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The Girl Who Wished For the TARDIS

November 18, 2013
By Delaneyreaderandwriter SILVER, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
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Delaneyreaderandwriter SILVER, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
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"Good things come to those who wait."

Author's note:

I was bored one night and an idea for this fanfiction popped into my head. I started writing it on my phone and I had no idea it would get this long.

The author's comments:
This is my first story I've posted on here so feed back is appreciated.

When I woke up on Saturday I had nothing to do.
My family had already left before I woke up to run errands and left me a small note.
we are headed out for the day. Be back soon. There is food in the fridge.
Love, Mom
So I got dressed and sat in the living room with nothing to do. Then I heard it. The sound I had heard so many times, but thought I would never hear it out side of a TV show. The sound of the TARDIS materializing. I almost fainted. Running to the window I saw the familiar box sitting in the front yard. Making sure my phone was in my pocket I ran to the garage. Throwing my shoes on, I ran to it.

I reached my hand out to touch it. Scared it might go away, or worse I might wake up and find it all to be a dream. My finger tip was centimeters away when the door opened. Out poked the head of the 10th Doctor.

He smiled down at me and I looked up at him. Still not able to take in all that was going on. The TARDIS landing in my yard. I had accepted that this was never going to happen. That he was not real. That I would live out my life wishing for him to come but knowing that it was not possible. Yet there he was.

A smile spread across his face.

"Hullo." He said. I couldn't help it, I started crying. Tears of joy and being overwhelmed. He looked a little startled. Then took me into his arms in a large hug. When the embrace broke I could not stop smiling.

"Well, are you coming in?" He asked.

I nodded breathlessly. He stepped inside the TARDIS. As I stepped over the thresh hold I gasped. I had seen the inside, many, many times, watching the show. But there's nothing like the real thing.

It all seemed so large. Laughing I ran up the steps, running my hands along the console.

"Well now Delaney. I didn't just stop here on a hunch. You're needed." I looked at him confused.

"Needed? Who would need me?" I asked raising an eye brow. He smirked.

"I would." Said a new voice. One that I had heard many, many times. A voice I would never forget. Hardly daring too I looked around the edge of the center of the TARDIS.

Sure enough, there he was. Hands in his pocket, smiling sadly, was Sherlock Holmes.

Part 2
I couldn't do it anymore. Sherlock? In the TARDIS? Wholock was something the Wholockians could only imagine in their wildest dreams. Yet here it was, in front of me. My knees buckled and I fell to the ground. On my knees, my arms stretched out in front of me I started to breathe heavily.

This could not be happening. It was a dream, or a cruel joke. The Doctor ran to me and helped me up. Sherlock stood there, smirking.

"You okay?" The Doctor asked worriedly. I nodded. The Doctor helped me to a seat. I sat there thinking widely. How? How could this be real?

"Please tell me this is really real." I said looking up at The Doctor wide eyed. "And that it's not all happening in my head."

"Why of course it's happening in your head Delaney." He replied smiling. "But why should that mean it's not real?"

"Hey! You stole that from Harry Potter!" I said accusingly. It was them I decided that this HAD to be real. Because no matter how awesome my friends are, they wouldn't have been able to come up with that quote so fast. Also, why would Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant fly all the way to America to fool a teenager?

"But how can you be real?" I asked. Glancing again at Sherlock who was inspecting parts of the TARDIS, close to us.

"Why wouldn't we be real?" The Doctor asked.

"I...I don't know. I watch your shows on TV. David Tennant plays you. And Sherlock, you are played by Benedict Cumberbatch!"

They both looked at me confused.
"Who's Bonodonk Cucumberbatch?" Sherlock asked. I couldn't help but giggle at the way he said the name.

"Yeah, and who's David Flennant?" The Doctor asked.

I shook my head suppressing the laughter. "Nothing, forget it. But why do you need me? I'm just Delaney, what can I do the two greatest men in the world can't?"

The Doctor blushed a little but Sherlock nodded as he walked over to us.

"We have a problem." Sherlock said looking straight at me. I started to squirm in my seat. I understood that this was Sherlock, the Sherlock I ship with John with all my might. And that he is not Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor I admire very much.

Fighting back the overwhelming feelings, and the fact that I was next to the two men who I think are the most amazing people that have ever lived I manage to say: "a problem? How could I help you with a problem? I'm stupid."

Sherlock opened his mouth to say something, I had a feeling it wasn't going to be an objection to me calling myself stupid when The Doctor interrupted. “It’s not really your brains we need you for, you are plenty smart though. It's something else. But we should tell you there."

I nod. Then say. "Shouldn't I leave a note for my family or something?"

The Doctor glances at me, a meaningful look in his eye. "We are in a time traveling machine."

I nod knowingly. I remember all the other times the Doctor said he would bring his companions home on time, but ended up being like two years late but I dismiss the thought.

"Fine, let me pack some clothes at least." The Doctor nods and Sherlock signs.

I run out the door of the TARDIS. Glancing back at it. I feel a scream rising in my throat. I'm going traveling with the Doctor and Sherlock! I run up to my room. Grabbing my backpack I start to stuff clothes in. Warm clothes, cold clothes. I also grab a note book my iPhone charger and other odds and ends. I glance around. Noticing all the Doctor Who posters and fandom things everywhere in the room. I silently vow never to let the Doctor in my room.

And with that I run out the door of my house and fling open the door of the most iconic box ever. It already feels like home when I walk in. I throw my back pack to the side. Running up to the console I look excitedly at both of them.

"Where too?" I ask excitement building in my stomach.

The Doctor smiles. "Business first, than to fun places. HOLD ON!" He screams as he starts to hit random things on the TARDIS console. I hold on to a pole. Sherlock does as well. He looks a little scared as if he doesn’t like the TARDIS.

A wild grin spreads across my face as the TARDIS starts to make the noise. It gets louder and I let loose a scream of pure joy.

Part 3
The TARDIS lands and Sherlock looks at me strangely.

"You really enjoyed that didn't you?" He asks.

I nod. Still not able to stop smiling. "So exactly how can I help you guys?"

The two look at each other side ways, then back to me. Sighing the Doctor says. "Let's find somewhere to sit."

All together we walk out of the TARDIS. We are in London. I figured as much. We find a park bench. I sit in the middle. The strange urge to just scream from happiness almost over takes me. The words IM SITTING NEXT TO THE DOCTOR AND SHERLOCK seem to be lighting up like a light bulb in my mind.

"So, as you may of guessed, we are not from this universe." The Doctor said. Sherlock seems to be uncomfortable with the subject.

I nodded. I had been wondering how the Doctor and Sherlock could be here. Them coming from an alternative universe made sense.

"And the Moffat here controls our worlds." He continues. "Well I was informed that something very bad was gonna to happen to Sherlock's universe that Moffat would create. The only way to stop that, is to stop Moffat."

I nod thoughtfully. "But how did you get here then?" I ask. “It should not be possible to open rifts in time for you to travel back and forth.”

He smiles. "I landed in Sherlock's universe without meaning to. And then with my knowledge of wibbily-wobbly timey-wimey stuff and Sherlock's brains we found a way to do it safely."

I sit there, starring at the Doctor with my mouth wide open. "So that means..."

The Doctor nodded, a smiling brighting his face.

"...Rose?" I finish. He nods again. I screech with happiness. Flapping my hands like a retarded seal. "YES YES YES!" Then, I being the crazy woman that I am cried a few tears of happiness.

"Oh, Doctor, that's great!" I say. He nods and I hug him. I can tell how happy he is and that lifts a weight from my shoulder, one that has been there for a while.

The moment passes and I turn to Sherlock. My newest question arising. "So now that you can travel to all universes and if Moffat is the creator of yours...does that mean." I could hardly dare myself to ask it.
"That all the books I read...I could travel to them?"

"Obvious." Sherlock states as if that's no reason to stand on the roof tops and yell. I decide it's best to stay of the roof tops though. I nearly pass out.

"Rangers Apprentice, Divergent, Hunger Games? Never mind I don't want to go there. But Hogwarts? Camp Half-Blood? HOGWARTS?!?" I repeat.

I look crazily back and forth from Sherlock to the Doctor. They are nodding.

I scream. I yelp. I dance. I run to random strangers and hug them. I sob tears of joy. I scream some more. I laugh of hysteria. I pinch myself trying to wake up from this too good to be dream. I sit on my knees looking up at the sky. And again, I scream.

Eventually I calm myself down, imaging all the places I could go and the people I could meet. Both of my companions seem to have found my display amusing. I sit back down, sipping happy tears from my eye.

"Well then." Sherlock says.

"Sorry 'bout that. I got a little overwhelmed."

"A little?" The Doctor says laughing.

Then I remember why I'm here in the first place.

"Sherlock...?" I say, the question rising in my throat. "Where are you? In your timeline? What just happened?"

"It's been two years sense the fall." He seems to be getting sad. Not a good sign.

I nod. I can tell what ever this is going to be, I'm not going to like it.

"And...And it's been said that Moffat." His voice catches. "Is going to kill John."

Part 4
Any traces of a smile disappear from my face. "Wa...what?" I stutter. I feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

I look at the Doctor. He nods sadly at me. Sherlock is starring of at some distant point. I put my face in my hands, shaking my head. It would have been bad just knowing that before actually meeting Sherlock. But now that I know he's real, living in another dimension. It’s almost too much to bear.

Sherlock, who hardly ever shows any signs of emotion, is on the verge of crying. I lean my head on his shoulder. Not really sure what to say. A few tears slid down my face. Time passes slowly.

Eventually I lift my head up. "What can I do?" I ask quietly.

The Doctor turns to me. "We need to rally the fangirls."

"Call them to arms?" I ask.

He nods. "Bring them to line."

"Why me though?" I ask.

The Doctor shrugs. "You seem like the best bet. Caring but strong. You know both of us and care a lot."

I nod. It's amazing they chose me. Out of all the millions and billions of fangirls. I'm the one who got to meet them.

I think for a few minutes. "We are going to need to hack tumbler, Instagram, the web and all the tv stations." I say a plan forming in my mind.

"I can do that." The Doctor says.

We make our way back to the TARDIS. I'm slowly making a plan in my mind. I explore the TARDIS while the Doctor and Sherlock start hacking the things I ask them to. I find a swimming pool, a bowling alley, everything. I even find a huge library. In the library I find The Blood of Olympus and all sorts of other books that I will no longer have to wait to read.

It takes me awhile but I find my way back to the console room. I get there and sit down. The two are typing on a large screen. I try to figure out what they are doing but it's too complex for me.

Finally they turn to me. "Done!" They say. I have my phone out ready and I take a picture. Sherlock and the Doctor, I decide that this will make a great scrap book.

They blink. "What was that for?" Sherlock asks.

I smile. "Memories. And proof!"

They let me take a selfie with both of them. I know that it will take a lot of pictures to convince everyone because I have a habit of editing pictures like that myself.

"Common, we don't have all day." Sherlock complains.

"Party pooper" I mutter under my breath. The Doctor hears me and snorts laughter.

I move over to the screen. It's split in four, the things I needed hacked each in a screen. I don't know what tumbler is but I know that it's another large gathering place for fangirls.

"Anything you put will automatically show up on each thing a billion times. Okay?" The Doctor explains.

"Okay." I find the key board. "Video time I say."

Looking at the screen I find ways to make a video on each thing.

"My name is Delaney." I say. "Fangirls and fanboys alike pay close attention. The Doctor and Sherlock are real! They are here with me." I pull them on screen. "They come from alternative universes, where Moffat rules what happens. Moffat plans on killing John. Yes. WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! If you are a true fangirl/boy go to a public place tomorrow, 12:00 London time and protest. Any one able to gather beneath the BBC headquarters!"

The author's comments:
This is the second chapter. Again, feedback is much appreciated!

First the TARDIS lands at Maggie’s house. Sherlock seems angry that we are wasting time. “It’s only gonna take a few minutes each.” I assure him. I run out and to the door of the small salmon colored house. I nock on the door once and then enter on my own.
“MAGGIE!” I shout.
“COMING!” I hear her shout back. She runs into the sun room where I am with a bag slung over her shoulder. She smiles. “This better not be a prank.”
I smile back. “I assure you, it’s not.” She pulls her shoes on and we run outside. “This is crazy, the Doctor is gonna have a TARDIS full of teenage girls! We are going to pick up Mackenzie too!” I say opening the door to the TARDIS.
As we enter the Doctor looks at us expectedly. As Maggie looks around I tell him where we need to go to pick Mackenzie up. As he starts punching things a look of disappointment crosses his face.
“What’s the matter?” I ask.
“None of you say the thing!” He says. It almost sounds like he’s whining.
“Thing?” I ask not sure what he’s talking about.
“You know, the ‘it’s bigger on the inside’ thing.” He says. I can’t help but laugh a little. “What?” he says.
“Maggie, he wants you to say ‘it’s bigger on the inside.’” I say turning to her.
She looks at me. “But I already know it is.” We both look at the Doctor.
He lets loose a sigh. “Fine, be that way.” He says punching in the buttons.
A few minutes later we land in Mackenzie’s yard. Maggie and I run up to the door, Mackenzie is sitting there waiting for us. She hops up. She also has a bag packed. “I don’t think the Doctor has ever had such prepared companions.” I say smiling. I just can’t stop smiling.
We run back to the TARDIS, after telling Mackenzie’s dog Chloe to stay. Before entering Mackenzie says “Dude, she’s gonna flip when this thing fly’s away.” Maggie and I nod in agreement. I open the door and we walk in. Mackenzie’s face is priceless.
“Wow, it really is bigger on the inside.” She says knowingly. I look at the Doctor. He runs and hugs Mackenzie.

“Thank you!” He shouts setting her down.
“What was that about?” She asks confused.
“You said the thing.” I tell her. Maggie laughs, but Mackenzie just looks more confused.
“Nothing, nothing.” I tell her.
Then Sherlock walks out from one of the rooms of the TARDIS. I quickly turn to Maggie and Mackenzie. “This is not Benedict Cumberbatch, just Sherlock. We ship him with John, Ok?” I say. They nod.
“Have you asked him if he likes John?” Maggie asks. I open my mouth, close it.
“Ummmmm. No. Not yet. He seems kinda concerned about him though. You saw the video right?”
They nod. “Everyone has seen it at least 10 times even if they don’t want to.” Mackenzie says. “It’s EVERYWHERE.”
“That’s the point.” I point out. (Pun not intended)
“So Moffat is really going to kill John? That’s so mean!” Maggie says.
“We all know Moffat is mean.” Sherlock says. He had been standing over us and we hadn’t noticed. We look up at him and gulp. He then directs his gaze to Maggie. “You, you live in a large town and sign a lot. You have a cat, and a fish. You spend quite a bit of time at your house signing. You are also having a hard time believing that this is happening, and the realization has not quite hit you yet. You and Delaney have been friends for a long time.”
He then turns to Mackenzie. Maggie looks at me wide eyed. I nod at her whisper, “I didn’t tell him anything.” She looks astonished.
Then Sherlock starts on Mackenzie. “You also go to public school and are quite popular there. You have a lot of friends. You also enjoy spending time out side. You’re not an avid reader but you do read some books and enjoy them. You also have a large dog, and a cat. Judging by the look on your face, you do not know a ton about the Doctor, but enough, and quite a bit about me. Whereas Maggie knows more about the Doctor than you do but nothing about me.”

The Doctor interferes, “Alright now, you’ve had your fun now stop creeping them out.” He says.
“I wasn’t done yet though.” Sherlock complains. The Doctor looks pointedly at him and then Sherlock stalks of. “Lets, go to tomorrow already, no need to waist time.”
The Doctor then goes to the console to press buttons on the controller. “You girls can put your stuff by Delaney’s.” He says pointing to a corner of the TARDIS where my backpack sits. Together the three of us move around the TARDIS as if one, setting their backpacks down and then moving back to the center.
“At least we get this Doctor and this TARDIS.” I say to them quietly. “The TARDIS’s after this are so weird looking. This one is by far my favorite.” I say in a lower voice than usual, trying to not let the Doctor over hear the spoilers.
Maggie and Mackenzie agree and the Doctor looks up. “What was that?” He asks.
We shake our heads and speak in unison. “Nothing!” He shrugs.
“So in time lines, Sherlock is at 2 years after the fall. So he knows more than we do so we don’t have any spoilers for him. The Doctor on the other hand, we do. I’m not sure where he is at right now. All I know is that Rose is gone.” I say informing my best friends.
“Well, let’s find out then.” She walks confidently over to the Doctor. “So…um where are you at? In your time lines you know. It’s just we should know so that we don’t spoil anything without meaning to.”
“Fair point.” The Doctor says. He thinks a moment. The last companion I had was Martha. She…left. Does that help?”
Mackenzie nods. “Thanks!” and she turns back to us. “I’m not that far so I can’t spoil anything.” She tells us.
“Cool.” Maggie and I say.

A few moments later we are back in London. We pile outside and get strange looks from the people on the street. I don’t blame them, two adult men and three teenage girls all just walked out of a police box. Who knows what they are thinking. We are on a bridge by Buckingham Palace.
“We should get a cab to take us to BBC headquarters.” I say looking at the sun. “It almost looks around 12:00.”
“We could run?” The Doctor suggests. We look at him.
“That’s not going to work; we don’t even know where it is.” Sherlock says. A cab will do. We watch as Sherlock hails a cab and then we pile in. “To BBC Headquarters.” Sherlock tells him and we are on our way.
The drive involves Maggie, Mackenzie and I pestering Sherlock and the Doctor with questions. Mine are mostly for Sherlock though. I get him to tell me how he survived the fall. They did ask us a few questions as well though. Such as “So how long are the shows?” “What’s my theme song?” “Do the fangirls like me?” and things like that. We take pleasure in answering all their questions.
When we finally reach the headquarters we pile out and pay the cabbie. As we are about to walk away the cabbie reaches out with a piece of paper. Sherlock takes it. “What is this for?” Sherlock asks.
“I was wondering if you all could sign in for me. My daughter is a fan of your shows see, and she will be very excited to hear that I got to drive the actors of Sherlock, the Doctor and his companions. Sorry, I don’t know your all names, maybe they are new episodes that are not out yet.”
Sherlock signs, as well as the Doctor. He then passes the paper to me. I sign my name shakily. I then hand it to Maggie who gives to Mackenzie who gives it back to the cabbie. He thanks us profusely and drives away.
All at once us three girls jump up and down happily screaming.
“OH MY GOSH HE JUST ASKED FOR OUR AUTOGRAPHS!” I scream and Maggie and Mackenzie say something like that at the same time. As we scream happily Sherlock and the Doctor stare at something behind us.

We cool down as the keep looking behind us. “What are you looking at?” I say turning around. Then I see them, a mob of fans. They are brandishing signs. There are so many, probably around 1,000! Kids, teens and grownups. Maggie and Mackenzie turn around and I hear one of them whisper “Wow.”
“So, we have to get inside and talk to them?” The Doctor says.
“That should be easy enough.” Sherlock says. He starts to walk towards the crowd. I see how this is going to go bad imminently. I run towards Sherlock to stop him but it’s too late.
I hear someone shout: “Look there he is!” And suddenly millions of eyes turn towards Sherlock. I can also see that they are looking at the Doctor, and me. I was the one on the video so of course they know me.
But luckily they don’t know Maggie or Mackenzie yet. I turn to them. “Maggie, take the Doctor. Mackenzie get Sherlock! Meet back at the door of the building.” They nod. Mackenzie runs into the crowd for Sherlock and Maggie grabs the Doctor’s hand and leads him around the crowd. I go around the other side. I find a baseball hat on the ground and put it on. I work my way around the crowd and hope that Sherlock isn’t being attacked. All around I see people who are wearing Doctor Who shirts, and Sherlock shirts. It’s a really large turnout.
I finally reach the doors. Maggie and the Doctor are there the Doctor also has a hat on. Just then Mackenzie and Sherlock appear. “Only had to pull a few girls off of him!” Mackenzie says and I hope she’s joking. We quickly walk toward the door. There are guards outside the door.
The Doctor flashes his sidekick paper at the guard. “Heath and Safety.” He says. The guard gives us a strange look but lets us in. We all pile inside.
I run to a big des that looks promising. “We are here to see Moffat.” I say. “Or the BBC head man.” I add as an afterthought.
“Well the head is busy but Moffat has an opening… what’s the meeting about.” Says the lady. She looks up at me for the first time and sees how young I am. She gives me a funny look but shrugs as if this happens a lot.”
“Ummm, health and safety.” I say.
She shrugs again. “I’ll call you in at 12:15.”
I say thank you and walk away. I find a clock on the wall. Its 12:00. “We have an appointment in fifteen minutes.” I tell them. They nod. We find seats. We sit impatiently by a window that faces the crowd. A lot of them are taking pictures.
I take my phone out and look at the feed on instagram. Almost all the pictures of are Sherlock and Mackenzie are pushing through the mod and of us sitting here right now. I pass my phone to Mackenzie and then Maggie. They look out the window. I check the time again. A few more minutes.
It takes forever but finally the lady at desk stands up. “Health and safety, Moffat with have you now.” We stand up.
She looks at us funnily. “My crew.” I tell her. She leads us to the elevator and we pile in. We stand in the crowed spot and she presses a button from the outside. The door closes, the elevator lurches and we start to make our way up. There is no music playing in the elevator, so there is a strange silence. We go up and up.
“Dude, he must be like on the top floor or something.” Mackenzie remarks. As we go up I tell Maggie and Mackenzie about how there are all sorts of alternative universes with fictional lands. They are pretty excited about that, but they didn’t run around screaming like I did. I guess I’m just pretty emotional and show it.
Finally the door opens and we all scramble out so we don’t get stuck in the elevator. When I get out I look around. We are in a long hallway. The walls are grey, so is the ceiling and the floor is made of tile so every step we take makes a loud ringing sound. I don’t know what I expected, maybe a medieval castle with torture tools hanging from the wall and torches burning, but it seems a little too simple.
The walls are bare except for small lights that leave light patches on the ground. At the end of the hall way is a single door. There is a small sign on the door that says “Steven Moffat.”
“I guess that’s where we go.” Says the Doctor.
“Are you sure we shouldn’t have weapons or anything?” asks Maggie.
I shake my head. “We have no protection from him. We are not in danger, Sherlock and the Doctor are though. He can kill them with his words.” I say looking to the two men. Normally that would have been funny but under the circumstances it was not.
We make our way down the hall. I start to feel like Dorothy from ‘Wizard of Oz’ walking down the hallway to see the great and terrible wizard. I guess in some ways we are going to see a great and terrible wizard ourselves.
We reach the door. We all stare at it. I bet that no one else wants to be the one to open the door. I for one don’t. “Should we knock?” Sherlock suggests. I am about to ask him when he as ever been polite enough to knock but think better of it. Mackenzie knocks hard on the door.
“Health and safety.” I say loud enough for him to hear me though the door.
We hear a muffled reply. “Come in!” Again we all do nothing. “Come in!” Moffat says though the door, this time louder and more demanding. We are galvanized into action. All five hands reach for the door knob and turn it at once. The door swings open wide and we tumble in. It must look like a dog pile.
We hastily stand up and straiten our selves out.
I look at Moffat see that he is staring at us. “What’s going on?” he asks. “David? Benedict? What are you doing with these girls.”
I try to say something but Sherlock gets there first. With his arms raised he says: “Who on earth is this Benedict person! And why do people keep associating him with me?” He says loudly. Moffat makes a face that could be described in words as “What the hell is going on?”
Then the Doctor has to put in his words as well. “Yeah, who’s David?”
I turn to them. “I’ll explain latter guys!” Then I turn to Steven who still has the look on his face.
“You are certainly not health and safety.” He says standing up with one hand moving towards on his phone. He’s about to call security I realize. Behind me I hear the Doctor and Sherlock
“I would have hoped you figured that out.” Mackenzie says to him. “We don’t even have a mop!”
His hand is hovering over the phone now. I have to do something. “Mr. Moffat sir! Please don’t call security, we need to talk to you!”
He moves his hand away from the phone slowly. “About what?” He asks.
I take a deep breath before I start. “See, you know about alternative universes right?” He nods. Then I launch into a long description of the crazy events of the day. I tell the story and everyone adds in when I forget something or leave out a detail.
When we finish I look at Moffat. “How do I know you’re telling the truth?”
“They don’t know who David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch are.” Mackenzie says.
“We have American accents, and we are not jet lagged. How else would we have got here?” Maggie points out.
“I can show you to the TARDIS as proof.” The Doctor says. All at once the five of us start giving lots of proof. Moffat raises a hand to stop us and we quiet down.
Then Sherlock says, “If you still don’t believe us, look out the window or turn on the TV.” Moffat picks up a remote and I look around and find a TV. Sherlock really is observant.
A news channel turns on showing a women. “All over the world masses of people are joining together in a mob. After last night’s internet hack, fans all over are uniting to try to save John Watson life.” Then the screen shifts to the crowd outside of BBC headquarters, then a mall in America where people are branding signs. It shows many other world famous places, like the Eiffel Tower, and pyramids in Egypt. Then the women is shown again. “This truly is a rebellion, if only in signs. The girl who was seen on the internet videos has been seen in the BBC headquarters, here are some pictures taken by people outside. Then a slide of pictures is shown. First of me pushing through the crowd, then Sherlock and Mackenzie, and the Doctor and Sherlock. Then pictures of us inside the building.
Moffat turns the TV off. “We are in so much trouble.” I say laughing despite the worry that I’m feeling.
“Oh yeah…” Agree Maggie and Mackenzie. I bet that they are feeling the same way.
Then Moffat moves to the window, and moves aside the curtain. He peaks out. There is no way he can miss the huge crowd of people right outside. He closes the shade now and looks back at us. “It seems to me that you are telling the truth.” He says. We nod. He moves to sit down again and we are left standing awkwardly. “So you are really the characters that I have helped to write?” He says.
I assume he’s talking to the Doctor and Sherlock. “Yes. We are.” Confirms the Doctor.
“If I could summon up another world, then that means that the other writers must be able to as well.” He says thoughtfully.
“Yes, in other universes. This one here seems to be the creator of all the others. Most the writers come from here, and they conjure up other worlds.” The Doctor explains.
“But what if someone was writing this, as a story now? And there are universes within universes.” Moffat says.
The Doctor shrugs. “Seems logical.” Moffat doesn’t say anything for a long while. The silence stretches out. I look to Maggie and Mackenzie. They look like I feel, a little bit confused and wondering what Moffat’s doing. Sherlock looks bored. I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything rude yet. Maybe he’s trying to be polite to his writer so he doesn’t get thrown off a building again. The Doctor is patiently waiting.
Finally Moffat breaks the silence. “If you would be kind enough to leave me now, I need to think a few things over.” I bob my head down, not really sure what I’m doing. Maybe I’m bowing? It seems logical. We back out of the room. We make our way down the hall way to the elevator, quietly talking to each other. The Doctor and Sherlock are talking about possibilities about what could happen. Maggie, Mackenzie and I are quietly freaking out over the fact that we just meet Steven Moffat.
“So, do you guys think that someone could be writing all our actions right now?” Maggie asks. I look at her wide eyed. I don’t know what to think. What if someone has been writing my entire life? Or people reading about me, knowing everything about me. My thoughts and actions feel my own, but I don’t really know. Maybe I am just a minor character in someone else’s story. I don’t know.

The author's comments:
This is the final chapter in this story. Hopefully I will be writing more about other adventures. This was just the kickoff.

We are back in the lobby. The crowd outside has grown, if that is even possible. I’m filled with anticipation, wondering what was going to happen. We are hardly talking, I’m engrossed in my thoughts. I’m guessing that everyone else is too. Time passes way too slowly for me. I can be patient when I want, but this is not one of those times. My phone buzzes again. I look at it, it’s my mom. I suppose I should answer.
“Hello?” I say picking up.
“Delaney?!?” I hear a few voices at once, I must be on speaker phone.
“Where are you?” My mom says.
“What are you doing?” I hear my dad.
“You’re all over the news!” My younger brother Dj says.
“What the heck are you doing there? And why didn’t you pick me up?” My even younger sister Kaylyn screams.
I have to hold the phone away from my ear so I don’t lose hearing. “Ummmmm.” I say, because I have no idea where to start. I look to Maggie and Mackenzie for help, but they are smiling at me. I stick my tongue out at them.
“Delaney?” I hear my mom say, she’s waiting for answer.
I take a deep breath. “Well, you guys were at the store…umm the TARDIS showed up, and The Doctor and Sherlock needed my help, and so now we are in London.” I pause, there no one speaking on the other side of the line. “Oh yeah,” I say. “Mackenzie and Maggie are here too.” I hear someone say ‘oh my God.’ But I’m not sure who.
“I’m going to call their parents.” I hear my mom say with a sigh. “If they haven’t seen it on the news yet.” And she hangs up.
I look over to my friends, “sorry.” I say. They look confused. Maggie’s about to say something, but I stop her. “You will know soon.” Sure enough, a few minutes later both Mackenzie and Maggie’s phones ring.
They pick up and I tune them out, looking at Sherlock and the Doctor. It’s amazing, they are right there in front of me. It’s hard to explain my emotions at the moment, just a whirlwind of amazement, disbelief, internal screaming, and other things I cannot put into words.
And then there’s the fact that I can go to any fictional world I want to…If the Doctor will take me with him after this. But I’ve read so many books that I’ve wished to visit and now it’s all coming true. It takes all my will power not to stand up and scream.
A few moments pass and Maggie and Mackenzie finish talking to their parents. “How’d it go?” I ask
Maggie shrugs. “I’m only in a little bit of trouble I think.” Her face falls then. “But after this they don’t want me going on any more adventures.”
I frown, looking at Mackenzie.
“I’m some pretty big doodoo but mine said the same thing as Maggie’s: they want me back after this, no exception.”
“That’s really too bad guys.” I smile a little though. “But we have a time machine. I bet the Doctor can take you anytime, bring you somewhere and have you back a second later.” I say trying to lighten the mood.
They shrug. Then the lady from the desk comes over. Her high heels making a clip clop on the hard floor. She walks directly over to us. “If you would follow me please.”
I stand up slowly, the other do as well. I realize that my hands are super sweaty and rub them on my pants. Satisfied she leads us to the other side of the large room. And again to the elevator. This time she comes with in with us. She presses a button, high on the list but I’m guessing not as high up as last time.
Seconds later the elevator comes to a halt and the door slides open. We arrive again in a hallway. This one is bigger though, with doors on the sides. Halfway down the hall way stands Steven Moffat.
Again the feeling I can’t describe fills my stomach. We walk towards him and he starts down the hallway in front of us. We reach the end and there’s a large door that he opens. We step out onto a large balcony. A gust of winds blows into my face, and the sun shines directly on to us so I’m forced to squint my eyes until they adjust.
The balcony is decent sized. There’s room enough for us all to stand on it with lots of elbow room. When I am able to open my eyes all the way, I look down. Good thing heights have never bothered me, because we are at least 4 stories up the building. Down at the bottom I see the crowd, bigger than ever. It truly is an angry mob.
Moffat turns to me and I gulp. “This is a very large army you have here. I have to congratulate you on your success.”
I shrug. “I had lots of help.”
He nods and turns to the people, resting his hands on the railing like a president or king. The assistant lady, who is still behind us hands him a microphone. He takes it raising it to his mouth. “Welcome.” He says, his voice booming.
Below us the crowd makes cheering, angry noises, if you can picture that. I feel a nudge on my arm. It’s Maggie. She’s holding her phone. I look over her shoulder, it’s a news channel, and we are being broadcast live. I wipe my sweaty hands on my pants again. I don’t think I’ve ever been under so much pressure before. I smile at her, not one of those happy or funny smiles but where you just grin like a ‘what have we gotten ourselves into?’ Grin.
I look back at Moffat. He’s waiting for the crowd to calm down some. It takes a while, but they do. “It has come to my attention.” He starts. “That a few of you have heard a rumor that I plan on killing John Watson.”
Again, the crowd roars and again he waits.
“And I can assure you that the rumors are false. There is no way information like that would have leaked.” He pauses, “I can also assure you that if I do plan on killing any main characters, it will not be in cold blood, and it will be for the good of the show.”
My mind processes what he’s saying. He’s not promising not to kill anyone, just not to kill anyone in cold blood. I guess that’s a start though.
“Thank you all for coming, showing me that these characters are truly cared for by everyone. Those of you who were able to make it and those of you who weren’t.” He then raise’s his hand in a wave, and steps back inside.
I’m not really sure what to do. I notice that the assistant has the microphone now, she’s handing it to me. I reach out for it, not sure what to say. I take it, looking out to the people. I raise it to my mouth.
“uh, hey. It’s Delaney, the one who asked you all to come here. I just wanted to thank you all for coming when I asked; hopefully we were able to save John. So, yeah, thanks for coming.”
I hand the microphone back to the lady, and make my way inside. Everyone follows.
“Oh my gosh!” I say once we are inside. “I just spoke on national television! How many people do you think were watching?”
“A lot!” Mackenzie says. We all chat happily to, and down the elevator. When we reach ground floor we look out the long windows, news reporters and fans are swarming the streets.
“Guess we have to go out there.” Says the Doctor. I gulp and nod.
We slowly make our way out. As soon as the door opens the noises are crazy. Cameras flashing, fans screaming, people asking questions. At least ten people news reporters are in my face before you could say Raxacoricofallapatorius.
I try to ignore them, maybe saying yes and no to a few questions. I am circling around, looking for my friends. I spot Maggie and Mackenzie and make my way through the sea of people to them. I reach them and they are smiling widely at me.
“What?” I ask. They don’t answer, just smile wider. “What?” I ask a little more forcibly.
“Whatever happens, don’t die.” Maggie says. I raise an eyebrow.
“Or pass out.” Mackenzie adds.
“Or have a breakdown.”
“Try to keep your cool.” They say.
Confused, I say “What are you guys getting at.” They both grab one of my shoulders and turn me around.
I see Sherlock, and he’s talking to someone. My mouth falls open, I turn back to my friends, about to freak out. They nod at me. I have to keep looking back and forth, back and forth.
I can hardly register it. Sherlock, is talking to Benedict Cumberbatch. A squeal escapes my mouth, and it’s hard to control myself. Go talk to him. I hear either Maggie or Mackenzie say behind me. And I do.

A few hours later, everything dies down. I’m sitting on a park bench with Maggie and Mackenzie. Sherlock and the Doctor are still talking to the few remaining fans. We are slouched from the long day.
“Wow. “Is all I can say. They nod in agreement. In the last few hours, I answered so many questions and meet so many of my famous actors. Almost everyone who plays a part in Doctor Who, or Sherlock, came to meet both of the actual people. David Tennant, Matt Smith, Billie Piper, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and many others were all there. Maggie, Mackenzie and I made sure to get lots of pictures with them all. I had even got a few of their emails/phone numbers to talk to them at later dates.
Inside, I am still internally screaming. My body is exhausted so I can’t show it though. I’m still laughing at how hard it was to keep the actual Doctor from meeting Matt Smith to avoid spoilers. It didn’t work though, they talked for a few minutes and I think Matt was able to keep major plot points to himself.
“How are we going to be able to go back to our normal lives after this?” Maggie asks.
“It will take some adjusting.” Mackenzie agrees. “With us have being on national TV and all.” They both look to me then.
I cross my arms. I look at the Doctor and Sherlock. “I don’t plan on going back.” I say a smile creeping across my face.

The author's comments:
Yes, yes, I know it's been a very long time since the last update. I'm trying my best to write some more. Sorry! Hope you like the newest entry!

It was only an hour after my friends Mackenzie, Maggie and I had sat on that park bench talking. I had made up my mind; I was going to be the youngest Doctor’s companion. If he would have me that is. Sherlock and the Doctor had finished talking to fans. When I say ‘finished’ I really mean that my friends and I had to drag them back to the TARDIS, with the fans trailing behind us, practically crying. There was an uneventful cab ride back to the TARDIS and then we had all gotten in.
“Now what?” Mackenzie asked. That was the question going through everyone’s head at this point. I looked to the Doctor. Wondering what he was going to say. He was looking at me.

“What? Don’t look at me!” I protest.
The Doctor shrugs. “Who wants to go home?” I look around, both Maggie and Mackenzie have their hands raised.
“I need to go home, before my London gets attacked by an underground terrorist attack.” Sherlock says. The Doctor nods.
“Ladies first.” Our first stop is Mackenzie’s house. We all walk out with her. She gives us each a hug as we say our farewells.
“I’ll be back.” I say. “Give me a call if you want to go for a wild adventure.” She nods, and walks up the drive way to her house. I can see her mom in the front window, and wave. She waves back. Then we get back in the TARDIS, one less person.
Within the minute we arrive at Maggie’s house. She hugs the Doctor, and shakes Sherlock’s hand. Just she and the Doctor and I come out this time.

“Sure you don’t want to stay?” The Doctor asks.

Maggie shakes her head. “Keep an eye out for my texts though Delaney. Never know when I’m going to want a vacation.” I smile and nod, hugging her once more.
She walks to the front door, looking back one more time. I wave sadly and so does she. Then I walk back into the TARDIS. The Doctor punches some buttons. I wonder if we are going to the parallel universe to drop Sherlock off. I also wonder if I will be able to meet John, and Mrs. Hudson. That would be so awesome.
I hear the TARDIS’s breaks sounding and run over to the screen that shows the outside. I look and my face falls. I look up at the Doctor. In the screen I see my house. The Doctor avoids my gaze.
“What are we doing here?” I have to say.
The Doctor looks down at me. “This is your home, right?” He asks. Moving toward the door.
I stay where I am. “Yeah…but”
“So here we are.” He says. I think I hear a hint of sadness, but that could just be me.
“But I don’t want to leave.” I say stubbornly, not moving. He looks back at me, I continue. “I would like to stay, or go rather. I want to see the stars and all those alternative universes with all the books in them you told me about. You can’t just tell me that I could meet all my favorite characters and expect me to go back to my normal life!” I say, taking a deep breath at the end.
He smiles. I look at Sherlock, he’s smiling as well. “Alrightly then.” The Doctor says. “Guess I’m stuck with you.”
I smile widely as he comes back over. The TARDIS takes off; in the screen I can still see my house. My whole family is standing on the porch.
“Stay up here.” I instruct the Doctor. I run over to the door, flinging it wide open. We are almost eleven feet off the ground. I wave wildly. They wave back astonished. I sense someone beside me. Looking over my shoulder I see that the Doctor and Sherlock are waving as well. I look back down, my sister is having a panic attack.
“Stay safe!!” I hear my mom call.
“Send lots of pictures!” Says my sister.
“Be back soon!” My dad says concerned.
I just give them a thumbs up. And the TARDIS rises higher into the sky. I shut the door, and the Doctor goes back to the console. Punching in buttons. There seems to be a lot more button pushing than normal. Then I realize why, we are jumping to a parallel universe. The Doctor consults with Sherlock, who tells him some sort of equation. I sit on the seat by the consul, watching them.
While the Doctor is busy I get Sherlock’s attention. “So are you with John again?” I ask. I had just recently seen series 3. It was amazing and I hoped that it had already happened.
“Yes. John and Mary just got married.” Sherlock says.
I nod. “So nothing noteworthy after that?”
He shakes his head. “No. The wedding was just two days ago.” And a veil of silence falls over us. Finally we land. I hop off my seat, looking at the screen. Its shows Speedy’s Deli.
“Let’s go!” I say running to the door. “Can I open it?” I ask my handle on the TARDIS door. The Doctor nods, smiling. I push the door open, slowly at first, and then all at once. A soft breeze hits my face, and I step out of the blue box.
My eyes wide I look around. I am in a fictional universe. I think, the thought repeats itself louder and louder until my head is screaming it. I look at the door of 221 Baker Street.
“AHHHH!” I scream joyfully. I run up to the door, bouncing up and down excitedly as Sherlock unlocks it. The Doctor brings up the back of the group, shutting the door to the TARDIS. Sherlock opens the door and I step in. I step into 221B. This is too good to be true. I tell myself. But dreams are never this detailed, or long. And I would never think ‘this is a dream’ in a dream.
I look around, and see Mrs. Hudson coming around the corner. I can barely contain my excitement.
“Sherlock dear.” She says, still in the hallway. “Whose here?” She says coming face to face with us. By now the Doctor is here as well, she looks at the two of us confused.
“It is such an honor to meet you.” I say giddily.
She looks at me oddly. Then Sherlock says. “Friends of mine, Mrs. Hudson. I’m sure they would like some tea or something.” Sherlock says bossily.
“Oh no thank you!” I hurry to say, detesting the idea of having to drink tea. Then I get odd looks from everyone around me.
“You don’t like tea?” The Doctor asks almost amazed.
I shake my head, shrugging. “American.” I say with a smile. He shrugs.
I look up the stair way that I’m standing next too, and start to make my way up them. It feels almost odd knowing my way around a place I’ve never been before. On my way up I hear Mrs. Hudson say “Oh and Sherlock, John is here to see you.”
And with that I run up the stairs. Bursting in Sherlock’s living room I see John Watson sitting in his chair.
He looks at me strangely. I think that I should start counting how many odd looks I get in one day.
“Client?” He asks and behind me Sherlock comes up the stairs.
“No, not really. Visiting friend.” I explain making my way deeper into the room. On the fireplace mantel is the skull and the bat’s in the case display. It’s all so real! Then I remind myself. It is all real.
“A friend?” John says puzzled. “Of Sherlock’s?” I look back to John, nodding with a smile.
“Ah John.” Sherlock says coming in the room. “These are my friends, Delaney and the Doctor.” He says as the Doctor comes in the room. He looks as taken aback as I am.
“Doctor what?” John asks, standing up. I snicker.
“John, I think I have some explaining to do.” Sherlock starts.
“Yeah, yeah you do.” John says. Sherlock and John walk into the kitchen where I can still hear them talking. Sherlock is trying to explain the situation we just recently got out of. I sit in Sherlock’s chair. I sit with my eyes wide, taking it all in.
I take my phone out, taking out the front camera. I take a selfie. When I look back at the picture I notice that Sherlock’s violin is behind me, almost not being able to seen behind my short puff of dirty blonde hair. I turn around, admiring the violin.
“Wow. Just wow.” I say, looking forward again. The Doctor nods in agreement. He is sitting in John’s chair. I wonder if the smile I am wearing will ever come off my face.

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(Strangely enough, I just finished season 3 yesterday... coincidence???) Anyway, this is so great. Maybe just a few grammar mistakes (Sorry, I'm a grammar Nazi, it's still really excellent) and as I said before, thank you because you gave me an idea for my own fanfic... let me know if you want to read it. Keep writing, and thanks again :)

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@The_DoctorDonna the forth chapter has been posted! It's kinda slow, but hey, its a transition chapter haha.

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Oh my gosh. Thank you so much!!!! The character Delaney, is compleatly based on myself :-D

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Favorite Quote:
"Everything I said, it's not real, I was just playing the game.."

"I know. And this is just losing..."

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