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The Assassin

May 29, 2011
By BethanyCobb16 BRONZE, Blowing Rock, North Carolina
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BethanyCobb16 BRONZE, Blowing Rock, North Carolina
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Ok, just breathe. Everything will be ok. Don't freak out. Everyone will love you. Close your eyes count to 10 and breathe. I hear her say to herself. I really want to say: Just shut up! I get so frustrated with her! My name is Rosa and I am the unfortunate girl who has to be the understudy for Alice. Alice is a new actress or as we like to call it: a coming out actress. I watch as Alice puts on her make up and pulls her long mahogany colored hair up. I've always been jealous of Alice. She has long eyelashes, eyes the color of the ocean, and thick mahogany colored hair. She is 5'5 and slender. I on the other hand have auburn colored hair, eyes the color of emeralds, and I have ivory colored skin. Anyways, I watch loathingly as she puts on a dark blue dress for the opening scene. The color of the dress brings out the creaminess of her skin and the blue in her eyes. Gosh, I can't stand her! Why couldn't I be in her place? Why couldn't I have her beauty? Its just not fair! I'm so mad I'm gonna glare at her in the mirror.

I feel as jittery as a jitterbug. I have butterflies flying all around my stomach and I feel like I can't breathe. Its so hot and stuffy in here! I look in the mirror and see how elegant and becoming I look. I look over at Rose and see her glaring at me. Why is that girl always glaring at me? I haven't done anything! She's always telling the other girls how jealous she is of me. She's pretty too. I mean if she didn't... Ok, I got to be nice! Maybe I should be “sick” one day just so that she can be in my place. I bet she would like that. “Rosa, can you get Michael for me?” “Sure” she mumbles. I finish up my final touches as she leaves me. I plop down on the couch in our dressing room and wait.

Gotta go find Michael for her majesty... She thinks she's so high and mighty! That she can just boss me around like that? Ha! Who died and made her queen?! I continue to sulk as I continue to look for Michael. “Nikita! Where's Michael?” “He's in his dressing room,” Nikita yells back. Rosa walks to Michael's dressing room and yells “Michaaeelll!” No answer. “Michael open up!” “Who is it” he yells. “Rosa.” “What do you want Rosa?” “Alice told me to get you, she needs you.” “Oh, ok give me a sec.” Rosa looks up as she hears Michael's door open. She takes a sharp breath as she look him up and down. She sees a sight of big green piercing eyes, blonde hair, and his tuxedo on for the opening scene. She realizes her jaw is hanging open and closes it sharply. “Oh, umm come with me,” she says. Michael replies “Ok, is she not in her dressing room?” “Yeah, but I have to go back and get dressed.” They walk side by side staying silent. As they walk she thinks: Why does she get him? Why can't I have him? Michael knocks on their door and Alice comes and answers it. When the door opens Rosa hears Michael gasp. Alice looks more gorgeous then ever and it bother Rosa to no end. Rosa pushes past Alice and sits down tears streaming down her face.

Alice looks Michael up and down and slowly starts to blush. He's so handsome she thinks. “You wanted to talk to me?” she hears him ask. “Oh, ha! Yes, yes I did!” “Ok, what about Alice?” “Ummm.. so... opening scene... am I still coming in the car?” “Oh, yeah!” “Haha, ok,” she sighs in relief. “Is that all?” “Yeah.” Alice watches as Michael saunters off down the hall. She turns around and sees Rosa silently crying. “Hey whats wrong Rosa?” “Nothing,” she replies tersely. “Ok,” Alice returns. “Well, I'm going to go find the director see you Rosa.” “Bye.”

Rosa watches as Alice sways out of their dressing room. As Rosa sits at the mirror doing her hair she hears outside of her door: “Rosa its me Damien open up!” Rosa sighs and opens the door seeing a vision of dark sparkling blue eyes and dark brown hair. She noticed his 5'o clock shadow was starting to show. “Hey Rosie whats up?” he said as he leaned against the door post. “My name is Ros-ah! Rosa! Ros-ah! Not Rosie!” “Ok, sorry, sorry, sorry. So whats up Ros-ah?” “Nothing just getting ready, you?” “Seeing if you want to go to dinner.” “Umm sure, just give me a sec.”

I approach our dressing room and see steamy, dreamy Damien at our door talking to Rosa! Rosa! As I approach I hear him asking her where she wants to go to dinner. I might invite myself along I think. “Hey Damien, Rosa!” Damien turns around gives me his crooked smile and says: “Hey Alice, we'll be outta your way in a second, Rosa is just changing.” “Oh, its ok! Where are you going?” “To dinner,” he replies. “Umm yeah actually I do, I don't know if he does but I do!” I hear Rosa say behin me. I turn and face her with a shocked and irritated look. “Umm Alice I'm sorry but I only asked Rosa, maybe next time.” I hear Damien say behind me. I turn and look at him and reluctantly say “Ok.” Rosa pushes past me and leaves with Damien. I watch them disappear and then close the door and flip the T.V. on.

Geez she's so nosy! And I'm the only one who's going to go out with Damien tonight. She already gets everything! Damien asked ME and its rude for her to just invite herself like that! I'm so glad Damien stepped in I guess he could tell there was some girl tension going on. Ok, enough about Alice! I shove the rest of those thoughts away and look over at Damien. His strong jaw line and his gorgeous eyes. Believe me he could make any girl swoon. “So, how do you like being Alice's understudy?” he asks me. “haha you've got to be kidding me!” “No.. do you not like it?” “She's mean.. and rude.. and I swear she acts like someone died and made her queen.” “Ha, I thought that was how it was with most girls!” “oh, well... not me.. its most diva girls..” “Oh, ok so do you like the theatre business?” I sigh and run my fingers through my hair and clothes my eyes replying: “Can we talk about something else please?” “Oh, yeah sure!” He turns and smiles at me his blue eyes twinkling. My heart stops for maybe 2 seconds and then I recover. “So, where are we going to eat?” “Italian ok with you?” “ Yeah! Its my favorite!” We go to dinner and have a few drinks. On our way back to the theatre we're laughing and cracking jokes. Then Damien looks at me for a split second. And thats when everything got..... weird... I see a bright light coming at us and then thats when I start drifting in and out of consciousness. “What'd you do Stephen?!” “Nothing!” “Go get me the syringe” then beep.. beep.. beep.. “hand me the chip” then “give me the adrenaline” I had been in the dark only hearing glimpses of their conversations. When I hear whoever “he” was asking for adrenaline. I black out till the adrenaline starts to work and I jump up and out of the surgical bed. I look around alert, scared, and jumpy. The men stare at me and tell me that I am now their most powerful weapon. I look at them and start tearing up. They send an electrical shock through me and my knees buckle under me. The men look down on me as I try and catch my breath. They tell I am now Alexandra. That Rosa no longer exists and the world thinks I died in a car accident. Damien! What could have happened to him? I look at them and ask: Damien? The men give a callous laugh as they look at me and they tell me that Damien is ok. That the world thinks we're both dead. With that said they inject me with something else and I black out again with Damien's name on my lips. I wake up to the sound of beeping. I look around me and see that I'm hooked up to an I.V. Then everything those men have told me flood into my mind and I start crying. I hear movement next to me and see Damien beside me. Damien is as white as a sheet and looks like he is having some troubled dreams. I hear the mumbled voices and close my eyes immediately. 5 minutes later I drift off to sleep.

Where's Rosa and Damien?I wonder. I hear my phone ringing and I pounce on it and say hello. “Is this Ms. Alice?” “Yes.” “Ms. Alice this is the police do you know a girl by the name of Rosa?” “Yes, I do! She's my understudy!” “Then perhaps you know the young man that was with her?” “Damien?” “Yes.” “Well, they were hit head on by a truck and died immediately, I'm really sorry Ms. Alice.” Shocked I couldn't respond. “Ms. Alice are you ok?” “Uhh.. yeah..” “Ok, well goodbye now..” “Bye.” Damien's hurt? Damien's dead?! What? Rosa? I can't even think! How do I explain this to the director? My phone buzzes and I look down and see its a text from Rosa. I gasp and open it.. The next thing I read makes me pass out...

I hear a soft voice next to me calling my name. I slowly open my eyes and am greeted by a bright light shining above me. I hear my name called again ever so softly and my mind struggles to figure out who the voice belongs to. I turn my head to face the voice and see Damien looking at me. Then I remember everything from earlier. I remember being shocked by an electrical current, the men telling me I am no longer Rosa but Alexandra, and above all I remember that I am now one of their most powerful weapons. I look over at Damien trembling and see his face ash white. “Damien?” “Yeah?” “Are you ok?” “If I knew what I was hooked up to and why I am here I would be...” “Damien, some men have captured us and we are now their most powerful weapons.” “Oh, I think you've lost it.” “But, I haven't!” I pleaded and tears start forming in my eyes. That's when he realizes that I have to be telling the truth. I see his blue eyes widen with shock and fear. Then I hear footsteps walking down the hallway towards us and turn my head sharply and look up at the ceiling. I hear the door open and and my spine tightens. “Alexandra, I know your awake look at me.” I slowly look towards the man and see eyes the color of coal looking straight at me. Damien looks from me to the man and I see his limbs tighten and him ready to say something. The man could tell too and sent an electrical shock through his body making him convulse and him gasp for breath. “Stop! Please stop!” I cry out. “Alexandra this man needs to know that we are in control of him and you now.” “Please, please stop!” I watch as Damien stops convulsing and looks at me. Then we both hear the man speak and this is what he tells us..: “You want to know why you are here? You are our new experiment. You are both now lethal assassins. ”

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