the sword up off the ground and swung again and again. But still no mark. “You see the monsters in the mountains are somewhat like this tree.” Justin said walking towards the tree. “They are difficult to bring down and difficult to make a mark on. Also you don’t believe in the sword. I was never able to connect with this one. So you try.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Ugh. Okay um think about something that makes you really happy?”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like, uh…” he paused in mid sentence and looked like he was thinking. “Does anything make you happy?”

“Anything? No I can’t really think of anything.”

“Okay what would make you happy?”

I thought about it a little bit, and then I knew. “Knowing my real parents.” I said.

He looked at me like he didn’t really know what to say to that. As we stood their in an awkward silence we heard rustling and it didn’t sound to far away. There were some bushes near by so we looked at them. Justin studied them and rolled his eyes.

He picked up a large stick and jammed it into the bushes were the sound was coming from. I heard a grunt of pain come from the bushes and he pulled out a scrawny little tan kid from the bushes. Though he was tall he looked like he hadn’t eaten for days, maybe weeks.

“Hey watch it Justin!” he squealed.

“You little rat!” Justin yelled “What the hell do you want. I know you’ve been following us so don’t you even try and lie to me!”

“I was following you to make sure the little lady was going to be alright you prick! Also, to scavenge for food. I have no money or anything.” He shouted back.

“No you’re just a pig! You’re eighteen years old stop trying to get in the pants of a fourteen year old!”

“I’m fifteen and if he did that would be rape.” I said cutting in. “And you’re eighteen?” I asked. When I looked at him again he looked sixteen or seventeen.

“I’m actually going to be eighteen in a few days or so.” He said as Justin released him. He walked towards me so I stepped back “Ahhh come on I ain’t gunna hurt ya. I just wanna take a look at you.”

“Creep.” I said backing into a tree. “You’re a pick pocket aren’t you?”

“No I’m not.” He said offended by my question.

“Yes you are. You took a few things out of Justin’s pants. What was it that you took?” I asked.

Justin walked towards him glaring. “You did take something.” He said. “Give it.”

The kid backed up, his greasy hair going into his face. “I didn’t a damn thing from ya.”

“Then why are you so eager to leave then?” I asked moving towards him.

“Give it or I will strangle you David.”

David started running deep into the forest towards the mountains and Justin went after him. “Stay here!” Justin yelled to be as he was running.

“I have no other choice, all of the stuff is here I can’t just leave it.” I said to myself. I put the sword back and picked up the bow. I pulled the string to the bow back and squinted. I studied the bow and there were strange designs on it with the initials J.M.B.

“J.M.B.” I said to myself. I sat not knowing what to think of. The bow started to glow and burn my hand. “God Dam it!” I yelled rubbing my hands. I huffed and kicked the bow back to the spot where it was.

“What happened? Are you okay?” I heard Justin’s voice come from the bushes.

“Yeah I’m fine. The bow just burned me.”

He looked at me and ran to my side. “Which hand?”

“The hand I’m rubbing you idiot.”

Justin rolled his eyes at me and took my hand. As he smiled at me and gave the bow back to me and mumble something under his breath. “Take an arrow and just shoot.” He said simply.

“Why?” I looked at my hand and the bow burned the design into my hand. “How does a friggen bow do this?!” I yelled and shoved my hand in his face.

“Don’t worry about it, just shoot. Hit that skinny tree over there. It’s about five or six yards away from here.”


“Do it!” he yelled.

I sighed and unwillingly fired. I could hear the sound of the traveling arrow. It moved fast and swiftly until it hit the tree right in the middle. I looked at Justin and smiled. “Oh my God! How the hell did I do that? I completely missed earlier when I aimed for Taylor-“

“It’s the bow.” He interrupted me. “When the bow imprinted you it means you connected with it. I thought that you’d be good with a sword and was I wrong.”

“Yeah.” I looked at my hand and where my burns were-were gone. At least the burns were. In their place were black marks, the same pattern but it was black, like a tattoo. “Why is it black?” I asked Justin trying to scratch it off.

“Don’t bother trying that, it’s there forever.”

“Grrrr why though?” I wined.

“Because.” He copied me.

As I looked closer it seemed to be moving. I ran my hand over it but I couldn’t feel the movement. I felt nothing as it moved. “Why is it moving?” I asked Justin.

“It does what ever so just trust it. It isn’t going to harm you.” He said he said something under his breath but I ignored him. “Just go to sleep. I will wake you up at day break.”

I looked towards the mountains. That’s where we’re going tomorrow. Day break. Justin threw a blanket at me and started a fire with out a word. Taking his bag that was soft I laid my head on it. He huffed but didn’t say a word.

“I will stay up for a little while so if you here anything it’s probably me.”

“Okay. Night.” I said closing my eyes.

“What ever.”

I was in the Prove It Zoo and it was wonderful. Origami animals, Pokemon, unicorns, flamingos in tuxedos, dinosaurs, dragons, tigers with wings, little green aliens feeding origami horses drugs, and chinchillas with bat wings and ram horns.

Joey held my hand as we stood by the tigers. I couldn’t hear what he was saying because a little green alien was getting attacked by red Gyarados, the more vicious Pokemon.

We walked to the unicorns. As I stroked the purple fur, it felt so real. I could smell the animals around me. Joey held his hand out filled with food.

Everything and everyone, even Joey started to fade. The softness of the unicorn’s fur faded and I was left floating in darkness. I heard the cry of a bird and heard the flapping of its wings. Looking above me I saw a white bird, though it looked as if it was a crow it couldn’t have been because crows are black.

Curiosity hit me as I bent down “What kin of bird are you?” I asked myself

“I’m a crow.” It said

I jumped back and stared at it. “Wha-what? You jus-jus-jus spoke.” I stuttered.

“How do you?”

“Science.” I said simply.

“There’s your answer.”

“But you, you’re a bird. You’re not supposed to know English. No human words are supposed to come out of your mouth.”

“Well what I am is a long story so let’s cut to the chase. Meaning you need to be quite and just watch.”

I was at a loss for words and everything around me came into a view. I saw a tall white man with short brown hair. His jaw bone was perfect and his muscles a good size. He was looking at me with an angry stare.

“Thomas come here now!” he yelled.

“What James?” said a voice from behind. James walked through me, like I was mist to a shorter younger boy with dark skin and blue eyes.

I was drawn to what was on his back, wings. This guy had wings. Leaving logic out of it, concerning the fact I had talked to a crow that was standing next to me. His wings white as milk.

“Hey what’s going on? Who are you guys?” I asked.

“Where is it?” James asked.

“Where’s what?”

“My bow!” James’ voice boomed.

“I-I don’t know.”

“Don’t you lie, or you’ll be punished.” James said.

“Of course ‘cause you’re His favorite. You always have been.”

“That’s because I listen and do what I’m told.”

“What’s going on?!” I shouted.

Again everything faded as I heard someone say my name. “Good-bye I will see you soon Thyia.”

“What was that? Hey wait.” I said as he started to fly away.

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