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Many Missing Memories

June 26, 2012
By isrules, coxsackie, New York
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Author's note: Danielle is like my other self... The person I wish I was... She is so strong, and confident, like me, but she is also selfless and caring.

Chapter 1-

My eyes felt groggy as they opened. The room around me was bright, I shifted my weight, ‘Ouch’ I thought as I sat up. I looked around, and noticed plenty medical equipment. Where was I. A nurse walked into the room and saw me staring at her. She ran right back out. About five minutes later, a young nurse with blonde hair walked in.
“Hi honey, how are you feeling?” Asked the nurse
“I… Um, where am I?” I hoarsely said.
“You’re at the hospital sweetie”

Oh, the hospital. Of course, I went to the hospital because… I didn’t remember.
“Why am I at the hospital?”
“You don’t remember?”
“Well I’m Chloe, your new foster mother.”
“Who are you? You know what? Who am I what happened to me?”
“Your student id said that you were Danielle Jae Morgan.”
“Danny J or DJ.” I corrected almost automatically.
“I’ve always just like Danny,” She murmured to herself. “Anyway honey, the nurses need to run a few tests. Then we can leave to go home.”
“Will you explain to me then?” I asked

She nodded and walked out, letting the nurses in with lots of equipment. I had the feeling everything that happened was right on the tip of my tongue. All of it was right there. The only memories I had were, one of a girl named Taylor, I think she was my best friend, but we fought a lot. Another memory was me always being a good person.

The needles were taken out of my arms and I was given a pair of clothes that didn’t really seem my type. There was a pink shirt and some dark blue shorts. I went to get up and noticed the cast on my leg and the one on my arm for the first time. The nurse came in and gave me crutches and a sling. I walked out to the lobby to see Chloe. She smiled and beckoned me out to her car. Once we got in, I started to get restless.
“So… Why was I in the hospital?” I asked
“There was a huge explosion. It nearly killed you, but somehow you pulled through. There is information on the news, and you’re on the news too.” She explained.
“What caused the explosion?” I asked
“Yes, some stupid kids did it, trying to make a fire next to a heating pipe,”

It felt like all the blood flowed to my head as I slammed back. I couldn’t see anything, and I was overwhelmed by sight. I saw a dark room with a couple of kids. I was there, wearing a black cap, with plaid shorts and a black shirt with a gray broken heart.
“Leah! Come on, we can cause such a commotion!” I said
“I’m not sure; what if we get hurt DJ?” The other said back
“Scooter don’t you agree with me?” I said to a boy.
“Yes!” He smiled
“Be careful, if one thing goes wrong,” I started
“We all go boom” Leah muttered,
“Just one more thing…” Scooter started
Taylor ran down and shouted “Danny, that thing is going to explode soon-“

There was one huge blast and I was blown back. We all slammed into the middle of the road. I looked to my left where Leah was, I crawled over to her, then fell limp.
Taylor, who lay right next to her started sobbing, “Why did you do it Danny why?”
“Told… You… S-“she breathed out.

Tears ran down my bloody face. I wanted to go back to not knowing anything. But this is how I almost died, how did I survive?
My eyes opened, I checked the time. Not a second had passed, how peculiar.
“Danny, answer me,” Chloe said
“I’m sorry, what was the question again”
“I said, do you think you will get your memory back?” She exclaimed
“Yes.” I warily said to her.

Chapter 2-

The alarm clock rung at six in the morning, I went to slam my hand on the snooze button when someone grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I truly didn’t want to go to school, but Chloe was making me. I walked through a white hall with dark wood floors. I went in to take a shower.
“No, no, no! No showers in the morning!” Chloe shooed me out.
So I walked to the kitchen and washed my face off. I got dressed in dark blue shorts and a plain black shirt. I slowly walked to the bus stop. Chloe drove by me.
“I’ll be at work until late tonight, got to work harder if I am supporting two people!”
I sighed, “O.K.”

I was only showed my classes today. People whispered and smiled in their class rooms. I smiled back with one of my most fake smiles.
“Okay, your first period class will be Mr. Harrison’s English” The office lady Mrs. Truman told me.
I politely nodded and zoned back out as she showed me my locker. I organized all my things in it and then walked to all of my other classes. The next day would be even more fun. With the snickers and the laughs about how I was new. Then I would make a friend and she would ask about my background and my response would be, ‘I don’t remember.’ And then-
“Did you hear me Danielle? Or must I repeat the question?” Mrs. Truman asked.
“Please repeat the question,” I asked
“Do you understand where all your classes are?” She jeered
“Umm, yes.” I lied.
I sat in the office for the rest of the day. The office ladies would sometimes throw a worried glance at me, probably due to my amnesia. I would just smile back, with no sign of my worry. I stared at the clock, one half hour left.
“Honey, Danny?” A young woman around the age of twenty asked.
“Yes?” I answered quietly.
“Would you like a chocolate bar? I can pay for it.” She started “Oh, you don’t know me, sorry sweetie, I’m Miss. McManus.”
“Yes please.” I responded in the same low tone.

I munched on a raspberry chocolate bar until the bell rung. I hopped up and ran to the door, “Thank you Miss. McManus!” I shouted in

She waved at me. I climbed onto the bus and walked to the back of the bus. The seat I was sitting in this morning was taken.
“Umm, excuse me?”
“What new girl?” She responded
That really made me mad, anger flooded my veins and I snapped back “I was sitting there and that is my seat, now, you can give it back freely, or you can deal with a right hook.”
“Sorry, no can do weakling.” She giggled back.
“Weakling? I’ll have you know that I was a prized wrestling champion in my last school, and I wasn’t a weakling. Now, the seat, or your left- nope right eye, the one with the piercing”
She rushed out of the seat and mumbled something like ‘way to make new friends.’

I sat in my seat. I wasn’t sure what I meant by prized wrestling champion or not being a weakling. I felt like a weakling, and I was pretty sure that I couldn’t hit that well. And also, what did wrestling have to do with punching?


It was a crisp morning. I was immediately sad due to the cold weather. It was a little too cold to wear shorts, but that was good, because I was out. Looks like I got two of every kind of pants except for jeans, I got about five pairs of jeans. Today I wore a pair of black skinny jeans, some fake uggs, and a skull and crossbones shirt.

I walked back to my seat. The little punk who tried to seal it yesterday came up to me, “Can I sit with you”

I slid over a bit to let her sit down. I studied her pixie like face. She had two eyebrow piercings and one stud in her nose. Her hair was cut extremely short, framing her heart shaped face.
“I’m sorry about yesterday,” She started in a high voice “I didn’t know you were facing such a tough time.”
“Don’t worry about it; I don’t even want to worry about it. Say… are we friends?”
She smiled a bright smile “You have a new friend then punk. My name is Zinnia Westerville. Call me Zinni”
I fake punched her “My first friend. ha. So do you think we can get together soon?”
“How about a sleep over this Saturday?” Zinni asked.
“I will ask Chloe,” said, then I asked for her number.
“This is my stop, call me when you get the answer,” She smiled
I smiled back, “Yep.”
I closed my eyes and sat back in the seat. I wasn’t much of a people’s person, I could tell by that conversation. I was more of a lady of action. I couldn’t stand talking to someone without having a purpose. Maybe that was why I was sent back, maybe there was a purpose…

Chapter 3-

I sat up. A cold sweat trickled down my face. I glanced at my alarm clock; I was only up a half an hour early. I walked to the shower and jumped in. I was trying to wash off the sickening memory that I had just gotten back. Was I really that mean? Could I really be that cruel? I thought I was a good person that was why I was given more life right? I washed the grime of the memory away from myself. I had a sleep over today for crying out loud. I should have gotten a good memory.

I left the horrid memory behind. It was a scary memory, about how horrible humans could be.


Running, I wasn’t sure what from but I of was aware of sirens. I looked to my left and saw Scooter and Leah holding hands and running.
“Will you wimps stop holding hands? It’s slowing us down!”
Leah glared at me “I’m not losing you both, and if I were to lose someone, I would be lost with him, not a witch like you!”
“I’m the one who got us all together, fine, you can leave, but I know Scooter will want to stay with me!” I snapped back out of breath.
Scooter stared at Leah and sighed “Leah I think it’s time to tell her”
Leah breathed a shallow breath rain dripped down her hollow face “Scooter and I broke rule number five.”
“In other words-“Scooter started
“You are dating” I sighed and looked at my feet as we all slid into a narrow ally way.

I didn’t even stop to glance at the love birds talking, their voices slowly slipped out of my mind. I did something that I never thought I would do. I walked out into the middle of the road where the cop cars were coming close. I collapsed out of exhaustion and heart break.


I shuddered. I remembered that I loved scooter that he was the one thing that lit my world. I wanted to break rule number five with him. It was Leah that started my streak of insanely bad things. The reason this started was because I either broke a window, or started a fire. I thought I was a good person before all of this. I got out of the shower and walked into my room. I dressed in clean day clothes and climbed back in bed, noticing it wasn’t a school day, but the day of my sleep over. I laid awake until eight o’clock.
“Up, up, up!” Chloe said in a cheery voice “We have a big day today.”
“Um, Chloe, I was hoping I could sleep over at Zinnia’s house today.” I stated
Chloe frowned, it reminded me of something “Oh, well… Have fun.”

She reminded me of someone. Someone that was extremely close to me. Someone named… Taylor “Chloe, did you know Taylor?”

The words slipped through my lips. I staggered back a few steps and looked at her face. Pain, fear, and shock ripped across the perfect pale face.
“I’m so, so sorry I-“I started
“Taylor, I knew Taylor.” She sat at my desk and pondered. Sunlight bounced off of her sea green eyes.

I left the room. Taylor, was a big deal to Chloe. I could tell in her expression. I went down stairs and made myself some eggs. I stared at my plate, not quite able to eat the food. Taylor. Taylor. I tried to force the memory. ‘Taylor… Taylor… Please…’ I pleaded to myself. Nothing worked. Why couldn’t I just find out? I looked up to watch Chloe stumble in.
“Taylor… She was my… I knew Taylor” Chloe looked as if she was holding something painful back. “Taylor… I taught her… I babysat her…”

I looked into the familiar eyes of my foster mother, “I apologize if I brought something painful upon you.”
She waved it off “Don’t worry about it.” She blinked twice and then looked at the time. “And you have a sleepover to go to!”

The drive was short. I climbed out of the car and looked at the immaculate house of Zinnia Williams. She walked out and winked at me. She didn’t look as rough as she did in school. Her hair was in a tight braid, and her bangs were clipped back. She wore a light blue shirt with a lot of flowers on it. Her pants were white bell bottoms. I smiled a huge, bright smile. It must have been my first one since I came out of the hospital.
“Hello Danny!” She smiled
“Hi Zinni!” I hugged her.

We ran into her house. It was warm and smelled of sweet apple pie. She guided me to her room. I dropped my bags and sat on her bed. We talked of school and many boring things. But she was trusting me with most of her secrets. One I almost laughed over.
“I pretend to be rough in school because I’ve never liked the constant picking on the weaklings. No one ever stood up to me… no one except for you…”
I giggled slightly “Well, I really was never scared of anyone… Well at least, as far as I know”

Just then a thought crossed my mind. Maybe she could help me with my spotty memory. My old neighborhood wasn’t too far away. But maybe I shouldn’t tell her about my odd way of getting my memories back.
“Zinni… I have a secret…”
She looked concerned “What is it?”
“I… I get my memories back… but oddly… I see them and experience them like I was there”
“ Seriously?” She looked as if she believed everything I said.
“ I was wondering if you knew a boy named Scooter before the explosion… Or a girl named Leah…”
“Oh, Leah and Scooter… Yeah I knew them, we hung out secretly… but they were a part of a rival gang. Lead by…” She gasped
“Me? I lead the rival gang?” I quickly asked
“Yes, I always thought you were a rotten person… but I guess I was wrong.”
“So, do you know anything else about them?”
“Scooter is still alive as far as I know. But Leah…”
“I remember that much…” A small tear dripped from my eye.

An idea sparked in my brain. I could force that memory of Taylor if I got Scooter. I weighed the pros and cons. If I did, I might bring bad memories upon myself. Yet, since I needed the memories I believed I should do it.
“D-do you think you can take me to see Scooter?” I asked
She looked at my worried face, “You don’t remember anything do you?”
“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.
“No one believed that you had no memory. Everyone thought you were faking for attention…” She looked sorrowful
Anger welled up inside me. “I cannot believe this! And you went along?”
“The only thing that made me doubt was the fighting thing” She cringed
“Oh I… I don’t even know where that came from” I answered “I’m sorry.”
“But… If it means so much to you, we can go see Scooter tomorrow.” She smiled weakly.
“That would be awesome” I smiled a wide and flashy smile

To tell you the truth, the rest of the night was a blur. We watched some sparkly vampire movie. Then we ate ice cream straight from the carton. I giggled when she started to impersonate the main character, a girl named becca or something. All I really wanted to do was go to bed. Finally, around two in the morning, Zinni decided she was tired and wanted to go to bed. The night wasn’t exactly dreamless…

Chapter 4-

I was in a bright glass room, with Taylor, and the Angel. Bright light glinted off of her blonde hair. She smiled a smile even bigger than mine. Taylor looked like she wasn’t focused.
“Why am I back here?” I asked
“We brought you back here because you are doing a great job Danny! And your parents would be so proud!” The Angel exclaimed with her hands held out to hug me
I gestured toward Taylor “Well then why is she here?”
“You wanted to know more about me, so I’m here to tell you the minimum” Taylor came back into focus.
“Is that so?” I asked
“Well, I want you to know… I was your sister, and we always braided each other’s hair.”
“What does hair braids have to do with it?”
“Well I had to give you another hair style to wear in front of… Chloe” She smiled a little bit


I sat up and looked around. I wiped my eyes on the backs of my hands and walked into the bathroom to wash my face and get dressed. Today, I wore a black shirt with a broken heart; my jeans were ripped and dark. For the first time since I woke up, I put dark black eyeliner on, making myself look kind of edgy. I walked into the bedroom and sat down, thinking over the dream and waiting for Zinnia to wake up. It was 11:15, and I had the feeling that I was always a relatively early bird.
At about quarter to 12 Zinni rolled over and looked me in the eye, “Good morning DJ!”
“I was starting to think you were slipping into a coma!” I giggled and she rolled her eyes.
“How long have you been up?” she quickly questioned
“Not too long… Are you still up for taking me to see Scooter?” I asked back
“Yep, let me just get ready!”
She rushed around and got ready, I sat and braided my hair into one long braid running down my back. At about noon, she walked up to me and dragged me to her door.
“I am too excited to talk!” I slowly whispered
“I hope you are, it must be weird, not having any memory…” She told me

The walk was silent. It was about five minutes until I saw a group of houses. One was a little bit grander than the others. Zinni beckoned me to it. I cautiously walked up the step and once I got up a slowly, an odd feeling spread across me. It was a bright light, glowing in my heart, and I looked around. This felt like home…
A short woman with carrot orange hair walked to the door, she stumbled back a few steps when she saw me “I…” She paused and enclosed me in a soft embrace “It’s nice to see you again Danielle”
I smiled, “It’s nice to see you too”

I had the feeling that I liked this woman a lot, that she was like a second mother to me.
“Oh... You must want to see Sam, am I right?” Her soft voice was tinged with worry, “He is right in the living room.”

I carefully stepped into the grand room. I looked at the plentiful books and the flat screen TV. My eyes rested on a boy, no older than me, with gelled blonde hair and a mischievous smile on his face.
“Scooter!” I ran up and hugged him.
“Danny J!” He smiled.
“I have a question,” I started “Can you tell me about my life before the… The accident…”
“There was a life before the accident… One that I didn’t enjoy” He looked at the ground
“Please Scooter-“
“Please. I don’t play with silly kids games anymore. Samuel Aaron.” He smiled at me.
I looked up in dismay, “Sc- Samuel, what happened to you?”
“I have grown up… and it looks like you haven’t” He frowned, looking at my clothes and makeup.

Seriously? He was a jokester right? I looked at his serious expression, dead serious… I was about to say something when I heard the front door shut. He looked hopefully at the library door.
“Scooter please, just-“I started
“Sammy!” Shouted the beautiful girl who walked in the door.
“Oh Ashley!” He stood and looked at her, then me.

Her eyes met mine for the first time. She had an evil smirk on her face and she looked like someone I knew. Ashley… Ashley Anne Burleson, daughter of Mr. Burleson, owner of Burleson Inc. In other words, Ashley was the richest, most popular girl in my old school.
“Sammy, dear, who is that emo?” She asked accusingly
“This ‘emo’ is Danielle Jae Morgan and the-“
And I slammed to the ground.

“Scooter!” I shouted in the dark, until I was swept into another memory.
I sat in a bright room, filled with exotic looking plants. Taylor stool behind me, braiding my hair.
“Danny, do you think that the eyeliner would be too much for a twelve year old?” She asked with a wide smile on her beautiful face.
“No sis, I would love it!” I said in a small, not me voice.
I looked in the mirror; I was dressed in a pale blue dress, same as my sister. I looked at the high black heels on my feet that explained the hollow aching in my soles.
“Oh I dearly love weddings… They just seem to bring people together” My mother exclaimed
“Yes, it’s only normal to cause no trouble at a wedding” My sister responded

Warnings. They were telling me not to start any fights or trouble. But I had no want to, for some reason, I had a type of respect for my sister. It was very new, respect though. The respect to think that she would go through the trouble to get me ready… To make me look actually pretty none the less. I smiled and knew that this would be a pleasant memory. But deep in my heart I had the feeling that the next memory wouldn’t be as sweet…


I was being shaken around, like I was out for a while. I blinked once or twice, and looked around at what I saw. It was mascara dripping down Ashley’s face, and Scooter’s worried expression.
“What… What happened?” I stuttered
“Ashley looked at you, and all of the sudden you blacked out, but your eyes were open,” Scooter said
“Oh my I hope I didn’t disturb you in any way” Ashley sobbed
“Oh save the drama for your mama!” I shouted at her, I rubbed my head “I just uh, I noticed something”
“What?” Scooter asked
“I um… I noticed all of the blemishes on Ashley’s face, One two three four… five! New record!” I laughed
“Oh! Oh no!” Ashley noticed what I meant, and ran to the bathroom to apply more cover up.
“Well that gives us more time.” I said, still laughing.
“What more can I help you with?” Scooter jeered
“You can help me by getting my memories back!” I jeered back
“Was that-” He started
“What just happened now? Yes.” I started to stand to walk out,
He grabbed my arm “I- I’m sorry, DJ I can’t help you.”
“Well it looks like I’m going to have to help myself then” I sneered at him and shook my arm free
I walked out the door and ran toward the woods .

Chapter 5-

I ran into the woods and cried. I missed the old scooter that cared about me, the one who would follow after me, and ask me why I was upset. My head bumped on something. I lifted my head and looked at what sat under my head. It was a cell phone wrapped in a piece of paper. I unwrapped the paper, it said:
Dear Danielle,
I understand you want more memories, so here is your old cell phone. It contains all of your text messages and all of the things that would probably make you remember things. There are also sound blogs and video blogs. There are enough of each so that you can look at one each night, and I advise that you only do one.
-Genevieve (Your angel)
Oh please keep your eyes open for Taylor! She is there, in your life somewhere. just… Look out for her, she will help you.
I flipped diary open and smiled... It contained my writing. I smiled and went through the closet. There I found a picture of my sister and I. With ink splattered all over it, then soft blue pen underneath…
‘Sorry, my bratty sister needed to come in when I was trying to write this sweet memory down… Anyway, if you’re reading this you are either a more sensible me… or you’re my rotten and over protective mom! GO AWAY MOM! AND STAY OUT OF MY PRIVACY!’
I stopped here… Did I have two sisters? Maybe. My brain was too tired to function so I laid on my bed and yawned. Falling into not sleep… But falling into another memory.
“Chill out Danielle!” She said in a peaceful and quiet voice.
I looked away from her with an angry look on my face, “ I used to look up to you… I used to think you were the best thing in the world!”
“Danielle, what makes you do this today?” She looked behind her and for the first time I noticed the ice blue dress she wore, and her friends, and boyfriend, waiting.
Memories of the gym started running through my head. My trainer, Karlie Wilson saying ‘If she touches you, pokes you, prods you first… I give you permission to first punch…’ The words flew through my head like a swarm of bees. I couldn’t hear anything and my vision started getting blurry and glowed red. I heard a shriek of pain and when I calmed down, cooled off, I was in the field before Scooters home development. I collapsed and started to plan my suicide…
The explosion.

Chapter 6-

Shaking. I woke up by being shaken… Light blue eyes met mine. The same ones that had met me every morning… Chloe. How did she know where I was? I didn’t tell anyone or even see Zinni at the door or anywhere…The room was lit by the light on my old desk.
“How did you find me?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.
“Scooter said you ran towards the woods… And so I did too. What a cute little cabin…” She paused and giggled, “It feels so… So much like home, like I used to live here.”
She brushed the blonde hair out of her eyes and continued talking, “Anyway, you should come home with me now.” When she said it she didn’t seem sure.
“No.” I whispered and stood up “This is my home”
“No, this is not your home anymore! Now we need to go!” Chloe looked like she was holding back tears.
“I’m not leaving, and you can’t make me leave my own home!” I said in a stronger voice now.
She burst out in tears, “Yeah, I remember when this was my home too! When I would sit in my vanity and just comb my hair! When I was a teenager, NOT AN OLD WOMAN!”
“Chloe your only like 20 something-“ I stopped what I was saying.
I remember when this was my home too? That could only mean one thing…
“Taylor,” The soft name slipped through my lips.
“Yes?” Chloe responded.
I ran up to her and hugged her “I found you! My memories will come back right? That was the deal right?” I was sobbing of sadness and of happiness at the same time.
“When did Gen say that?” She asked
I stumbled back a few steps and wiped the tears off of my face, “You… You mean I still have to put up with you? Someone who doesn’t even care?”
“Oh Danny, no one ever said I didn’t care.”
“No one but you yourself…” I jeered and turned away.
She whimpered “I admit, that was cruel of me but what would mom say?”
My voice hardened “I have no memories of my dead mother…”
“Don’t do this to me now Danny!” She was very upset now.
“I never got an apology, or even a sad look!”
“Danielle, I know what I did and I am sorry for every moment of it, every single word and letter!”
“That won’t erase every little pain I felt…” I walked out of the room and into Taylor’s old one.
“What are you doing in here?” She snapped.
I pulling all of the drawers out and screaming, probably blowing the eardrums for miles.

She grabbed me from behind and pinned me down. Weight was her advantage… And once again the words ran through my head, ‘If she touches you, pokes you, and prods you first… I give you permission to first punch…’ I struggled and whimpered and used all of my will not to punch her. I could have easily pushed her off and jumped out of the window.
“Calm down DJ!” Taylor screamed at me
I screeched and gave in; I slipped out from under Chloe and kicked her when she tried to grab me again. I jumped out of the window and ran into the woods. The sky started to get darker, I shivered but wasn’t scared, I had done this type of thing before…
I was cold, tired and just wanted to sleep, so I turned around and walked toward town… But it was too late to slip into any stores at my age… So I collapsed in the same field I did the night of the ‘Incident’

Bright lights woke me; I sat in a satin chair in the middle of a room with halos floating in the air. Taylor sat in front of me next to Genevieve whispering in her ear. I shot her a dirty look. She immaturely stuck her tongue out at me. My fingers gripped the arms of the chair, willing myself not to tackle her.
“What is wrong?” Taylor asked… Looking slightly concerned.
Genevieve put her hand on Taylor’s knee “You are both under the same contract...”
“No! You just sent me here to help her! I am still going to heaven!”
“What contract?” I asked

Gen through me into a memory…
I woke up sitting next to Taylor whom looked like she wasn’t happy at all... My parents were nowhere to be found. There was a ring around the center of the room that looked suspiciously like a halo. In the center of the halo, there Genevieve, holding a piece of paper.
I remembered an explosion the color red and the sobs of my sister. My heart pounded in my chest as my name was called by the angel… This must have been the judgment hall.
“Danielle Jae Morgan,” Said Gen’s.
I stood up and walked to the ring in the center of the room. There was a balance, with a seat on one side and a halo on the other.
“Sit.”She commanded

Sat on the balance and slammed to the ground. The angel frowned, “Danielle, you are doomed to the pits of hell.” She grimaced. “Unless you ask for a second chance”
“I will ask for a second chance” I begged
Another angel walked out of the shadows, her dark olive skin glistening “You will go back to earth with no memories except for four. One will be your job to be good, the others you will find out among the way.”
Genevieve also added, “You have three weeks to make everything right… After that you are either going up or down.”
I stood from the seat and was allowed to go sit back down. I sat and slowly, the dark room started to fade away. I willed it to stay for my sister’s judgment.
“Taylor Carter Morgan,”

Taylor walked over and sat on the seat. She flew up; obviously, I had nothing to worry about but myself. Slowly the world fogged. And the last words I heard were, decision, sister, and help.


Shocked… I noticed that today was Monday, the beginning of a new week…

End of week one.

Beginning of week two
Chapter 7-

I walked back to Chloe’s house. It took until around mid-day… And by the time I got home, I laid on my bed and whimpered. My legs ached, and I couldn’t walk anymore. In my bedroom, I opened my diary and started to read the second entry.
‘What do you do when you have a perfect Polly sister? I can’t stand being looked down on! Can’t people understand that we are two different people? Just control your anger issues, mom says… I hate people who don’t understand me… It’s her fault that my father is dead, she shouldn’t have let him go to war… He was the only one who understood me. I think I need to stop my entry for tonight… It’s getting hard to man up and not cry on the page.’
I thought my father died with my mother, in the car, next to the explosion… But in a war? I shuddered at the thought… Maybe he was such a trouble maker that he was just shipped off. A tear dripped down my cheek as I got a quick flash of when I was younger and my father and I sat at the kitchen table, carving sticks with small pocket knives.
Suddenly, I noticed a lump in my pocket… I reached in and picked out a pocket knife, lined with an aqua border. I smiled and a tear fell on the blade as I flipped it open. I heard a slam downstairs and the shouts of Chloe. I flipped the pocket knife closed and stuffed it in my pocket…
She burst into my room, her face bright red, “You naughty little brat!”
“What do you mean Taylor?” I asked
“Taylor? Taylor? What is that some sort of nick-name?” She jeered, taking a step closer and getting in my face.
“Yes…” I said warily.
“Never use that name again…” She snapped in my face.
“What is wrong with you?” I jeered.
I got a harsh blow to the face.
My blood started to boil, “I don’t know what’s wrong with you… But I really don’t want to hurt you…”
She grinned “That’s exactly what I want! For you to hurt me so you get kicked out… So I can live alone! I don’t ever remember picking up a juvenile delinquent, but I don’t plan on keeping one…”
I pushed ‘Chloe’ out of the way and started out of the room.
“Oh , and for your information: The lawn keeper was fired yesterday…”
“What? Why?”
“To stop that wicked flow of memories… Just remember darling, I always get what I want…”
“Go mow the lawn Danielle.:
“Fine Chloe.”

My legs ached and my head pounded searching for a place to go.. There was always the woods in the back of this house… I think they reached to the dead forest around my old house too… That meant I could sacrifice. But what?


A few hours after Chloe went to work I packed a bag full of clothes. Then went out in the back lawn, where I turned the mower on and aimed it straight for the above ground pool. I set a brick on the gas and watched it hit the pool. I ducked into the woods as the water splattered everywhere. I walked for hours on end; it was at least twice as long as the walks down the road. Running away was awfully cliché, but it was the only thing I could do…

I finally reached my destination, my old house. I turned the stove burner on and lit the curtain on fire… Then, I reached into my backpack and pulled out a match. As I lit it, I threw it at one of the dead trees. The fire started. I laid down on the ground… A human sacrifice was always the ultimate sacrifice for other gods… Why not this one?

Trying to drift into a sleep, I relaxed my muscles… Only minutes later, I heard my name being called. There was an odd dragging sensation too. Like being dragged away from earth… I drifted into a peaceful sleep…

Chapter 8-

I blinked a couple times and looked at my surroundings. Woods, not on fire… I heard the dropping of wood and the rustling of leaves.
“Your- Your okay!” A boy’s voice shouted.
I recognized the voice almost immediately “Sam?”
He sat me up and winked at me “Scooters the name, trouble-making is the game”
I giggled “Your back!”
“I guess I felt kind of guilty… You were upset yesterday.”
“I have to explain something”
He looked concerned “What?”
I took a deep breath and stood up. He wore a black snow cap, same as mine, gray jeans and a plain, red, short sleeved shirt. I was a head lower than him, and he could easily beat me up… Or at least I thought so…
“The- The explosion”
“The accident.” He corrected me.
“That’s exactly what I mean!”

As I was about to speak a flaming figure immerged from the trees… I screamed. Scooter took a gun out of his pocket and shot several times.
“Wait!”I screamed
“What?” He snapped back
“That’s… That’s Leah…” I stumbled back a few steps and winced at the thought.
“ Yes, it is me…” She said, her voice angelic
“What do you want” Scooter jeered at her
“To explain about the explosion.” She answered
“The ACIDENT!” He yelled back
“That’s exactly my-“ I started
“It was no accident.” Leah stated
“That’s what I have been trying to say!” I screeched
“What do you mean?” Scooter looked dumbfounded
“The explosion was Danielle’s way to die.” Leah said
Scooter looked from me to Leah “You’re kidding me right? I thought that was supposed to be the best prank ever! You both lied to me.”
He started to walk away, “No I never told her anything! She’s a ghost remember? Leah learned after the fact!”
“I was actually just trying to clear my conscience.” Leah added
Both Scooter and I stopped in our tracks “Huh?”
“I went… Down below… Because I knew of the explosion… Your sister told me.” Leah started “I had a vision- Much like your memories… It said that either my newest baby brother or I could die… I chose myself.”
Scooter cleared his throat and pointed at what she was wearing.
A small tear trickled down her face and landed in the flames that enveloped her legs and started to lower. For the first time in weeks, I examined my best friend. The selfless girl, placed in a group home, and gave her life for a brother that wouldn’t have been her own after she had been adopted a week later. She gave her life for a friend. She wore barely anything. A small and tightly fitting dress, much like the angels, but black it was ragged and sliced at the bottom.
“And unlike you Danielle, I did not ask for a second chance.
“I don’t know how to say I’m sorry enough” I cried to her.
“I will not ask for anything but your approval… Your honest to god approval of my going to heaven.”
“I approve…. You will always be my friend.”
“Don’t base it on friendship you idiot! Tell her the truth! She shouldn’t go anywhere!” Scooter yelled at me.
I shot him a dirty look and looked back at Leah “I approve that you go to heaven”

Where Leah stood a beam of light flashed. A piece of paper fell to the ground and I ran forward to pick it up.
“Well, we will get caught if we stay in the woods forever… And the city where Leah lived is close enough… Let’s go take a look.” I exclaimed

Chapter 9-
“Do we really have to do this?” Scooter whimpered after a day of walking.
“Yes of course! It was her dying wish!” I yelled

The trees never seemed to part, the whole time… I started to feel a little crazy. I looked endlessly for a road. Somewhere to just run into the middle of and scream. But there was nowhere to be found. Small tears trickled down my face, and I started to feel week.
“We haven’t had a break since yesterday! Can we at least sit for a bit?” He whimpered
“Stop being a wimp!” I growled, looking back, I felt so determined.

As I looked back I saw the sight that would have made my cry had I not been so tired a road. A city… Human beings. I started to run forward but a person from behind grabbed my shoulder. I gave him a quick right hook. As I went to keep running I heard scooter scream.
“Danny stop it!”
“Damn it what is it Scooter?” I whirled around to see him clutching his left eye and shuffling forward “Oh… That was-“
“Yeah” He responded
“Hey! Cool I can beat up a dude!”
“Yah know Danny; I find it hard to live with you. There was no, ‘I’m sorry’ only an expression on beating up boys.”
“What are you? Some sort of softy?”
He grunted “Danny, I was trying to stop you… Cause what if people are searching for us? And we get caught?”
I thought about it a little, “What if…”

I ran over to his pack and ripped it open; Inside sat a white shirt and a pair of khaki pants. I snatched them out and stole off my gray cap. Then I sifted through my bag and grabbed a pair of clothes that were loose on me. I threw them at him and barked simple orders.
“Get changed into those.”

I smiled and turned around to see his feminine appearance.
“You look better than I did in those!” I giggled
“Well those boys clothing fit you like…” He stopped in thought “Like a normal girl just loose”

I stuffed my hair into my beanie, traded backpacks and be began on our opposite gender race to find Leah’s parents. We walked about a mile until I noticed a library sign.
“Information!” I screeched and we walked up to the door.
“Do I look boy-ish enough?” I quickly questioned
“Yup,” He said back
“And I have to admit, you look pretty feminine...” I whispered as we walked through the door.

I walked into the computer room. Right in the middle was a group of kids, two boys and a girl. I ran to the computer next to them and jumped on the computer. Right on the front page, there was a picture of both of up. I choked up, right next to me in the picture was Taylor… I was about to cry, but I swallowed the tears, I was a boy now.
“He he, look at the cry baby sitting next to us!” The tallest bout said
“Wow, you’d think that he would just suck it up and punch someone!” The girl said
“Do you wanna go?” I snapped
“Bring it on, Baby!” The shorter boy shouted

The girl led us out to the back, next to a large garbage can.
“Okay, remember, no rules!” She shouted “Fight”

He swung the most simple and well known right hook. I giggled, ducked down, and kicked his legs out from underneath him. He fell to the ground with a grunt. I stood back up and put my foot on his chest, taking the gun out of my pocket and pointing it. I tossed my head back in satisfaction. The groups gasped, Scooter pointed to my hair, falling long down my back…
“Oh well-“
“Your DJ Morgans!” The girl said, “You’re my idol!”
“And you are?”
“Me? Im Selena, this is Carter, and Eliot.” She stuttered
“Okay, well I have a few things to ask from you.”
“Oh well we ran away. No way were providing much…”
“We just need some shelter” I said
“Oh! There’s an old cabin we stay in!” She told us
“Scooter?” I asked
“Sure why not!”
“It’s in the woods a ways, we will have to walk for an hour or two”
Without answer, I collapsed to the ground.

Chapter 10-
The first thing I heard was Taylor’s excited voice “It worked! I didn’t think I could do it but it worked!”
“What just happened” I asked
“I summoned you!” Taylor said, sounding ecstatic
“Why would you want that Chloe?” I jeered
“Why would you say that?” She sounded genuinely confused
“As soon as I came home, you yelled at me, any memories sparked?”
“Oh,” She frowned “You see, I was taken away… That body must have been taken over by a demon…”
“Stay calm Danny I didn’t leave you… I was told I did enough and was sent to heaven… I get my wings, and my first assignment today…”
“Oh…” I began “Oh!”
“Yeah it starting in around five minutes”
“So you brought me?”
“Mom and Dad are here too!” She exclaimed, “Oh and that whole this with you and Scooter-“
“Nothing” I said back, and I was determined to make it nothing.
“Genevieve will lead you to our parents, but I don’t know if I can hold the connection for the whole ceremony.”

And so, wonderful Genevieve led me into a thing that looked like a church. It was so much more grand though… As they say the house of god. My mother and father sat in the front row, tears streamed down my mother’s face, and my father looked as if he was melting with joy. I giggled a little bit, and started running. My father stood up and I hugged him. Tears streamed down my face. What a happy reunion. I took the pocket knife out of my pocket and gave it to him. He gently closed my hand back around it.
“How are you, Snicker-doodle?” He asked in his deep voice
“Daddy, I’m great” I responded, even though, I was torn up inside…
“Everyone! Take your seats please! Madam Taylor’s ceremony is about to begin”

It was like a wedding. Petals falling elegantly from the younger angels flying above. First down the aisle came a man, holding a large book and a bell on top. My mother shivered a little bit then a couple tears ran down her face.
“Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.” She whispered.
“Mom!” I whispered back, embracing her.
Taylor began to talk, “I would like to thanks all of my family,” She started to cry “For making it… I love you all…”
I smiled and whispered, “I love you too…”
“And Danny… Don’t give up hope… I will always be with you!”
That’s when I rolled my eyes… This was starting to get too sappy, too full of feeling… That’s when the Priest went up and rung the bell. I smiled a little as small, white wings started to grow on her back.
“See you, Taylor!” I shouted as the picture started to fade.


I stood up and rubbed my head a little.
“Oh my god! Are you okay Danielle?” Selena ran over to me.
“Yeah yeah I’m fine. How long was I out?”
“A half hour, Scooter and Carter ran you here; the um… The cabin that is… Eliot is Eliot; he really doesn’t care about anyone but his close friends…”
“I know the feeling...” I looked away “Why are you so jittery?”
“I- I just feel like I’m talking to a celebrity!”She giggled.

I looked down on the girl maybe thirteen years of age. She was short, and looked like a preppy type. Yet her apparel was rough and she was a skinny girl. She didn’t look like she was at the top of her physical game, and I could easily crush her… But at the same time, she seemed almost sisterly to me. I felt compelled to take care of her. She was jumpy, and looked like she spoke her mind when she wanted…
“Its cool, the big gang members are usually kind of like Celebs… Were just tougher, and less preppy.”

She looked up to me in awe, “Really?”
“Ya know, the funny thing is we’re just normal people…” I looked at my feet.
“Well you know what?” She straightened and looked up at my face, with a hardened look, “I really don’t care! We are both human, your just looked up to more!” She laughed a little and looked back down “Never mind I suck at this…”
“No I agree… Equal treatment…”

The author's comments:
This has to be my best one yet!

Chapter 11-

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but it was no use… The quick pace of the guard, Scooter, was keeping me up. I shifted in my sleeping bag. All of the others were fast asleep, probably because they were used to the guard’s steps… It had been three days since we had arrived, and both Scooter and I felt restless. There was so much to worry about. Once again, I heard the creaks of the floor board near my head, moving slowly away. I sat up and groaned.
“Scooter chill!” I shouted quietly.
“I can’t! Sorry Danny, but the search team is already out! And I am just supposed to sit here and let them find us?” He responded.

I looked down, he was right; we were going to be found just staying here… And what about Leah’s message? I needed to think this through by myself. I shook myself out of the sleeping bag and stood up. I walked to the door.
“Scooter, you go to sleep, I’ll take guard for now.” I said as he sighed again.
“Okay… Good night Danny.” He curled up in the sleeping bag
I walked out the door, not sure where I was going.
These so called search people were most likely police officers. That meant they were stronger than most…. Could I take two or three of them by myself? Absolutely not… I would be taken down almost immediately. So going head on was out of the question… What about in disguise? No. Not at all… It would just never work… I noticed the direction I was walking and took note, but didn’t turn around. The sheet of night wasn’t very comforting. And the days were starting to get to cold for the jean shorts I had brought with me. I looked at the torn sneakers on my feet. Either way, there would have been no way at all we could have gotten to Leah’s, her parents would have turned us in. My feet stopped when I hit the pavement…
“Oh you have to be flipping kidding me!” I exclaimed, remembering Selena saying it was at least an hour walk…

I looked around. Checking for signs of cop cars. If I only could make it to inner Chicago, where Leah’s parents lived.
“There will be no way the group could find me though…” I whispered to myself, I got an idea, and flung my cap onto the ground, praying that a responsible adult wouldn’t find it…

And I started my walk, noticing the fact that I had around ten blocks until the destination. It was going to be a long trip… I snuck into an ally and looked around for a place to sleep, what an odd feeling of déjà vu I had… I finally decided on a small space behind a two dusty trash cans. They looked like they haven’t been touched in years. I curled up and as the first rays of light touched the morning sky, dancing across the dew like ballerinas, I started to drift to sleep.

I was swept into another memory… But this one wasn’t my own… It was Leah’s.
“You understand what must be done Leah?” An angel whispered in Leah’s ear, but there was something wrong… The wing color was stained… A light gray…
“Yes.” She whispered back “I have to die… To save my youngest brother… Correct”
The angel grinned “Yes… That’s correct.” And disappeared

I knew one thing for sure… That wasn’t an angel…
Leah collapsed to her knees and hung her head “My parents may not care about me… but I care about them…”

Then I remembered, because of her troublesome behaviors, Leah was sent to a group home… Left to be adopted. She felt totally alone in the world…
Leah stood up and walked to the window, and screamed, “IM SORRY!”

I looked down and shivered… That was why she went along with it… That was why she was so nervous at the same time though… It was at that point I noticed the reason I had been put back on this earth… Given a second chance…


My eyes shot open as dusk was beginning to fall. I was going to make everything right. Here and with Scooter. I would teach young Selena to stay true to herself. And I had a little more than a week to do it.

Chapter 12-

It didn’t take as long as I had expected to get to the apartment in the city… It actually was faster… I got there at around midnight… Probably due to my looking for food. I looked up the steps to the building. I would have to rush in before the sun came up… I walked into the building and started down the stairs to the apartment, where I sat in front of the door, waiting for rays of sunlight to hit the windows, which were barred like a prison cell. I had to wait 8 or nine hours until the sun came up… And maybe even longer until her parents woke up… I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall, slowly sitting down.

I started to doze off. Right before I fell asleep, I heard the cry of a baby. Then the hushed voices of the parents arguing, probably over where the pacifier was… I heard the door next to me open and close.
I slowly opened my eyes as a woman with light blonde hair in a tight bun, and sea green eyes bend over and look at me “Can I help you sweetie?” She asked in a sweet voice, that was a little more high pitched than usual yet still pretty, when I looked up, she stumbled back a few steps and shielded herself.
I started to stand up “Your Leah’s mother?” I had met her mother, but I was almost absolutely sure that her hair color was brown…
“Yes, Danielle?” She warily put her arms down.
“Yup it’s really me Miss. I wanted to tell you something…”
“Okay, please, let me just get the pacifiers from the car.” She opened the door and beckoned me inside.

I slowly walked inside. Cautious, yet feeling at home, I sat, tensed in a chair. Leah’s father walked out. Staring at me for a moment, he opened his mouth to say something when Leah’s mother walked in.
“Rob you remember Danielle right?” She tried to settle the mood
“Yes Jen… But isn’t she the one who-“He started
“Yes… She has to tell us something…”

It was then that I froze, like I was going to get a memory, yet the signal wasn’t strong enough… I fell back and couldn’t move. Inside I lay there, thrashing, but I couldn’t speak, or do anything… I couldn’t hear the voices of be two adults over me worrying. Around thirty minutes later, I blinked.
I heard a small whisper in my ear, ‘Sorry Danny’
Taylor. She stopped me. I clenched my fists. For the first time I checked my surroundings… I was astounded. Why would I still be in that living room.
“Shes awake Rob!” Jen sat anxiously.
He ran out “Really?”
They traded glances and Jen started to talk, “Danielle, an angel came to me last night… It said not to report you to the police because you had a message sent from Leah herself! Please tell me!”
I sat up and shook my hair around, “Well, she wanted you to know that she loved you both… And to send-“

A memory was sparked from this point in my life. I felt my pockets for my old cell phone… I pulled it out. It was funny that I had almost forgotten it. I flipped it open, and it vibrated. A text message containing everything I had to say…
“She sends love to all of you… And she hopes you will always remember her.” I closed the cell phone and breathed out. This was done… One more thing to straighten out.
Jen sighed, “Thank you… I miss my baby…” She turned over to Rob and started to cry.
A small tear trickled out of my eye, “Jen… I have one favor to ask of you…”
She looked up, “What is it dear?”
“Drive me to the library… Its where I have to go… And please, call the cops after an hour of you being home… Don’t lie to them, but say that you saw me around the public library..”
She looked startled “Wh-“
“I have one more thing to do… And I need to be completely honest about it…”

She drove me to the library. I jumped out of the car and started running to the woods. She waved goodbye, and I had no breath to return the favor. I stopped about five minutes in. Walking the rest of the way. I arrived at the cabin, to see a note

Chapter 13-
I re-read the note over and over. Wondering what was taking so long. Had they been captured and taken for questioning? I went to the library for two reasons; Number one, research, and Number two, I was going to go back to the cabin, which was located in the woods behind the library… Earlier in the library it said nothing of the teen runaways who had disappeared…. Maybe Chloe had stopped searching.
Dear Danny,
We’ve gone to look for you… And we don’t plan on coming back until we find you. Selena is the one who is forcing us to write this… But Scooter says we’re not going to stop until you are with us… If you’re reading this, then we are either in the woods or somewhere in the streets of Down town Chicago. We hope you haven’t been captured yet. Meet us in the back of the library… By sundown at least… If we’re not there by then, then try to get into the woods, and find a safe spot to sleep. Please be careful though. Its hunting season and someone could get shot…
Thanks, Us.
I went to the back of the library… They were taking too long. I sat down. It was starting to get dark and I didn’t know where a safe place was to go to sleep in the woods … I closed my eyes and tried to sleep there, but I was worried sick. I couldn’t stay here all night, somebody would find me. And the cops were searching. I started to walk into the woods, using my cell phone for light. It was dark and lonely. I frowned as the battery on my phone died… About two hours in I noticed that I was totally lost… As I sat down to sleep, supporting my back with a tree. I closed my eyes and tried to settle my thoughts. Once I was calm, I was swept into a memory, one of the things I loathed more than anything else…
I was only seven… I franticly ran from person to person… Screaming for my father… I looked at every man getting off of the train. The familiar face of my father was nowhere to be found. I collapsed to my knees, crying. A bunch of women soldiers formed a circle around me. Asking what was wrong and if I was okay… I had no sanity left to answer them… My father was nowhere to be found… I started to wonder if either of my parents was still here. My mother, the one who took me here, was nowhere to be found… I searched for my mother, tears blurring my vision…
“Daddy!” I screeched
I was scooped up by one of the woman. I looked at her face; it was as broken as mine… My mother… She walked to a man in the front. He muttered the words, bomb and accident… How funny that my father and I were to die in an explosion… It must have been then that I had figured out my destiny… This was how I would go…
Yet without the honor, and ten times the courage as my father…
I drifted out of the memory, waking up to rays of light flying down from the trees… I looked at my destination, noticing that I was maybe fifteen feet from the library. It was so dark that I didn’t notice that I was wandering in circles… I sat up. Looking around I noticed the two cop cars, with several cops getting out… spotting me, they started to run… And so did I.
Flying past the trees, I felt my lungs collapsing from the low oxygen, then barley rising again… Tears streamed down my face as I choked on sobs. I looked back, and noticing they weren’t in sight, I scrambled up a tree, covering myself in leaves and not making a move. The police screamed my name… Threatening taking me to JUVY. I cried to myself in the tree… ‘That’s a wonderful place Chloe plans on sending me…’ I said to myself… I looked around the tree, prepared to make myself comfortable for a long stay, when I met eyes with another person… No three people…
“DJ!” Selena crawled over to my side of the tree, whispering.
“I thought you all were caught!” I said, in the same low tone.
I peeked out of the tree, a police officer, thinking he had heard a noise, looked up and pointed his gun. He had horrible aim, as he shot right next to me, instead of me… I looked at the spot where he shot… Everything started to seem to move in slow motion… There was a muffled scream from Selena. Her mouth was covered by scooter. A bullet went straight to her arm. I sighed in relief that it wasn’t her chest… I laughed at the fact that I was never the one getting hurt… It was always the ones I loved…
Right as I finished that thought. A shining bullet slammed its way straight through my hand… I screamed a hushed yelp. I met eyes with the other people next to me… Everyone of them had a bewildered look on their face. I slammed my eyes shut, but as I felt the injury’s second round of pain, I eyes flew open… The wound, already beginning to swell, made me dizzy… I was never one for blood, it made me feel queasy. I scrambled to my feet, holding my hand and balancing at the same time. I took the gun out of my pocket and shot down at one of the officers… Right before I fainted due to the loss of blood, I ripped the bottom of my shirt off, trying to ignore the blur in my vision, and wrapped it around my hand.
End of week two.

Beginning of week three

Chapter 14-

I blinked hard and opened my eyes, only half aware of the ache in my hand… A totally white room, much like the one I was in no more than two weeks ago. I frowned and knew that it would be hard to get out. I looked at the bed next to me, and saw Selena, with a large bandage around her arm. I got up, aching and stiff, and walked over to her bed.
“Wake up…” I meant to yell, but it came out in a low grumble.

She stirred slightly and rolled off of the bed. I giggled and as she started to get up she slammed my hand, I cried out in pain. I slowly hobbled to the window, now fully aware of the ache, I mumbled a small ‘That wasn’t necessary’ as Selena came into full consciousness. The sky was speckled with blinking stars… It had to have been the night after I got shot… A nurse came in, holding a thermometer and another packet of saline solution. She dropped it and ran out of the room, screaming security all down the hall. I frowned at the shocked expression on Selena’s face.
“It’s already-?” She cut herself off.
“What? Already what?” I started to worry.
“It’s already Wednesday…” She sputtered.
I screamed a little, feeling my throat become totally clear “FOUR DAYS?”
“Y-Yes…” She looked afraid.

I ran through the hospital room, finding mine and her clothes. I threw them at her and quickly changed into mine… I ripped the beeping tracking device that was put in both my shirt and my shorts, out, and threw that into the closet.
“Listen…” She started, seeming wiry.
“What?” I asked
“Okay… Well I was awake a little longer than you, and I was also there when Scooter, Carter, and Eliot ran back to the cabin… So I think we can go back there…” She looked exhausted as she stuttered her words out.

How the heck was I supposed to get out of here? I looked out the window again, noticing two things… One: There was no fence, and Two: We were very clumsily placed on the first floor. I snapped the small bindings on the window and chuckled to myself, beckoning Selena over after she had come out of the bathroom. I let the window fly up, letting my big head pop as soon as the alarm started to sound. I pulled Selena out and started to make a run for it… The only emergency vehicle seen was ambulances. I sighed in relief and looked for woods, finding it too my right. Selena, who was breathless with fear and trying hard to catch up, was having a rough time… I was about to stop to get her when with a loud clap of sound much like a gunshot hit her. A wave of pain, misery, loss, and farewell crossed her face, she collapsed to her knees and hit the ground, standing close where to she stood, was a police officer, with broad shoulders and a smile that seemed malevolent. I swallowed my feelings and kept running, hearing the sound of shouting, and someone hitting the ground.

An adrenaline rush hit and I found myself in the woods, as dawn hit the sky, touching it with bright colors. I frowned, noticing the odd place I was at… Right next to the library… And I didn’t even know quite where the hospital was in the first place. I ran in, not caring what I looked like; I ripped the chair out and slammed myself onto the computer… Of course, I was in the headlines. Along with a death… Three tall boys walked into the library, meeting my horrified glance. They rushed over and read the headlines with the same shocked expression.
The death, of Selena Belton…

The author's comments:
This isnt the end... Yet...

Chapter 15-

I rolled over on my side, I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t sure I could ever sleep again. The thought of how short and sour live is racked my mind, getting into every crevice, and making me feel extremely guilty.

I could have stopped it couldn’t I? I could have taken the bullet for her, and let her run… At least she had a life to live… I stood up. Seeing the boys sleep. I envied them… I walked out of the cabin and looked to the night sky. Two days, one task. Of course Scooter had felt even guiltier than me, or so I thought. He said he should have been there. It puzzled me, him being able to sleep. What false sincerity… I lost all will power at the remembrance of the guard, the evil man who most likely not meaning to; brought Selena down. I collapsed in tears, wondering if I would ever make it to heaven, with my mother, father, and sister. The past two weeks had been so much to take in… So much to absorb. So much to learn. I just wanted to be done here, out of my own personal hell. I was willing to forget everything again. To start two weeks ago, totally naive and happy. I shut my eyes tight and begged for the familiar feeling of a memory. Nothing happened. I shut my eyes tighter, doing a weird spasm instead of crying…I ripped the bandage off of my hand throwing it to the ground next to me. I liked the dramatics, it made me feel as if I were a character in a book or a movie… The past few weeks had been perfect for it…
“Danny! Chill please!” I was being picked up and consoled by one of the boys, a voice I hadn’t heard before.
I enjoyed the feeling of someone caring, it felt heartwarming. Yet at the same time, a hole of misery and guilt burnt through my veins.
“What’s going on Eliot?” Scooter’s voice asked, sounding worried
“Nothing. Don’t you worry; you just lay in your sleeping bag not caring…” Eliot snapped
“Watch yourself; I was in one of the biggest gangs yet. I know how to fight.” Scooter sounder angry
“I heard you… There is no lying.” Eliot sounded totally level headed as he scooped me up.

I was carried back into the cabin, sobbing into my sleep. And a rough throb in my head. I woke up, to a boy standing over me. Eliot. I looked slightly confused, and I blinked again. My hand had been wrapped up with some extra rags.
I opened my mouth to say sorry “Listen I really-“ I started
“Its noting… Selena and you were a lot alike… She worried a lot.

The boys, seeming okay with leaving me alone, went hunting, our supplies were running low. I couldn’t sleep, the nightmare of Selena haunted me… I calmed down to hear someone calling my name. A familiar voice, known by all of us here. I sat up and wiped the sweat off of my forehead. It was just a dream… But as I reassured myself, another call reached my ear. I stood up, ran toward the door and opened it, to see where she was. There was no one in sight…
“Selena!” I called, worried and missing her
She called my name again, this time it was closer.
“Where are you?!” I screamed.
I stared to run toward the calls, noticing the fatigue that had set in so quickly. I looked up to see two men and a woman… But my eyes focused on the younger girl standing in front… Selena.
She ran to me, with a look of guilt on her face “We’ve come to take you in…”
My face turned beat red, and I closed my eyes “You’re not dead?”
“No” She confessed
I felt so hostile towards her “You’re kidding me… You knew the whole time…”
“I was awake a lot more than you… To tell you the truth I never got shot in my life… But I was paid to go and find run a ways…”
I tried to control my anger, “So you’re going to take me in?”
The taller man stepped up, “Yep, there’s a 5,000 dollar reward for you…”
“Where will I go?” I gave in…
“Back to Miss. Chloe’s house” The woman said.
I collapsed to my knees, and threw a dirty look at Selena. “Take me”
Selena pleaded for forgiveness. “Im sorry, I actually really like you Danny. That’s why I ran when the cops came and didn’t take you down with me.”
I falsely made everything well, “I really don’t care about your lies anymore…”

I couldn’t believe I went through with it… But I felt weak, knowing there was only one day left… What was the point of it all? Why was I even given the chance? I closed my eyes and laid on the bed that seemed to have decreased in size… Chloe screamed my name, demanding that I came down to eat … I had no fight back though. There was one thing I had to do, that would take at least two days… And I had one day left.

I had no emotion, as I answered the door, seeing the boy, with the messy blonde hair, and the mischievous smile.
“I came to say goodbye.” He smiled
I hugged him, tears forming in my eyes “I am so sorry for everything happening… I promise, never again-“ I cut myself off, noticing that there wouldn’t be an ‘Again’

At that point, I started to glow, I was enveloped my light as the word around me faded, Scooter grabbed my hand, and I didn’t want to let go. This was the end… The startling end for me. I didn’t want to die… I was too young to die… I shut my eyes tight and let go, of my last grasp of the human world…

The author's comments:

Chapter 16-

I woke up, feeling plush grass around me. My outfit was covered in blood. Where was I? I had a serious case of Déjà vu, as I walked around the field questioning exactly where I was. This looked nothing like heaven… There was a suburban neighborhood right next to me… Looking around, I saw the large house belonging to Scooter. I remembered the night before… If everything went along with my theory, then Leah was still alive and living in the small group home close to town. And with the feeling of shrill happiness, I started running back into the woods, and seeing my house, lights on, and objects moving around in there.
I burst through the door, “Mom? Taylor?”
My mother burst out from the kitchen, holding the phone to her ear, “Danny! I was so worried!”
Taylor came running out of her room and hugged me; we exchanged a secretive glance… She remembered.
I looked up at my mother’s face, and hugged her, “Mom I love you…”
She looked at me, tears forming in her eyes “I love you too Danny…”

I looked at the time, and decided to change my blood stained clothes, to a pair that was actually Taylor’s hand-me-downs… Preppy, yet classy… A style I had come to love. Scooter and Leah showed up at the door as I walked out of my room. I opened the door, to see them, dressed up like gothic clowns, Leah’s face smothered in black makeup and cover-up, Scooter wearing chains and just overall black… Did I really look that stupid? I giggled to myself as I walked out the door, smiling as I started to talk.
“Hi guys.” I awkwardly smiled.
“Ew.”Scooter looked revolted
“What are you wearing?” Leah snapped
“Guys… I consider this group officially disbanded…” I smiled
“What?” Leah almost screamed getting in my face
“Please… I- I had a dream…” I stuttered leaning back, and trying not to punch her in the face.
She was about to fall over laughing…“Haha! I had a dream… This is a joke right?”
“No…” I said solemnly
Scooter blinked hard a few times, “Danielle your-“ He cut himself off.
“Listen… I had a vision, a dream. I- I really am over this hole tough girl thing…” I smiled and put my hand on the door knob, “Okay?”
Leah’s jaw dropped, “You’re kidding…”
Scooter looked up “Danny, I think we may have had the same dream… And I didn’t like the way it ended…”
“Oh My God!” Leah screamed as loud as she could, “I’m over it too okay? Goodbye!” Leah ran off
“Was that dream-“
“Yes… But I’m more worried about Selena-“ I cut myself off “It was just a dream…”
Taylor came out of the house behind me. She smiled a little and answered our question, “It wasn’t a dream...It was an if..”

I smiled… And knew, this time, I would do it right… No explosions, no death.. And most of all, no hard feelings… I smiled to myself as the life of a rebel was no more, and the memories stronger than ever.

The End.

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