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From Red Roses to Blue Tears

November 4, 2016
By KeithKogon241, Kerens, Texas
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KeithKogon241, Kerens, Texas
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We are the music makers and we are the dreamers if the dreams.

7:44 AM

Day 1, Saturday.


The alarm never made a sound.

Sunlight streamed through the dorm windows, small, quiet conversations filled the hall as the sound of a door closed. All was silent. It would have been a peaceful setting. The birds singing their happy song while the bees buzzed their busy work. It was.... Relaxing.

"S*** I'm gonna be late!!!" A voice sounded out from a dorm room. Crashing, rustling and such followed the shout, and a door slammed open to reveal a Lance McCuffin run out a certain room. He had half his jacket on, backpack slung over his shoulder, and a Hal eaten doughnut hanging out of his mouth. He nearly fell on his face while running down the hall, knowing and fearing the dreaded bell that would signal the end of his tardy less semester.

He skidded through the cafeteria, grabbing a free coffee from the table the student body made. He turned and winked at the blonde who was serving the table, and blushed when she giggled and waved. He gulped down his drink in a hot fury down the throat, and throwing away the cup, burst through the doors that served as an entrance to the class which held the knowledge of Home and Job Managing.

Once he was in and in his seat, the bell rang while he fixed his jacket and hair.

"Perfect. Right on time and no tardiness from the Latino Lance." He winked at the dark tanned brunette next to him. His best friend in the whole universe, Hunk, rolled his eyes at Lance's flirt. The brunette giggled and and poked Lance's nose.

"Um, don't you know that bell was late bell? You technically do have a tardy." She smiled.

Lance deflated like a balloon from the girls cuteness and and laid his head down on the desk. Hunk chuckled and patted him on the back in a sympathetic way.

This was not going to be a good day.

The author's comments:
This does have some spoilers for those who haven't passed the forth episode of the first season so be careful please!

"I am so late"

Class had already begun and Keith was running late. He checked his watch as he sped walked through the falls of the school. Once he reached the dining area and saw how empty it was, and the fact that the coffee girl was already gone, which meant class had started ten minuets ago, he cursed silently to himself and continued his fast pace.

As he hurried, he felt the familiar vibration of his phone in his left jacket pocket. Reaching into the pocket of his red plaid jacket, he pulled out the phone and answered, putting it against his ear and moving some hair out of his eyes with a quick swift.

"Hello?" He answered in an annoyed tone that someone would call at this time.

"Hey, where are you? Class has already started." He heard the familiar voice of his friend Pidge. Her actual name is Katie, but she likes the nickname better, as did he and Shiro, their other friend. He's a senior in college while he's sophomore and Pidge is a freshman.

"Late. Was up last night studying me I couldn't get sleep cause the kids in the dorm next to me decided the get technical and I heard nothing but banging the whole time." He grumbled, agitated and remembering how annoying it was.

He heard the stifled giggle from the other end.

"Hey it's not funny!"
"Sorry, but it kinda is. I can literally see you laying in bed, annoyed but blushing madly at the noise."

Keith mocked the girl and rolled his eyes.
"Well I'm almost to the class. I'll see you soon. Later."

"See ya dork." She chuckled and the call ended.

He smiled to himself and put the phone away. Once he reached the doors of the the class, he opened them as quietly and stalked in. The teacher had already begun the lesson and Keith took the opportunity no snuck to his seat. He pulled his journal and notes out of his bag and began writing everything on the board.

"And so as you all know, living on your own may be hard enough, but living someone else is a bit harder. Most of you don't know each other very well. So imagine, if you were to live with someone you don't even really know. You both need a strategy to pay bills, get food and other things, while maintaining the chance to know each other better. So you want to know that the person your staying with doesn't pay for for the electric bill late. We sure know something about being late, isn't that right, Mr. Kogon?" Professed Thace asked, setting the Chaco down from his writing and looked at Keith.

Keith blushed and looked up.
"Yes sir."

"I see. Well, perhaps you should fix that. It's a surprise Mr. McCuffin got here before you." Keith looked behind him and up at the shaggy brown haired latino. Lance smirked and stuck his tongue out, making Keith roll his eyes and cross his arms. He looked back at the teacher and nodded.

"Understood, Professor Thace." Keith grumbled, Trace nodded and went back to the lesson.

As Keith took notes, his phone vibrated silently. He sneakingly checked and it was a text from Pidge. It was a sleeping puppy and underneath it was a taunting text.

'Heh I bet you wish this was you! XD'

Keith grumbled and shut his phone off.

As the lesson of the day went on, Professor Thace concluded his talk with a simple command.

"The assignment for all of you is to live with someone in here for one full week." he said. most people groaned and some were actually happy, hoping to strike their best friend or some cute guy or girl. Keith on the other hand was more nervous than happy or sad. who the heck was he gonna stay with? His only friends are younger and older than him, and neither are in this class. Mainly because they either don't or want to have to take it.

"Sir, can we choose not to do this?" Keith asked, tempting the fates with this.

"Yes you don't have to, but it cost half your grade for the semester." he smirked in a kinda annoying way. Keith grumbled and continued writing in his journal.The teacher took everyone's name on a slip of paper and started assigning pairs.
"Hunk and Jacob, Destiny and Jaime, and Keith and Lance."

Keith automatically looked up and looked at back at lance, who also had the same annoyed and shocked face. but the professor didn't take it into notice and began assigning rules.

"who need to make a plan of paying for bills and food, assign roles to the other and no cheating and not doing it and saying you did. understood? there will be a presentation on your plans next week." he instructed and everyone nodded.

The bell rang and Keith got up, and ran over to the teacher, bumping into Lance and at the same time, they both shouted.
"We cant do this together!I hate him!"

"Well, then this will be a good bonding experience." He smirked and walked away.

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