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Father Figure

June 9, 2011
By SpringAhead GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Author's note: This is my first novel I have published on this website, so i hope you all enjoy! :)

The sun was just rising overhead sending rays of pink and gold in each direction as Jonathan stepped out of his house for school. His street had trees lining each side making the walk down to the bus stop cool and shady. There were houses of all different shapes, sizes, and colors along his street. It could make any tourist or new resident stare out the window in amazement, however Jonathan was unimpressed. He was like any normal fifteen year old, into girls, loved sports, and avoided drama. I mean, its not like guys that didn’t fit those same characteristics were weird its just that’s the stereotype for boys. See, that’s the one thing Jonathan hated, stereotypes.

As Jonathan walked along his street, Grand Willow Road, his pace quickened and quickened. He did not want to run into his new fiend/friend Jarrett Moore, a junior thug who could beat him up in less then two seconds. Unfortunately for Jonathan, they lived on the exact same street as neighbors. Jonathan used to play basketball outside, shooting hoops for hours, now he never leaves his house for fear of being attacked by Jarrett. It all started at the beginning of Jonathan’s sophomore year. For two years now, he had enormous thing for this girl, Macy Cameron, however Jarrett did too. After two months of heated tension Jonathan ended up winning the girl’s affections, and Jarrett’s boiling rage.

“Hey shrimpy!” a voice shouted from a house across the street. Jonathan jumped ten feet then stood frozen to his place only 200 yards from the bus stop. “I was so close,” Jonathan thought to himself. “so close.” Even though Jonathan was shaking out of skin, it would be worse if he gave Jarrett the impression that he was scared.

“What do you want Jarrett?” he called back, as if bored almost.

“I want,” he said, while stepping out of the doorway and making slow reproachful steps down his path to the road. “Your head, above my mantle, and your body as my boxing dummy.”

“Sometimes I wonder how your mind works Jarrett,” Jonathan answered back, allowing Jarrett to approach nearer. “Then I realize the Insanity inside of you does most of the work.” Immediately Jarrett began to laugh, stopping in his tracks. Slowly Jonathan began to back away.

“Is that all you got you son of a b****?” he said spreading his arms widely in question. Then he began to laugh even harder.

“No,” Jonathan answered, still backing away, ignoring Jarrett’s laughter. “I’ve got two arms for throwing and catching, and two legs for running and jumping, now if you don’t mind I am going to use them.” With that Jonathan turned and ran as fast as he could to the corner, Over his shoulder he could hear Jarrett’s shouts in-between fits of laughter.

“I-I-I’m going to-o get-t you Jonathan Fitzpatrick!” he shouted while trying to swallow his laughter, once he did he continued. “You don’t know, when. and you don’t know where, but I am going to get you. I am going to get you so bad, and hit you so hard where it hurts. The sad part for you is you are NEVER GONNA SEE IT COMIN’.”

The author's comments:
The Mofs is another word that workers in the office building call fugitives from the Mafia.

Leila, the bus is going to be here any minute! Are you ready for school?” Jonathan called up to his fourteen year-old daughter from the bottom of the stairs. It was her first day of High School but it seemed like Jonathan was more nervous then she was.

“In a minute dad, although my bus doesn’t come until 6:45, remember?” she shouted back down. Jonathan just rolled his eyes and walked back down the hall, and into the kitchen. Macy Fitzpatrick was standing by the stove making breakfast. Her back was turned to the kitchen table and focused completely on the eggs frying on the stove. Jonathan quickly sat down waiting at the already set table in waiting for the celebratory back to school breakfast. It was a tradition the Fitzpatrick’s had every year. Sensing he was there, Macy turned around and gave her husband a look.

“I know your more nervous then she is, but don’t make her more nervous too.” Macy said not taking her eyes off of him.

“I know,” Jonathan said sighing. “But I had such a rough time in High School, and I just want her to have it better then I did.” Macy sighed, walked over and sat down next to him. She grabbed his hand and laced their fingers together.

“I’m sorry you had it so bad in High School dear.” she said staring into his coral blue eyes. “but if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have had what we have now.” He smiled, leaned his and kissed her. Powerful electricity flew through them both, something that happened every time they kissed. It was a love that was real and lasted for twenty years so far.

“But it was all worth it.” he said once he had pulled away. They smiled at each other, knowing their love would last forever. After a long moment a voice rang out from the kitchen doorway.

“Mom, dad, does this have to happen every time I go back to school?” Leila asked walking in, and sitting down across from her parents.

“Yes dear,” her mother said standing up, and walking around the table and placing her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. “because every year your father has a meltdown and I of course calm him down.” she said smiling and Jonathan before turning and walked back to the stove.

“I do not have a meltdown!” Jonathan said defensively.

“Well then what do you call, calling up at me at 6 this morning saying the bus is going to be here any minute and that I should be ready?” Leila asked.

“Getting you into good early preparation habits.” he answered slowly, at that both Macy and Leila laughed hysterically. After a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns, a honk came from the front door signifying Leila was late for the bus. Immediately she picked up her backpack, kissed both her parents goodbye and raced out the door. Once she was gone Macy began glaring at her husband.

“I thought you were going to tell her today Jonathan. . .”she began.

“I know! But she hasn’t proved to me that she can keep the secret!” Jonathan argued back.

“She’s fourteen, standing on her own two feet, I’m sure she can keep the secret Jonathan!” Macy shouted back. Jonathan was about to argue back when he stopped and leaned back into his chair, letting wooden back prod his skin. Anything to distract him from the growing tension. After a long moment of silence Jonathan stood.

“I’m sorry, honey. I have to be getting to work now.” he said leaning over, kissing his wife on the cheek. With that he picked up his briefcase and headed out the door.

The drive to the agency was two hours long. Jonathan usually spent these two hours listening to talk radio, and making a list in his head of things he needed to do the next day. Finally Jonathan approached the exit he needed to follow, labeled “Washington D.C. Outskirts.” He drove into the city winding around side streets and back ways making his way to a little road called “Secret Drive.” Secret Drive was a dead end with trees and foliage covering the ending culdesac of it. No one lived, worked, or even walked by this place on a day to day basis. Once at the end of “Secret Drive,” Jonathan quickly opened his glove compartment and felt around for his garage door remote. He pulled out a sleek shiny black remote with one gray button on it, Quickly he flipped the remote over and opened a secret battery compartment in the back. He took out the batteries, revealing two small red buttons underneath. Pointing the remote towards the foliage Jonathan used middle finger to press twice right, then twice left, then both at the same time. Slowly from the ground a trap door raised up just as high as his car’s roof. the inside was pitch black.

“Here we go again.” Jonathan mumbled to himself. Gently pressing on the gas Jonathan rolled into the trap door, and it slowly closed behind him.

Jonathan plunged into the darkness, slowly cruising down the long hill into the basement. As soon as he reached the bottom the flood lights went on, and the enormous cave of parking was visible. Jonathan pulled into the first parking spot closest to the glass elevator. His space was marked reserved. Again Jonathan flipped open his glove compartment and placed his shining gold reserved parking pass, before getting out and making his way to the elevator. As he was walking up to get on the elevator he saw a friendly face.

“John! How you doin’ guy?” a big man said loudly, who was waiting to get on the elevator. He was tall, strong, and has a little beer gut. He had long sideburns and scruff around his chin. He looked beat up, but alright. His hair was graying slightly through the gentle waves of black. As soon as Jonathan saw him he quickened his pace, stepped up the curb and gave the man a man-hug.

“Biff! I am fine, how have you been?” he said breaking apart from Biff.

“I’ve been alright, been on the run from the Mofs about three months now, but they haven’t caught me so far.” Biff said with a slight smile.

“They have to give up after some point.” Jonathan tried in a half hopeful tone. Biff didn’t answer. The elevator opened and Jonathan and Biff stepped inside. Every part of it was glass except for the button panel on the left and right sides. Jonathan loved looking at the view from the elevator because you could see everything, the only down side was everyone can see you. Jonathan stared down at the floor looking into the blackness below their elevator.

“You know sometimes this elevator scares me.” Jonathan said slowly, breaking the awkward tension between them. “We’re so high up and everyone can see us, its amazing yet scary at the same time.”

“Yeah.” Biff mumbled under his breath. After another awkward moment Biff spoke again, this time in a low crazy tone. “They’ll never give up John. They’re vultures, that are everywhere and anywhere, waiting for the right moment to get me.”

“You sound paranoid Biff . . “ Jonathan started but Biff cut him off.

“Don’t you think I have a right to be paranoid!” Biff shouted back. “Don’t you think I have a right to be scared, and afraid and honestly a bit lost!”

“Yeah but here . . .” Jonathan desperately tried to calm him down. Biff looked like he was about to explode so Jonathan stopped short, but instead he stopped, took a deep breath, and turned away towards the side of the elevator. Jonathan waited. When Biff turned back you could see the lines on his dirt encrusted face from the hot fresh tears streaming down his cheeks.

“I can’t go home John,” he said his voice cracking as he spoke. “I can’t see, hear or even communicate with my family in the slightest or they’ll get killed just like I will.” Jonathan, thinking about his own wife and child could not help but feel sympathy for the man.

Until this point their glass elevator was completely surrounded by rock and concrete, now finally they rose into the main building and kept going up. The whole place was spectacular. It was a huge main building carved into an enormous limestone cavern. Iron walked jetting out of the walls going fifty feet up, and glass in a metal frame made the guardrails. The man floor was all metal, including the main desk where the administrators worked. Everything was shaped in a circle. The cavern, the main floor desk, every floor’s walkway, and the glass elevators were all perfectly round. Cave after cave supported by metal beams went back into the cavern on every floor. They looked cold and damp however Both Jonathan and Biff knew there were huge offices and conference rooms in those hallways.

Jonathan just looked at his watch, tapped his foot and whistled while Biff looked at everything as if he had just been there for the first time.

“I forgot how amazing this place was.” Biff said his eyes wandering all around, looking at every possible inch of the cavern.

“I know,” Jonathan answered.

As they kept going up the bottom floor seemed more and more distant. Jonathan just stared down at the United States insignia that made up most of the floor. Finally the elevator pinged and stopped at the 27th level. They both stepped out onto the broad metal walkway, and headed towards the dark hallway in front of them. As soon as they stepped inside the cave it lite up, in every direction, by large flood lights. Jonathan kept going, heading to his office figuring Biff would leave his side however he didn’t.

“Biff, where are you headed to?”Jonathan finally asked.

“Roger’s office to give him an update on the case and my “condition.”” Biff said sarcastically.

“What do you mean by that?” Jonathan asked again.

“Well they think I’m gonna go mentally, from being chased down all the time, so they want to be sure I don’t do something stupid like give myself up, shoot myself, or try and go back to my family.” Biff explained.

“Oh.” Jonathan said, not continuing more on the subject. Biff was protective about his family but who could blame him? They were in a dangerous situation right now. After walking past several identical wooden doors they finally came to the one with Jonathan’s name engraved on it. They were at the end of the hallway. It was a dead end hallway, the only thing looking at them from the end was a big round conference room. Usually no one was inside the conference room but it was lite up anyway, however today one man was sitting inside it. He was tall and stark with a trimmed gray beard, and sharp gray eyes. His name was Arlen Rogers, the head of field agent deployment. Jonathan was second in command.

“Well, I guess this is it. Good luck Biff.” Jonathan said shaking his hand.

“Thanks John, its always great to see you. Your the one person in this twisted up world I know I can count on.” he said shaking his had firmly.

“Likewise.” Jonathan replied. They looked into each other’s eyes, and something passed between them. Don’t get me wrong, Jonathan and Biff were close but it wasn’t until that moment that they knew it.

Jonathan stepped into his office slowly closing the door behind him. It was small, 11 by 11 foot space, occupied by only a desk, chair, filing cabinet and a counter with a coffeemaker and a sink. The back wall was all limestone however all the other walls and floor where metal. For any normal person, being in this space from ten in the morning until five at night would be maddening, however for Jonathan it was all in a day’s work. He was trained to withstand the confined spaced, and almost everything because at one time Jonathan was a field agent too.

Later, Jonathan was reviewing a case sent into him later in the morning by one of his assistants. It was the case of Drew Murphy a young High School student who was snatched off the streets and vanished. Her parents had associations with the Dead Rush, a motorcycle gang who’s fury was storming the streets of Chicago. The gang didn’t seem dangerous at first, however when they attempted a bank robbery that’s when it was known they were a force to be reckoned with. Since then they have robbed several homes, committed several accounts of arson, have completely destroyed motorcycles from rivaling gangs, and now have a suspected kidnapping.

As Jonathan read the case he could feel nothing but pity for the parents of this poor girl. They would be lucky if they ever found her dead, if it was an organized crime case. Jonathan set the vanilla folder down, and turned to the phone to his right to make a call. However all of a sudden Jonathan knew something wasn’t right. His office had a smell. Being that it was made of all metal fifty miles underground didn’t help either. Then the smell came on stronger. At that moment Jonathan knew what it was . . .raw sewage. That’s when the rumbling started.

The rumbling started soft at first. I could barely feel it. Then it became stronger and stronger as if a powerful earthquake was bearing down on us all. Quickly I ran out of my office, and store down the hallway. All of a sudden the whole place went pitch black then, in an instant he floodlights began flashing a deep red, and a siren wailed throughout the building, echoing off every cave wall and floor. People were running in all directions and screaming as loud as they possible could. Jonathan quickly stole towards the elevator, the only exit out of the cavern. In an instant Biff and Mr. Rogers were behind him.

“What’s going on?” Biff shouted over the screaming and shouting. The rumbling began to get more intense, and rocks along the cave began to crumble and fall. People were shouting and running in every direction, but Jonathan biff and Mr. Rogers only caught glimpses of it through the flashing red light. All of a sudden the rumbling became so intense it was too difficult to walk or stand. The glass elevators began to crack, and ad people where getting crushed under falling rocks. Then all of a sudden it all exploded. On the opposite wall facing Jonathan a huge rush of water broke through the wall in a fifty foot wide space surging down to the main floor. It took with it people who were standing on that level. From there it broke through the main floor creating another explosion followed by an enormous cloud of dust.

“Holy Crap!” Biff shouted at the top of his lungs. People standing on that side waiting for the elevator were immediately swept away. The water surged down to the main floor flooding everything, then it went down to the parking lot making the main floor cave in to the very bottom. Jonathan, and Biff just stared in amazement and horror in each red flash. Mr. Rogers had retreated to the mouth of their cave to watch it all. As the water came in so did a mighty breeze that swept through the cavern blowing their hair back.

“Biff, Jonathan!” Mr. Rogers called from where he was standing. Biff and Jonathan retreated to him.

“Listen!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. “Once the water hits the bottom floor of the lot it’s got nowhere to go but up. The only exit we have are the glass elevators and the cars down at the basement level which is now impassible unless you want to drown. But there’s another way out.” That statement gave Biff and Jonathan the slightest shimmer of hope.

“However its not so easy to get to.” He continued. “You have to go to the elevators and break the glass doors. Once you do your going to have to shimmy up the cable about twelve floors. At the very top there’s a shaft that the workers use to work on the tops of the elevators. If your able to unscrew the screws with your fingers you can climb up it and into the service room. From there go to the outside and get help!”

“Wait!” Jonathan cut in. “you sound as if your not coming with us.”

“I’m not, I am too old to do anything like that but you are young to enough to still have the strength and guts to do it.”

“Your gonna die down here old man!” Biff shouted as if the mocking would urge him on. Looking away for a moment Mr. Rogers seemed to think.

“Promise you’ll tell my family I love them?” He asked, tears welling up in his eyes.

“You can count on it.” Jonathan said. With that Biff and Johnathan turned away and went back to the elevator. Mr. Rogers watched them. Quickly Jonathan scanned for something he could use to break open the doors. Mean while biff went to the closed glass elevator doors and kicked them as hard as he could. Immediately they shattered. Jonathan just turned and stared at him.

“That’s how you got to do it Jonathan. Whatever it takes for safety, either your own or someone else. In our case, both.” Biff said smirking a little bit.

“It’s not like I’ve left the business Biff, I can take care of myself.” Jonathan said walking over to the shattered doorway, looking for the elevator cable. However it wasn’t there.

“Dang it! Our one way out of here . . .gone!” Jonathan shouted in defeat. He turned back and gave a look of defeat and anguish to Mr. Rogers who gave a look of pity.

“Not quite.” Biff said. However he still stayed at the door, his eyes glued on the sides. The elevator was not made of purely glass. It was actually made of big glass plates, held together by thick steel lining. Slowly Biff grabbed the first steel edge closest to the door and stepped onto the thin metal edge right next to the bottom of the doorway was.

“We’re not done yet!” Biff shouted from inside the shaft. Jonathan spun around and saw him almost hanging there. Slowly a smile crept across his face.

“Now come on! Before the water gets to us!” Biff said. Jonathan ran to the door, as biff grabbed the top of the next rimmed glass. They both began to climb higher and higher, one steel rimmed glass after the next. Mr. Rogers looked on, smiling. After a while Jonathan’s arms and legs grew tired his fingers began to sweat and slide off the rims. Now only the tips of his fingers and toes could grip the rims so it took all of his concentration and will power not to fall into his untimely death. The water began to creep nearer and nearer, no matter how fast they climbed. After a while Jonathan needed to stop and breath.

“Are we near the top yet?” Jonathan called up. Biff, who was obviously more fit was about four rims up from Jonathan.

“One more floor John, one more floor.” Biff called back down. Jonathan sighed and continued upward. At one point his fingers slipped from the rim and he dangled for a second, one hand and foot on the other hand and foot off. All Jonathan could do was stare down at the water, rising up to meet him. Out of fear Jonathan quickly snapped his hand and foot back to the rims and continued upward as fast as he possible could. Finally they reached the top.

Biff banged on the thin metal grate, but it wouldn’t budge, while Jonathan looked on in worry. They water crept closer and closer to the bottom of Jonathan’s feet. Jonathan stared at it in anxiety.

“Come on Biff, we don’t have all day here.” Jonathan said in worry tapping his ankle, and forcing himself to look up at Biff.

“Well this isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world.” Biff said digging the hard edge of his name into the Phillips-head end of the screw. After a five minutes Biff finally got one out. He threw the screw down into the murky water, and continued with the one next to it. By then the water was just reaching Jonathan’s ankles. Jonathan lifted his foot off of the edge of the steel rim and stared down at the muck that covered his nice loafers.

“Any day now Biff.” He said staring down at the muck in disgust.

“I am going as fast as I can, but I don’t think we’re gonna get all of the screws out in time.” he replied, while wrenching his finger into the tightly driven screw and turning as hard as he could to the left. He worked like that for another long five minutes, finally twisting the screw out, and throwing it down at the ground. The water, combined with dirt, muck and grime was now circling Jonathan’s waste. Jonathan just stared at it wide eyed.

“Ok, now I think we can get a big enough space open now that we can both fit through.”Biff said looking down at Jonathan. His eyes doubled in size seeing the muck circling him.

“Just tell me your plan!” Jonathan snapped at him.

“Ok I think if we hang onto this end.” Biff said pulling the end that he took the screw out of down an inch.

“Our combined weight will pull the grate down without breaking it, then we can both slip through.” Biff finished.

“O.k. lets just do it.” Jonathan said climbing up alongside Biff. Together they grabbed on to the loose end of the grate and hung there. Slowly the grate bent downward, leaving what seemed like enough space for them both to get through. With out a word Jonathan used the slats of the grate to get to the hole and find something he could grab onto to get through. He felt around on the floor for something he could use to pull himself up with but there was nothing.

“Just lift yourself up!”Biff snapped at him. Jonathan made no response, but instead, in one fluid motion, Jonathan snapped his other arm through the hole, putting all his weight on his hands. Then he slowly lifted his legs through until he was perfectly inside the elevator service room. He stumbled away from the hole, gasping in relief-smiling and laughing. Then biff came through huffing and puffing.

“We did it!” Jonathan exclaimed. Not believing his incredible luck that he escaped that horrible death trap.

“Yeah, except one problem Jonathan.” Biff said hanging his head. “This room has no windows so unless we leave now, we’ll die like everyone else, and I can’t go outside without getting shot.” Jonathan’s face fell. All of a sudden water, and muck began rise through the grate. Jonathan turned back towards the door, which was left cracked.

“Okay, okay.” Jonathan said quickly, skimming the room trying to find something he could use to hide Biff. His eyes immediatly fell on a small door in the corner of the room. He quickly stumbled over to his, the water just coming to his ankles. He threw it open to find huge, white, full-body suit, and an enormous helmet, with a tinted eye glass. It was a bomb-squad suit. Jonathan snatched it out of the closet and threw it at Biff who was peeking out of the door. Water was now flowing out of it, and the people out on the streets were starting to stare.

“Quick, put this on!” Jonathan said, tossing first the suit, then the boots, and finally the helmet.

“Seriously?” Biff asked.

“Would you rather look like an astronaut or get shot?” Jonathan snapped back. Biff sighed then began to put on the suit. Water was now creating a huge puddle out in the center of a large intersection. Cars were splashing through it while people began to crowd the small brick building, close to peering inside. Finally one of them had the guts to open the door, but before he could Jonathan, and biff dressed as a bomb squad agent came through. Everyone jumped back in surprise, then grew looks of fear when they saw Biff.

“FBI.” Jonathan said whipping out his badge, in his left side pocket. That was his favorite part of the job.

“There was a little bomb scare in this small maintenance building, however there is nothing to fear. We must have gotten a prank call, sorry to disturb your day.” Jonathan continued smoothly, however everyone looked skeptical.

“Why is there a river coming out of here?” One them shouted over the heads of the crowd as Jonathan and Biff walked away.

“Broken toilet.” Jonathan shouted back as he was about to cross the road off the island.

“But . . .that doesn’t make sense!” the pedestrian shouted back. However by then Jonathan and Biff were already across the road and running down the sidewalk on the other side. All of a sudden police cars began to arrive at the scene-interrogating the small crowd as they came. By then Jonathan and Biff were gone.

“Thank you, Bob.” a pretty blonde news reporter in a nice pant-suit began. Jonathan and Biff stared at the t.v. in shock, as a breaking news bulletin came up on fox news as Jonathan and Biff enjoyed a little relaxing t.v. from their hotel room. The head of the organization, Carl Klunkletz got them the hotel room, so that he could fully interrogate them about the event the next day. Jonathan didn’t mind though, he and Biff did nothing wrong. The only down side was he had no way to contact Macy and tell her.

“Today in Washington D.C. An odd flood has occurred in the middle of Grant circle in the northwest corner of the city. An Odd little maintenance building, as you can see behind me . . .” the news reporter continued. Biff and Jonathan stared over her shoulder at the organization’s maintenance building’s door. Thousands of gallons of water and sludge were pouring out behind it, making the scene a smelly disgusting mess. She was very far away standing against a long line of crime scene caution tape, but Jonathan could make out the scene.

“has made it’s own little flood in the course of three hours. Police have already shut down New Hampshire, Illinois, Varnum, and 5th streets in that area. Now a statement from Liam Ringsinger the head of police department.” she said. Immediately the scene switched from staring at Grant Circle to walking down 5th ave, staring up at a man who looked old a gray from the stress of his job.

“Now there is no need to worry, this is just a little pluming issue. That house is one of the main pluming fix it stations in the city. It’s one of the few places you should not have a water main break, which of course, due to mistreatment and ignorance has happened over the course of a few days.” The man said into the microphones of the many reporters standing around him.

“What about the men who were rumored to have come out of that building claiming there was a bomb scare, is it true?” The reporter asked, trying to get the dirt out of him. He wasn’t having it.

“That information is classified.” he said sternly, not taking his eyes off the reporters who swarmed like vultures around him. “But I will say that whatever scare there was, is now not a threat. There is no more threat, and all is well.” he said turning to walk away, however he turned back to make a final statement.

“At least until all the water is gone of course.” he said before turning to walk away. All the reporters made a dash to follow him, however that’s when the camera switched back to the blonde reporter. Jonathan, pressed the mute button and turned around to look at Biff, who’s face was stone cold.

“I bet they made that huge crime scene tape so wide because they’re beginning to find the bodies.” Biff said, without a tone of emotion in his voice.

“I know.” Jonathan answered. “They can’t keep this covered up forever.”

“Yeah but they can’t tell the cameras about the organization!” Biff said his voice rising a little. “This is really bad!”

“They’re going to have to Biff, It doesn’t even matter anyway.” Jonathan answered. He turned his head to stare down at the ground tears welling up in his eyes, but he forced them back. He couldn’t think about all the people dead, not here, not now.

“Of course it matters! what are you nuts?” Biff argued back, about to go on an epic rant, however Jonathan cut him off.

“Biff they already know!” Jonathan shouted back. “The only way anyone could have pulled a stunt like that was hours of research and infiltration into the organization which means they knew about it even before. Who knows what kind of information they got their hands on? Who cares about that even? There’s no one fighting back against them anymore! They’ll go crazy, destroying, and stealing everything!”

“John, there’s always the police.” Biff said, trying to comfort his wounded friend.

“But they don’t know half the stuff we know Biff! Who do you think gives them information from the inside of their organizations, and gangs, and hideouts? We do! But its all gone!” Jonathan said now ranting like he never has before. There was a long period of silence when neither of the men said anything. Finally Biff broke the silence.

“I still don’t get how it happened.” Biff said, not looking at Jonathan.

“Do you know how the organization was built?” Jonathan asked, staring down at the ground.


“Well, they started by damming up a sewer pipe for about a quarter of a mile, in both directions, then digging down, up and over. It was all made of limestone but the government used cement both for the pipes and damn insuring it wouldn’t break to flood the place. It was one of the greatest kept secrets of the organization. Someone must have infiltrated the building, somehow gained all its personal secrets and managed to blow through a six foot thick concrete wall. Once they did that they knew all the sewage water to come through, breaking the main wall of the building and flood it. They could have destroyed the building in others ways, but they choose flood because they knew once the water hit the bottom there was no way out, other then the elevator shaft. They didn’t care about that because they thought no one knew about it.” Jonathan explained letting all his angst and worry go to his explanation.

“Well wouldn’t someone have heard the explosion? I mean there’s no other way you can get through something that thick.” Biff tried to argue.

“I don’t know Biff.” Jonathan answered. “The only thing I do know is that it happened and there’s no way around it, so we might as well accept it and move on.”

“We have to get even with those thugs!” Biff said standing up.

“We’ll find them and get even someday.” Jonathan replied standing. “But today’s not our day.” Biff sighed, and looked away towards the t.v. however as soon as his eyes met it, he froze.

“What?” Jonathan asked. “Biff what is it? Are you ok?” Jonathan asked, waving his hand in front of Biff’s face. Biff snatched his hand and turned him around to the t.v. Across the screen flashed a huge amber alert. Biff quickly fumbled for the remote and pressed the mute button. Immediately the sound came back on as an alarm noise echoed across the room. The white words in the amber background described a girl with medium length brown hair, coral blue eyes, and fair skin. The alert then said her mother had the exact same distinct features, and that they were both missing. Two names flashed across the screen, almost permanently stopping Jonathan’s heart.

It was as if his worst fears and nightmares had all come alive in a single day. He watched the two names flash across the screen, feeling his eyes well up with tears. He couldn’t handle it. Macy and Leila Fitzpatrick, in big white letters, bore a hole through Jonathan’s mind. It made everything else disappear. The flood, the deaths, his no longer relevant job, everything seemed to fly out one by one. He heard someone speaking but the words didn’t register. Jonathan’s mind had gone completely blank.

“John, I’m so sorry. John? Are you there? John?” Biff said. The words became clearer and more distinct as he spoke. “Why don’t you sit down for a minute John? I can grab you some water.” All of a sudden before he even knew what he was doing, Jonathan took off. He ran, grabbed the keys to the rental BMW the government had loaned them and ran out the door. Biff followed him shouting as he went.

“John wait! John we can’t leave D.C.! John!” Biff called after him. However by then Jonathan was already down the hall and inside the elevator. People were staring as Biff tried to make the elevator but couldn’t, so instead running down the stairs to the left of the elevator. Th hotel was a Marriott, and very crowded on every floor. Biff made it down five flights of stairs as Jonathan’s elevator opened and Jonathan bolted for the car. The both dodged person after person-taking off at a run towards the lobby doors. Jonathan made it there first, threw the door open and kept going. Biff tried calling after him again.

“Jonathan wait! There’s nothing you can do! The police are probable already there, and working on it! Jonathan please?” Biff called still running as fast as he could after Jonathan. By that point Jonathan had ran over 500 yards and had reached the black BMW. Biff was only twenty yards away. He stopped when Jonathan turned to stare at him.

“Jonathan. . .”Biff said in-between breaths. “Please . . .put the keys. . .down.” Jonathan just stared at him as if he said the dumbest thing in the world.

“Are you coming or what?” Jonathan finally asked, breaking the awkward silence that had followed.

“What do you mean?” Biff asked.

“Are you coming back with me or not?” Jonathan asked in a little louder tone. Biff was about to answer when all of a sudden gun shots rang out across the parking lot. People began to scream as both Biff and Jonathan made a dash for the car. People were screaming and running in all different directions as hooded men with loaded shot guns began firing at the car. Jonathan pulled out as fast as he could, and sped towards the parking lot exit, breaking the pay toll barrier as he went. Jonathan pulled out onto the main road, and sped through two lights, until finally speeding out onto the highway. No one seemed to followed them so Jonathan slowed down a bit.

“You ok?” Biff asked.

“Yeah.” Jonathan answered between breaths of relief, and anxiety. “Where those the friends of yours?”

“Yeah.” Biff answered. “Charming people, aren’t they?”

“Most definitely.” Jonathan answered.

Together they drove down the highway until they were out of D.C. completely, then taking back ways and side roads to Jonathan’s. The trip altogether took about five hours, give or take. By the end Biff was snoring loudly and Jonathan was so tired he thought his own arms and legs would just give out. When they finally turned up Grand Willow Road he immediately spotted the yellow police line, and mass of cars in front of his house. He sped up the road, and slammed on the breaks, parallel parking on the other side. He threw open the door and ran across the road, under the police line and into his house. Several police officers followed him.

“Hi, I’d like to speak to the officer in charge!” he said loudly as he stepped in through the front door and jogged down the hall and into the kitchen. Inside sat the head of police for D.C., and several of her assistants. He was sitting at his kitchen table going through it with an older man around his late 70’s. They all turned to stare at him, the man’s picking up a slight grin at the sight of him.

“Can I help you sir?” the head of police said. She was black, short and had a huge chest. All of a sudden a bunch of other officers came in and tried to restrain Jonathan. Immediately Jonathan fought back lashing out in fury. When it all ended five officers where on the ground moaning in agony and Jonathan stood over them, holding his FBI badge. The older man was standing next to him smirking at the pathetic officers whining on the ground. One of them had a taser gun.

“I tried to tell you, but you just attacked me,” was all Jonathan said. At that the head of police laughed and so did the elderly gentleman. Jonathan turned to him and smiled.

“Barry, how are you doing?” Jonathan said leaning down to hug him. Jonathan was a tall 6’5 while Barry was a stocky 5’7.

“I’m alright Jonathan, how have you been?” Barry said as they broke apart. It was a quick hug that only men could pull off without looking awkward.

“Well I could be better.” Jonathan replied, chuckling a little.

“Guess we both could be a little better . . .” Barry said looking away from Jonathan to stare at the ground-lost in thought. there was a long awkward pause were Barry seemed to be getting tears to his eyes. Jonathan could only feel pity for him, and pain for himself. Everything else good was blocked out.

“So how do you two know each other?” the head of police asked, breaking the silence. Jonathan and Barry both looked towards her and made their way over to the kitchen table.

“He’s my son-in-law.” Barry said, patting Jonathan on the shoulder. Jonathan smiled. At that moment Biff ran in, tripping over the police officers sprawled in front of the hallway. All of them couldn’t help but laugh. Biff quickly got up, and brushed himself off, while they all still kept cracking up.

“Sorry bout that.” Biff said brushing the last of the dust off his shirt. “I was getting weird looks from the people standing outside. I decided to come in here.” He gave a looked at Jonathan, who nodded. A wave of understanding passed between them only they, as agents could understand.

“Bifford Wence, how you doing?” he said putting his hand out to shake the officer’s hand.

“Officer Jeanne Snyder, and fine thanks.” she replied shaking his hand firmly. Jonathan politely stuck out his hand and introduced himself as well, explaining that Biff was a fellow colleague of his. Biff flipped out his FBI ID badge, then quickly put it away. Then they all sat down at the table around a case file that was about as thick as a fully loaded Webster’s dictionary. Jonathan stared at it, dumbfounded. Biff looked just as overwhelmed, giving Jonathan a look of pity and surprise. Jonathan just shrugged.

“Now I was explaining to Mr. Cameron over here.” Officer Snyder began ominously. “This case is no ordinary disappearing case.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Biff blurted out. They all turned to look at him in awkward silence. “Just wondering, of course.”

“Well it could be good or it could be bad, we don’t know.” she answered, then continued before they cold interrupt again. “What happened was we got a 911 call from this house saying that someone was breaking in as they were inside. When we get here everything is gone and the house is a wreck except for this room. On the table there’s a note, and it’s addressed for you Jonathan. It was typed, and we couldn’t identify any kind of prints so we kept it for you.”

Jonathan’s mind went blank. Was this a not from the captor? What could it have possible said? Hey Jonathan, I decided to steal the two most important people in your life and torture you until I finally kill them. Sincerely, captor. “Of course not,” Jonathan thought to himself. Maybe it was a note from Macy the captor had forced her to write. But why would the captor leave a note? There is no way in hell the captor would tell where he was taking them, and why. Although Jonathan feared the answer, more then asking the question.

“I can read it before you Mr. Fitzpatrick. To see what it says.” Officer Snyder suggested. There was a short pause while Jonathan contemplated the idea.

“No, its ok. I would like to see what it says, on my own.” Jonathan answered, in a deep tone. “Everyone go.”

“If that’s what you want.” Officer Snyder said, motioning for Barry and Biff to stand up. They did so, however they both of them leaned over Jonathan, whispering in his ear.

“We’ll be in the next room in case you want company.” Barry said gently, before turning and going over to help Officer Snyder make the officers still sprawled on the ground, get up.

“Yeah man, we’re always here.” Biff said before turning and walking out with the others. Jonathan watched him go then turned to the note facing him. It was folded neatly in a triangle to stand up and face him. In a big pretty swirling font his name was printed out across the front facing him. Jonathan carefully, picked up the note. He opened it slowly, fearing the profanity inside. He opened it out fully in front of him, and began to read.

Dear Jonathan,

How are you? How’s your family? Has life been good for you at that agency of yours? Well they better pay you well for the work you’ve been doing for them. Especially accounting for the fact that your own daughter doesn’t even know what danger you put yourself in on a day to day basis. I believe that she deserves to know. Would you mind if I informed her of this? Would mind if I also ripped out her most precious memories of you, not being there for her? I guess you wouldn’t. I don’t here you complaining.

When you read this I will be long gone, your wife and only child in tow. The one question that’s probable nagging at the back of your mind now is why. Well first off I expected you to be dead so if your reading this then your life itself in a full blown miracle. Yes I was involved in the agency flooding and yes I was humbly part of the plan to try and kill everyone at that god damn agency. If somehow you are finding this, so somehow you survived, I must give you props, it seemed pretty impossible.

Onto better questions, first of which is why. Well I have the answer for you in the form of a riddle. I remember you enjoyed riddles back in High School. It was one of the reasons why you became an FBI agent. There was always something there for you to figure out. There were also no stereotypes, because of the motto “Innocent until proven guilty.” I remember you hated them too, that’s why no one liked you. So here is my riddle for you. If you figure it out I’ll be waiting gun in hand ready to shoot and kill you. You have been warned Jonathan Fitzpatrick. Beware.

Jonathan reread the note over and over before letting his eyes go down to the riddle beneath it. Jonathan knew it would take all of his skill and strength to figure out the riddle but he could narrow it down by using his old high school year book. Then his eyes fell down to the riddle. It was a picture of a bright yellow star and words printed in small letters. “It all starts here” There was no signature at the bottom or “sincerely captor,” printed in big black letters. That would be even more taunting then the whole letter already was, and Jonathan had been taunted enough.

The police let Jonathan and Biff stay in Jonathan’s house because they collected enough evidence that it wasn’t a crime scene anymore. I mean of course it was a scene of a horrible crime, but it didn’t contain any evidence they hadn’t gone over.

The police stayed for hours to help Jonathan and Biff clean the house. The whole place was ransacked top to bottom. The police said the guy just came in a tore everything apart except for the kitchen, which he left immaculate. There was no blood or evidence of a struggle which was a relief for Jonathan. None of their blood was shed in this house at least.

Jonathan let Biff borrow some old boxers, and a white t-shirt, and crash in the guest room while Jonathan took his, and Macy’s room. However as the night dragged on, Jonathan knew he couldn’t sleep. His mind just wouldn’t allow it.

The next morning Jonathan just laid in his bed, pondering his next move when his cell phone, which he had left on all night began to ring, and vibrate. Jonathan snatched it and flipped it open right before it fell off his nightstand. When he pressed the little green button an warm and friendly voice greeted his ears.

“Jonathan where the hell are you?” a deep man’s voice snapped at him. “I came to get you to take you and Biff to your interview with Mr. Klunkeltz, and you weren’t there!”

“Good morning Ron, glad to hear your cheerful voice.” Jonathan said sarcastically, sitting up on his elbows, and stretching.

“I am serious! This interview involves national security Jonathan! NATIONAL SECURITY!” he shouted back. “Now where the hell are you?!”

“I’m at home because my wife and child have been snatched up into thin air.” Jonathan responded calmly, however as Biff entered the room, he could tell Jonathan was on his last nerve. Biff leaned against the doorway, examining the room. He could tell it was designed by Macy because Jonathan didn’t have the tastefulness to put together yellows and navys that decorated the room.

“Oh . . Oh my God . . . Jonathan I am so . . .” Ron tried to apologize, however Jonathan was not having it right now.

“Sorry, yeah everyone is sorry, but they don’t understand. No one understands.” Jonathan said coldly. With that he snapped his phone shut, and threw it against the wall.

“No one understands?” Biff asked. “That’s a teen phase. You should have outgrown that years ago.”

“Shut up.” Jonathan said, getting out of bed. He walked over to the walk-in-closet of to the right, and ripped out one of his old suits, and threw it to Biff. He tossed it all to Biff without warning so it took him effort and skill to try and catch each item of clothing.

“Put that on. We’re going to the police station.” Jonathan said.

“What are you thinking?” Biff asked skeptically.

“You’ll see.” Jonathan answered ominously.

In less then an hour they were both washed and dressed-driving the BMW to the police station downtown. Jonathan always liked going downtown with Macy and Leila because there was always so much to do. There were arcades and fun centers of Leila, quaint little home design and furniture shops for Macy, and tons of restaurants and ice cream parlors for Jonathan. Driving by it all again just reminded Jonathan too much of them, and how he already missed them so much. If only he knew where the where. If only he knew who took them.

“I would like to take the case of Macy and Leila Fitzpatrick!” Jonathan said loudly, walking into the police station. Biff trailed behind him looking sheepish, and apologetic. He knew he had to leave in a few days before the Mofia would catch up to him, but it wouldn’t hurt to look apologetic in case a few gunman walked in.

All eyes in the police station were on Jonathan. It only consisted of one main room with a few administrators working at desks, while all of the other officers stood around waiting for their next assignments. The Officer Snyder stood and walked over to Jonathan, looking wide-eyed and trembling.

“Mr. Fitzpatrick, why don’t you and Mr. Wence step into that room over there, so I can talk to you for a minute.” She said gesturing to a conference room off to the side. Jonathan nodded, and he and Biff walked into the conference room, followed by Officer Snyder. Everyone else went back to their usual business, ignoring them. Officer Snyder slowly shut the door, and turned back to Jonathan and Biff who were both staring at her.

“We don’t have that case anymore.” she admitted, walking over the conference table.

“What do you mean you don’t have the case anymore? Your the police! Its not like you can drop any case!” Jonathan said, his voice rising a little.

“Easy there tiger.” Biff said placing his hand on Jonathan’s shoulder as a warning.

“Well first let me remind you Mr. Fitzpatrick, this is no ordinary case. You got a note from your captor. . . “ she started.

“Which of course you read and analyzed before you let me have it, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t have the case anymore.” Jonathan snapped back quickly.

“Yes, but see . . .Look Mr. Fitzpatrick, a case this big is something too big for an ordinary police station to handle. The FBI took the case from us, and gave to their best experts.” she said, quickening her pace before Jonathan could interrupt again. Both Biff and Jonathan were not surprised at this however it was a big setback for Jonathan.

“Is there anything you can do to get the case back? Call them maybe?” Jonathan asked.

“For you, sure. But I may not get anywhere. They definitely would not want you emotionally involved in this case.” Officer Snyder replied.

“I know, but I have assets.” Jonathan answered. “I have the note, along with a clue, and a book of suspects.” He held up all four of his high school years books. She stared at him in surprise and smiled a little bit.

“I’ll see what I can do.” she said walking to the conference room door, however she stopped before she left. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

It seemed like days had gone by as Jonathan paced the conference room. After five minutes Biff plopped down in the chair at the head of the long table. He put his feet up on the table and leaned back. After forty five minutes Officer Snyder came back to find Jonathan making a rut going from wall to wall, and Biff sound asleep. As soon as she entered Jonathan quickly walked up to her.

“Well what’d they say?” Jonathan asked quickly. Biff snorted and woke up with a start. Both Jonathan and Officer Snyder gave him an evil look then went back to their conversation.

“Well Jonathan I told them your intentions, and gave them your assets, and it took me a while but I did it. Once I did they gave me lecture about how unethical it was to give an agent who could possible be emotionally involved in a case, that same case, and told me to pass the knowledge onto you.” she said. Jonathan just nodded, unable to speak at his incredible luck.

“Then they said an agent of your stamina and calibre could handle any case, anytime, anywhere. You have gained their full support and trust . . .under one condition.” she continued.

“Anything, as long as I can have the case.” Jonathan replied before truly thinking about what he was getting into.

“You must have a supervisor. Not to tell you what to do, but to take over in case you do get emotionally involved and your emotions take over your good head. They said they are sending their best agent, who’s an expert at tracking, agility, and a martial arts expert. She was previously working on a case in our area and will be here shortly.” Officer Snyder explained, finally finishing. Jonathan could not believe they were sending an agent to “look after” him, but he agreed, so he had to accept the terms.

“You know they don’t need to send an agent from D.C. Jonathan has me.” Biff said standing from his relaxed position on the chair, walking over to Jonathan, and placing a hand on his shoulder. Jonathan couldn’t help but smile at this but he had no idea how Biff was going to help him and avoid his own problems.

“You’re even more dangerous to have on this case Mr. Wence considering your being hunted like wild animal.” Officer Snyder responded coolly.”Besides your just as emotionally involved as Jonathan since you and Jonathan are close.”

“I guess your right.” Biff admitted, stepping back a little bit. All of a sudden the conference room door opened and in stepped a girl who looked no more the twenty-five. She had bright blond hair that was layered to frame her face but chopped off just at her neck. She wore big, thick, black boots with leather chains crossing each one, tight black skinny jeans, a loose low cut black t-shirt, and a big black leather jacket with leather belts, and chains looping around it as well. She had a few piercings in each ear, and one in her nose. She had a tall, proud strut, and piercing gray eyes that you felt even if she wasn’t looking directly at you. Jonathan and Biff stared are her in complete shock.

“Hi, my name is Dustin Tavrilla, the agent sent by the FBI to supervise the case of Leila, and Macy Fitzpatrick. I am a free FBI agent for the state of D.C. how are you doing?” she asked politely sticking her hand out.

“Hi I’m Officer Snyder, head of police here. and I am fine, yourself.” Officer Snyder replied shaking her hand reluctantly. She was also in complete surprise at the help the FBI sent.

“Alright, I got a few bullet wounds last weekend. Nothing major, resulting from it.” she said holding a spot on her right arm.

“Wow, and your still working!?” Officer Snyder exclaimed.

“Well its no use laying around in bed when you know your fine.” Dustin replied, turning away from her and fixing her eyes on Biff and Jonathan. Biff stood, and they both immediately straightened up, obviously scared of the girl. She began to laugh.

“Ha! They’re scared of me!” she laughed. Biff immediately gave Jonathan hawk eyes as if to say something to her, so Jonathan broke her laughter.

“Jonathan Fitzpatrick, pleasure to meet you.” Jonathan said, extending his hand.

“Ah, driven crazy for revenge father, nice to meet you.” she said firmly shaking his hand, dropping it, and moving on to Biff.

“Bifford Wence.” Biff said shortly, not wanting to make conversation with this girl.

“Oh, the Mofia’s little target, how nice.” she said, surveying Biff’s many ugly bruises, scraps and scars. Then her eyes wandered around the room and back to the three of them standing there as if that’s how long it took her mind to come up with a plan.

“Alright, I guess there’s no time like the present to get started, right? Jonathan.” Dustin said making her way towards the door. Jonathan began to follow her, however he turned back as soon as he noticed Biff did not follow. He gave Biff a questioning look.

“I’m only going to jeopardize your safety, and the whole case even more. Your better off without me.” Biff said, almost hanging his head, but gave Jonathan a supporting look.

“He’s right Jonathan, come on, lets go.” Dustin said, beckoning him towards the door. Jonathan immediately looked at her. He wanted to bite this little problem in the but before it got started. He turned on Dustin, his eyes mutinous.

“Look, you may be a “free agent” aka someone who’s used to following their own way, and not the rules. You may be here to “supervise” me, but you are not here to tell me what to do or get in the way. Now I want Biff on this case because he and I have gone through a lot lately. All we have is each other and you are not to get in the way of that. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” Jonathan ranted, his voice rising as he spoke, finally resulting in loud hard shouting. Dustin gave him a devil look but backed down.

“Loud and clear captain stupidity.” she replied sarcastically.

“Good.” Jonathan said starkly, then turning to Biff. “Come on Biff, lets go.” Without a word Biff got up and followed the two of them out of the conference room. Officer Snyder looked on, shaking her head.

“What have I done?” she thought woefully in her head. “This is a disaster waiting to happen.”

“No, no. No.” Dustin said pacing back and forth in the kitchen of Jonathan’s house. Jonathan stood tall and fierce, stubbornly denying any changes this new girl was trying to make to his already full proof plan. Meanwhile Biff leaned against the wall, his head in his hands, trying to block out the constant shouting.

“What could possible be wrong now princess!?” Jonathan shouted back.

“Jonathan, when the clue says “It all starts here,” it does not mean right here! Here could be anywhere! How damn thick are you?” Dustin argued, trying to knock some of her sense into Jonathan. However Jonathan wasn’t having it.

“What else could here be!?” Jonathan screamed, spreading his arms wide in question.

“I don’t know!” Dustin shouted back defensively. “Think about your past! Your High School friends-it must refer to something specific in that time period of four years!”

“We’ve been over this! I told it refers to nothing from my past!” Jonathan and Dustin were nose to nose now. It was like a lion facing a jaguar. It was a stare down-in the end Dustin gave way.

“Then I just don’t know then.” Dustin said in a defeated tone. She turned away, her back facing the both of them. They were both starting to cool down when she said something that drove Jonathan over the edge.

“This case is stupid anyway.”

“What did you say?!” Jonathan snapped, his voice rising again. He tried getting in her face, but Biff was there, stepping in-between them.

“Woah woah woah, why don’t we all just take a break.” Biff said, trying to get in-between them. Immediately Jonathan pushed him away like a fly, like it was nothing. Looking at Biff’s size and strength, it seemed very hard.

“No I want to hear what she has to say!” Jonathan said directing his anger at Biff before turning back to Dustin. She still had her back turned.

“You wanna know what I have to say?” Dustin asked, whipping around to face him. Before Jonathan could make a smart remark back, she continued.

“You’re a crazy revenge possessed father who’s endangering himself and others by taking a case that’s clearly too big for you! Your dragging along a person who’s clearly NOT a good help right now considering the baggage he carries along with the fact that he’s been a human target for a little over a year! Most importantly you abandoned the government at a really tough spot all because of something as stupid as this! You’re a crazy son of a bitch Jonathan Fitzpatrick!”

Jonathan was about to fly into a fearsome rage when something stopped him. Her words were true. The only reason he wanted this case in the first place was for revenge. If it was up to the government, their best agents could have found Macy and Leila by now. Most importantly they could have found them alive. Jonathan was calm by now, and staring, stone-faced, at the ground. It was Biff who first spoke.

“How’d you know about the organization?” Biff asked quickly.

“None of your business goofball . . .” she spat back. However it was Biff this time, getting in her face. Jonathan just watched.

“Damn right it’s my business! I risked my life, and my family for this and I am not having some little girl cross me on it!” Biff demanded, his voice rising as he spoke. “Now tell me how you know!”

“Let’s just say its one of the reasons I have this job sweet cheeks.” Dustin replied, her voice calm. She was clearly unamused by Biff’s shouting, but smart enough to give him somewhat of an answer.

“Now I’ve had it.” Biff stated, going behind Dustin and giving her a hard shove towards the hallway, leading to the door. Immediately she turned back and stared at him as if to say “what the hell?” However Biff’s words explained his actions.

“Tell headquarters to send us a new agent. One who clearly understands what, and how to deal with the whole situation.”

“Gladly.” Dustin said. With that she turned, and walked out the front door, slamming it behind her. When she was gone, Biff turned back to Jonathan, who looked defeated. All of a sudden Jonathan looked up at Biff with fierce, angry eyes.

“Come on John! You know she was trash.” Biff tried to argue.

“Yeah but she was right.” Jonathan said, barely above a whisper.

“No she wasn’t!” Biff tried to say defensively.

“Yes she was!” Jonathan shouted back. “We’re in over our heads Biff. Let’s hand in the case back to headquarters tomorrow while there’s still a chance of finding Macy, and Leila, and for things to return to normal.”

“Things will never be normal for me.” Biff said after a brief period of silence.

“Well stop thinking about something other then yourself and maybe they will.” Jonathan snapped back. Biff was so stunned at this he couldn’t speak. Jonathan just left the kitchen, headed down the hall and up the stairs to his room. He was done at the moment. Biff didn’t leave Jonathan’s house. Frankly he couldn’t. He had been there long enough as it is. He just headed up to the guest room, and slammed the door behind him a few hours later.

Jonathan had another sleepless night. His adrenaline was rushing, his heart was pumping-he was just too awake. Instead he paced his room, thinking about his next move. How he was going to hand over the case back to headquarters in the least noticeable way possible.

After hours of thinking with nothing to result Jonathan left his room, and walked down the hall to his daughter’s room. It was a mess. The captor had torn everything apart in his daughter’s well-kept room. Jonathan told the police to leave it exactly as it was the first day because he knew she would not want random people touching her stuff. Slowly Jonathan began to clean up her room, folding her clothes, collecting broken ornaments and trophies, and making her bed. He took the broken overhead lamp away to reveal the sparkling new bulb he had put in a little over four days ago. When it was finally all done he sat down, tired and hungry onto her flowery bed. All of a sudden tears prickled the backs of his eyes. Soon they were flowing out into waves across his face, until his tear ducts were completely empty.

Jonathan stood, about to leave Leila’s room, when her slanted, poster covered roof smacked into his head. He stumbled back a little but then turned to look at the ceiling he just hit. It was covered in posters of famous celebrities. He looked and admired each one, laughing at a few pictures that were just plain silly. He never understood disco/pop artists. Frankly they were all just too crazy for him. However his eyes fell upon the poster of one band that both he and his daughter loved. It was called “Sparking the Revolution.” They went to see a concert for their newest tour, two months ago, in June. That’s were she had gotten the poster for them, with a picture of the band and the name of their new tour strewn across the plastic paper in big bold letters. The letter’s were in the background of a golden star with each band member standing over it. That’s when it hit him.

Biff came down that morning to find Jonathan, at the kitchen table, skimming his old year book and crossing out face after face. A few more papers, along with a band poster, and the case file were also spread across the table.

“I thought you were taking the case back to headquarters today?” Biff asked. Jonathan whirled around to face him, and slowly a smile crept across his face.

“Something changed my mind.” Jonathan answered, staring down at one of the yearbooks. He held up the poster of the band with the words etched across. Biff stared at it, his mouth gaped. Then his face fell, as if a cold realization, and doubts crossed his mind.

“That could just be a coincidence John . . .” Biff said slowly.

“Well I’d bet every chance I had of finding my family that it’s not!” Jonathan snapped back. An awkward silence fell between them. Biff was about to apologize when Jonathan stopped him. There was no need for him to apologize, and Jonathan knew it. “Here, just come look at this.” Biff quickly walked over to the table to stand behind Jonathan who was hunched over in his chair. With a sharpie he circled all the names of the kids in the band, in each of the four years, then turned back to Biff.

“When I was in high school Biff, I was in band. Band, and the drama club was the only place I ever had real friends. . .” Jonathan started, however as he continued to speak his face seemed to cringe, as if the memory of high school was just too awful to speak of. However, he continued anyway. “At the time the drama teacher was Mr. Leeland. He was obsessed with this band, “Sparking the Revolution.” He had us play all their songs, which sounded horrible in a high school band form, but amazing in a regular rock-band form. He introduced all of the kids in band to their music, and all of the kids have loved them since, even to this day. Even the kids I couldn’t stand in band loved their music, everyone did, throughout the four years.”

“So you suspect the guy, or girl who wrote the note to you was one of your old high school band-mates?” Biff cut in.

“Exactly.” Jonathan said, smiling a little. He was one step closer to finding his wife and daughter. One step closer to bringing them home. All of a sudden the door burst open and Dustin walked through. Her five inch heeled boots, clicked against the floor. She looked cold and judgemental, as her icy aura spread through the room.

“I was heading to D.C. when I got a call saying there was a breakthrough.” she said in a dull tone, like she didn’t care.

“Yeah,” Jonathan said standing to face her. He looked guilty. “But first I just wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday. You were right about everything, the clue did refer to something from my past, and I was too revenge crazy and mad at you to see it. Can you forgive me?” He extended his hand, she looked at it and pondered it for a second.

“Don’t make my regret this Fitzpatrick.” She said, shaking his hand firmly. Jonathan smiled a wide smile then turned back to his table of evidence. He told her what he had found and what had become of it. She looked entirely impressed which made both Biff and Jonathan smile. To them Jonathan impressed the un-impressible.

After they reviewed the evidence they all agreed on one thing. Find Mr. Leeland. He was the only one who could know of the band’s whereabouts. Granted, if he was still alive. Once they agreed Biff and Jonathan went upstairs to pack a few things, as Dustin packed the bag of evidence, or at least what they had so far. When she finally packed the last of Jonathan’s yearbooks into a small brown knapsack, there was a sharp tap at the door. Immediately Dustin’s hand went instinctively to the inside pocket of her leather jacket where she kept her gun. Meanwhile Biff and Jonathan jumped at the noise, making them pack faster. Keeping her hand at the pocket, Dustin quickly went to the front door and peaked out the peephole. Outside there were four men who were all dressed in black, and holding large guns. Behind them a back van was parked in the driveway. With that Dustin turned and ran up the stairs, down the hall, and into Jonathan’s room.

“There are four men outside the door, all of them fit looking but unidentifiable because they’re wearing ski masks. Their armed.” She said quickly.

“Sounds like my crowd.” Biff said, striding into the room. All of a sudden there was a bang. The men had blown the front and back doors off their hinges. They were kicked down with a crash onto the floor inside.

“Looks like we need to make a quick getaway.” Jonathan said , walking from his bed to the wall across from it. He grabbed a small little knob, jetting out at a random spot in the wall and pulled hard. Inside there was an elevator the size of a large box, with room enough for all three of them to squeeze in tight in a squatting position. He turned back to them.

“In here.” He said. Quickly Dustin and Biff dove into the elevator, as loud clomping footsteps came up the stairs. Jonathan just made it in the elevator as two armed men burst into the room. Apparently they did not see or hear Jonathan shut the elevator door which blended in perfectly with the wall. Quickly Jonathan snatched the rope that controlled the little elevator and brought them slowly downward.

“Where are we going?” Dustin whispered.

“The basement.” Jonathan breathed back. “But there’s an opening to the elevator inside a closet of the ground floor of this house, so be quiet.” Dustin shut her mouth as Jonathan lowered them into the basement. They hit the bottom of the shaft with a large thud. Quickly Jonathan shoved the door open as far as he could get it and climbed out of the elevator. All of a sudden one of the elevator doors opened and shots rang out right as Dustin was climbing out of the elevator. Biff, who was already out, and Jonathan went back to her to see if she was alright, but she waved them away saying she was fine. They heard shouts upstairs and all of a sudden armed men ran down the basement steps to meet them.

“Hello Bifford.” One man said, who was clearly the leader. He took his ski mask off to reveal a nice, almost handsome looking face and gentle brown seductive eyes. “Who are your friends?”

“I have bigger things to worry about now Howard.” Biff said in an annoyed tone. The man’s accomplices raised their guns in anger towards Biff however Howard waved them away.

“Oh really?” Howard asked. “Your smart Wence, but not smart enough for us. We will find you Bifford Wence and kill you eventually.”

“I don’t think you and your men are either smart, or capable of killing anyone, so save your breath sweet cheeks, your sweet talk only takes you so far.” Again Howard’s accomplices raised their guns, and cocked them, however Howard turned to them infuriated and told them to put their guns down and away. When he turned back to Dustin, she was smiling.

“And who might you be?” Howard asked, glaring at her, but refusing to let his voice raise above a normal tone.

“I am nobody, as you could say, just another body to throw away.” Dustin answered mysteriously. As she spoke she stepped forward a little bit more. That seemed to make Howard a little more uncomfortable.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Howard said, and his accomplices laughed and laughed. He was about to step aside when Dustin dove her hand inside her pocket and ripped out at least for or five smoke bombs. She threw them across the room and directly at the men facing them. They exploded, making clouds of smoke everywhere. They all started coughing as Howard shouted orders and Dustin ran back to Biff and Jonathan.

“The window come on!” she shouted above the commotion. Quickly she ran to the wall behind them, and started smashing the glass of the small window by the ceiling of the basement. Biff and Jonathan helped until it was finally broken. By then the smoke started to clear. Dustin dove through the window, followed by Biff then Jonathan. They were now in Jonathan’s fenced in, side yard along the house.

“This way!” Dustin shouted, running the fence of the next yard and jumping it. Jonathan and Biff followed her. They were spotted by the men in the yard. They began to follow them and shoot at them. Quickly Jonathan whipped out his gun and started shooting back. He was clearly a better shot then the men were. He shot three of them down in three bullets, and came out without a scratch. Together they kept running, and jumped the fence on the opposite side and into the next yard. Jonathan knew these neighbors as the snotty rich people with a lot of kids and a lot of land to use. Their whole backyard was a field/hill leading down into a gorgeous lake. It was taunting in a way because Jonathan and his family never got to use it. However for their purposes it was a great cover, because behind the lake there was a huge woods.

The three of them ran down the hill as fast as they could. Gun shots exploded behind then sending clouds of dust and smoke in every direction. It was exactly the kind of cover they needed. As fast as they could they charged toward the lake. Jonathan and Biff both were following Dustin who seemed to never drain of energy. Once they reached the lake she ran up the dock and into a small speed boat. Biff and Jonathan followed without a complaint. Their attackers just reached the crest of the hill and were in shooting range.

“Quick, get this thing started!” Jonathan shouted, as he untethered the boat from the dock. He was shouting at Biff who immediately went to the back of the boat to steer, figuring he was the only one with experience. All of a sudden shots were fired at them. With each shot that went in the water the splashes sent water back up to the three of them, soaking them head to toe. Some of the shots actually made it inside the boat and started to make holes in the top, and on the side.

“I can’t without a key!” Biff shouted back in frustration. Immediately Dustin went over to the motor and reach under it. In a split second she had a key, put it in the ignition, and started the motor. Biff and Jonathan stared at her, dumbfounded as she started the motor, turned them around and made them speed off into the lake. From that point on no one even came close to shooting them.

“What?” Dustin asked, knowing Biff and Jonathan were still staring at her. “This is a traditional Dunn motor, everyone knows they have a secret compartment with a spare key inside.” Biff still looked dumbfounded that his knowledge of boating was surpassed as Jonathan just shrugged. All of a sudden Biff’s face fell.

“One problem, how do we get out of here? They’re just going to keep following us. Eventually they’ll surround the lake, and their will be no way out. They shoot at us til one of dies or the boat sinks and we have to swim.” Biff said.

“I know a way out.” Jonathan said, staring down at the ground. “But it’s not going to be pleasant.”

“Well what is it?” Dustin asked. “Come on, time is running out.”

“Brace yourselves.” was all Jonathan said before he took control of the boat away from Dustin. All of a sudden he turned it towards a huge clump of trees on the opposite side. All of a sudden he sped towards it, making no intentions to stop, or turn. The trees were coming up to them very fast now. All of a sudden Jonathan shouted, “duck!” The three of them ducked, and held on as they smashed through the trees, letting the branches scratch and bruise their skin. Then they were flying in midair, until they started falling forward. They landed with a bang in the middle of the forest behind the lake. When they did the boat split in half, and the three com-rads went flying in both directions. They all landed with a hard thud onto the cold unforgiving ground.

When Dustin finally stood, she turned back to see where they had gone. The surrounding scene looks awful. Apparently they had crashed through a barricade of tree limbs and plunged off a damn. However the water going off of the damn didn’t go into a river or a creek. Instead it flowed straight down into a hole at the bottom, that was covered by a massive grate. It channeled the water down into a massive machine, then she didn’t see were the water went next, because that’s were the grate hole stopped. If the boat landed on it they would have fallen straight through. However instead the boat flew twenty feet over the hole and landed on the forest floor, in two broken pieces. She turned to look at Biff and Jonathan who were slowly stirring. She ran over to them and knelt by their sides.

“Come on, get up! It will only take a few minutes for them to get back here and find us so lets go!” Dustin said, pulling Biff arm while giving Jonathan worried looks. Slowly they both stood, and together they jogged through the woods beyond.

When they reached the road on the other side of the woods they hitchhiked until a kind farmer in a noisy beat up pickup truck picked them up. The road was almost completely covered by woods, so neither Jonathan, Biff, or Dustin knew where they were until they got back to the town. They had the man drop them off a block away from Jonathan’s house, then thanked him in the form of three crisp twenty dollar bills. After that they slowly approached Jonathan’s house.

“This is a stupid idea.” Dustin said coldly as they cautiously approached the house. It seemed deserted, however Dustin was still skeptical.

“I know, that’s why they’ll never expect it, besides I’m only coming back here for my keys. If we have to beat up a guy to two to get them then I’m sure we can swing it.” Jonathan replied. Dustin looked slightly impressed as they reached the front door. There was no one inside, to jump out or surprise them, so they entered.

The house was a mess. Everything was broken this time. Mud and scuff marks from the boots of the men covered the floor. Bullet holes were in some of the walls. All of the windows and doors were broken. All except the kitchen, which still remained untouched. Quickly Jonathan made his way through the debris to the spotless kitchen floor, and snatched his keys off the table.

“Alright, lets go.” Jonathan, said turning back to them.

“Wait, I’m confused. Why didn’t the assailant guys just take you car?” Dustin asked.

“They have no need for it. If they wanted a BMW that slow they could just buy one at half off at the dealership.” Biff answered for Jonathan.

“I’m still confused. What are we doing now?” Dustin asked.

“Well, we’re going to find Mr. Leeland.” Jonathan answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Then he pushed past Biff and Dustin and headed for the front door.

“And how do you suppose we do that?” Dustin asked, following him to the front door. He turned back to face her.

“Well his son Terry was in my grade, and ironically I was good friends with him at the time. I have his number in my phone. I can just call him to find out were his father lives.” Jonathan explained. With that he turned and walked out the front door to his BMW parked in the driveway. Biff followed, however Dustin headed for her motorcycle. She was not about to leave it behind there and Jonathan knew that, so he didn’t question it.

“Now, I’ll be following close behind you. To watch, and so I’m there in case something goes wrong.” Dustin said putting on her helmet.

“Yes master.” Biff said sarcastically before stepping into the passenger's side of Jonathan car. Jonathan was already inside, turning the key in they ignition. Dustin just shook her head before kick-starting her motorcycle. Once Jonathan and Biff ere on the road, Jonathan speed-dialed Terry’s number, and put it on speaker. It rang three times before a man with a high pitched voice picked up. Terry Leeland was never a macho man but he could play a mean saxophone.

“Hi Terry, it’s Jonathan Fitzpatrick. How are you?” Jonathan said.

“John! It’s so good to here your voice!” a man with an almost squeaky nasally voice exclaimed. “I’ve been fine. I’m more concerned about you at the moment. I am so sorry about your family!”

“Thanks Terry, I really do appreciate that.” Jonathan said, hanging his head a little bit. This made him roll straight through a stop sign and get several angry honks. However Terry didn’t seem to notice the strange background noise.

“Although I’m really sorry about this but I’m not calling for recreational purposes.” Jonathan said. Terry stayed silent, however both Biff and Jonathan could tell he was confused.

“Terry Leeland, FBI. I am now imploring you to tell me where your father lives, it’s urgent.” Jonathan said. He said it as though it were a question, however it could turn into an order if he wished. After a long moment of silence. He spoke again.

“Wow, Jonathan, your still working? Even at probable the hardest point in your life? I must say you are quiet the super soldier . . .”Terry said, completely avoiding the question.

“Sir, we need to know where your father lives. Now.” Biff ordered. He probable was completely confused by Biff’s voice, however he didn’t question it. Instead there was just silence. Terry, didn’t hang up, he was just quiet. Jonathan was about to speak again when a muffled noise came through the phone. At first Jonathan and Biff couldn’t tell what was going on at the other end, however after a little bit they finally knew what he was doing. He was crying, in earnest.

“I’m truly sorry gentlemen but m-my f-f-ather.” Terry said, tripping over his words. “w-was mu-urder-ered last night.”

“Murdered?” Jonathan asked in complete disbelief. Biff’s mouth was gaped.

“Yeah, someone just broke into his nursing home and did it. No one knows who, or why, or what motive they would have, but it happened.” Terry said. “But they didn’t murder any of the other old folks, just my father.” This time Terry began to really cry and wail over the phone. Jonathan and Biff sat there and listened to it for a long time, until finally Jonathan spoke again.

“There’s just one thing we need to know, Terry surrounding your father.” Jonathan said. “Remember how he loved Sparking the Revolution? Did he ever mention them recently, like were headed next in their new tour?” After a little bit Terry blew his nose, then seemed able to talk.

“The day before he died he told me he wanted to go to their concert in Philadelphia. I humored him and said maybe, but I knew he couldn’t handle it. But now I wished I had taken him.” Terry said, and started to cry again.

“When was the concert?” Biff asked.

“A few days ago, but they’ll be in Philadelphia until Friday. He said they’re doing some fundraiser at Citizen’s bank for a local girl with cancer in the suburbs. The money they raise to get fans to come to games that whole week, and see their halftime, and after game show will go directly to her, and her family.” Terry explained. “He wanted to go to help that little girl, watch the Nationals play, and see the band, but I never took him.” Now Terry was really crying in earnest. This time there was no stopping him.

“Well we’re so sorry for your loss Terry, and thank you so much for your help.” Jonathan said, hoping it would stop Terry’s wailing. When it didn’t Jonathan casually hung up and stared at Biff.

“I think whoever took Macy and Leila knows I would go to Mr. Leeland.” Jonathan said. “They’re trying to make it hard for me, but not too hard so that I don’t give up.”

“But why wouldn’t they just figure you would go to a fan website, or their own website for a tour schedule?” Biff asked. Jonathan thought for a moment at first realizing why he didn’t do that in the first place. Then it hit him.

“Because he’s got it all planned out Biff.” Jonathan said slowly, however his pace began to quicken as the realization came to him. “He knew I’d go to Mr. Leeland first, instead of going online. He knows I won’t be able to get to Philly for a day. By then it’ll be the last day of their tour in Philly, and they announce how much money they’ve raised before heading for their next city. He wants me to go to that game. I don’t know why but he does. The next clue’s there I just know it.”

“I’m sure you do.” Biff said stiffly, before flipping open his phone and calling Dustin, who he could see through the rear-view mirror. Once explaining the situation to her, they headed for the highway. They were going to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, or so its been said.

They drove for a day, stopping for a night at a cheap motel. It really didn’t matter because none of them slept anyway. The next morning the trio finally made it on the Skucile expressway. The last game started at noon and it was almost 11. As soon as they got within twenty miles of the ball park traffic stopped. The road was completely jammed for miles. Jonathan and Biff just sat there, head in hands for about twenty minutes as they crawled along the road. They began to pass by an embankment when they noticed Dustin was pulled over there. So Jonathan pulled over too, praying that it wasn’t a mistake to do so. The pull=off was entirely gravel, and surrounded by a rocky cliff, covered in weeds and vines.

“Why’d you pull over?” Jonathan asked, getting out of the car. Biff followed him.

“We’re never going to make it if we sit through this.” Dustin said, almost sounding frustrated. “So I figured if we squeeze we can all fit on black hawk.”

“On who?” Biff asked.

“Black hawk.” Dustin said, gesturing towards the all black Harley Davidson. After a long awkward pause Jonathan spoke again.

“And what do you think this will accomplish?” Jonathan asked.

“We can sneak by this little traffic jam. If they ask we hold up, these.” Dustin replied, holding up her FBI badge.

“We can;t abuse our FBI badges, its against our code of conduct and the law.” Biff said, his voice rising a little.

“Well we need to get to that game and find the clue. We can’t miss our only oppurtunity, whatever it is, because of some traffic.” Dustin argued back.

“I hate to say it Biff, but Dustin’s right.” Jonathan said. He took a step and turned around, standing side by side with her to face Biff. They stared him down, so finally he caved.

“Your all nutso.” Biff said, walking through them and towards the bike.

It was a tight squeeze but they did it. Jonathan and Biff sat awkwardly on the seat made for one passenger, behind Dustin who got the front seat all to herself. The side of the road was a tight squeeze. There was only about three feet between them and the side of the cliff, but they managed. They got honked at, and shouted at all the way up the highway until finally the exit for Citizen’s bank park came into view. They took it, passing all of the cars in line on it. They ignored the light on the end of the exit. The cut out into the road. They saw the huge baseball stadium up ahead, and all of the fans lining up at the front. They quickly parked the bike on the sidewalk, along the metal fencing of the parking lot, and ran across the street to the front of the stadium. It was right at the peak of the day, and the sun was brutally beating down on them. The plus side was not a cloud was in the sky.

They ran through the crowd buying tickets, and peddlers trying to resell them. They held up their badges as they ran through the line at the front of the stadium, so the people would not complain about them cutting in the line. They ran straight up to the front.

“FBI.” Jonathan said, pushing past one of the men holding up the gates. Biff and Dustin did the same. The man did not answer or argue, but only let them through. Then he picked up his radio and signaled security that something was wrong in the building because the three FBI agents were inside, flashing their badges. Jonathan didn’t care what he did. Then it was twelve o’clock on the dot, and the two teams, along with the guys from sparking the revolution and a gigantic American flag came out. The guys from the band were now in their fifties. The age were you try to look young but don’t succeed, and should not try again. Jonathan, Biff and Dustin ran to the fence looking down on the field.

“HHHEEEELLLLLLOOOO PHILADELPHIA!!!!” the lead singer, Ronnie Geralds shouted into the microphone, blasting his voice all over the stadium. It echoed off the walls and rang in every one’s ears.

“I am pleased to announce that in honor of our own Tabby Charles, we have raised over THREE. MILLION. DOLLARS!!!” he shouted out into the microphone, however everyone could see that he was reading off a cue card. The crowd cheered histerically, as the lead singer continued to read his cue card. However his face became contorted, as if he were confused by something he read. Jonathan strained his eyes to see what the man was doing. Once the crowd quieted down he spoke again. He sounded calm, but clearly confused.

“Now before we get started, a special message for a man named Jonathan Fitzpatrick.” he said. Jonathan went stark and completely numb. All eyes turned to look at him. They’ve seen him several times on the news already. Some looked shocked, others bewildered, or concerned, and some even just plain indifferent. Biff and Dustin were staring at him in complete disbelief of what they were hearing. He did not look at them, but stared down at Ronnie Geralds talk. He was talking to him, but by the words of one of his enemies. Jonathan couldn’t think, or breath or hear properly. He just stared down, down, down.

“If you’ve gotten this far I applaud you profusely.” Ronnie said, looking more confused every second. “However, you took it too far, and made your world crappy.” There was a long moment of silence were no one moved or spoke, or even breathed. Jonathan stood stark, watching everyone look at him. All of a sudden he turned and ran out of the stadium. Biff and Dustin went to follow him as well.

“Well that was peculiar. . . Now lets get on with it shall we!” Ronnie Gerald shouted, however his voice grew more distant as they ran out of the stadium and into the parking lot were the bike was parked. People were still looking at Jonathan, but he couldn’t take it. He leaned against the fence and began to let tears dribble down into his hands. He was sitting on the grass against the fence, leaning over into his hands. Biff approached him and knelt down beside him, while Dustin watched them from a few feet away. Finally she spoke, seemly a little annoyed at Jonathan for running out so quickly.

“What’s the problem? We got the next clue,” Dustin asked in an impatient tone. Immediately Biff looked up at her as if to say don’t push it. Then Jonathan looked up at her.

“That clue we just got is also from my past.” Jonathan said, in-between sniffles. “He’s referring to my college days when I was young and stupid. There I made the greatest mistake of my life, and almost lost Macy because of it.” Biff looked at him sympathetically while Dustin just cocked her eyebrows.

Jonathan and Biff went back for their BMW, almost getting hit several times in the process. However once they were inside the car Jonathan rummaged through his knapsack and started flipping to the Band pages, crossing off name after name.

“What are you doing?” Biff asked, leaning over the yearbook Jonathan was holding.

“Crossing off the names of everyone who I didn’t go to college with, leaving it down to a select few.” Jonathan said, putting down one yearbook and picking up the next.

“But Jonathan, if you told people about the breakup, then someone could have told another completely different source.” Biff said.

“But that’s the thing Biff.” Jonathan said staring down at the floor. “I never told anyone, and I positive no one ever knew. Someone must have overhead something, a conversation I had on campus, with either Macy or Tara.”

“First of all who’s Tara? Second, you know that it all could have been purposeful? Someone could have been planning this for a while but didn’t choose to act until now, and is working through an accomplice.”

“I doubt that Biff. It has to be someone mixed in organized crime that just happened to to go to high school and college with me.” Jonathan said.

“John! This can’t be coincidence!” Biff said. “There are never coincidences in organized crime! No there are never coincidences in crime in general!”

“Well I can’t think of a soul who’s had it out for me since high school!” Jonathan argued back. Biff sighed and looked away for a minute, lost in thought, then he looked up again.

“Go through the list of names of the people you have left.” Biff said. Quickly Jonathan skimmed his old yearbooks and jotted down the names he had left on an old post it note.

“Lisa Shepperd, Kyle Roderick, Vince Gill, and Blair Edwards.” Jonathan read. All of a sudden Biff sat up, looking tall and stark.

“What was that guy’s name again?” Biff asked, looking as if he was trying to keep himself calm. Fear showed through the sweat, and concentrated breathing that showed on his face.

“Who Kyle Roderick, or Vince Gill?” Jonathan asked, looking a little concerned. Biff jumped as he read the names.

“Him! Vince Gill!” Biff exclaimed, fear rocking his every pore. “He’s the head of Dead Rush! Remember? His gang was suspected to be one of the most feared motorcycle gangs in all of Chicago! The feds were trying to snag him for almost a decade but he always got away in the end! Now why would he be after you Jonathan?”

“Because I was handling the Drew Murphy case . . .” Jonathan whispered, the realization hitting him like a cold slap in the face. All of a sudden he jammed the keys into the ignition, and quickly turned them, making the car vibrate to life. Instantly he slammed his foot on the gas and sped out into the outside lane of the highway. Biff gave him a quizzical look, so Jonathan explained.

“Right before the agency flooded I was reading the case of a girl was supposedly abducted by Dead Rush. I had been handling the case for a little while now, so Vince must have somehow figured it out over the course of two months with inside connections or hacking skills. Either way he planned the flood on the agency, and spied on me and my family constantly. Then while I was dying inside the agency flood he snatched up Leila and Macy to prove to his buddies who reined supreme. It’s the way leaders of biker gangs act to be sure their position isn’t challenged or opposed. However he always thinks ahead, so after ransacking my house, to be sure he made it clear who was in charge, he left a note just in case I survived, which I did. He saw that on T.V. So he used the note to send me on a wild goose chase into my past just to throw me off. He knows I’m handling my family’s case, so he’s trying to distract me for as long as possible until he can figure out what to do with Macy and Leila., so they could either be alive or dead.” Jonathan hung his head a little bit, trying to throw the agonizing thought of his family from his mind. Biff thought for a long moment then spoke.

“How did Vince know about Tara?” Biff asked, a cold smirk coming across his face.

“I don’t know!”Jonathan shouted back defensively. “He’s always been kind of jealous of me, maybe he was eavesdropping one time! who cares how he found out about Tara! Let’s just find Vince!”

“John.” Biff said staring at him, as if he were mentally insane. “ No one in proper authority has been able to find Vince Gill for years. How do you expect to find him now?”

“Because they don’t know a computer hacking, super tracking, tough thug genius who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.” Jonathan replied, letting an evil looking smirk come across his face.

“I can do it, but it’s going to be hard.” Dustin said, walking backwards, through a glass door and into a small coffee shop with free wifi. It was themed like a reed hut with a thick glad roof. Coconuts hung from the non window covered walls in decoration, making the place seem even cheesier then it looked on the outside. A girl who looked absolutely goth dressed in a bright green polo shirt, khaki pants, sneakers, an apron and a hat that had the logo “Guava Java,” across it greeted them at the counter.

“What can I get for you?” she said lazily in a sarcastic tone as they approached the counter.

“Three black coffees please.” Dustin said, eyeing her.

“Oh. That’s my favorite.” the girl said unenthusiastically. “Coming right up.” Dustin just nodded, and turned back to Biff and Jonathan, pushing them towards a table in the far corner of the shop. Once they were out of earshot Dustin spoke again.

“A guy like Vince is going to be hard to catch, because he’s been in the business so long he knows what he’s doing and how to cover his tracks.”

“But you can do it, right?” Jonathan asked, a little worriedly.

“Yeah, but it won’t be easy.” Dustin said, sounding grim. Quickly she went to work, whipping out her laptop from her shoulder bag and typing furiously at the keys. Biff and Jonathan just watched her, dumb founded. The waitress came up with their black coffee, eyes them evilly then returned to her counter figuring they were insane.

That’s how it was for three hours. Every twenty minutes Jonathan bought another black coffee until they each had four cups and were on the edges of their seats vibrating. It seemed like Dustin was getting no where, opening screen after screen, file after file. However after four hours she finally found something.

“I’ve got him.” Dustin said. Immediately Biff and Jonathan perked up and went around the table to stand over her shoulder. “See this?” she asked, pointing to the document she had up on screen. It was a list of number after number. It seemed meaningless. “This is a list of all the account numbers Vince Gill has been known to use, but after further research each account is listed under a different name, male or female ranging from all ages, even deceased people. You see Vince had taken these accounts from their original owners and stole their identities, using force, and blackmail to take their money. . .”

“How do you know that?” Biff asked, interrupting her story.

“Because Vince is crazy. He needs a code to remember all of these account numbers, and he does that by this.” Dustin said, while pressing the enter key. Immediately an animation came up where all the numbers where scrambled around to form the same date, with the zero’s and repeat numbers cancelled out. “This is Vince’s birthday.” Jonathan and Biff stared at her, again completely dumb founded.

“But why hasn’t the government been able to find this out?” Biff asked.

“Because these aren’t the accounts Vince uses!” Dustin said as if slapping Biff in the face with reality, but he uses the names on these accounts, for himself and his gang. However when Vince himself makes a transaction he always uses his own birthday for each name. So after cutting out all the female names and tracking each male name with Vince’s birthday. I found that he last made a transaction somewhere down in Phoenix.”

“How do you know that it’s Vince making the transaction? I mean it could be a person with that same name, and that same birthday.” Biff asked.

“Because. . . “ Dustin said exasperatedly, as if explaining all of this to skeptical Biff took all the energy out of her. “He uses middle names, never went international unless he had to, and his birthday is on a leap year.” With that she slammed the laptop shut and put it away.

“Well how do you know so much about his Psychological state?” Biff asked, almost as if he was trying to prove her wrong.

“Well I’ve been doing my own research off to the side about him, and because I went through his childhood medical records. His parents had him tested several times for mental problems, or psychological issues because of dreams he would have.” Dustin said, standing up. “But lets not go into detail about that.” With that she turned and walked out of the coffee shop. Biff and Jonathan followed, still looking utterly dumbfounded.


They landed in Phoenix in the wee hours of the early morning. The view of the city was beautiful but the real natural scenery was hidden in the darkness of the night. Jonathan had always wanted to take his family to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, and see the sights around phoenix but now it filled him up with depressed anger and dread.

Jonathan, Biff and Dustin exited the terminal and began to walk down a long hallway to the airport lobby. Huge windows surrounded them on either side, letting them see the city lights in the distance, however that was the last thing on Jonathan’s mind at the moment.

“Okay, so where was this bank?” Jonathan asked, keeping his pace quick. Dustin and biff trailed after him. Biff was heaving, while Dustin always seemed to have energy except you could see slight traces of dark circles under her eyes.

“Woah, Woah, Woah. Jonathan I’m sorry but I gotta crash for the night.” Biff said, huffing and puffing to a stop. Dustin and Jonathan both stopped and turned to face him. However he didn’t speak again because his own heavy breathing wouldn’t allow him. Jonathan looked at him as if he were something pathetic. Dustin turned to look at Jonathan as if to ask why?

“Look.” Jonathan snapped. “We are this close to finding my family, and I’m not going to stop just because I’m tired and hungry, and thirsty!”

“You’re insane,” Dustin said harshly. “But right, come on Biff we are so close to a major bust in the Vince Gill case, and yeah that. So just suck it up.” By then Biff was composed, and staring off to right. Coming into the airport were three men dressed in long dark rain coats, heavy black boots, and fedoras that cast a shadow just over their eyes. They each had their hands inside they jackets, holding something.

“Run!” Biff shouted. Immediately they turned and ran back down the hall from where they came. Behind them heavy footsteps charged after them. Bullets began flying around them left and right. They hit people, and floor and the ceiling and some of the windows. Jonathan, Biff and Dustin ran in zigzags to avoid being hit. They were slowly approaching the end of the hallway. It was a dead end. There was no way out except from where they had come from, and that wasn’t an option. Then they were there at the end of the hallway, looking back on the destruction they inadvertently had caused. There was blood every which way, windows were broken, the art along the walls was destroyed, and there were bullet hols along the ceiling and walls. Jonathan almost felt guilty when all of a sudden the captors were on them.

“Come with us if you want to live.” the middle one said evilly, in a gravelly voice. Jonathan stood their frozen stone cold, Biff looked angry and dark while Dustin just stood out the window. They were standing on the top of an elevated point at the end of the hallway. All around them, in a semi-circle, window after window allowed them to see the whole terminal and runway. The stairs leading up to the elevated section were at the middle of the carpeted hallway, however they did not go all the way to the window walls, instead there was a little drop off blocked by a long white pot holding several plants inside. The window the farthest right was the one Dustin was staring at. A plane was about to pass by it. It’s roof level with the bottom of the window.

“Nah, I think I’ll go suicidal.” Dustin said casually walking to her right. One of the men’s guns followed her, while the others stayed planted on Jonathan and Biff, who’s arms were raise slightly.

Biff gave Dustin a look as if to say what the hell are you doing? However Jonathan saw it coming a mile away.

“That’s not an option.” The man in the middle said starkly, pointing his gun at Jonathan and Biff but keeping his eyes on Dustin.

“Sweet heart, does it look like I care what you do to me? Does it look like I care what a stupid low life bas.tard does to me? I don’t think so.” By now the two men along the side were getting angry while the one in the middle remained calm and focused. However he could not control his companions.

“Alright then, prepare to die!” the man on the right shouted fiercely, pulling the trigger. For a split second Jonathan feared Dustin’s life however then he realized she knew it was coming as much as he did. She ducked below the potted plant, letting the bullet soar over her head, and completely shatter the window behind her. The one that the plane was passing under. In an instant Jonathan cocked his gun, and pulled the trigger shooting at the men, who stared awestruck at Dustin. There was a scream, and a few shouts but Jonathan didn’t stay long enough to see who it was. They began shooting back at them, shattering the windows as they ran to Dustin. In a split second Dustin dove her hand into her pocket and whipped out another smoke bomb, throwing it directly at the men. It created a smoke cloud so thick it would take at least a minute or two to clear so the window was visible. There was a lot of coughing and hacking, but before you know it, Dustin had jumped out the window and landed smoothly on the plane, followed by Biff, who landed and fell. Obviously the passengers heard the thump but it did not concern the pilot enough to stop.

“Nice work.” Jonathan said, turning to Dustin.

“Just doing my job.” Dustin replied. Biff just stood and shook his head.

“That’s odd. I honestly don’t feel like that was Howard’s style. When he usually tries to catch me I expect an a small army of men. Like in the house.” Biff said. “But who else could it have been right? I mean, people are dying because of me.”

“No, it wasn’t your fault. We couldn’t have possible guessed that they were gonna maul us here. It could have been anywhere.” Jonathan said, trying to be comforting.

“Exactly, which is why I should go into hiding. It would make everyone safer.” Biff said in a defeated tone.

“No, actually it would be more logical to be constantly on the move like we are. It makes you harder to track. If you go into hiding, It would be easier for someone to guess where you are, and there’s always a possibility of someone spotting you as you’re going to into your hiding place.” Dustin said in a matter of fact manor.

“Yeah your probable right.” Biff perked up a little when she said this. They weren’t exactly comforting words, but it let him stay with Jonathan, and that was all that mattered to him at the moment.

“Uh, you might want to look were we are . . .” Jonathan said, breaking up a moment. The plane was just turning onto the runway, and was about to take off, while he, Dustin and Biff were still on the roof.

“Oh sh.it.” Dustin said quietly. In an instant they ran towards the middle of the plane were the wing was. The plane started to slowly advance down the runway but it picked up speed with each second. Jonathan could feel it. They each jumped down ten feet onto the wing, and received a lot of shocked and surprised faced from inside the plane. Biff saw a man get up and head towards the cockpit to warn the pilot. However by then they were making their war towards the edge of the wing. If they jumped out of the front of the wing they would get run over by the plane, if they jumped out the back, they might end being pulled into the power jet engines.

The wind was whipping through their hair. The plane was just approaching the end of the runway and about to ascend into the air. Dustin had just reached the end of the wings, quickly followed by Jonathan and Biff. They crawled along it for fear of getting knocked off. Slowly Dustin stood, followed by Jonathan and lastly Biff who was so scared he was shaking out of his skin. All of a sudden the plane’s wheels began to leave the ground. That’s when Dustin jumped, immediately followed by Jonathan, and Biff who was gripping the back of his shirt for dear life. They landed hard on the grass surrounding the runway, uninjured and safe.

Slowly Biff, Jonathan, and Dustin stood and ran as fast as they could out of the airport before anyone spotted them. They crossed the small patch of trees that bordered the airport and Route 17. They were in Phoenix.

“Okay, so the bank Gill took the deposit from is somewhere along 19th Avenue. I couldn’t get a further address then that, not to mention the bank that has the machine he took the money from.” Dustin started.

“So how do we get there?” Jonathan asked.

“Simple, we quarantine someone’s car with the FBI card, then drive along 19th avenue until we find a bank.” she answered. Together they walked along route 17, and hitchhiked until finally someone pulled over. It was a rich looking man in a large Chevrolet SUV. He rolled down his window and smiled at them.

“Hi, my name’s Murray. What can I do you for?” he said, flashing a charming smile. His teeth looked un-naturally white, and his brown hair was slicked back. He was wearing a sweater vest, a cotton undershirt, dress slacks, and nice shoes. Immediately Dustin opened the passenger door and flipped open her badge.

“FBI, get out of the car!” Immediately Murray got out and came around the side looking scared. Jonathan shot him a sympathetic look before getting in the passenger’s side. Dustin had already gotten into the driver’s seat, and Biff was slowly laying down in the back seat. Once Jonathan was in Dustin took off down the highway. 19th street quickly approached so Dustin quickly swerved onto it, and slowed down.

“Okay now keep your eyes peeled for the nearest bank.” Dustin said, keeping her eyes focused on the road.

“and your sure it’s on 19th street?” Jonathan asked.

“Positive. Biff wake up!” Biff shot up, and slammed in head against the ceiling. Jonathan smirked and continued to stare out the window. They were halfway down 19th street when he spotted something. It was a large stone building, with barred windows and spikes coming out of every sill and crevasse you could possible use to climb up. Otherwise it looked like every other bank.

Dustin pulled over and parked in a yellow, no parking zone directly in front of the bank. Immediately the three of them jumped out and ran through the front doors of the bank. No one was inside except for the teller. She was at least sixty, had wrinkles everywhere, especially under her eyes, and wore too much make up. Dustin ran up to her and started bombarding her with questions. She read off the list of names of the people Gill could have used, and asked for his birthday. She confirmed that someone with one of the names made a transaction, and the date was right, but she didn’t give anymore information. This bothered Dustin to the point where she was shouting at the woman.

“What do you mean you can’t give us the registered address for that account!?” Dustin shouted angrily. “Do you realize this man is wanted for scams against the government, kidnap, and murder!”

“I’m sorry but that information is classified. It’s against a teller’s code of conduct to give people’s private address’ to strangers.” She said shortly. “Now good night officers.” By then Dustin looked murderous. Jonathan started to get a little concerned, and now just realized something. Dustin was taking the lead on this case, and nothing was going to stand in her way. Even some teller behind bars. All of a sudden Dustin began to reach inside her jacket as if was halfway out the door and Jonathan just standing there dumbfounded. He needed to take control of this case again.

“Dustin, don’t do something you’ll regret.” Jonathan warned. However it was to no avail. Dustin whipped out her gun and pointed it through the bars at the woman’s head.

“Now tell us the address. If you do anything else I will find you and kill you. Believe me when I say I have connections beyond the government’s control. I’m not one of their clowns. I will not be controlled so if I have to kill to get what I want I’ll do it.” Dustin said threateningly. Cold sweat trickled down the woman’s face. All of a sudden she spoke, the words being forced out of her.

“There’s no address. I let the man slip through without verification of who he really is. He charmed his way through it. Besides he had the right social security.” the woman said, her voice shaking. Dustin gave her a disgusted look, spat on the ground, and walked out. Jonathan followed, looking disgusted as well.

“Leave it to Gill to charm his way through the bank.” Jonathan mumbled under his breath. As they walked outside and back to the car, they saw Biff standing and talking to an officer who looked upset.

“Hello officer. Dustin, nice to meet you.” Dustin said, walking up and shaking hand with him.

“Officer Jones.” he said shortly. Jonathan introduced himself as well, shaking his hand shortly. then Biff started to speak, his expression unchanging.

“Officer Jones here was about to call and have our quarantined car towed, when I saw him, and asked him what the trouble was. Then I flashed him the badge and said we would be gone in less then minute. Then he apologized for the trouoble and said there was a noise complaint by the Salt River. Apparently there was gunfire heard at an abandoned fishing warehouse there, and the residents living around there are getting a little worried.” As he said this he cocked his eyebrows towards Jonathan.

“It’s true.” Officer Jones confirmed.

“We can take that complaint for you officer.” Dustin said smiling. “After all we are probable more experienced in the area of gunfire, don’t you agree Jonathan?” She looked at Jonathan who immediately got a little flustered.

“Well we don’t want you to put yourself at risk Officer Jones if your not experienced enough to handle it . . .” Jonathan said slowly.

“Well thank you very much officers.” Officer Jones said gratefully. “There should already be some officers there.”

“Okay thanks!” Jonathan shouted. The three of them were already shooting off into the car. As soon as they were in, Dustin slammed on the accelerator.

“Wait! Where is this abandoned warehouse?” Dustin asked.

“He gave me directions.” Biff replied from the back seat. He was sitting in the middle seat, staring up through the wind shield. He guided them through Pheonix, and into Scottsdale. While he did so Jonathan just sat there looking rigid. He was about to find out what happened to Macy and Leila. What if they’re dead? Finally Biff took them off the road, and onto a gravel one along the Salt River. Up ahead in the distance was a huge sheet metal warehouse. Windows were in a row directly under the roof. Every five seconds a huge flash of light went off inside followed by an explosion. Cop cars surrounded the place, however it looked like none of them went inside. They just stood outside, holding their guns up.

Dustin pulled up, and immediately the three of them jumped out of the car, and ran up to the barricade of cop cars. One man stood farther behind then the other officers, and kept using his radio to connect to other officers surrounding the building. It seemed like bombs kept going off the building yet it didn’t explode, or implode.

“Are you the officer in charge here?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes I am, how can I help you civilians?” he replied. He looked like he was in his mid to late forties. He was dressed in a full blown cop uniform and wore a bullet proof vest, laced up black boots and a bullet proof helmet.

“My name’s Jonathan Fitzpatrick, and I’m no civilian.” Jonathan said.

“Oh yeah! I heard about you on the news! You were the center of that whole fiasco in Philadelphia were the leader of that one band gave you message! You basically stole the show of that game!” he exclaimed. “My name if Officer Taylor.”

“Pleasure.” Jonathan said, shaking his hand.

“Hey look officer, we need to get into that building now. It’s a matter of urgency.” Jonathan said.

“We already tried raiding it. We already lost three officers and wounded five.”

“Did you see any children in that building while you were in there?” Dustin asked.

“No, why would you think there would be . . . .” Officer Taylor started, however the realization hit him as fast as a ball thrown at your face. “You don’t think your wife and child are in there Jonathan? I mean I saw the amber alert, but why did you go searching? If they are Jonathan let us get them out, I mean we have more experience with this type of thing. We can negotiate something to have the psyco reveal their bodies, or them if they’re alive.” At this Jonathan chuckled and patted him on the back.

“See that’s the thing. It’s not a psyco in there, and I’m already to far involved to give up now and wait for an answer. Now excuse me while I go get my family back.” Jonathan answered smiling. With that he turned and ran up to the police barricade, excused himself past the other officers, and ran through it towards the building. Now they were in a no man’s land. The Land between the fighting and the peace, or at least the tense peace. It was eerie. Dustin and Biff followed Jonathan while Officer Taylor Radioed the other officers not to shoot at Jonathan, Biff, and Dustin. They came up to a heavy metal door that seemed really out of place. Jonathan looked at Dustin and Biff who nodded. They took out their guns, and loaded them, then slowly Jonathan opened the door.

It was conveniently placed behind a huge stack of empty crates. Another small explosion went off, as Jonathan, Dustin, and Biff slowly crept behind the crates. There was a small opening at the end of the row, probable leading to another row. However they didn’t need to go to the end to see what was going on. There were a few bullet holes through the crates that gave them the perfect peep holes into the room. Slowly Jonathan peered through the hole, wanting to know, yet not wanting to know. As if the answer scared him.

On the other side a man stood to the far left. He was wearing an all white shoes, a lot of gold rings and necklaces and a few earrings. The suit looked brand new, and along with his thing slicked back hair, and a cigar hanging out of his mouth he looked like your typical gang leader. On the other side stood Howard, with a ton of other men lined up behind him.

“I tried Vince, but he got away!” Howard said as if he was pleading for his life from fifty feet away. Vince looked murderous.

“But he got away, didn’t he?” Vince asked calmly, but still looking murderous. Before Howard could answer Vince put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small around ball no bigger then a marble. He looked at it, then angrily threw it directly at Howard. Howard threw himself to the side to avoid the blow. All of a sudden an explosion went off. It was a bomb, but not powerful enough to blow apart a building. There was a huge flash of light that made the three of them stumble backward. When it was over, the building was still intact but the spot where Howard was standing was black-end. Now all of the men behind Howard had their back against the wall, not daring to move or even breath. To the side Howard left arm was severed off. He was laying his back on the ground, staring up at the ceiling. A gurgling sound came up from his throat as a small trickle of blood came up from his mouth. Vince began to laugh as Howard looked up at him in misery. The more miserable Howard was, the more happy Vince was.

All of a sudden Dustin cocked her gun and pointed it through the peephole towards Howard. Both Jonathan, and Biff gave her the look saying what the hell are you doing? However she ignored it with simple words.

“I’m putting a man out of his misery.” she said barely at a whisper. All of a sudden she shot her gun directly at Howard. It hit him right in the heart, he began to flail in agony, as Dustin shot another one to his head. The second one was dead on. After a minute he finally died. By then Vince was done.

“What the hell was that!?” he shouted. “Who fired those shots!?” No one answered him. All of a sudden he was at Howard’s side, examining his wounds. Then he looked at the spot were Jonathan, Dustin and Biff were. The three of them froze in terror. “Apparently we’re not alone anymore Howard.” he mumbled. All of a sudden he flung his hand into his pocket.

“Run!” Dustin shouted, pushing Jonathan and Biff who were still frozen ahead of her. After a few steps they took off at sprint to the end of the crates. All of a sudden one of the mini-bombs went off right were they were standing before. Then another one behind them, then another one, until the ran out from behind the crates were Howard once was. The men against the wall’s eyes followed them as they approached Vince. Now they were at his mercy. Vince looked stunned to see them.

“Well Jonathan Fitzpatrick! I didn’t expect to see you here considering all the notoriety you’ve been getting lately. What brings you to my humble abode?”

“Don’t play games with me Vince, I know you have them!” Jonathan shouted, cocking his gun and pointing it directly at Vince. Biff and Dustin did the same.

“Aw, you have little side kicks. In fact one of them was the man I was looking for, Bifford Wence. He was getting to close to me so I had to eliminate him. Once Howard had failed I figured it was over, then you decided to walk right in were I could kill you. . . “

“He’s lying! He knows we were coming, and he knows about Biff being with us! He figured if you were after him Jonathan, Biff would follow, and he could kill the both of you!” Dustin shouted accusingly.

“How did you know that?” Jonathan mumbled. “There was no point in coming here if he was after Biff.”

“I didn’t want to tell you because I thought it would scare you but it all came together in that cafe in Philadelphia, but what we did talk about is still true. He still wants you above all.” Dustin replied. Jonathan just shrugged and looked at Biff who was pale and shaky.

“But why Biff, and not me? I was handling the Drew case.” Jonathan said.

“Well I thought Biff was closer to me then you were Jonathan but frankly your now a top target as well thanks to that bitch over there. She found out about my secret now you all must die.” Vince said, letting his hand go down inside his pocket and pulling out another mini-bomb. He threw it directly at them. All of a sudden Dustin shot her gun directly at the small bomb. The two weapons collided and caused a massive explosion. It knocked both Vince, and the three of them backwards against the wall, however the actual fire of the explosion did not reach them.

Smoke now filled the whole place as the flammable crates caught on fire. None of the blasts before where as powerful as this blast which cause a small earthquake in the area. In the midst of the coughing and hacking Jonathan shot through the smoke to find Vince, using it as a cover. Vince stood out in his white suit.

The building was now was barely standing, it rattled and quaked with it’s weak links. It groaned under the strain of the people. The men were now fighting, Howard’s men were fighting Vince’s men. Basically fighting for their lives. Jonathan dodged punches, blocked kicked, and hit back with all his might. Fortunately none of the men in the room had guns expect for himself, Dustin, Biff, and Vince, and Howard, who laid motionless on the floor.

In the distance he saw Vince. He was giving orders to his men, and throwing the bombs right and left. Jonathan crept up behind him, and cocked his gun. Vince heard it and spun around to face a gun pointed directly at his face.

“You’ll do what I saw if you want to live.” Jonathan said, in-between coughs. All of a sudden the police burst in, and tried to cease the fighting.

“What do you want?” Vince asked gravely.

“Where is my family?” Jonathan said fiercely.

“I don’t know.” Vince began to cough uncontrollable as smoke made the room impossible to navigate without getting shot.

“I know you know! You have to know!”

“Jonathan, I know how much your family means to you. I’m a con man not a killer. I swear I didn’t touch your family.” He said this in a pleading tone and a sad face. Jonathan did not respond, he only grabbed Vince and told him to walk. Obviously the door they came in was not an option of getting out. All of a sudden the huge garage like door to the front of the warehouse opened, and immediately all the smoke poured out through it. The door faced the river, with a small patch of grass in-between. The men rushed out, only to be greeted by the police. Some managed to make it to the river, only to be picked up by boats in the water. Before Jonathan let anyone see he had Vince he snatched the small plastic bag with the marble bombs inside. Only two were left. Then handed him over to Officer Taylor who looked grateful, then he took Vince away to his cop car, through a barrage of other people he didn’t know. All of a sudden Biff, and Dustin came up from behind him, looking beaten down, but okay. He looked at them with sad eyes.

Once the three of them made it back to the car, Jonathan leaned against it, looking tired and beaten. However Biff looked happy and Dustin managed to make a weak smile. Biff looked at Jonathan and frowned.

“What’s wrong Jonathan? We won. It’s over.” Biff said smiling.

“We didn’t win Biff! My kids weren’t in there. He didn’t know were they were. He didn’t know who took them. He was just scared.” Jonathan said, in-between breaths. “What was the point of even coming here?”

“You thought you had a lead John, or at least you thought you had a lead, but it was all theory. It had the slightest chance of being wrong, but it was. You just need to retrace your steps, that’s all.”

“But what if I don’t find them? What if they’re already dead and we’re just wasting our time? What if . . . .” Jonathan started however Dustin cut him off.

“Jonathan listen to me. You caught Vince Gill and arrested him. That’s something no one has ever been able to do! Biff’s not a target anymore! You did that! All of it!” Dustin said, pushing Biff aside.

“No you did. With your computer. I didn’t do it. Not on my own at least.”

“No your wrong. Neither of us had the guts to run out in the smoke and fighting to try and catch Vince Gill, and arrest him. You did that! You had the guts, the willpower, and the courage to go and do something hard for the sake of a job and you did it! That’s what makes you a hero and leader!” Dustin shouted, trying to get the message across. He stared at her, not knowing what to think. “You’ll find your family Jonathan, because you won’t give up until you do. That’s just who you are. Accept it.” With that she turned and walked off, with Biff looking awestruck and Jonathan in a trance. She walked over to Officer Taylor to tell him what happened. Then the night dragged on, with all the boring essentials that come with a major criminal bust.

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This book has 8 comments.

on Oct. 9 2011 at 11:48 am
SpringAhead GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't call me crazy, it drives me nuts!"


Thank you! :D 

on Oct. 9 2011 at 11:08 am
juggaloscrub BRONZE, Brockton, Massachusetts
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I read the first three chapters and love it. the whole time i've been reading i've been seeing it in my head as a movie. i'll come back to finish it later


on Oct. 6 2011 at 2:21 pm
SpringAhead GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't call me crazy, it drives me nuts!"


I noticed that too, and to be totally honest I don't know why I do that. Maybe I just switch back and forth without even realizing it . . I don't know. But anyway i am really glad u like it, and thanks for reading it! :)

on Oct. 6 2011 at 2:17 pm
SpringAhead GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't call me crazy, it drives me nuts!"


Wow, I did not notice that! But your absolutely right! When I wrote this I just wrote one copy then skimmed it for spelling errors ect. but now I think that it really doesn't help unless I look at it closer. Being that I am gramatically impared doesn't help either XD But thanks so much! I'll remember that for the stories I write in the future. 

Steph0804 GOLD said...
on Oct. 6 2011 at 12:10 pm
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Favorite Quote:
"Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you understand it better, but the frog dies in the process." -E.B. White

Hm... well, it kind of sounds like you're having mood swings while writing this. At first the voice is a bit formal and less personal. Then you get all these apostrophes and first/second person ("Don't get me wrong..." "That's when the rumbling...") the phrase "That's when..." doesn't seem to fit, because so far you've been writing without apostraphes ("he has" instead of "he's", etc.)

Steph0804 GOLD said...
on Oct. 6 2011 at 12:03 pm
Steph0804 GOLD, Seoul, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you understand it better, but the frog dies in the process." -E.B. White

I've only read the prologue, but I really like it! Unfortunately, you seem to constantly switch between past and present tense...

Steph0804 GOLD said...
on Oct. 6 2011 at 12:03 pm
Steph0804 GOLD, Seoul, Other
12 articles 4 photos 206 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you understand it better, but the frog dies in the process." -E.B. White

I've only read the prologue, but I really like it! Unfortunately, you seem to constantly switch between past and present tense...

on Oct. 6 2011 at 10:11 am
BrokenTogether GOLD, Saraland, Alabama
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I haven't read all of it, but I really like what I've gotten through so far. The only thing that confused me a bit was that, when the flood was coming, it seemed like you were switching between Johnathan and a thir-person point of view. Otherwise, it's really captivating. I can't wait to finish reading it!